No Win, No Fee Solicitors

If you are in the position to claim compensation for anything ranging from an accident at work to a mistake made during a medical procedure, then you may be worried about how to finance your claim. Most people are not eligible to use legal aid to finance these sorts of claims, and legal fees can be very expensive. Having to pay these fees upfront is not an option for many people who are making a claim, especially if they have been left in a position where their earning potential has been reduced because of the incident. If you are concerned about how you are going to fund your claim for compensation, then you may want to consider entering into a “No win, No Fee” arrangement with a solicitor or claims advisor.

Finding a “No Win, No Fee” advisor

There are plenty of companies which offer to pursue claims on a “No win, No fee” basis. Some of these companies operate on a national level, whilst others are local firms. You will find them advertised in local papers, on the television and on the internet. If you are looking for a “No win, No fee” company to help you with your claim, simply search for “No Win, No Fee near me”. If you choose to look on the internet for help, you may even be able to read online reviews of the companies which you find. Be wary of any companies which ask you to pay an initial cost upfront, or which offer no guarantee as to a cap on the final costs in the event of a successful claim. These companies may seek to reclaim all of the compensation which you win. In the United Kingdom, there is a cap on “success fees” for some types of claim, but not on others, however additional costs can be high.

What you may be expected to pay for

With “No Win, No Fee” agreements, there is still the possibility that you will have to cover some costs outside of the solicitors personal legal fees, even if you lose. The costs which you are expected to cover will differ from company to company and from case to case. Make sure you discuss these with your advisor before you agree to proceed with the claim. Some solicitors will require you to take out a special type of insurance which can help to cover the other party’s legal fees in the event that you lose your case. If you cannot get this type of insurance, discuss this with your solicitor before you continue with the claim. You may also be liable for additional costs if you go against the advice of your solicitor. It is also advisable to discuss your potential final fees in the event of a successful claim.

The benefits of choosing “No Win, No Fee”

“No Win, No Fee” arrangements give a wide range of people immediate access to legal and claims assistance services. This helps to offer everyone the chance to discuss their claim with a trained professional, without having to fork out for expensive legal fees upfront. Most “No Win, No Fee” cases will only require claimants to pay out money to them once they have received their check for compensation.

With a “No Win, No Fee” case, your professional advisor is particularly invested in the success of your case, because if you are not successful, then they will not get paid by you. This means that they have plenty of incentive to do everything legally possible to help to ensure that your case is successful.

Notes about “No Win, No Fee” agreements

Solicitors and Claims advisors who operate on a “No Win, No Fee” basis do not have to take on every single case which is offered to them. If your advisor does not believe that there is a good chance of you winning your case, then they may be less inclined to accept it. They may not want to spend a lot of time on a case if there is a low chance that they will end up getting a final fee. This can actually serve to prevent you from wasting time and energy pursuing a claim which is unlikely to be successful. However, if you still want to try making a claim for compensation, you can always try taking your claim to a different claims company who may be more willing to help.