Darlington No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Darlington

No Win No Fee Solicitors Darlington

Whether you have suffered an injury because of someone else causing an accident, or you’ve suffered from negligence in a medical settling, or have been mis sold a financial product, you could have cause to seek compensation. However, you might not wish to risk your own funds up front to make such claims. No win no fee solicitors covering Darlington could assist in such cases, and if you’re looking for a no win no fee solicitor, No Win No Fee Expert could provide one from our panel of no win no fee solicitors. Below, we will take you through an explanation of how this type of claim works, and what you could need to know about using such a solicitor to make a no win no fee claim. If you were to need more information after reading the guide below, or you’d like to benefit from using our services, then call 0800 073 8802, and we would be delighted to help.

Could I Make A No Win No Fee Claim?

Whether you are looking into making a personal injury claim, or a financial mis selling claim, you may wish to know if you could make a claim without having to pay out initially to retain a solicitor’s services. In many cases, you could. No win no fee solicitors covering Darlington could help in a wide variety of cases, which we’ll explore in the sections below, but first, let us look into what a no win no fee claim is.

When you make a claim for compensation, if you choose a no win no fee solicitor, you’ll be presented with a document, which is often referred to as a CFA. This document is an agreement that is signed by both you and your solicitor and it sets out the conditions under which payment for the solicitor’s services is made. You do not have to put money upfront to fund your claim. Instead, the CFA will detail a percentage amount of your eventual settlement that will go to the lawyer on successful completion of your payout. The percentage is subject to a government cap of 25% of your compensation, which you may be surprised about – this would mean that the majority of your compensation would be for your benefit, with the solicitor only taking up to a quarter (in some cases, even less!).

Your solicitor should answer any questions you might have about the conditions contained within the agreement. They may also advise you to insure yourself against the unlikely eventuality of a non-successful claim. If you’d like any advice or guidance on no win no fee agreements, we would be happy to talk any queries over with you.

Now you have more information about how claims of this type work, let us look at what types of claims could be handled by no win no fee solicitors covering Darlington.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Service Or Accident Claim

No Win No Fee Claims For Road Traffic Accidents In Darlington

Government figures for 2017 show that over 170,000 people were injured on UK roads. Although this figure is lower than previous years, it clearly demonstrates that injuries do happen across the UK, and if you’ve been injured on the road then you are not alone. If you’ve suffered whiplash in a road traffic accident in Darlington, or you’ve lost a loved one in a fatal road accident in Darlington, if it was another road user’s fault, then you could make a claim for compensation with no win no fee solicitors covering Darlington for any financial costs associated with your accident, as well as the pain of your injuries and the suffering you’ve faced. If you’re claiming for a lost loved one, their funeral costs could also be covered, as well as compensation for the financial loss you might have suffered as a dependent of your loved one.

No win no fee solicitors handling Darlington claims could assist with:

  • Motorcyclist accidents
  • Driver accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Cyclist accidents
  • Taxi accidents
  • Lorry accidents
  • Claims for accidents caused by uninsured drivers
  • Claims for accidents caused by untraceable drivers
  • And more…

In an accident was caused by someone else on the road, and you were injured, a no win no fee solicitor could help you make a personal injury claim.

No Win No Fee Darlington Clinical Negligence Cases

Have you suffered a clinical negligence breach of duty of care? Did medical negligence cause you to suffer mental or physical harm? If so, and a no win no fee solicitor could prove this was the case, you could be entitled to compensation. Personal injury claims relating to medical negligence could be tricky to prove, however, as your personal injury lawyer would need to evidence that but for the negligence, your medical condition would not have deteriorated, or an injury would not have occurred.

In some cases, this might be less complex to prove. For example, if a surgeon left instruments inside you, which required you to have to undergo an operation to remove them, this could be a fairly clear-cut case. However, if you had cancer, and a late diagnosis meant you needed more invasive treatment or your prognosis was poorer, this could be more tricky to prove. This is why having an experienced personal injury solicitor with prior knowledge of cases such as yours could prove to be invaluable. They would be able to draw on their knowledge and experience to apply the most appropriate argument for your claim.

