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No Win No Fee Solicitors Ellesmere Port

No Win No Fee Solicitors Ellesmere Port

Have you recently been involved in an avoidable accident caused by third party negligence? One that left you with an illness or an injury? Have you lost money due to the faults of your bank or your landlord? If so, you should get in touch with us today to find out if you are entitled to make a claim for compensation. Our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Ellesmere Port are able to assist you in making both personal injury and financial compensation claims. Whether you are looking to conduct a claim for an injury at work, road traffic accident, or housing disrepair, the expertise of no win no fee solicitors is crucial for all these cases. Please read on for more information and call us if you have any questions on 0800 073 8802.

What You Need To Know About No Win No Fee

You may be feeling put off making a compensation claim by the cost of legal fees, especially if you have been unable to work and are facing additional expenses stemming from your health problems. Any claim that you make through our panel of solicitors can be done with a no win no fee agreement.

What you need to know about such agreements is that if you enter into such an agreement with a personal injury solicitor (or any other kind of compensation solicitor) you will agree to allow them to take a minor portion of your compensation as a “success fee” their payment for their services if you receive compensation. This fee is capped at 25%. However, if you are not granted a compensation sum for a valid claim then your solicitor will not ask you for payment. You can read about no win no fee claims in more detail on this page.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Service Or Accident Claim

  1. Road Accident, Car Accident And Traffic Incidents In Ellesmere Port
  2. No Win No Fee Clinical Negligence And Medical Malpractice Cases
  3. Ellesmere Port No Win No Fee Injury At Work Claims
  4. Holiday Injury And Flight Delay Compensation Claims
  5. Claim For Criminal Injuries In Ellesmere Port
  6. Different Types Of Accidents Which Could Happen In Ellesmere Port
  7. Mis Sold Financial Products Or Services
  8. Tenancy Deposit Compensation Claims
  9. Housing Disrepair Claims By Tenants In Ellesmere Port
  10. How To Start A Compensation Claim
  11. Helpful Information And Local Services

Road Accident, Car Accident And Traffic Incidents In Ellesmere Port

Even if you drive responsibly, you could still find yourself involved in a car accident Ellesmere Port due to the negligence of another driver. They may have been driving over the speed limit, driving on worn out tyres that should have been replaced or breaking the law in some other fashion. In some cases, they may have simply been driving recklessly. In any case, being in a road accident in Ellesmere Port could leave you with both minor and severe injuries. Even a minor accident like being rear ended could give you whiplash. We have a page on car accident injuries here that can provide you with more information.

No Win No Fee Clinical Negligence And Medical Malpractice Cases

The thought of not being able to rely on your health service and your doctors when you need them can be deeply unsettling. Clinical negligence and medical malpractice is not just dangerous to your health it is also an unacceptable breach of trust. That’s why if you have been hurt by the carelessness of a dentist injuring you when extracting a tooth, a GP giving you the wrong prescription, midwives making mistakes while you were in labour, or any other instance of medical negligence you could be eligible to claim for compensation. If you have suffered from medical negligence while under the care of the Countess of Chester Hospital NHS foundation Trust or a private healthcare provider, you should contact us today for advice on what to do next.

Ellesmere Port No Win No Fee Injury At Work Claims

The first thing you need to know about making an injury at work claim is that it does not affect your employment rights. Your employer cannot sack you simply for making a compensation claim. You have the right to claim for compensation if you have suffered a preventable injury in the workplace or preventable chronic health condition caused by your occupation. Your employer is liable for an injury or health problem if they have failed to provide you with safety gear, proper training or if they have failed to act upon safety issues that were flagged up by you or your colleagues. Your employer could also be liable if you have been diagnosed with stress stemming from an unhealthy workplace culture causing bullying or overwork. If you have been the victim of an assault at work, by a co-worker, customer or someone who should not have been on the premises and it can be proven that your employer could have prevented it by following guidelines on security and training, then you could be eligible for a compensation claim.

Holiday Injury And Flight Delay Compensation Claims

Having to deal with a delayed flight could entitle you to claim for compensation depending on the severity of the delay and the destination of your flight. You can refer to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau for information on this issue. If you are injured or suffer an illness while on holiday you can claim compensation for the loss of enjoyment of your holiday in addition to standard causes of compensation, provided that it can be proven that a third party’s negligence was responsible. Do not be put off by the thought of extra complications in claiming against a foreign business for a holiday that happened abroad. We may be able to provide you with a solicitor from our panel who is versed in the compensation laws of the country where the incident took place.

If you booked a package holiday through a travel operator then that travel agent could be liable for injuries or illnesses caused by negligence in aspects of the holiday that they arranged, such as the flights, the accommodation and any excursions that they may have arranged as part of the package.

Claim For Criminal Injuries In Ellesmere Port

Being the victim of a violent crime can be intensely traumatic and life changing, as well as leaving you with severe injuries. In addition to this, being a witness to an extreme violent crime, such as a murder or attempted murder, can also be a traumatic experience. Because of this, you could be eligible to claim criminal injury compensation if there is proof you have been affected by a violent crime. Victims of criminal injury could have the right to make a claim against Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). Our panel of solicitors can handle a CICA claim for you providing the claim is made within the 2-year claims time limit.

