Cambridge No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Cambridge

No Win No Fee Solicitors Cambridge

This is an online guide to using No Win No Fee solicitors covering Cambridge to have your personal injury or accident claim processed. The aim of this guide is to give you all of the information that you will need in order to come to understand why you might have a valid claim, and how a solicitor will help you to make one.

As part of the service that we offer, we can arrange for a personal injury lawyer to handle your personal injury claim for you. If you would like to know more about how we can do this, you have questions about the contents of this guide, or the claims process in general, please do contact our claims team today on 0800 073 8802. They will be ready to give you any assistance you need.

What Is A No Win No Fee Agreement?

Before you can decide whether using the services of No Win No Fee personal injury solicitors covering Cambridge is right for you, you need to understand what this kind of agreement means. We have published a fuller explanation at this link, but in summary:

This kind of fee arrangement is known as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). As the name suggests, the solicitor’s fee is conditional on the claim being successful. This means that when your solicitor first starts working on your claim, they won’t ask you to pay any fee at all. While your solicitor is processing your claim, and this can take quite some time, they still won’t ask you to pay any legal fees. If, after your claim has been processed, you don’t receive a compensation settlement, the solicitor still doesn’t expect to be paid a fee. Therefore, your financial risk is minimised as you are not going to need to pay for your solicitor’s services until your claim has been processed and a positive outcome has been reached. When your solicitor does successfully secure a compensation payment for you, they will collect their fee automatically by taking it out of the money received, and then they will give you the rest. This is capped at a maximum 25% of your settlement amount.

If you would like to know more about the way this kind of fee agreement works and how we can provide you with a solicitor to process your claim using the same fee structure, then please talk to a member of our claims team on the phone number near the end of this page.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Service Or Accident Claim

No Win No Fee Cambridge Road Accident Claims For Compensation

One of the most common reasons why people make personal injury claims is to make a road accident claim for compensation. All road users, even passengers and pedestrians, can attempt to make a claim if they are injured due to the actions of another road user. For example:

  • A passenger in the back of a car who suffered whiplash due to a driver running into the back of the vehicle.
  • A motorcycle rider who hits the side of a car, that pulled out of a side turning in front of them without due care.
  • A pedestrian walking along the pavement who is struck by a lorry that is trying to park and did not see them.

No matter how you are harmed in a road traffic accident, if a third party was even partially to blame for the accident, then No Win No Fee solicitors covering Cambridgeshire could be able to help you make a claim.

No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Solicitors Covering Cambridge

Every medical professional in the UK, from ward orderlies through to surgeons, has a duty of care towards every patient to never do unnecessary harm. However, mistakes can still be made and patients could suffer harm due to these negligent mistakes. The patient could be able to make a claim for negligence, in the following situation:

  1. The patient must have suffered some form of physical or psychological harm due to the negligent acts of a medical professional or a healthcare facility.
  2. The doctor that caused harm must have had a duty of care towards the patient.
  3. The incident that resulted in a failure to fulfil the duty of care, and the subsequent harm to the patient, could have been avoided.

If the above situation sounds like your own case, then it could be possible for an expert from our panel to process a clinical negligence claim on your behalf for the harm you have suffered.

No Win No Fee Compensation For An Accident At Work In Cambridge

As an employee, it is your right to expect your employer to provide you with a safe working environment. This is something that your employer has to do and your employer’s performance in this regard is monitored by the Health & Safety Executive.

When an employer fails to meet all of the regulatory obligations related to Health & Safety within the sector they operate, this can lead to an employee being harmed. If it can be proven that the employer failed to mitigate the workplace hazard that harmed an employee, then it could be possible for the injured employee to claim compensation for an accident at work.

No Win No Fee Accident Abroad And Holiday Injury Claims

It isn’t only local accident and injury claims that No Win No Fee solicitors covering Cambridge can help you with. They can also help you to make a claim for an injury or illness that was caused by a health hazard on holiday. If you booked your holiday as a package deal in the UK, a solicitor would make a claim against the UK based travel vendor as long as the accident occurred on an arrangement included within the package.

If you booked the trip independently, then it would be the individual travel provider, such as the operator of the hotel where you stayed on holiday, that the solicitor makes a claim against. As an example:

  • If you are injured in a slip, trip or fall at an airport, it would be the airport operator that is pursued for damages.
  • If you are scalded by a hot drink spilt by a member of the cabin crew on a plane, it would be the airline that is pursued for damages.
  • If you are electrocuted by a light switch in your hotel room, it would be the hotel operator that is pursued for damages.
  • If you come down with food poisoning due to eating bad food at a restaurant on holiday, it would be the restaurant operator that is pursued for damages.

No matter how you have come to harm on holiday, if a third party was the cause or shares the blame in some way, then we could be able to help you with your claim. Use the number below to take to one of our claims team to learn more.