Surgical negligence and cancer late diagnosis are not the only types of medical negligence you could claim for. No win no fee solicitors covering Darlington could help you with:

  • Birth injury negligence
  • Midwife negligence
  • Blood test negligence
  • Hospital infection claims
  • Dental negligence
  • Care home negligence
  • And more….

In essence, if you have suffered harm due to medical negligence, we could provide you a solicitor from our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Darlington to help you.

No Win No Fee Workplace Injury Compensation Claims

Whether you suffered an injury in a one-off accident or you have developed a workplace illness or work-related condition, no win no fee solicitors handling Darlington claims could take some of the stress of claiming from your shoulders by putting their experience and knowledge into arguing your case for compensation.

Your employer, no matter what industry you work in, owes you a duty of care. They are required by law to ensure your health and safety is considered, and risks of harm are reduced while you are at work. If they fail to do so, and you suffer harm, then they could be held liable for the harm that you’ve suffered and no win no fee employment solicitors handling Darlington claims could assist you.

This could take one of two forms. On the one hand, we have accidents that happen such as slips and falls, burns, crush injuries and the like. These could occur because your employer has not provided correct training, or has now provided protective equipment, or if they have failed to maintain machinery or keep the workplace safe in other ways. The time limit for claiming in these circumstances is usually 3 years from the accident date, but exceptions could exist.

On the other hand, we have conditions that could come on over a period of time. The personal injury claims time limit with this sort of case would likely be 3 years from your diagnosis date but again, some exceptions could exist. Conditions such as hand-arm vibration, white finger vibration, tendonitis, RSI and COPD could be claimed for if it could be proven that you suffered the condition because of your work, and it could have been avoided had your employer not been negligent in their health and safety responsibilities.

No Win No Fee Claims For Accidents On Holiday Abroad, In The UK Or For Delayed Flights

Were you injured in an accident on holiday abroad? If you’re thinking no win no fee solicitors covering Darlington couldn’t help you with these, you could be mistaken. However, you do not have to search for solicitors in Darlington, Co Durham, as we could provide you with a no win no fee solicitor that covers claims in Darlington.

There are a number of different types of legislation that could cover you when you are injured on holiday, including the Package Travel Regulations or the Montreal Convention. For some claims you could be covered by UK law, while with others it might be under international law. However, this might not mean you would need a foreign solicitor to claim. No win no fee solicitors handling Darlington claims could assist with:

  • Foreign hotel claims
  • UK hotel claims
  • UK airport claims
  • Foreign airport claims
  • Transfer claims
  • Flight claims
  • And more…

You could claim for sickness on holiday because of food poisoning, burns from hot drinks on the plane, slips in the hotel because of wet flooring, falls from unsteady steps disembarking an aircraft and more. If you’ve had an injury abroad and it was someone else’s fault, why not call the No Win No Fee Expert team to see if you could claim compensation with a no win no fee solicitor. They could even help with flight delay claims too.

No Win No Fee Violent Crime Injury Claims

Statistics provided by police.uk reveal that in Darlington Town Centre, between the months of September 2018 and August 2019, there were 997 reports of sexual or violent offences. But did you know that if you were injured because of violent behaviour, you could make a claim for compensation from CICA. Making a violent crime injury claim with the assistance of no win no fee solicitors covering Darlington could be possible if you were:

  • A victim of a violent assault
  • A victim of a sexual assault
  • A person injured trying to stop a crime
  • A witness who was traumatised by witnessing a violent crime

The usual time limit for CICA claims is 2 years from the incident date, but there are exceptions.

Exceptions for sexual abuse

You might be under the misapprehension that you wouldn’t be able to make a claim outside of the usual 2 year time limit if you suffered abuse from years before. However, no win no fee solicitors covering Darlington claims could make the argument on your behalf that you were unable to adequately process the abuse in order to report it or talk about it. This could lead to you being able to make claims for historical sexual abuse, even if it happened many years ago.

