Coatbridge No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Coatbridge

No Win No Fee Solicitors Coatbridge

If you’re looking for a no win no fee solicitor because you’ve recently been hurt in an accident in Coatbridge that wasn’t your fault, or you’ve been subject to financial wrong doing by your landlord or your bank, then we are here to help. No Win No Fee Expert works with a panel of no win no fee solicitors who can cover accident claims for Coatbridge residents. By working with a solicitor you can claim compensation for the physical, mental and financial harm that has been done to you by third party negligence.

In this article, you can see some of the different circumstances that our panel of solicitors could help you win compensation for. If you have any further questions our advisors are here to discuss your claim and provide you with advice on NUMBER.

What Are The Main Benefits Of A No Win No Fee Claim?

You may be wondering “what are the main benefits of a no win no fee claim?” Primarily it is the fact that you will not have to make payments for your legal fees upfront, nor will you be expected to pay them if your claim is valid but unsuccessful. This is achieved by you and your solicitor signing a contract before beginning your claim stating that they are entitled to a “success fee”, a portion of your compensation sum which they will receive as payment for handling your case if the claim is successful. The success fee is capped at 25%, so don’t worry about losing a large amount of compensation in fees. The contract will also stipulate that you are not liable for expenses if compensation is denied for a valid claim. If you have any more questions about no win no fee claims, please give us a phone call.

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  4. No Win No Fee Holiday And Accident Abroad Compensation
  5. Compensation For Criminal Injury Victims
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  8. Disputed Tenancy Deposit Compensation Claims
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No Win No Fee Claims For Traffic Accidents In Coatbridge

There were 160,597 casualties in reported road accidents across the UK in 2018. If you have been the victim of a car accident in Coatbridge within the last three years, call our advisors, if the accident was not your fault there may be another party liable for your compensation. That party may be the authority responsible for maintaining the roads. They might be responsible for the accident if it was caused by the condition of the roads, such as ice, pot holes or deteriorated and uneven tarmac.

If you collided with another vehicle, that driver could have been responsible through their reckless or negligent driving. Perhaps they were driving on tyres that were worn out and needed replacing, or pulled out of an exit or changed lanes without indicating. Crashes can also be caused by drink driving or tiredness. Drivers who are liable for accidents will have the compensation paid out of their insurance. If the driver had no insurance or could not be found, the Motor Insurance Bureau will take up the case. Don’t be dissuaded from calling to inquire about a compensation claim by the thought of your injuries being too minor, even something as relatively minor as whiplash can be grounds for a compensation claim.

No Win No Fee Medical Malpractice And Gross Negligence Claims

There are standards that all practitioners of medicine; whether they are GP’s, surgeons or care home nurses, are held to. It is never acceptable for any medical worker with a duty of care to allow their patients to come to harm by failing to meet these standards. If they do it can cause a number of health problems such as injuries, infections, and death as well as the worsening of the patient’s pre-existing illness.  When this does take place either the NHS trust or the private healthcare firm could be liable for compensation.

There are many ways in which medical malpractice or gross negligence could take place. Failure to diagnose a patient’s illness in time could cause the patient avoidable harm and suffering, in some cases it could allow their illness to progress to be terminal before it can be treated. People living in residential nursing homes can be subject to abuse and neglect.

Surgery can carry risks of medical malpractice and gross negligence. A moment of carelessness could cause a surgeon to damage an organ or nerves and blood vessels. In extreme circumstances, items like forceps and swabs might be left in the patient’s body when surgery is complete and the incision is sewn up. If you were to suffer from complications from your surgery which doctors were aware of but did not warn you about, this would also possibly give your grounds to claim compensation.

Claiming For And Reporting A Work Injury In Coatbridge

If you have suffered an injury at work, gather evidence, take photos of the scene of the incident, ask colleagues who witnessed your accident for their details, keep hold of any correspondence between you and your superiors relating to any prior complaints you might have made about health and safety. You may be able to make a case for how your employer was responsible for your accident through their negligence and is therefore liable.

Your employer could be liable if an accident relating to a health and safety issue that had been raised before took place because they failed to act upon the complaint. They might liable for an accident that occurred due to insufficient training, such as insufficient training in the use of a forklift. They may be liable for injuries or long term health problems that emerged because they did not provide adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as eye protection to protect your eyes from debris, dust, fumes, and flashes.

Your mental health is also a concern in the workplace for which your employer could be held liable. If you have suffered from stress or anxiety due to the problems with your workload or bullying by colleagues which your employers have failed to address it could entitle you to make a claim for compensation.

No Win No Fee Holiday And Accident Abroad Compensation

British solicitors maybe able to handle claims for accidents and injuries while you were on holiday abroad if they are educated within the legal system of the country where your incident happened. Compensation claims for incidents that happened abroad can be made under either UK legislation or the law of the nation where the issue took place. British law applies when the negligent party was booked by a UK based travel agent as a part of a package holiday, i.e. if you tripped and fell in your accommodation because of poor maintenance in a hotel your travel agent arranged for you to stay in. Foreign law would apply in cases where you booked and traveled to your hotel or excursions independently.

If your travel arrangements have been impacted by delays then in certain circumstances our panel of solicitors could help you win compensation. If the negligence of an airline company has caused a delay to your flight of three hours or more, for example, if they had overbooked your flight or the plane suffered a mechanical fault, then they could be liable for compensation. They could also do the same in the case of cruise ship journeys, as well as ways in which your journey could have been affected once you were underway such as an outbreak of an illness aboard ship or a collision caused by negligence. This Citizens Advice Bureau page has more detailed information on delayed flight claims.

