Berkshire No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Berkshire

No Win No Fee Solicitors Berkshire

The guide you are about to read is going to run through some of the various different scenarios in which you could make claims for compensation with our panel of no win no fee solicitors. You might be able to receive compensation if you have been in a car accident, an accident at work or an accident while you were on holiday, or if you have been the victim of a crime among other situations. As well as physical injuries and illnesses you could also claim for losing money on a tenancy deposit or on a mis-sold financial service like your pension or your mortgage. No Win No Fee Expert can arrange for you to work with a no win no fee solicitor from our panel covering Berkshire for your claim.

Although this guide will contain the important information about different situations in which you could make a claim, and key points about how to start a claim, there may be still more that you need to know or have questions about. You should give us a phone call on our free 24/7 phone line 0800 073 8802, or request a call back with this enquiry form if you would like to chat about the details of making a no win no fee claim.

No Win No Fee Claims Explained

The way a no win no fee claim works is quite simple. It gives you the chance to make a claim while reducing the financial risks that come along with it. This is because a no win no fee claim does not require you to pay your solicitor if they have not won your case and you haven’t received compensation.  If you do win your claim and receive compensation then the compensation will be used to pay their fees. The amount that will be taken will be negotiated between you and your solicitor prior to beginning your claim. You can read about no win no fee claims in more detail in this page of our website.

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  2. Claim For Injury Or Illness Caused By Medical Malpractice
  3. Berkshire Injured At Work Claims Explained
  4. No Win No Fee Holiday Injury Claims
  5. Criminal Injuries Compensation For Victims In Berkshire
  6. More Personal Injury Claim Examples
  7. Can You Claim For Mis Sold Pensions?
  8. How Tenancy Deposit Claim Solicitors Could Help You
  9. Housing Disrepair Claims Against Berkshire Landlords
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No Win No Fee Berkshire Road Accident Compensation Claims

If you have been the victim of a car accident in Berkshire (or any other form of road traffic accident in Berkshire) you can claim for it through our panel of solicitors. Seeking compensation for a car accident will mean either claiming from the insurance company of a negligent driver, or from the authority responsible for maintaining the road.

A driver’s negligence could have caused the crash if they were:

  • Intoxicated at the wheel
  • Driving over the speed limit
  • Turning or merging incorrectly
  • Driving with items tied to the roof or protruding from the boot in an unsafe manner

The authority responsible for the road, either Highways England or West Berkshire council, could be liable if it is proven they neglected the road and allowed it to fall into an unsafe state of disrepair.

  • If the road was one which needed to be de-iced, and wasn’t
  • If debris from a car accident or a tree falling into the road has not been cleared up
  • If the accident was caused by a pothole

Claim For Injury Or Illness Caused By Medical Malpractice

A medical negligence solicitor covering Berkshire could help you if you have been the victim of medical malpractice. Any instance in which a patient has suffered an illness or an injury which was caused by the neglect or incompetence of medical professionals who owe them a duty of care, or any instance in which an avoidable illness or injury could have been prevented but wasn’t, could be classed as medical negligence. Medical negligence claims can be made against both the NHS and private healthcare services.

Some examples and effects of medical negligence can include:

  • Infections such as MRSA or pneumonia due to inadequate attention to maintain hygiene.
  • Delayed treatment due to misdiagnosis or failure to carry out tests and scans correctly.
  • Side effects of drugs wrongly prescribed or prescribed in the wrong amounts.
  • Avoidable injuries or infections caused by a botched surgery.

Berkshire Injured At Work Claims Explained

It may be possible to bring an injury at work claim against your employer if you have been injured in an accident or have developed an illness related to your line of work. This can be done if you have proof that your employer did not do enough to keep you safe from workplace hazards. Something which they are required to do by law. This compensation would pay you for your medical expenses, lost earnings and for the reduction in your quality of life. Workplace injury or illness claims could be made for:

  • Accidents caused by a lack of training, i.e. a lack of instructions in the safe use of machinery used in the workplace.
  • Illnesses which emerge as a result of long term exposure to health hazards in the workplace without adequate protection, such as asbestosis.
  • Being assaulted due to a lack of security measures in the workplace.
  • Suffering from stress and other forms of mental health programs due to bullying and overwork.

No Win No Fee Holiday Injury Claims

Being injured in an accident is one thing, being injured in an accident while staying in a foreign country is even worse, especially if you were away on holiday. Don’t be put off by the prospect of taking legal action against a third party in another country. A solicitor from our panel could assist you in making a holiday injury claim for any suffering that you have been caused while travelling to and from your destination or while on the holiday itself. These claims might include:

  • Being injured while at the airport
  • Being injured while on a plane or a ferry
  • Being injured while in your accommodation
  • Being injured or getting ill at a restaurant
  • Being injured while visiting an attraction
  • Being injured while engaged in an activity, such as jet skiing or scuba diving.