Not all CICA claims have to be for recent crimes or within the time limit though, if you have suffered rape or sexual abuse, even if it was a case of historical abuse, you could be eligible for victim compensation. You could receive compensation for the effects of lasting psychological trauma stemming from rape or sexual abuse. Please contact our advisors for more information.

Different Types Of Accidents Which Could Happen In Ellesmere Port

Many different types of accidents and injuries could make you eligible for compensation if it can be proven that they were caused by third party negligence. For example you could claim compensation if you were injured while playing sports. If you have suffered an injury while playing football because of a poorly maintained pitch then you could claim against the body or person(s) responsible. You could also claim compensation if you injured yourself while exercising in a gym due to faulty equipment or poor training.

An injury you suffer from slipping, tripping and falling could be serious or even life changing. For example a broken kneecap could require surgery to resolve and leave you with arthritis and chronic pain. If the local authority or an organisation that owns property (that is accessed regularly by the public)and it is poorly maintained, then this could cause hazards that result in someone suffering undue harm.

For example you may trip over on broken or ragged carpets, linoleum or other floor coverings while in a shop, and that business could be liable. Your local council could be liable in a personal injury claim if you have tripped and fallen on a pothole in a badly maintained street.

Mis Sold Financial Products Or Services

The Financial Conduct Authority have made it a requirement that when your bank or your financial advisor is offering or selling you a financial product that they give you all the information, clearly and accurately, that you need to make an informed decision in your own financial best interest. If they fail to do so it could be classed as financial mis-selling.

Examples of potentially mis sold products or services could include pension plans, stocks mortgages and insurance policies. A company could mis-sell them to you by not advising you of any and all risks potentially involved in using a certain financial product. By selling you a product that was not suitable for you and your financial situation. By not informing you of certain additional charges and fees or by making you feel pressured or uncomfortable when being asking for your decision to buy or not.

In order for you to have a successful claim for the mis-selling on financial products you must have suffered financially as a result. Please contact us to discuss your circumstances further.

Tenancy Deposit Compensation Claims

There are certain things that a landlord is required to do. If your landlord has withheld your deposit when your tenancy is coming to an end then they could be liable for a compensation claim to be made against them. The law states that a landlord must return your deposit unless there are rent arrears or damage you have caused to the property. Your landlord cannot evict you without providing a reason if they withhold your deposit. The law requires that your tenancy deposit is to be kept in a Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) within thirty days of your landlord receiving it  and that you receive written notice of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme being in place. Failure to do this is also potentially grounds for you to make a compensation claim. The charity Shelter, which deals with housing and homelessness, is a good source for information on your rights as a tenant in these sort of situations. 

If you make a compensation claim against a landlord who is withholding your tenancy deposit and you succeed you could not only have your deposit returned to you, you could also receive compensation worth up to three times as much of the value of your original deposit.

Housing Disrepair Claims By Tenants In Ellesmere Port

Your landlord, housing association or letting agency is responsible for maintaining your housing to a liveable standard. This is because living in accommodation which is in a state of disrepair can pose significant health risks.

For example:

  • A housing disrepair can pose the risk of fire, for instance, from faulty electricsssues with your gas pipes can pose a serious threat of gas leaks or fires.
  • Damage or disrepair to your housings gutters, windows or roof can lead to water ingress which can lead to hazardous exposure to damp and mould.
  • If your landlord has supplied the white goods to your housing then they could be liable for any injuries or health problems caused by faults in these appliances.

Note that your landlord, housing association or letting agency can’t be held responsible for disrepair issues that they were genuinely not aware of. In order for housing disrepair claims by tenants to be successful, there needs to be proof that the issue was brought to the attention of landlord or housing association prior to the effects on your health manifesting. This page on the government justice.gov website outlines the procedure of housing disrepair claims.

How To Start A Compensation Claim

Get In Touch With Us

If you click here you will find a page that allows you to arrange a phone call to talk to our team for advice if you want to ask questions. You could also call us directly on 0800 073 8802. This line operates 24/7 so you can call us at any time.

Discuss Your Situation

Our team is on hand to give you free legal advice and to answer any questions or concerns you have about making a compensation claim. If you call us to begin a claim they will ask you questions about your circumstances, this is to get an idea early on how good your chances of receiving compensation are.

Manage Your Claim And Stay Up-To-Date

If you choose to work with our panel of solicitors, as mentioned previously they are not based in Ellesmere port but can cover the area with ease. They will ensure that you are kept up to date regularly, whether that be through email, over the phone or via the post.

Helpful Information And Local Services

Our Panel Of Doctors Covering Ellesmere Port

In order to claim for a personal injury or an illness you will need to be able to prove how severe your health condition is. In order to do this you will need a medical examination by an independent doctor. You won’t need to arrange this yourself, No Win No Fee Expert works with a panel of doctors that can perform medical examinations for the purpose of a compensation claim. Here is a list of independent doctors local to Ellesmere Port.

Mark MiddlemanWhetstone lane,
CH41 0DD
Jayne Holland161 Park Road North,
CH41 0DD

Ellesmere Port Hospital

Ellesmere port Hospital is an 85 rehabilitation unit of the Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Ellesmere Port Hospital

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Countess Of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Countess Of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust provides Healthcare to Cheshire, including Ellesmere Port and Chester.

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