Bexley No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Bexley

No Win No Fee Solicitors Bexley

If you’ve recently experienced a landlord or a bank wrongfully take money from you, or you have suffered an accident that wasn’t your fault then you are probably concerned about your financial prospects, and looking for compensation. No Win No Fee Expert can help you by providing you with free expert advice and putting you in touch with our panel of no win no fee solicitors. You can work with a solicitor covering Bexley or Kent to make a no win no fee claim for injuries you have suffered in an accident, in a violent crime as well as any PTSD, stress or other mental health problems that have arisen as a result. You could also claim compensation for money you have lost or had wrongly denied to you by your landlord or by a financial product that was mis-sold to you.

In this guide you will find information on the various different kinds of compensation our panel of solicitors can help you to claim. If there is anything else you would like to know you can schedule a call or phone us right away to ask more questions.

How No Win No Fee Compensation Claims Work

All of the claims handled by our panel of solicitors can be managed under a ‘no win no fee’ agreement. By signing a no win no fee agreement with your solicitor, you will consent to allowing your solicitor to receive a “success fee” from your compensation as payment for their services. In return you will not be liable for their fees in the event of an unsuccessful claim which was valid.

You can discuss before the claim begins how much of your compensation your solicitor will receive, though it will be capped at a maximum of 25%. No win no fee claims can be very useful for those wishing to avoid heavy legal costs for unsuccessful claims. For more details feel free to call our team or read our guide on Conditional Fee Agreements (CFA).

Choose Your No Win No Fee Service Or Accident Claim

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  2. Claim For Medical Negligence Which Happened In Bexley
  3. I’ve Had An Accident At Work, Can I Claim Compensation?
  4. Accident On Holiday And Flight Delay Compensation Claims
  5. Criminal Injury Victim Compensation Claims
  6. More Personal Injury And Accident Claims
  7. Claim Compensation For The Mis Selling Of Pensions
  8. Disputed Rental Deposit Compensation Claims
  9. Claims Against Bexley Area Landlords For Disrepair In Housing
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No Win No Fee Bexley Car Accident Compensation Claims

There are a number of factors that can cause a road traffic accident. The drivers own carelessness, the carelessness of another driver, or the condition of the road. If you were among 160,597 reported road traffic accidents of all severities in the UK in 2018 or at any other point within the last three years because of a Bexley car crash that wasn’t your fault, you could claim compensation. This could be for mental trauma, damage to your car or any injuries you may have suffered, even whiplash.

The party responsible for your crash may be the Bexley local council for a defective local road surface or Highways England if the crash was caused by the condition of the roads on the motorway. For example, if there has been a spillage on the road or there is other debris on the road which has been reported to these authorities and they haven’t taken prompt action, they could be liable for your compensation. If these bodies have been made aware that the tarmac on the roads is in a state of disrepair and haven’t taken action on, then they could be liable for compensation.

Another driver could have a claim made against them if they caused the accident through their negligent driving, such as turning or merging without indicating, drink driving or speeding.

Claim For Medical Negligence Which Happened In Bexley

A private hospital or the NHS Trust could be liable for a claim for medical negligence if they or their doctors and staff have let you down by not meeting acceptable standards for care or by not following procedure, with you suffering avoidable harm as a result. Claims for medical negligence can be made in very severe cases, such as a botched surgery with the wrong procedure being performed and instruments being left in the patient’s body. This can also include dental procedures being performed wrongly, resulting in infections or cosmetic issues.

You could also claim for medical negligence on behalf of a dependant or relative who is not in a position to do so themselves, such as elderly relatives relying on care in nursing homes who have suffered harm to their health arising from neglect or a baby who has suffered avoidable injuries with lasting complications due to a wrongly performed birth.

I’ve Had An Accident At Work, Can I Claim Compensation?

If you’ve been injured in an accident in Bexley at work you could claim compensation from your employer for your medical costs, lost earnings, and suffering if someone else’s mistakes were at fault. You could also claim for avoidable, long-term illnesses caused by an unsafe environment or for avoidable stress due to the work atmosphere.

An employer could also be liable for an injury if it was caused by a lack of training. For instance, if a lack of protective equipment, such as eye protection, or was linked to a health and safety issue which the employer responsible had been made aware of but not acted upon. Employers could be liable for work related stress issues , such as failing to prevent issues of bullying, unreasonable deadlines and heavy workloads. You could claim compensation for a long-term health issue if you have been working in an environment with health hazards, such as paint fumes or flour particulates and you were not provided with adequate protection such as face masks.

Accident On Holiday And Flight Delay Compensation Claims

If your plans for travelling are disrupted by a flight delay of more than three hours and the cause negligence (e.g. a breakdown caused by lack of maintenance), then you could claim flight delay compensation. The same applies to delays or accidents on cruise ships or ferries. You will find more detailed information from the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Our panel of solicitors could help you make an accident on holiday claim for injuries you suffered abroad caused by third party negligence. There are two ways this could be managed:

a) Either by our panel providing you with a personal injury lawyer qualified in making a claim in the legal system which applies in the country where the accident took place.

b) Or, in the event that your trip was booked in a package deal, as a standard personal injury claim under British law as the travel agency would be liable for accidents that happen in a resort or excursion that they booked.

