Eccles No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Eccles

No Win No Fee Solicitors Eccles

You could be awarded compensation if you have been the victim of a preventable illness or injury in an accident in Eccles due to the unlawful, careless or negligent actions of someone else. You could also get compensation for having lost money from being mis soldv by a financial advisor or a bank.


In order to assist you in making a claim, we can connect you to our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Eccles to give you a much better chance of receiving compensation.

In the guide you are about to read we will explain some of the different situations you could find yourself in which could entitle you to make a compensation claim. A no win no fee solicitor from our panel can help you make a claim in all of the different type of situations which are listed here along with many others.  In addition, our team, who you can reach at 0800 073 8802, can give you free legal advice on issues relating to compensation claims as well as assessing your circumstances. If you read this article and find yourself needing more information they will be happy to answer your questions.

What Is A Conditional Fee Agreement Claim?

A Conditional Fee Agreement claim (CFA) is one in which the payment of your solicitor’s fees is conditional on winning the case. If you and your solicitor do not succeed in getting compensation from the negligent party your solicitor is not entitled to the payment of their fees. This is why CFA’s are also sometimes called no win no fee agreements. Your solicitor is only entitled to payment if your claim is successful. Their payment will be arranged before the claim begins, you will sign an agreement with them that a part of your compensation fee will go to them if compensation is awarded. The amount which they are entitled to may vary, but there is a cap of 25%.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Service Or Accident Claim

  1. Eccles Road Traffic Accident Compensation Claims
  2. Claiming Compensation In Medical Negligence Cases
  3. Claiming Compensation For A Work Injury
  4. No Win No Fee Holiday Compensation Claim Advice
  5. Compensation For A Criminal Injury Suffered In Eccles
  6. What Else May I Claim Compensation For?
  7. Compensation Claims For Mis Sold Pensions
  8. Tenant Deposit Protection Compensation
  9. No Win No Fee Claims For Housing Disrepair Against Landlords In Eccles
  10. How Do I Make A No Win No Fee Claim?
  11. Helpful Resources For People In Eccles

Eccles Road Traffic Accident Compensation Claims

Road traffic accidents are a common source for compensation claims. Department for Transport figures show that there were 160,597 reported casualties in road accidents in the UK in 2018. If you can show proof that the accident wasn’t your fault and was caused by another road user then you could be awarded compensation for the damage to your vehicle, your injuries, which could include whiplash, broken bones and PTSD. The other driver could be liable for your compensation if they were committing a driving offense, driving dangerously or failing to pay attention to the road.

If you have been in a Road Traffic Accident (RTA). You can improve your chances of making a successful claim by taking photos of evidence, getting the contact details and registration number of the driver who hit you and asking people who witnessed the incident if they would be willing to testify on your behalf. If your accident was caused by disrepair in the road, for example, if you aquaplaned on a puddle of water formed in a divot in the road or lost control of your car on ice, then take a photo of that. If you would like to discuss your circumstances in greater detail, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Claiming Compensation In Medical Negligence Cases

Both the NHS and private healthcare providers can be held liable for compensation in medical negligence cases. All medical professionals are held to high standards when it comes to their duty of care to their patients. There is zero tolerance for medical professionals causing avoidable harm to their patients through negligence, either by directly injuring them, misdiagnosing their illness or by allowing their condition to get worse. Doing so is referred to as medical negligence or medical malpractice. Here are some examples of how healthcare providers can become liable for compensation for medical negligence.

  • For causing harm during surgery, for example, the amputation of the incorrect limb.
  • For medical complications stemming from treatment or surgery which the patient was not warned about before being allowed to give their consent for said treatment.
  • For allowing an injury or the effects of an injury to worsen by failing to diagnose them correctly.
  • For neglect or abuse of people relying on assistance whether that be through home care or living in a nursing home.

Claiming Compensation For A Work Injury

When you are at your place of work it is your employer’s responsibility to provide you with a safe working environment. They must also ensure that they reduce or remove all risks that are associated with your job role. If your employer has failed or omitted to do and this has resulted in you suffering harm in some way, you could be eligible to make a claim for compensation. For example;

  • Failing to carry out risk assessments, tests or inspections of equipment to identify hazards before they manifest.
  • Failing to act upon health and safety complaints raised by employees before these issues cause an accident.
  • Failing to provide equipment to protect staff from long term health problems such as breathing in paint fumes or suffering hearing loss.
  • Failing to provide training to prevent employees from injuring themselves, such as correct lifting and carrying techniques.
  • Failing to act upon complaints raised about workloads and stress by providing breaks or longer deadlines and so on etc.

