Barking And Dagenham No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Barking And Dagenham

No Win No Fee Solicitors Barking And Dagenham

This guide is designed to give you most of the information you will need to know about making a claim for compensation. If you incur an injury or a health issue due to an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, or someone’s landlord or bank causes them to lose money by violating regulations you could claim compensation to cover the costs relating to the harm they have suffered. This may include medical expenses, damage to property and belongings, loss of earnings and travelling expenses related to the incident, as well as money granted for pain and suffering caused by the injuries.

Working with a professional solicitor is key to winning compensation. No Win No Fee Expert has a panel of solicitors that are not based in Barking and Dagenham but could cover the area with ease. They can help you make a no win no fee claim for any of the types of incident listed in the article below and more. If you have any questions or want more information, or wish to begin making a claim, please call us on 0800 073 8802, or fill in this page to receive a call at a certain time.

What Is A No Win No Fee Solicitor?

When we say “No win no fee solicitors” we mean solicitors who  sign an agreement with you at the beginning of your claim which will help you avoid daunting legal costs or losing money on a claim that doesn’t work out in your favour. It will also absolve you of liability for paying your solicitor if they haven’t successfully represented your case even though you had a valid claim. If you do win compensation you will be expected to pay your solicitors fees, however, this payment will come out of your compensation sum as a “success fee”. This success fee could be up to a maximum of 25% of your compensation. If you have any questions about how a no win no fee claim works please call us. Alternatively, you can read our more extensive guide here.

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  2. Claiming For Medical Negligence Which Happened In Barking And Dagenham
  3. Can I Claim For An Injury At Work With A No Win No Fee Solicitor?
  4. Accident On Holiday Abroad And Flight Delay Compensation Claim Back
  5. Violent Crime, Assault And Attack Compensation Claims
  6. Additional Barking And Dagenham Personal Injury Claims
  7. No Win No Fee Pension Mis Sold Compensation Claims
  8. How To Claim For A Disputed Tenancy Or Rental Deposit
  9. How To Claim For Disrepair In Rented Housing
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No Win No Fee Barking and Dagenham Road And Car Accident Claims

According to statistics produced by the government, Britain’s roads are getting safer. Nevertheless, there were 160,597 reported causalities in road accidents in 2018. If another road users negligence has caused you to suffer injuries (i.e. whiplash) or damage to your car in a Barking car accident then that party could be liable for paying you compensation.

Alternatively, other drivers may not be responsible for your accident. The accident could have been caused by roads that are in disrepair. Motorways and main roads must be kept clear of ice by Highways England or by the respective local council. If you have lost control and crashed due to ice on a road that should have been cleared then you could be owed compensation. Similarly, if you lost control due to hitting debris from an accident or from something falling into the road that should have been cleared away you could be owed compensation.

Claiming For Medical Negligence Which Happened In Barking And Dagenham

You and your solicitor could begin claiming for medical negligence if there are grounds to believe that the doctors and hospital staff that have seen and treated you have caused you avoidable harm by not meeting acceptable standards of care towards you. There are several ways these kinds of failures can manifest and harm a patient. When a patient first goes to their GP or attends A and E crucial diagnoses may be made incorrectly or not at all due to doctors not performing the appropriate examinations or arranging for the appropriate tests and scans. This can lead to serious injuries or illnesses not being treated, or worsening significantly before they are treated.

If the wrong prescription is given by a GP, or if a patient’s intake of medication is not carefully monitored while staying in hospital then they can suffer avoidable harm through both the worsening of their condition and the side effects of the drug.

In very distressing cases babies and vulnerable elderly people can be seriously harmed by medical negligence. Babies can be harmed by improper procedures during childbirth, this can lead to oxygen starvation, bone fractures and nerve damage which can all cause lasting disabilities throughout their lifetime. Elderly people in care homes who are denied the assistance they need in day to day tasks such as getting about, washing and changing and eating their meals can suffer from malnutrition and infection if they are neglected by nursing home staff. In cases such as these where the victim cannot claim themselves you could claim on their behalf.