Criminal Injury Victim Compensation Claims

Victims of crime are usually entitled to make a criminal compensation claim for injuries or mental health problems they have suffered as a result of a violent crime and all attendant costs. This may include counselling fees, medical costs, travel expenses and lost earnings. Criminal compensation is paid through the government run scheme known as the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (CICA). However, it should be noted that compensation is not linked to the conviction of the person who attacked you, though you may not be eligible for compensation if you have not been fully co-operative with the police during their investigation.

Criminal injury claims have a time limit of two years, with the exception of historical cases of rape, sexual assault and sexual abuse. If you were the victim of these offenses as a child, or a number of years ago, it is not too late for you to claim compensation; even if your attacker or abuser is dead. You can still report the incident to the police and call our advisors on what steps you may be able to take to gather sufficient evidence to claim compensation for abuse.

More Personal Injury And Accident Claims

A personal injury claim could be made for a number of scenarios partly or wholly caused by third party negligence. If you haven’t read an example that matches your circumstances, it doesn’t mean that it could not be the basis of a claim. If you are unsure, get in touch with our team.

You could claim compensation for injuring yourself playing sports. For example, if you tripped and fell while playing football or rugby on a pitch which was very uneven due to a lack of decent grounds keeping, or if you fell off a horse while taking riding lessons because the horse was not suited for your skill and experience level. You could also claim if you were injured by faulty or mislabeled exercise gym equipment or as a result of your trainer’s negligence.

If you were harmed by the negligence of a restaurant in preparing food, which resulted in you suffering an allergic reaction, food poisoning or scalds from overheated food or drink, then you could claim compensation.

A very common cause of injuries while out in public, however, is tripping and slipping. Businesses with premises open to the public (such as shops, restaurants, leisure centres and so on) are obliged to prevent risks of avoidable harm. For example, spills or wet floors should be marked with a warning sign and cleaned up as soon as possible, as well as wires, packaging, ropes and other objects should not be left lying around in public areas of the premises.

Claim Compensation For The Mis Selling Of Pensions

Banks and financial advisors are bound by certain financial regulations under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to not put their own financial interests ahead at the expense of the interests of their customer. They are required to offer you the product (i.e. a pension plan) that is best suited for you. Nor can they pressure you into buying a certain product or rush you into making a decision.

If there are certain risks involved in your product, i.e. if your pension is being invested in a volatile market sector (such as agri-business) your bank or advisor must inform you of the risks involved or else not offer to sell that product. They should take into account all information about your personal circumstances, such as your medical history and whether you have a smoking habit, and so on.

If you have been affected by your bank mis-selling a pension, then you could claim compensation.

Disputed Rental Deposit Compensation Claims

A dispute with your landlord over your tenancy deposit could entitle you to claim compensation against them worth up to three times as much as the value of the deposit itself if they have failed to meet basic procedures in relation to your deposit. As the Shelter website explains, your landlord cannot withhold the full value of your deposit unless there is due course, such as damage to the property which you have caused or missed rent payments. They also cannot evict you without reason unless they are able and prepared to return your deposit.  If they do attempt to end your tenancy without returning the full amount, you could have grounds to receive compensation.

Furthermore, if you did not get written notice from your landlord that they had put the deposit in a Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) within thirty days of giving them your deposit then you could claim compensation on the basis of not adequately protecting your deposit.

Claims Against Bexley Area Landlords For Disrepair In Housing

If you live in a rented property, the responsibility for maintenance and repairs lays with the landlord or the local authority which you are renting the property from. Subsequently, any harm to your health that results from disrepair of the property which your landlord or council were aware of could make them liable for a compensation claim. If you wish to learn more about how the procedure for making a housing disrepair compensation claim works then check out this page.

By not maintaining your property to a reasonable standard, your landlord or council could be putting you at risk of injury or health problems. You could face avoidable risks to your safety by not having working smoke detectors or not having fire extinguishers placed in communal parts of the flat. Damage to plumbing, gutters, windows, doors, brickwork and the roof could lead to water ingress. Water ingress can lead to damage to your belongings and damp. Long term exposure to damp and mould can lead to minor issues such as rashes and colds or in worse cases lead to respiratory issues such as asthma. If your landlord has supplied the white goods then issues caused by them are their responsibility. If there was an issue with the furniture before you moved in, i.e. bedbugs in the sofa then your landlord could be made to pay you compensation.

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Helpful Local Area Resources

Our Panel Of Doctors Covering Bexley

To make a claim for personal injury compensation you will need an official report from a medical examination by a doctor proving that you have the afflictions you are claiming for. The doctors in the list below are some of those who can cover exams in the Bexley area.

Name Location
Huma AfzalKTB Bexley,
1-2 Bourne Parade,
Borne Road,
Khalid ShehzadKTB Bexley,
1-2 Bourne Parade,
Borne Road,

Queen Mary’s Hospital

Queen Mary’s Hospital is the acute general care hospital for the Borough of Bexley in London.

Frognal Avenue,



DA14 6LT

Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust provides services to Bexley, Lewisham, Greenwich and Bromley.

Pinewood House

Pinewood Place


Kent DA2 7WG

London Borough Of Bexley Council

2 Watling St,



Metropolitan Police

Victoria Embankment,




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