No Win No Fee Holiday Compensation Claim Advice

For advice on how to go about receiving compensation for an accident abroad or for issues with a flight or boat journey call our advisors on the contact number at the bottom of this guide. Although the issue took place outside of the UK our panel of solicitors may still have the ability to seek compensation for you. Say for example if you suffered an accident while on a skiing holiday in Sweden because the instructors were negligent or the equipment you were provided was faulty, then a solicitor could pursue a claim through the Swedish legal system. If the skiing trip and its accompanying skiing lessons were booked as a package holiday arranged by a British travel company, then the claim would be made under British law against the travel company.

Your solicitor could bring a claim against an airline or a cruise line if you have been affected by their negligence. The Montreal Convention and the Athens Convention outline that airlines and cruise lines respectively can be liable if their negligence has led to prolonged delays to the journey crashes or accidents, loss or damage to passengers’ luggage and belongings or to passengers becoming ill or having an accident during their journey.

Compensation For A Criminal Injury Suffered In Eccles

You could enlist a solicitor from our panel to seek compensation for criminal injury from the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority if you have suffered from a violent offense in the last two years. CICA could award you compensation for injuries or psychological harm you have suffered from being the victim of or witnessing an assault, a stabbing, an armed robbery, a murder or other violent crime. If the police are satisfied the crime was genuine then compensation can be awarded regardless of whether or not a suspect is found guilty in court.

Although there is a time limit on when you can claim compensation for criminal injuries, exceptions can be made in cases of sexual assault or rape dating back further. It can take longer for some victims to process what has happened to them and to decide to come forward. Some victims, such as those who were sexually abused as a child are not in a position to come forward until a number of years have passed. Hence the possible exemptions. If you have been a victim of criminal injury and want to discuss your circumstances further, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What Else May I Claim Compensation For?

The examples you have read are some of the most common types of compensation claims, but just because your circumstances are not listed here doesn’t mean they don’t entitle you to make a compensation claim. Here are some more ways that you could suffer an injury or illness as a result of negligence which could mean that you have grounds to make a negligence claim.

  • Slipping or tripping on a hazard which should have been removed while visiting a business’s premises or a public space.
  • Suffering an allergic reaction to a meal you ate at a restaurant that had no warnings about potential allergens.
  • Suffering an injury while exercising in a public place or using public equipment because said equipment was faulty.

Compensation Claims For Mis Sold Pensions

Pension plans need to be tailored to your own personal needs and circumstances, and they need to be secure and reliable. If they aren’t then you could run the risk of suffering severe financial losses. Financial mis-selling puts you at risk of this. Compensation can be awarded for money you have lost as a result of being mis-sold a pension, as well as the business responsible facing discipline brought against them by financial regulators. Circumstances which could constitute financial mis-selling leading to you suffering unnecessary financial losses include;

  • Not being informed of the pension option which is best suited to you.
  • Not being informed of risks associated with a pension plan, for example, if it is being invested in risky market sectors where it may lose money.
  • Not being informed of all charges or fees included in the product.
  • Not being asked to provide relevant information about your personal health status which could impact on what kind of pension plan is suitable for you.
  • Being put on the spot and pressured into choosing a certain option.

Tenant Deposit Protection Compensation

Failure to protect your tenancy deposit could leave your landlord liable for paying compensation. When you pay your deposit to your landlord you should receive written notice of them within thirty days that confirm your deposit has been secured in a Tenancy Deposit Scheme. Otherwise, you cannot be certain that they will be able to return it when you are evicted or move out of the property. For that reason a landlord could be ordered to pay you your deposit along with compensation and a fine.

You can also receive compensation if your landlord is attempting to evict you without providing a reason without returning your deposit. Although your landlord may be entitled to deduct certain expenses from your deposit before returning it, they cannot do so if you have given them no reason, such as causing damage to the property. You can further familiarise yourself with your rights as a tenant and how the tenancy deposit claim process works by visiting the Shelter website.

No Win No Fee Claims For Housing Disrepair Against Landlords In Eccles

Tenants have a right to have the property they live in maintained to a reasonable standard. It is never acceptable for a landlord to let out a property to someone that is in such a poor condition that it poses a threat to their health and safety. You could claim for housing disrepair compensation if you have been badly affected by living in a property that was neglected by its landlord. Some situations in which you could have grounds to claim for housing disrepair compensation may include

  • Moving into a property to find pre-existing housing disrepair issues, for example, if furniture which came with the property was infested with bedbugs.
  • Reporting damage or disrepair to your landlord and subsequently hurting yourself on it before they take action, for example on nails sticking out of floors or walls.
  • If your belongings have been damaged or destroyed as a result of disrepair, for example, if you have lost electronics or clothes to a serious water leak.
  • If you have had to resort to paying for the damage to be fixed yourself.

If you wish to familiarise yourself with how housing disrepair claims law works, click here to view the website.

How Do I Make A No Win No Fee Claim?

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