No Win No Fee Criminal Assault And Abuse Compensation Claims

When a personal injury solicitor processes a criminal compensation claim, it may not be the perpetrator of the crime that the claim is made against. In many cases, it will be made through a special UK Government-run organisation known as CICA (Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority) which awards compensation to blameless victims.

Victims of Violent Crimes

If you have come harmed due the violent act of a criminal, such as an assault, Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH), Actual Bodily Harm (ABH), a violent theft such as a mugging or an aggravated burglary, then your solicitor may be able to process a claim through the CICA for you.

Victims of Sexual Abuse

Victims of a form of sexual assault, such as a physical attack, rape, sexual assault, or psychological harm, then a solicitor may be able to process a claim through the CICA for the physical harm or psychiatric damage you have suffered.

More Accidents Or Injuries Which You Could Claim Compensation For

You could use the services of No Win No Fee lawyers covering Cambridge to make many kinds of claims, not simply those we have covered in this guide. For example:

  • A damaged pavement or a pothole in the street causes you to suffer a slip, trip or fall accident.
  • Due to your working environment, you suffer a work-related medical condition such as vibration white finger.
  • Workmen or tradesmen who are working at your home cause an accident that injures you.

In fact, any time you are injured due to the actions of a third party, you may have a valid basis for making a compensation claim for the harm you have suffered.

Financial Product Mis-Selling No Win No Fee Claims

In 2006, new regulations were introduced that are intended to police the way that financial products are sold. Every financial advisor has to follow these rules and must give the best advice possible to prospective clients, even if this means not securing a sale. For example:

  • A financial advisor recommended that you move your workplace pension into a SIPP (Self-Invested Pension Plan), which subsequently performed worse than the workplace pension.
  • You were sold a retirement product such as an annuity that was based on risky investments like carbon credits, property syndication or ethical forestry.
  • Your financial advisor failed to ask you about any current health issues or question you on your lifestyle habits, such as drinking and smoking.
  • You were not told that there may be alternative financial products that could be better than the one you were being offered.

No matter how you were mis sold a product, such as an annuity, pension or Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), a No Win No Fee solicitor could be able to help you to claim for the financial loss you have suffered. If you would like to know more about making financial mis selling claims, please speak to a member of our claims team on the number below.

Tenants Rental Deposit No Win No Fee Claims

If you have lost your rental deposit, partially or in full, it could be possible for you to get some rent deposit dispute help from a solicitor. Every landlord, whether they are a private individual renting out individual properties or large property management agencies managing a portfolio of rental properties, has specific legal obligations related to safeguarding the deposits they collect from tenants.

When a tenant pays a deposit to a landlord, the money they have handed over must be safeguarded from loss within 30 days. This is done so that should the landlord suffer financial difficulties or become bankrupt, tenants will still receive their deposit. While you are a tenant, your landlord must continue to safeguard your deposit in this way until the day you move out and receive your deposit back.

If you have lost out on your tenancy deposit for an invalid reason, we may be able to help you. Have a chat with our claims team on the number below. Explain your problem to them and they will let you know whether you have a valid claim or not.

Cambridge Housing Disrepair Damages Claims

If you are living in a rented property that has fallen into disrepair in some way, you have certain rights. One of these being that the property must be inspected within 20 days of a complaint being made (if more than one expert tradesman id required to attend the inspection), or 10 days if only one expert tradesman needs to make the inspection. Following the complaint and subsequent inspection, the landlord or property management agency must fix the problems found during the inspection within an acceptable timeframe. If they do not, it could be possible for the tenant to make a claim for harm suffered as a result. A claim could be made for damages such as:

  • Housing disrepair general damages – if you have become ill from a disrepair, for example, due to damp or mould, then your solicitor could be able to process a claim for the harm you have suffered.
  • Housing disrepair special damages – if you have suffered a financial loss to the disrepair, for example, a leaking roof or a burst pipe caused water damage to your possessions, then a solicitor could be able to process a claim for this financial loss.

You can use the number below to speak to a member of our claims team. Explain your situation to them, and they will let you know whether you have a valid claim, and the kinds of damages you could potentially claim for.

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Resources In The Cambridge Area

The sections below contain information that may be of use to you.

Doctors Handling Medical Assessments In The Cambridge Area

Your solicitor will arrange for you to have a medical examination in order to provide substantial evidence to your claim and provide an estimation of your potential damages. Below are some examples of doctors from our panel who could cover Cambridgeshire:

Sajive BansalThe Coach House Clinic,
Anstey Hall,
Maris Lane,
Asef ZafarVision Park,
Chivers Way,
CB24 9AD

When you are ready for us to set up an appointment for your medical examination, speak to a claim advisor on the number above.

Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Hills Rd




Cambridge City Council

Mandela House

4 Regent Street




Cambridgeshire Constabulary

Cambridgeshire Constabulary Headquarters

Hinchingbrooke Park




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