Blackburn No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Blackburn

No Win No Fee Solicitors Blackburn

Whether you have experienced financial mis selling or have been injured on holiday abroad, or you’ve suffered an accident at work or on the roads, you could be left out of pocket financially. With cases of personal injury, you may have lost out on income from having time off work, while with financial mis selling, you may have lost out on money you’ve put into a pension or investment. These, and other types of losses could be claimed for and no win no fee solicitors covering Blackburn could help make these types of claims and more, without requiring you to pay upfront for legal assistance.

Within this handy guide to compensation claims, we discuss the types of claims that could be made through the no win no fee agreement process. Should you be left with any queries relating to this guide, or if you’re ready to begin claiming, just call 0800 073 8802 to talk to No Win No Fee Expert. We could connect you to our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Blackburn who could assist you in making a claim.

How Does A No Win No Fee Agreement Work?

Before we go ahead and explain the types of personal injury claims and financial compensation claims that could be made, let us first explain the no win no fee agreement and what it entails.

If the no win no fee solicitor believes that you do have a valid claim, then they would ask you to sign an agreement with them that agrees to them deducting a success fee (that is capped at 25% ) upon the settlement of your claim. A no win no fee agreement also means that in the event your claim is unsuccessful you will not be expected to pay your solicitors fees.

FAQ about no win no fee agreements

Q:How much of my settlement could a no win no fee solicitor take?

A: Only up to 25% according to the government’s cap.

Q: Do I have to pay my lawyer up front?

A: With no win no fee solicitors covering Blackburn, you should not have to pay upfront for legal fees.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Service Or Accident Claim

No Win No Fee Blackburn Car And Road Accident Compensation Claims

Personal injury claims could be made for injuries obtained in road traffic accidents that weren’t your fault. Although traffic casualties are at their lowest levels, in 2017, over 170 000 casualties occurred (This covers all severities).

Whether you were left with whiplash after a rear-end shunt, were knocked off your motorbike by a speeding driver or were hit head-on when someone ignored road markings, you could claim compensation for your injuries and financial costs associated with the accident, such as wage loss, travel expenses and more.

No win no fee solicitors covering Blackburn claims could also assist with claims where the person that caused the accident had disappeared and could not be traced, or where they did not have the relevant insurance for the vehicle they were driving when they caused the accident. The way in which this could be done is through the MIB. This is a bureau that was set up in 1946, primarily with the goal of helping people claim compensation when they have suffered at the hands of uninsured and untraceable drivers.

No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Solicitors Covering Blackburn

Another area that our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Blackburn could assist with claims for is medical negligence. If you wish to make a medical negligence compensation claim, we suggest that you use the services of no win no fee solicitors that specialise in medical negligence as with claims of this nature, causation could be tricky to prove, especially if there are pre-existing conditions involved. Please see below some of the more common claims that have been made in regards to medical negligence;

Childbirth claims – If you were not monitored adequately in labour, and signs of distress were missed causing you or your baby to suffer undue and unnecessary harm that could have been avoided.

Blood test negligence – If results were not interpreted correctly leading to misdiagnosis, or you received a blood-borne illness from an infected needle.

Surgical claims – If instruments were left inside you or your anaesthesia dosage was incorrect, leading to unnecessary harm.

Dental negligence – If a dentist caused damage to your mouth during an extraction that could have been prevented.

Care home negligence – If your care home gave you the wrong medication or the wrong dose that caused adverse health consequences.

These are just a few examples of claims that could be made with the help of no win no fee solicitors handling Blackburn claims. If you think you could have a claim, why not call our team for advice?

No Win No Fee Workplace Injury Compensation Claims

When it comes to accidents in the workplace, according to the HSE, 69, 208 RIDDOR reports of injury were made in 2018/19. These could involve anything from broken bones to musculoskeletal injuries including back strains and more. While we do not have the statistics on how many of these were due to the employer’s fault, all employers have a duty to their staff to ensure a safe working environment and that their health and safety should be protected by their employer. This could be done in various ways, and, depending on the nature of the work could involve some or all of the following:

  • Assessing risks regularly and providing risk reduction measures.
  • Providing PPE.
  • Training employees on how to do jobs safely.
  • Ensuring the workplace is free from hazards.
  • Ensuring machinery is regularly checked and maintained, and safety features are enabled.

These could all help to avoid accidents that happen in the workplace on a one-off basis, but they could also help avoid foreseeable risks of employees’ chances of developing work-related conditions.

Work-related illness/disease/conditions could include COPD, hand-arm vibration, tendonitis, work-related skin disease and more.

If an employee can prove that their injuries or illness could have been avoided had their employer acted responsibly, then a claim for compensation could be made.

One thing some people may worry about is making a claim against their employer for fear that the payout may cause the company financial distress, or could cause the employer to treat the claimant differently because of their claim. There is legislation that has been put in place to protect employees from being treated differently because of claims.