Can I Claim For An Injury At Work With A No Win No Fee Solicitor?

Your employment rights are not affected by making a claim for an injury or work related health problems, your employer cannot sack you for doing so. You have every right to make a claim against your employer if you have been harmed as a result of their neglectful actions or omissions. There can be many different potential consequences to employers not taking appropriate action with regards to health and safety.

This could include working in workplaces where you might be at risk of being assaulted, workplaces where you may be exposed to hazardous materials such as paint fumes or silica particulates which can lead to serious long term health problems and workplaces where you might suffer an injury in an avoidable accident. It must also be noted that your employer could be held liable if they have provided you with PPE, but have not shown you how to use it correctly and this has resulted in a subsequent accident.

The workplace must be kept well lit, well ventilated and free from tripping or slipping hazards. Machinery and equipment used in the workplace must be checked and maintained to ensure that it is safe to use. Employers must also act on reports of bullying, harassment or overwork by their employees. Failure to do so could leave them liable for a compensation claim for any stress or other work related mental health issues that ensue as a result.

Accident On Holiday Abroad And Flight Delay Compensation Claim Back

Our panel of solicitors can work on compensation claims for matters outside of the UK. For example if you need to claim back flight delay compensation against an airline or claim compensation for an incident in the air or at the airport in either the UK or a foreign country. Under the Montreal Convention airlines are liable for any damages that emerge as a result of their negligence, including delays, crashes and breakdowns and loss or damage to passenger’s luggage. Cruise and ferry operators are similarly liable for accidents, illnesses, and loss or damage to passenger’s belongings.

If you have suffered a preventable illness or an injury while abroad, such as food poisoning in a restaurant or an injury while engaging in an activity such as water skiing then your solicitor could try to win compensation from those businesses under foreign law. However, if you booked your holiday as a package deal through a tour operator then that tour operator would hold liability for any injuries or illnesses arising from any accommodation, transport or activity that they provided.

Violent Crime, Assault And Attack Compensation Claims

Having been the victim of an assault or other violent crime within the past two years could entitle you to criminal injury compensation. The government provides successful claimants with compensation through CICA, the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority. So long as you have reported the incident to the police, co-operated with their investigation and there is evidence that the crime did take place you could receive compensation even if for some reason criminal charges cannot be successfully brought against your assailant.

Although most criminal injury claims are subject to a two year time limit, claims for rape, sexual assault or sexual abuse can be made for historical offenses that took place many years ago which you did not report at the time. Being the victim of childhood sexual abuse or sexual assault can be deeply traumatic, but it can also be difficult for victims to come forward and many fear that they cannot prove what happened to them. While criminal convictions may not be secured after so much time has passed, especially because in some cases the perpetrator has since died, compensation may still be awarded.

Additional Barking And Dagenham Personal Injury Claims

If you are in a public place and suffer an avoidable accident that could have been prevented by the owner of that property taking reasonable or legally required precautions then said owner could be liable for compensation for your injuries. One very common way people injure themselves in public is by tripping and slipping. If it is caused by the state of the public space rather than the victims own clumsiness. The property owner could be liable if the accident was caused by disrepair to the flooring such as loose floor tiles or frayed carpets. The property must be adequately lit to ensure that guests do not trip and fall due to poor visibility. If a trip and fall happen outside due to the poor state of the pavement the local council could be liable due to failing to upkeep the pavement.

A business could be liable if customers injure themselves on equipment or facilities intended for their use as a result of said equipment being broken, faulty or if specific instructions for its use were not given correctly. This could happen in gyms or leisure centres, in playgrounds or while playing sports. A business serving food could be made to pay compensation if any customers suffer injuries stemming from the food or drink being served too hot, allergic reactions resulting from food not being labelled properly or food poisoning as a result of improper hygiene practices.

