Canvey Island No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Canvey Island

No Win No Fee Solicitors Canvey Island

If you’re looking to retain the services of a personal injury solicitor for an accident on Canvey Island or wish to pursue a case against your landlord for withholding your tenant deposit with a financial claims solicitor, we may have just what you need. Within this guide, we will cover a wealth of information pertaining to no win no fee solicitors covering Canvey Island, explaining how this type of service works, what types of claims could be made and the benefits of choosing such a solicitor. At No Win No Fee Expert, we could also help to provide you with one of our panel of solicitors covering Canvey Island to help with a claim. Want to know more? Why not continue reading, or if you’d like to speak to the team, call 0800 073 8802.

Claim Compensation With No Win No Fee Solicitors

Before we explain the benefits of no win no fee claims, we’ll go through the way in which these claims work.

Before your claim begins, you would be issued with a document called a Conditional Fee Agreement (or CFA). This is a document that would cover all of the important payment conditions attached to your case. Your lawyer’s fees would be detailed in this document as a percentage amount – this would be the percentage of your payout. However, it cannot be more than 25%, as per the government cap. This would only be payable once your compensation settlement came through. If you had a valid claim but your lawyer wasn’t able to secure you any compensation, then this ‘success fee’ would not be payable. Some further benefits of claiming with a no win no fee solicitor could include:

  • No payment required to begin a claim.
  • Less financial risk to you.
  • Your lawyer would only take on cases they felt sure they could win.
  • And more…

To talk over these benefits in more detail or find out more about our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Canvey Island and the fees they charge, simply give us a call.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Service Or Accident Claim

Canvey Island Car And Traffic Accident Claims

One of the more common types of claims that our panel of solicitors could help with might include Canvey Island car accident claims. According to the government’s 2018 statistics, over 160,000 people were injured that year on roads in the UK, so if you’ve been involved in a road accident in Canvey Island, you would not be alone in having suffered injuries in a road accident. If someone else was at fault for the accident you’ve been injured in, our panel of experts covering Canvey Island could help you claim compensation for your injuries as well as costs associated with the accident you’ve had. You could claim if:

  • You were a motorcyclist injured in a Canvey Island crash because another driver ran a red light.
  • You were hit in a Canvey Island car crash when a driver dangerously overtook you.
  • You suffered whiplash when another car was driving too close to you and failed to brake in time to avoid rear-ending your vehicle.
  • You were knocked over on a pedestrian crossing by a driver under the influence.
  • And more…

If the road user failed to stay at the scene of the accident, and was untraceable, or was not insured to use the vehicle they were in, you may be under the misapprehension that you would not be able to claim, but a solicitor could still assist you by putting a claim into the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB).

No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Solicitors Covering Canvey Island In Essex

Have you been a victim of clinical malpractice? Has it harmed your prognosis, left you with a new illness or injury, or an injury that would not heal as it should have done if the negligence had not occurred? If so, then you might wish to work with one of our panel of medical negligence solicitors covering Essex to claim compensation.

You may be under the misapprehension that medical negligence claims could only be made for negligence within the NHS, however you can also make claims against private practices and hospitals too. This is because all healthcare professionals (whether private or NHS) have a duty to care for patients and if they fail to act responsibly, and you’re harmed as a result, you could make a claim for clinical negligence compensation. Claims could include:

  • Dental negligence – Wrong tooth extraction, failure to notice oral cancer, negligent advice, etc.
  • GP negligence – Misdiagnosis, prescription mistakes, etc.
  • Care home negligence – Incorrect medicine given, poor monitoring, poor bedsore management, etc.
  • Midwife negligence – Failure to notice signs of maternal conditions, etc.
  • Surgeon negligence – Operating on the wrong body part, failure to clear the surgical field, etc.
  • Hospital negligence – Blood test infections, hospital-acquired infections, etc.
  • And more…

Your solicitor would be required to prove that if the negligence had not happened, you would be in a better position, medically. If they could do this, then you could be eligible for a compensation settlement.

How Long Would I Have To Claim?

The personal injury claims time limit for medical negligence could differ depending on when the negligence was notices. In some cases, it might be spotted straight away which would usually mean you’d have three years from the date of the negligence to claim. If it was not spotted for some time, then you might find that you could claim within three years of the date it was discovered. There are some exceptions to these situations, however, so do check with our team what your time limit could be.

Claim For A Work Injury In The Course Of Your Employment

If you’ve obtained a work injury in the course of your employment, you may be wondering whether or not it could lead to you being able to make a personal injury claim. A claim of this nature could be made if your employer was to blame for an accident that caused your injuries. But this does not mean they did not have to directly caused the accident, by pushing or tripping you, for example. If an employer has not actively sought to protect your health and safety and you have been injured in an accident that could have been avoided, they could be held liable. Examples could include:

  • You were injured by becoming trapped in machinery because your employer had not fitted safety guards.
  • You were injured by lifting a heavy box because you had not received manual handling training.
  • You were injured by tripping on loose wiring that had not been secured.

These are just a few examples. If you are not sure whether your work accident could lead to a claim, then why not call our team.

It might be worth mentioning here that it is not just accidents that could lead to claims against the company you work for. If foreseeable risks of you developing a condition (such as mesothelioma, hand-arm vibration syndrome,  COPD, tendonitis, etc.) had not been reduced by your employer, and you went on to develop such a condition, you may also be able to make a work-related claim with a personal injury solicitor.

What About Stress At Work?

If you believe your employer is to blame for you suffering from stress at work, whether because of an excessive workload, bullying or harassment, a lack of training or because your employer has denied you your rights as an employee. For example, in terms of breaks, rest periods etc., you could also look into making a claim with a personal injury lawyer.

