Derbyshire No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Derbyshire

No Win No Fee Solicitors Derbyshire

The guide has been written to assist people who are looking for no win no fee solicitors covering Derbyshire. You may have suffered an accident at work, been let down by a doctor, or suffered a car accident that wasn’t your fault. Maybe you have lost money on your tenancy deposit or on your pension. Perhaps you are just trying to find out what to do next, or maybe you have already decided that you want to seek compensation. This article aims to outline what circumstances would constitute as grounds for a claim and how a no win no fee solicitor can help you win compensation. It also contains useful links to other websites with information about issues relating to compensation claims.

We can put you in touch with our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Derbyshire who can cover personal injury claims, criminal injury claims, and claims for financial mis selling. Read on to find out more. Alternatively, you can call us for free anytime on 0800 073 8802 to discuss whether or not your situation warrants a compensation claim, or you could fill out an enquiry form.

Benefits Of No Win No Fee Claims

It could be beneficial to have a solicitor who will process your claim on a no win no fee basis. Primarily because it means you won’t have to be out of pocket due to legal fees regardless of the outcome of your case. When you start a no win no fee claim you and your solicitor will sign a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). The CFA will stipulate that if your claim is successful then a percentage of up to 25% of the compensation you are awarded will go to your solicitor as a “success fee” to cover their legal fees. If your claim is unsuccessful your solicitor will not ask you to pay their fees. You can find out more details about no win no fee agreements here.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Service Or Accident Claim

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  2. No Win No Fee Claims For Negligent Medical Treatment In Derbyshire
  3. No Win No Fee Derbyshire Accident At Work Claims Advice
  4. No Win No Fee Holiday Accident And Injury Claims
  5. Violent Crime And Aggravated Assault Compensation Claims
  6. Derbyshire Accidents And Injury Claims You Could Make
  7. What Is A Mis Sold Pension Or Financial Service?
  8. Tenancy Deposit Protection Compensation Claims
  9. Derbyshire Rental Housing Disrepair Claims
  10. How Do I Claim Compensation?
  11. Derbyshire Area Resources

Car Accident Compensation Claims With No Win No Fee Solicitors

You can hire the services of a solicitor to try and claim compensation if you’ve been in a road traffic accident (RTA) in Derbyshire such as a cycling accident or a motorbike accident and it wasn’t your fault. If possible, assuming you are no longer in immediate danger, you should take certain steps at the scene of the accident to gather evidence for a claim.

  • Try to get the contact details or at least the license plate number of the driver who caused the crash.
  • Get hold of any dashcam footage which may exist of the incident.
  • Get the contact details of anyone who witnessed the incident.
  • Take photos of the scene of the crash and of the vehicles involved.
  • If the crash was caused by the condition of the road, take photos of the road.
  • Be seen by a doctor as soon as possible, not just to be treated, but to have a medical record of your injuries.


No Win No Fee Claims For Negligent Medical Treatment In Derbyshire

Whether in the NHS or the private sector, medical professionals are bound by a code of good medical practice. Violating this code of practice can result in negligent medical treatment being given to their patients. All medical professionals are bound to uphold these standards. They and the organisations they work for can be liable for any avoidable harm they cause to their patients. Medical professionals include:

  • GP’s
  • Nurses
  • Dentists
  • Residential care home staff
  • Cosmetic and medical surgeons
  • Specialist doctors

Harm caused by negligent medical treatment can include:

  • Infections
  • Botched surgery
  • Neglect of elderly and disabled people
  • Exacerbation of existing illnesses
  • Side effects of wrongly prescribed medications

Our panel of solicitors can help you win compensation if you have been affected by avoidable harm inflicted on you as a result of negligent medical treatment.

