Hackney No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Hackney

No Win No Fee Solicitors Hackney

Whenever you come to harm, whether that it be financial or physical if it was due to circumstances that were not their fault, you could be eligible to claim for compensation. If it can be proven that a third party was to blame, our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Hackney can assist. This guide will build on this concept, giving examples of common kinds of claims, and explaining why you could be eligible to claim in similar circumstances.

Every claim has its own unique aspects, and this means this guide may not answer every question you have. If this is so, our claims team will be more than happy to answer your questions for you, if you give them a call on 0800 073 8802. They will also explain how we can connect you with one of our panel of No Win No Fee solicitors who are not based in Hackney but can cover the area and assist you with your claim.

Explaining The Term No Win No Fee Claim

Have you heard the term No Win No Fee in the past? You probably have, and you also probably have a rough idea of what it means. However, if you don’t, below, we will give a basic overview of how the process of using a No Win No Fee solicitor actually works in relation to the fee structure.

First of all, the proper name for this kind of contract for legal services is a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). One of the first things that will happen when you contact a solicitor to represent you under a CFA, is that you will negotiate an overall percentage of the claim value that the solicitor will deduct as their fee when your claim comes to a close.

You won’t be asked to hand over any kind of new claim fee. There is no charge while the solicitor is preparing and processing your claim. As a claim for compensation can take many months, you won’t need to pay any ongoing fees to the solicitor. If the claim isn’t successful for some reasons and you don’t receive any compensation at all, the solicitor will still not charge you anything. However, when the claim is successful the legal firm will receive your settlement figure on your behalf. It is at this stage that the pre-agreed fee will be taken automatically from the money received and the remaining amount will be sent to you.

You may have questions about the way a CFA works, or how the process of making a claim under a CFA proceeds. If you do, you can speak to one of our claim advisors on the telephone number near the bottom of this page. They will answer any questions you have. You may also like to read our more detailed guide to making a claim under a CFA by clicking here.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Service Or Accident Claim

Hackney Road Accident Compensation Claim

Each year the Department of Transport publishes an annual report that details key statistics related to Road Traffic Accidents (RTA) in the UK. Taking a look at these statistics we see that although the volume of RTA’s dropped in the 2017/18 period, there were still over 160,000 injuries reported to the police as being caused by an RTA of some kind. Every road user including passengers and pedestrians are entitled to make a claim for their injuries, if they are injured in an accident that wasn’t their fault. For example:

  • A pedestrian is crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing. A van fails to stop and collides with the pedestrian causing a fractured pelvis.
  • A motorcyclist collides with the side of a car that has pulled out of a side road without paying due care and attention. The motorcyclist suffers a traumatic head injury.
  • A taxi driver collides with a car in front, because the driver was trying to set their satnav at the time. A passenger in the back seat of the taxi suffers a severe case of whiplash.

If you have been involved in a Hackney road accident that wasn’t your fault, one of our panel of no win no fee solicitors could process your claim for you.

No Win No Fee Clinical Negligence Claims

Whenever we visit our GP because we feel under the weather, visit our dentists to have a tooth filled, attend the hospital to have an injury treated, or any time we interact with a medical professional that is caring for our health, we are at risk of harm through clinical negligence. Despite the fact that every medical professional is charged with fulfilling their duty of care towards patients, mistakes can be made, and patients harmed. For example:

  • A GP misdiagnoses meningitis in a young child for a much less serious illness. The child’s health suffers dramatically, resulting in permanent brain damage.
  • A patient being operated on is administered too much anaesthetic. This causes them to crash on the operating table and require CPR to revive them.
  • A cosmetic surgeon botches a breast augmentation procedure. This results in the patient having to live with permanent, unsightly scarring.

Here, we can see how even a simple mistake made by a medical professional can have very serious repercussions for a patient. In each of the examples above, as long as the patient could prove that negligence took place, it could be possible for a personal injury solicitor to process a clinical negligence claim on their behalf.

Claims For An Accident At The Workplace

In the UK, every company that employs even one member of staff, is legally responsible for making sure employees are safe when they are at work. This requirement is enforced by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) which closely monitors how well companies are handling their health and safety obligations. When a company fails to comply fully, it can lead to an accident at the workplace such as:

  • A construction worker is left to move a pile of bricks on their own. They have never been trained in manual handling techniques, and injure their back.
  • A member of the armed forces is injured during a training exercise, due to a faulty piece of equipment that had not been maintained properly.
  • An office worker trips over an extension lead that is being used to power an electric kettle. They pull the kettle down on top of them as they fall, scalding themselves badly.

In each of the examples above, we can see how a workplace hazard that should have been uncovered and mitigated, actually caused harm to an employee in a way that could be the basis of a claim. If you have been injured at work, speak to one of our claim advisors to discuss your circumstances in greater detail.