No Win No Fee Holiday Injury, Accident Or Flight Delay Claims

The next type of claim we could assist with is no win no fee holiday illness, accident or flight delay claims. Whether you’ve had a flight delayed over 4 hours, have become injured because of an accident that has happened on an aeroplane, in an airport or in your hotel in your destination country, or you’ve fallen in because of food hygiene failings, you could make a claim for compensation with the assistance of no win no fee solicitors handling Blackburn claims. Whether the incident happened abroad or here in the UK, if you booked as a package holiday, you may be covered by UK law, under the Package Travel Regulations. Other claims could be covered by IATA, or by foreign law. Call our advisors to discuss your circumstances further.

No Win No Fee Criminal Assault Solicitors Covering Blackburn

Sadly, crime occurs all around the UK, and Blackburn is no different. According to 543 violent or sexual offences occurred in Blackburn central between September of 2018 and August of 2019. If you found yourself the victim of an assault of some kind, or you witnessed such an event and were traumatised, or even if you were injured trying to stop a crime from happening, the government-run Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) could award you compensation. You might wish to look into claiming rather quickly, however, as the time limit for many CICA claims is only 2 years after the incident date.

Claims With Longer Time Limits

However, there are exceptions to this rule, and some of these exceptions could pertain to cases where historic sexual abuse are concerned. Please contact one of our advisors to discuss your circumstances further.

Other Common Accident And Injury Claims

Whether you have been injured by a poorly fitted boiler, or a product that was faulty, or you’ve slipped and fallen because of uneven flooring in a supermarket, shopping centre or other public place, if third-party liability exists, you could have a claim for compensation and no win no fee solicitors covering Blackburn could assist with claims for both the injuries you’ve obtained, as well as any direct financial implications your accident has had. Usually, your personal injury lawyer would have to launch your claim within three years of the accident, but there could be exceptions to this, so don’t hesitate to ring our helpline for advice and support.

No Win No Fee Mis-Sold Pension Or Investment Claims

A no win no fee solicitor could also assist with claims where you have suffered financially as a result of being mis-sold a product. But what is financial mis selling, and how do you know if you have been a victim?

Simply put, financial mis selling is when you are sold a financial product that is unsuitable, or you were not aware of all the information you needed to know before you purchased the financial product, such as risks, fees and charges.

You might have been mis sold a pension, or it could have been an insurance policy or investment. Whatever the product, if a no win no fee lawyer could prove that you did not have all the facts to hand or all the options you could have taken, or you were pressured into making a decision and you suffered financially as a result then you could be eligible to make a claim.

No Win No Fee Tenancy Deposit Claims Against Landlords

Deposits for tenancies are meant to be held in one of three government-approved schemes. If your landlord hasn’t done this or did not inform you of where the deposit was held, then you could consider making a tenancy deposit claim for between one and three times what you initially paid for the deposit. Our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Blackburn could assist with this.

Compensation For Housing Disrepair In Blackburn

If you have experienced housing disrepair, you may be seeking assistance from no win no fee housing disrepair solicitors covering Blackburn for a number of reasons. You might have become ill or injured through housing disrepair, for example, if mould has caused you to suffer breathing issues, or a broken flooring has caused you to fall and injure yourself. Another reason you could consider making a claim is if you have had personal items destroyed because of a leaking pipe. You could even have suffered financially because bills that were high because of the disrepair if it has led to your property being inefficient with energy. For example, if a window was broken and this required the heating to be on all the time, or a pipe was leaking and this led to more water usage, and therefore higher bills.

A no win no fee solicitor would have to provide evidence that you have asked for the landlord to fix the problem, and if they did not, and this caused you injury, illness or financial costs. If they could prove this, then you could receive a compensation settlement.

Start A No Win No Fee Claim

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Helpful Resources In This Area

Thinking of making claims in Blackburn? Here are some useful resources for you.

Our Panel Of Doctors Covering The Blackburn Area

When you have to visit an independent as part of a personal injury claim, it could be a relief to know that you may not have to travel far. We work with a panel of doctors local to Blackburn;

Doctor’s nameDoctor’s location
Jessica SpauldingBlackburn Enterprise Centre, Furthergate, Blackburn, BB1 3HQ
Warwick BrindleyNatural Therapy Rooms, Lancashire Health & Wellbeing Centre,1 Eanam, Blackburn, BB1 5BS

Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital

The Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital offers a variety of services for patients in the area including diagnostics, acute and specialist surgical and medical services.

Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital
Haslingden Road

East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust

The East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust covers 5 hospitals and the Lancashire Women and Newborn Centre.

East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust

Casterton Ave,


BB10 2PQ


Blackburn And Darwen Borough Council

Blackburn and Darwen Borough Council

Old Town Hall,

King William St,




Lancashire Constabulary

Lancaster Rd N,



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