No Win No Fee Derbyshire Accident At Work Claims Advice

An unsafe workplace, or unsafe working practices carried out by your employer, could put you in danger of an accident, of being assaulted, of industrial diseases and of mental health problems. It may not be possible for each and every workplace to be completely free from hazards and accidents, but nevertheless it is compulsory for all employers to do as much as they can to reduce the danger of accidents or industrial illnesses. Some steps which your employer ought to take to reduce the risk of accidents or industrial diseases could include;

  • Carrying out regular risk assessments and inspections of all machinery and equipment.
  • Providing correct training and safety equipment.
  • Ensuring that slip and trip hazards are removed from the workplace.
  • Taking action on all reports of employees experiencing issues in work such as bullying.

If you have come to harm because your employer failed to meet their obligations of making the workplace a safe place to work in you could receive compensation from them by making a claim with a solicitor. You should be aware that your rights as an employee are not affected by making a claim for compensation.

No Win No Fee Holiday Accident And Injury Claims

It is possible to seek compensation from businesses and service providers outside the UK if you have suffered an accident while on holiday. If you booked the holiday directly, your solicitor could seek compensation from the business itself, though this would mean claiming under the laws of another country. If you booked your trip through a travel agent then according to the law they are liable for the negligence of any business whose services they booked as they are responsible for the outcome of services they arranged.

Airlines and cruise lines are all liable for harm or delays they cause for their passengers under the Montreal Convention and the Athens Convention. Meaning that if you have hurt yourself, fallen ill, lost belongings or had them damaged or there was a significant delay to your flight due to their negligence you could claim compensation.

Violent Crime And Aggravated Assault Compensation Claims

The government runs the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (CICA) to handle claims for criminal injury compensation. This means that you can claim for aggravated assault compensation if you have suffered injuries as a result of a violent crime within the past two years. Report the incident to the police if you have not done so already and if there is satisfactory proof of the crime (I.e. CCTV footage of the incident or photographs of your injuries) then CICA may award you compensation.

Sexual Offences

Being the victim of a rape or childhood sexual abuse can be particularly traumatising, often even more so than an ordinary violent crime. It is not always reasonable to expect all victims to be able to come forward within the two year time limit. Especially victims who were children at the time the abuse took place. For this reason, exceptions can sometimes be made to the two year time limit for victims of rape or sexual abuse.

Derbyshire Accidents And Injury Claims You Could Make

Asbestos claims: If you have been diagnosed with asbestosis or other diseases associated with exposure to asbestos you should seek legal advice about making a claim. If you were exposed to asbestos because your workplace or your house was contaminated with it or because you were working with asbestos without being given proper protection you could be awarded compensation.

Sports injury claims: Sometimes injuries happen in sport due to the nature of the game, but preventable injuries can be grounds for compensation if fault can be proven. If you were hurt because of an illegal tackle, poor coaching or faulty equipment that someone else was responsible for, you could be able to win compensation.

Food poisoning or allergic reaction claims: Businesses preparing or serving food are required to ensure that it is safe for consumption. They must follow hygiene guidelines about the preparation of food to prevent customers falling ill. They must also follow guidelines about preventing cross-contamination of ingredients with allergens wherever possible and ensure that all meals containing allergens are marked as such. If you have had a reaction or suffered food poisoning because these standards were not met you could be eligible for compensation.

What Is A Mis Sold Pension Or Financial Service?

You might be wondering “what is a mis sold pension?”  A mis-sold pension is one that a company has sold to you without following financial regulations about the sale of financial products. These financial regulations are designed to protect consumers from losing money on financial products that are not appropriate for their needs. Here are some ways in which you could end up losing money due to mis-sold financial services

  • By buying a pension plan which takes your workplace pension and putting it into a Self-Invested Pension Plan (SIPP) which perform’s worse than the original workplace pension plan.
  • By having your pension invested in a risky market such as carbon credits or bio-fuels that caused it to lose money.
  • By being sold a financial product without being asked questions to do with your health situation or whether or not you smoke and drink.
  • By not being offered all the potential options to choose from, or the ones best suited to your needs

If you are concerned about whether or not a pension or other financial service you have bought resulted in you losing out financially, call us to discuss your circumstances.