If your trip was arranged by a travel agents, then the claim would be made against the travel agents. UK law states that travel agents are liable for any accidents that have resulted in you sustaining injuries while using a service that was part of the package.

As well as personal injury claims, you could also claim compensation if your trip has been disrupted by delays to your flight caused by the negligence of the airline operator, or if the airline operators negligence has caused your luggage to become damaged or lost. You can claim compensation from many international airline companies under the Montreal Convention.

Criminal Injuries Compensation For Victims In Berkshire

The government operated scheme, the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority, (CICA) enables victims of violent crimes to seek compensation for the physical injuries and psychological harm they have suffered as a result. If you have been the victim of a violent criminal act in Berkshire and the incident occurred within the last two years then a solicitor can help you make a claim through CICA. Violent crimes which you could claim compensation for could include assault, stabbing or aggravated robbery.

Sexual Offences

CICA can also award compensation for psychological trauma stemming from sexual offences such as rape, sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse. In cases of historical sexual assault, exceptions could be made to the usual two year time limit. Please call us to discuss your circumstances in more detail.

More Personal Injury Claim Examples

The examples we have listed so far are not the end of the different circumstances which could entitle you to a compensation fee. In any situation in which you have suffered a health problem, be it an injury or an illness, because a third party failed to meet their responsibility to ensure you were safe a solicitor could help you make a claim for compensation. Examples of various different types of compensation claims include:

  • Claims for injuries caused by faulty products, i.e. a faulty phone charger which causes a fire or a hairdryer which inflicts and electric shock.
  • Claims for slips, trips and falls.
  • Claims for injuries while playing sports.
  • Claims for injuries suffered by your child while at school or in a playground.

Can You Claim For Mis Sold Pensions?

There are regulations which apply to the manner in which businesses selling pensions, PPI, mortgages and other financial products conduct themselves and sell their products. You can claim for a mis-sold pension, for example, if you were misled by those selling you the pension and you subsequently lost income due to the product. Other ways in which a company might mislead you or violate the rules regarding  financial mis selling  which leaves you out of pocket could include:

  • Failing to disclose all fees involved in the product, such as commissioning costs.
  • Not informing you of the full range of products, or of the ones best suited to your needs in favour of pushing you towards a product which they stand to make more money from.
  • Trying to sell you investments into highly speculative or unstable markets.
  • Failing to ask you questions about your health situation which would allow them to tailor the product to you.

How Tenancy Deposit Claim Solicitors Could Help You

We can help you out with our panel of no win no fee solicitors if you are looking for tenancy deposit claim solicitors. Tenancy deposit claims can be made in cases where your landlord has put your deposit at risk or has not followed the procedure required of them when handling your deposit. When a landlord breaks the rules about surrounding the protection of your deposit they could be liable for paying back the deposit as well as paying you a sum of compensation. Some of the ways your landlord may become liable for a tenancy deposit claim can include:

  • Failing to put your deposit in a Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)
  • If the deposit was put in the protection scheme after more than thirty days had passed since you paid in your deposit
  • If they did not provide you with details of the TDS they used.
  • If they removed your deposit from the TDS before your tenancy was finished.
  • If they attempted to evict you without returning your deposit, or attempted unfairly to withhold your deposit when you moved out of the property.


Please feel free to call us for advice on tenancy deposit claims. For more information about these types of cases or for general information about your rights as a tenant you can consult Shelter, a charity which deals with housing and homelessness.

Housing Disrepair Claims Against Berkshire Landlords

As a tenant, you do have certain expectations. You mustn’t cause damage to the property through your own negligence or carelessness, such as allowing rubbish to pile up, failing to maintain the cleanliness of the property or by allowing steam and condensation to build up. You must report all damage and disrepair to your landlord and so on. But on the other hand your landlord has responsibilities as well. The landlord’s responsibilities pertain to the safety of the property. Landlords are responsible for the gas and heating system, for plumbing, for the structure of the building and for any communal areas in the property, among other things. You can consult Shelter, again, for more details about the responsibilities of tenants and landlords.

Living in a property which has not been adequately maintained can put your health at risk, some of the ways in which you could be harmed by housing disrepair can include:

  • Suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning due to a faulty gas boiler.
  • Suffering from a skin condition, a sinus condition or a lung condition caused by mould or damp in the household.
  • Suffering an injury in a fall caused by unsafe flooring or an unsafe staircase.
  • Suffering an electric shock due to unsafe electrical sockets.
  • Losing belongings to water damage due to leaks and flooding caused by poor plumbing.
  • Having to pay to have disrepair dealt with using your own money.

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