Further Accident Claims Handled By Our Panel Of Solicitors

Other claims that no win no fee solicitors covering Darlington could assist with might include:

  • Public place injury claims
  • Slip and fall claims
  • Faulty product injury claims
  • And more

In essence, if you feel an injury is someone else’s fault and they could be liable, then you could contact our advice helpline, where we could assess the situation and let you know whether we feel a no win no fee solicitor could help you.

Investment Or Pension Mis Selling Compensation Claims

Do you think you’ve been the victim of a mis sold pension, mis sold investment or another financial product was mis sold to you?

The FCA stipulates that financial products should be sold in a clear and fair way, and if a financial institution or a financial advisor has mis sold you a financial product, and it has cost you financially, you could claim compensation with the assistance of no win no fee solicitors covering Darlington.

Some ways in which a financial product could have been mis sold to you could include:

  • Not being told of high risks
  • Not being informed of fees/charges
  • Not being sold a suitable product
  • Not being offered an alternative
  • And more…

If you would like support and guidance on what to do if you’ve been mis sold a financial product, we could help. Simply call our advice line and we will talk over your options with you.

Disputed Tenancy Deposit Compensation Claims

Your landlord should have deposited your tenancy deposit payment into an approved government scheme. If they didn’t, or they didn’t inform you of where it was, or they were refusing to return it despite conditions being met, then you might not find getting back as simple as filling in a tenancy deposit scheme claim form.

Using a no win no fee solicitor to help you claim compensation could lead to you being able to claim 1 to 3 times the amount you initially paid.

Damage, Injury Or Illness Caused By Disrepair In Rented Housing

Have you suffered illness because of damp in your rental property? Did you hurt yourself on a broken window that your landlord refused to repair? Have your belongings been destroyed or you’ve suffered hefty energy bills due to water leakage or broken heating? If so, you might meet the criteria for a housing disrepair claim.

Put simply, a housing disrepair definition is damage to your home that needs to be repaired. If you have informed your landlord of something that needs repairing, and they haven’t done so, and you suffer financially or physically, then no win no fee solicitors handling Darlington claims could assist with claiming compensation.

Begin Your Claim

Ready to get started with a claim? All you need to do to be provided with one of our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Darlington is…

●      Get in touch with us

Our helpline can be reached on 0800 073 8802, or if you prefer you could use our live chat or contact form on the site.

●      Discuss your situation

Talking about your situation with our experts could be useful, as we would be able to let you know whether you’d have a claim, and could provide guidance and support on what to do if you could claim compensation.

●      Manage your claim and stay up-to-date

If we have helped you by providing a no win no fee solicitor to help you, then we would also keep in touch with you, letting you know any developments that happen within the claims process. Of course, you’re also free to call us at any time – we’re always happy to advise you.

Helpful Services Covering Darlington

Below, there are Darlington resources you might find of use.

Our Panel Of Doctors Covering Darlington

If you’re launching a personal injury claim, you would need to attend a medical appointment so that medical evidence could be reported by an independent medic. This could form an important part of your claim. There are independent medics working in the Darlington area. These could include:

Name of DoctorDoctor’s Location
Ka Rizwan ShafiqDarlington Regus Office, 20 Woodland Road, Darlington, DL3 7PL
Ian Watson20 Woodland Road, Darlington, DL3 7PL

Darlington Memorial Hospital

The Darlington Memorial Hospital has an emergency department, as well as offering coronary care services, orthopaedics and more.

Darlington Memorial Hospital

Hollyhurst Road


County Durham



County Durham And Darlington NHS Foundation Trust

The County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust retains over 7000 staff members and serves approximately 650,00 throughout the area.

County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust

Darlington Memorial Hospital
Hollyhurst Road
County Durham

Darlington Borough Council

Darlington Borough Council

Town Hall
County Durham


Durham Constabulary

Durham Constabulary
Police Headquarters
Aykley Heads


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