Holiday Accident, Injury, Illness Or Delayed Flight Claims

Have you been injured in a holiday accident? Or have you fallen ill because of poor food hygiene at your hotel? If so, you might be able to use the services of a solicitor to make a claim for compensation. Even if you were injured abroad, our panel of solicitors covering Canvey Island could still help with claims for holiday compensation. In some cases, even if you were injured in a hotel abroad, you could be claiming under UK law. If you booked your holiday as a package with a UK tour operator, claims could be made under the Package Travel Regulations of 2018. However, even if you are not claiming under UK law, a UK-based solicitor could still help you if they are educated in the counties law system.

You could make claims for:

  • Accidents that were not your fault at the airport.
  • Accidents that were not your fault on the aeroplane.
  • Accidents that were not your fault on transfer to or from the accommodation.
  • Accidents that were not your fault while at the accommodation.
  • Accidents that were not your fault in a restaurant.
  • Accidents that were not your fault in the swimming pool.
  • Accidents that were not your fault on pre-booked excursions.
  • Accidents that were not your fault at a waterpark.
  • And more…

No matter what the situation, we could offer free no-obligation advice. If we think you could have a claim, we could offer the services of one of our panel of solicitors covering Canvey Island claims to help you.

Victim Of A Violent Crime Compensation Claims

There were 1435 violent/sexual offences were recorded in Canvey between November 2018 and October 2019, according to the police’s statistics. If you suffered from an injury that resulted from a violent criminal act by someone else, then you may be entitled to claim compensation from Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (CICA). Victim of violent crime compensation could be sought by:

  • Injured victims of direct, targeted attacks (Assault, ABH, etc.).
  • Mentally scarred witnesses to violent crime.
  • Those injured while attempting to stop a crime.

If you wish to make a claim such as this with solicitors covering Canvey Island in Essex, then you might wish to act quickly. Criminal injury claims have a time limit of 2 years from the incident date in most cases. However, there are some exceptions to this limit.

Sexual Abuse Time Limits for Historical Cases

For example, if you were abused when you were younger and it was not reported at the time, this could have been because you may have been unable to mentally and emotionally process such a crime. However, this may not preclude you from making a claim for compensation. Our panel of expert solicitors covering Canvey Island could request an exception to be considered if you were to have suffered sexual abuse historically. Your claim could still result in compensation. You can contact our team to find out if an expert from our panel could help you.

Additional Personal Injury Or Accident Claims

Other types of personal injury or accident claims our panel of solicitors covering Canvey Island could help with could include:

  • Public place accident claims
  • Slip, fall and trip claims
  • Botched beauty treatment claims
  • Faulty product injury claims
  • And more…

If you have suffered injuries because of an accident that was someone else’s fault and liability could be proved by a solicitor, you could be eligible for compensation.

Mis Sold Pension No Win No Fee Claims

Were you mis sold a pension? If so, our panel of solicitors could help you claim compensation for this. There are strict stipulations on fair and transparent selling that have been put in place by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). If your financial advisor or institution fails to adhere to these stipulations, you could have been mis sold a product or service, and if you have been financially disadvantaged by this, you could make a claim for compensation.

Some indications that you might have become a victim of mis selling could include:

  • Being pressured into picking a particular product
  • Being unaware of charges and fees that apply to a product
  • Being unaware of the risks involved with a product
  • Being offered only one option
  • Being sold an unsuitable product
  • And more…

Call our team if we feel you might have a claim. We could provide you with an expert solicitor to help fight your financial mis selling claim for you.

Compensation For The Withholding Of A Tenant’s Deposit

Before your tenancy commences, your landlord is required to place your rental deposit in a protection scheme that has been approved by the Government. This could be one of several different Tenancy Deposit Schemes (or TDS) that are certified to protect the amount for the entirety of the tenancy agreement.

If your landlord does not do this, or they withhold a tenant’s deposit unfairly, you may be eligible to claim compensation for this. For example, your landlord cannot withhold or deduct certain amounts from the total amount without rational reason to do so. This could be for missed rental payments or damage to the property by the current tenants.

A solicitor could help put together a claim that could bring you anywhere between one and three times your initial rental deposit in compensation.

No Win No Fee Housing Disrepair Claims

If you have broken heating systems, broken windows and doors, broken sanitaryware, leaking pipes, damp or mould within your home, you could class these as examples of disrepair. If you have contacted your landlord about the disrepair and they have failed to act to repair any damage within the property, and you suffer financially or physically due to this, then you could consider making housing disrepair claims for compensation.

A solicitor could assist with:

  • Claims where you have been injured by disrepair (e.g. on broken windows, unsafe flooring etc.)
  • Claims where you have been made ill by disrepair (e.g. from damp, mould, carbon monoxide etc.)
  • Claims where your personal items have been destroyed or damaged by disrepair (water leakage etc.)
  • Claims where you have had to pay high utility bills because of disrepair (faulty heating systems, water leaks etc.)

One phone call to our team could help ascertain whether you would be in a position to claim. Why not get in touch?

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Canvey Island Area Resources

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Our Panel Of Doctors Covering Canvey Island

You would be required to visit an independent doctor for an examination if you were to pursue a personal injury claim. You might worry that there would be no one nearby that could perform this service, but below, we list some examples of doctors within the locality:

Christopher Parry918 London Road, Leigh on Sea, SS9 3NG
Kaleem SiddiquiSkylark Hotel, Aviation Way, Southend on Sea, SS2 6UN

Basildon University Hospital

Basildon Hospital provides A&E services, maternity services, and a range of acute and general medical services.

Basildon University Hospital




SS16 5NL

Basildon And Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

This trust offers acute and general medical services at Basildon hospital, Orsett hospital and St Andrew’s Centre, and services over 400,000 people across the local area.

Basildon And Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust



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Castlepoint Council

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