No Win No Fee Holiday Injury Compensation Claims

In some cases, it could be possible for holidaymakers to claim holiday injury compensation for an incident that occurred while they were overseas. Most people go on holiday and then return to the UK after having had a pleasant time. For a few, their dream holiday becomes a nightmare due to an accident or illness while they are away. If you choose to work with a solicitor to processes a claim for you, how they approach this task will depend on the circumstances of your claim, thus:

  • If you are travelling by plane and the plane is flying in international airspace, then the Montreal Convention comes into play. This infers specific rights onto every passenger, including the ability to make a claim if they are harmed due to the actions of the airline or one of its staff. The claim would be made against the airline.
  • On a holiday you booked yourself – sourcing flights, accommodation, etc. separately, it would be the travel provider responsible for causing you harm that the claim will be made against. For example, you slip on a wet floor near the hotel swimming pool and fracture your arm, you would claim against the overseas hotel operator.
  • On a package holiday – booked in the UK and comprising of 2 or more features in one price. The claim would be made against the UK travel firm, based on the Package Travel Regulations 2018.

You may be confused as to which of these three different scenarios might apply in your own case. If this is so, please speak with one of our claim advisors. They will be able to help you further.

Hackney Violent Crime Victim Claims

In this section, we are going to take a look at the subtly different way that victims of violent crimes go about applying for compensation. This includes victims of physical assault, actual bodily harm, a mugging, an aggravated robbery, sexual assault, rape, sexual molestation, etc.

In this case, in order to receive compensation, assault victims will apply to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). This is a special organisation that can provide victims of violent and sex crimes with compensation for physical and psychological injuries. We can connect you to our panel of solicitors to help you with a CICA claim. For further information speak to our claims team.

More Personal Injury Claims Advice

Any time that you are injured in an accident in Hackney and the accident was somebody else’s fault, you may be able to make a claim for the harm you suffered. As long as you are ready to start your claim within the personal injury claims time limit, you could be eligible to claim against the third party that caused you harm. For example:

  • You trip over a box of photocopying paper that has been left on the floor in a hazardous place in your office. You sprain your ankle.
  • There is a lorry accident outside your house. The lorry was carrying hazardous chemicals and you contract respiratory problems due to inhaling the toxic fumes.
  • You visit your local gym for a workout. A faulty piece of equipment injures you, because it had not been maintained to safe standards.

In each case, the victim was harmed by the actions of a third party. Either an individual or an organisation such as a business. These claims could all have been a valid reason for a claim to be made. Speak to one of our claim advisors today and explain how you have been harmed.

No Win No Fee Mis Sold Pension Claims

Since 2006, it has become possible to make claims for financial mis selling, such as mis sold pension claims for people who were given bad pension advice and lost out financially. This would cover all kinds of financial products that could have a negative effect on the finances of the customer.

If your finances have suffered, even if it took many years for the damage to come to light, we could be able to help you to make a financial mis selling claim. Please speak to a member of our claims team to learn more.

No Win No Fee Disputed Rent Deposit Claims

There are specific rules related to tenancy deposits and how a landlord has to handle them. Your landlord must protect your deposit by paying it into some kind of deposit protections scheme with 30 days of them being given it. They must leave the funds in the secure account until you give up your tenancy and move out of the property. The landlord must then return your deposit in full, within 10 days, unless there is some legal reason why they can keep it either in total or partially.

We could be able to help people who have disputed rent deposits. We may be able to help you to claim your deposit back. Talk to our claims team today to learn more about how we can do this.

Compensation Claims In Housing Disrepair Cases

There is a legal process that you must follow if you are struggling to get your landlord to fix housing disrepair. Once you have made a formal complaint about the disrepair, your landlord must then fix it within an acceptable timescale.

If your landlord does not fix the disrepair, you could be able to make a claim. In housing disrepair cases there are two reasons to claim. Firstly, for physical harm such as an illness or injury caused as a result of the disrepair. Secondly, for financial loss due to the disrepair damaging your property. We can help in both of these cases, speak to a claim advisor to proceed.

How To Start A Compensation Claim

If you have been injured in a Hackney accident that was not your fault, use the steps below to get the claims advice you need, and to start your claim.

Get In Touch With Us

Speak to our claims team on 0800 073 8802 or fill in our contact form. They will evaluate your claim for you, and inform you of your legal options.

Discuss Your Situation

A claim advisor will explain the claims process to you, and if your claim is valid, they will connect you to our panel of solicitors.

Manage Your Claim And Stay Up-To-Date

If you choose to work with our panel of no win no fee solicitors, as they are not basked in Hackney they will ensure that you are kept up to date regularly, whether that be through email, over the phone or via the post.

Hackney Area Resources

These sections below contain local information that claimants in the Hackney area might find useful.

Our Panel Of Doctors Covering Hackney

You will need to undergo an independent medical examination to prove the extent of your injuries and support your claim. We work with a panel of doctors who are local to Hackney;

Sahir ShaikhStratford Clinic
Medigold Consultancy
3rd Floor
Room 15
44 Broadway
E15 1XH
Salman BaigHoliday Inn-Stratford City
Meeting Rooms
10a Chestnut Plaza
Westfield Stratford City
Montfichet Rd
Olympic Park
E20 1GL


Homerton University Hospital

Homerton Row



E9 6SR

Website: www.homerton.nhs.uk/

Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Homerton Row


Greater London

E9 6SR

London Borough Of Hackney Council

1 Hillman Street


E8 1DY

Website: www.hackney.gov.uk/contact-us

Metropolitan Police

Cobalt Square



Website: www.met.police.uk/ro/report/rti/rti-a/report-a-road-traffic-incident/

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