No Win No Fee Mis Sold Pension Compensation Claims

Financial regulations stipulate that a bank or other business selling pension schemes cannot put the customer’s financial well-being at risk for the sake of their own profit by attempting to sell the customer a product that is not suitable for them. Businesses found to have done so could have legal action taken against them by the Financial Conduct Authority as well as being liable for the customer’s compensation. You could claim with the assistance of our panel of no win no fee solicitors for the financial losses you have suffered in the event of financial mis-selling.

If you have chosen a pension scheme in which any of the following practices were used by the company selling the product to you then you could have been the victim of financial mis-selling.

  • Investing your pension fund into risky market sectors without informing you of said risks
  • Not informing you before you purchased the product of all the fees and charges that you were expected to pay
  • Trying to sell you a product without asking you about details of your medical history and current medical condition
  • Trying to pressure you into buying a certain product
  • Not informing you in the first place of the most suitable product for your circumstances.

How To Claim For A Disputed Tenancy Or Rental Deposit

You may have the right to claim back your tenancy deposit in addition to a compensation fee worth up to three times as much as the original deposit if you believe that your landlord is wrongly withholding your tenancy deposit. Although there are times when a landlord is entitled to deduct a certain amount from your deposit when your tenancy ends if you have not caused damage to the property or missed any rent payments then you should be entitled to have your deposit returned when you move out of the property. Otherwise, the landlord loses the right to evict you with a Section 21 notice.

You do not have to be moving out of the property to claim compensation over the status of your tenancy deposit. There are regulations which specify that your landlord has to have your tenancy deposit in a government-approved tenancy deposit scheme within thirty days of receiving it and provide you with proof in writing that they have done so. This is to ensure that your deposit is protected and cannot be lost during your tenancy. Keep hold of all correspondence between you and your landlord, if they do not meet the requirements of protecting your deposit you will need evidence for making a compensation claim.

Shelter, a charity which deals with housing and homelessness is a good resource for information on tenancy deposit claims.

How To Claim For Disrepair In Rented Housing

Disrepair in rented housing is the responsibility of the owner renting out the property rather than the tenant living in it. Responsibility for the maintenance of the property means that the landlord is liable for compensation in the event that they have been found to have caused the tenant to injure themselves or suffer an illness through their neglect of the property. Tenants could be harmed by the state of their housing in a number of different ways. They could fall and injure themselves if the property exhibits floorboards that are rotten, missing or broken. They could suffer an electric shock or be put at risk of a fire by electric mains and plug sockets that have been installed or repaired incorrectly.

Exposure to infestations of bedbugs or cockroaches can lead to rashes and respiratory problems through allergic reactions as well as the risk of contracting serious illnesses like e.coli or salmonella. If your landlord is made aware of these issues and does not act upon them, or they were present when you moved in then you could be able to claim compensation from them.

The governments website has a write up of how the protocol for housing disrepair claims work.

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Barking And Dagenham Area Services

Our Panel Of Doctors Covering Barking And Dagenham

We work with a panel of independent doctors who can cover medical exams necessary for compensation claims for illness or injury across the UK. The doctors covering your area are in the table below.

Nosheen WaheedRegus Fortis House,
160 London Road,
IG11 8BB
Altaf ChoudryRegus Fortis House,
160 London road,
IG11 8BB

Barking Hospital

Barking community hospital provides family services and sexual health services among other services in Barking, London.

Upney Lane,



IG11 9LX

Barking, Havering And Redbridge University Hospital NHS Trust

BHRU NHS Trust provides services to a catchment population of around 750,000 people. It’s two primary hospitals are King George Hospital in Goodmayes and Queens Hospital in Romford as well as other clinics and centres across the area.

Queen’s Hospital,

Rom Valley Way,



London Borough Of Barking And Dagenham Council

Barking Town Hall

1 Town Square


IG11 7LU

The Metropolitan Police

Cobalt Square,



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