Tenancy Deposit Protection Compensation Claims

In order to make sure that your deposit is safe and can be returned when the tenancy ends it is compulsory for your landlord to put it into a registered Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS).  By failing to do this they are potentially putting you at risk of losing your deposit. Therefore it is possible to make a compensation claim against your landlord if they have failed to do any of the following

  • Place your deposit in one of the registered Tenancy Deposit Schemes within thirty days of taking your deposit
  • Provide you with written notice that they have done so, and supplied details of the TDS they used
  • Kept the money in the TDS for the duration of your tenancy

You could also make a claim against your landlord if they are trying to evict you without returning your full deposit. Although you should be aware that landlords do have the right to deduct the costs of damage you have caused to the property from the deposit. To better know your rights in a tenant deposit protection dispute with your landlord, have a read of this page.

Derbyshire Rental Housing Disrepair Claims

As the owner of the property you are renting your landlord is the one responsible for ensuring that the property is safe to live in. Their exact responsibilities may vary depending on what is in your tenancy agreement, but at a minimum, they are responsible for the state of the

  • Roof
  • Windows
  • Exterior doors
  • Brickwork
  • Plumbing
  • Heating
  • Electrics
  • Basins, toilets, baths, and showers

If they neglect these responsibilities then the subsequent condition of the property could endanger your health. By putting your health at risk by failing to maintain the property your landlord could be making themselves liable for a compensation claim. Here’s a brief list of examples of how the poor state of a property could endanger those living in it:

  • Gas leaks from a faulty heating system.
  • Severe dampness and mold growth.
  • Pest infestations like rats, bedbugs and cockroaches
  • Lack of hot water, or overheated water due to a faulty boiler
  • Severe cold caused by faulty heating systems or damage to exterior brickwork or windows.

Before starting a claim you need to know that landlords aren’t necessarily liable for disrepair that they were not aware of, so you would have to have made them aware of the issue before being harmed by it in order to be eligible to claim. They are also not responsible for damage or disrepair that you have caused yourself, so for example if there is damp in the property because you have kept windows closed and not made use of a ventilator fan you would be unlikely to be able to claim.

If you would like to read more about the process of making a housing disrepair claim you can read through this guide here.

How Do I Claim Compensation?

Get In Touch

Call us whenever you want on 0800 073 8802, our line is staffed 24/7 by advisors who can help you start a claim or just give you expert advice. If it is more convenient for you to receive a phone call you can pre-arrange one with this form.

Discuss Your Claim

Our advisors will talk to you about the situation which makes you want to claim compensation. They will advise you as to whether or not you are entitled to make a claim. If you are able and you feel ready they can refer you to a solicitor from our panel who will take up your compensation claim.

Keep in Touch And Stay Up To Date

There will be much to discuss when preparing to make a claim between you and your solicitor. Making a compensation claim can last for a number of months. During that time you will wish to kept in the loop as to how the claim is progressing. Rather than travelling back and forth to your solicitors’ office you can contact them over the phone and via email.

Derbyshire Area Resources

Our Panel Of Doctors Covering Derbyshire

To calculate exactly how much compensation you will be entitled to you and your solicitor will need a report on your injuries by a doctor based on a medical examination. Some of the doctors who can perform these exams in Derbyshire are listed below

Ayaz AbbasiThe square,
SK17 6BD
David Adamah156 Station road,

Chesterfield & North Derbyshire Royal Hospital

Chesterfield & North Derbyshire Royal Hospital is a district general hospital for Derby and the surrounding area. It provides a range of services including A= E and maternity wards.

Top Road



S44 5BL

Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Responsible for Chesterfield Royal Hospital and Buxton Hospital as well as numerous other services and clinics across Derbyshire

Chesterfield Rd,



S44 5BL

Derbyshire County Council

County Hall



Derbyshire Constabulary

Park Rd,



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