Compensation For Criminal Injury Victims

You may be able to claim compensation if you have been the victim of a criminal injury in Coatbridge within the last two years.  Compensation for criminal injuries is paid by the government and claims are administrated by the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority. So long as you have reported the incident to the police and have co-operated with their investigation and there is proof that the crime did take place then you can receive compensation even if the case did not end up going to court and no one was convicted of it.

You may be worrying “do victims of crime get compensation if the offence took place more than two years ago?” The answer in most cases is no, unfortunately, with the exception of sexual assault and abuse cases. In such cases, the severity and nature of the crime and the well-recognised difficulty many victims have coming forward means that time limit rules are more relaxed compared to other forms of criminal injury claims. Criminal injury compensation can be awarded for the pain and suffering and lasting mental trauma that being the victim of a rape or of childhood sexual abuse can cause. Like other criminal injury claims you can be eligible even if the case has not been brought to court and you can still be awarded compensation even if the person responsible has since died.

More Coatbridge Accident Or Injury Claims

Any accident in which you have suffered an injury that another person or business was responsible for through their negligence. This means that almost any public place or activity could make someone liable in the event of a potential accident.

For example if you suffered an injury playing sports, such as horse riding for example, you could be eligible to claim compensation if it can be found that the accident was caused by negligently maintained equipment. In this example the accident may have been caused by reins or a saddle that was badly fitted or not repaired properly. Or by a horse that was inadequately trained by its stable owner or unsuitable for the level of skill and experience of its rider.

A third party could be liable for a compensation claim if you have been hurt by falling over by tripping or slipping. If you are in a public space then you are most likely either on land or property that is privately owned or operated by a public organisation. In that case, you would be on the property where it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that areas open to the public are free of tripping and slipping hazards. This means that a shop, for instance, must ensure that spillages and wet floors are cleaned up as soon as possible so that people don’t slip over and injure themselves. Businesses and publicly operated services must ensure that their premises are well lit so as to ensure people don’t trip and hurt themselves on hazards that they missed in poor visibility.

Those responsible for outdoor paving, either the local government or a business owner if it is on their land, must ensure it is maintained to a reasonable standard. If someone trips and is injured on paving that has been allowed to fall into disrepair then the responsible party could be liable. In icy weather, businesses must ensure that the state of the pavements in their property does not put visitors at risk of slipping and falling. Local councils must do the same on certain roads. Read more about slipping and tripping claims here.

Mis Sold Financial Product Claims

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates the conduct of banks and other businesses that sell financial products such as pension schemes. When selling these kinds of products businesses are required to offer the product which is in the best interest of the customer regardless of the profit motives of the business and to enable to customer to make a decision with all of the information they need about what they are buying.

A business selling a financial product must not attempt to pressure you into buying a certain product simply because it would make them more money. They must not withhold information about other products that would be better suited to your situation. They must assess your medical history and current health condition and factor this information into the financial product they offer you. They must warn you if you are buying a product that involves putting your money into potentially risky investments such as carbon credits or agribusinesses.

If you have lost money from being mis-sold a financial product then the business who sold it to you could be liable if you claim compensation. In addition, they could face legal charges being brought against them by the FCA for violating regulations. You should get in touch with our advisors if you have any suspicions about the way your pension or other financial products you have recently purchased were sold to you.

Disputed Tenancy Deposit Compensation Claims

Your landlord may have given you cause to claim compensation if they have not returned or properly protected your tenancy deposit. If your tenancy is coming to an end, either because you wish to move out or because your landlord wishes to evict you, your landlord needs to return your tenancy deposit. Provided you have not left the property in a state of disrepair or have not missed rent payments you are entitled to have the full value of your deposit returned. Failure to return your deposit could entitle you to claim compensation.

As a means of making sure your deposit is not lost during the course of your tenancy, all landlords must have their tenants’ deposits secured in tenancy deposit schemes within thirty days of receiving the deposit, and provide the tenant with written notice when this has been done. If thirty days have passed since you paid your deposit in and you haven’t received this notice, you should contact our team for advice. In preparation for making a compensation claim against your landlord, you should gather evidence, keep hold of your tenancy receipt, your tenancy agreement and any relevant correspondence between you and your landlord. You will need to give them written notice that you intend to take legal action. This website is a useful resource for more information. 

Claims For Disrepair In Rented Accommodation

Maintaining and carrying out repairs to council housing or rented accommodation is the responsibility of the council or the landlord, not the tenant living in them. By failing to carry out repairs and maintenance your landlord or council could be putting you in harm’s way, and therefore they could be liable for a compensation claim if you were to suffer an injury or an illness. There are numerous ways that living in a flat or a house in disrepair could harm your health. A property with badly fitted or ragged carpets or broken, rotten or missing floorboards could cause you to trip and fall. A house with a severe damp or mould problem caused by water ingress or poor ventilation could leave you with skin conditions like rashes or eczema, cause coughs or colds or more serious respiratory problems like asthma.

Frail or elderly people, in particular, could be put at risk during cold winter months by a lack of working central heating or boilers, or by cold air being let in by damaged windows or doors. Accidents or injuries caused by disrepair of communal areas of a set of flats, such as damaged staircases, can also make the council or a landlord liable for compensation. For more information on how to correctly report your housing disrepair, see this document and call our advisors.

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Making a personal injury claim will require a doctor’s report from a medical examination as proof, below are a list of doctors from a panel we work with who can provide said examinations local to North Lanarkshire.

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