Inverness No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Inverness

No Win No Fee Solicitors Inverness

Are you looking for an accident solicitor handling Inverness claims? Or a financial solicitor covering Inverness claims for financial mis selling or housing disrepair? If so, have you considered a no win no fee solicitor for your compensation claim? Our panel of solicitors covering Inverness could assist victims with numerous different types of claims, from medical negligence to housing disrepair claims. In such cases, you wouldn’t be expected to pay them upfront for their services either.

Within this guide, we cover all the information you might need when looking for solicitors whom can handle Inverness claims. We’ll talk about the differences between Scottish and English solicitors, and we’ll explain more about the types of claims they could help with. To find out more, keep reading below or call us on 0800 073 8802 to find out how we could help begin a claim for you with the help of our panel of solicitors handling Inverness claims.

No Win No Fee Claims In Scotland

Making no win no fee claims in Scotland is slightly different from making this type of claim in England. However, a reduced financial risk, no requirement for payment upfront and other such benefits could still apply. The main differences you could experience could include:

There are different conditions for your no win no fee solicitor to fulfil in order for payment to be made: The terms and conditions under which you’d be expected to pay your solicitor could be different to English claims. It could be wise to read through the no win no fee agreement (or Conditional Fee Agreement/CFA) carefully and ask questions before you sign it if you’re unsure of anything.

Fees not subject to the same cap as English claims: There is a typical cap of 25% of the compensation settlement for legal fees in England and Wales, but the same cap doesn’t apply to all Scottish claims. You would be wise to speak to your solicitor about this, however it should be detailed within the conditional fee agreement too.

Less chance of going to court: Fewer Scottish claims are settled in the courtroom; with most being settled outside of the courts. If claims are heard at court, it would be at the Sheriff’s Court, or, in rare cases at the Court of Session.

Our panel of experienced lawyers covering Inverness could explain all the differences to you in more detail and would have the knowledge to bring claims against liable parties in Scotland. Let us have a look at the kind of claims they could assist you with.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Service Or Accident Claim

No Win No Fee Inverness Traffic Accident Claims

One of the more common personal injury claims that you could launch with the help of an experienced solicitor could be for a road traffic accident. With 8,402 injuries of all severities reported in Scotland for 2018, it is clear that accidents on Scottish roads could cause injury. Whether you’ve been injured as a motorcyclist in an Inverness traffic accident, suffered whiplash as a driver in a car accident in Inverness, or been knocked over in a pedestrian accident in Inverness; if your injuries were caused by another road user, then you could look into claiming compensation.

You could put in a claim for costs associated with the accident as well as the injuries you’ve received. A solicitor may be able to give you a rough idea of how much you could be looking to receive in compensation. If you’re wondering how long you might have to claim, it may be worth us mentioning that while the standard personal injury claims time limit is three years from the road accident date, there could be exceptions made in certain cases.

These could include cases where the claimant was too badly injured to claim at the time (lacked physical or mental capacity), or if a child was injured in an accident. If you’re wondering what limit may apply to your case, then get in touch with our team. We would be glad to help.

Inverness Area Clinical Or Medical Malpractice Claims

Whether negligence has come at the hands of a doctor, a dentist, care home staff, a surgeon, a midwife or another healthcare professional, if it has harmed your health then you may be able to make a claim with one of our panel of medical negligence solicitors covering Inverness.

Medical negligence claims could be complicated to prove, as if you were already ill when you sought treatment, you may worry that it means you wouldn’t be able to evidence the effect that the negligence had on you. However, with an experienced solicitor on the case, you could allow them to take on the leg work of building a case against the responsible party, whether it is the NHS or a private clinic/hospital. They would be aware that they would need to prove that, but for the medical negligence you suffered, you would have been in better health, had a better prognosis, or would not have needed certain treatments.

Whether you’re looking into claiming for misdiagnosis, late diagnosis, surgical error, a missed fracture or another form of medical negligence that has caused you harm, one call to the No Win No Fee Expert team could provide you clarification on whether or not you could pursue a medical negligence claim.

Accidents At Work In Inverness

No matter where you work, your employer has some responsibility to you in terms of your health and safety. They are required, legally, to actively protect your health and safety, and they could do so in a number of different ways, many of which could be industry-specific.

For example, if you work in a warehouse, you might receive training on how to use a forklift truck, pallet truck, training in the correct lifting techniques for boxes and more. You could be provided with gloves for some activities, in order to protect your hands.

In an office, however, the actions your employer should ensure that your workstation is set up correctly, ensuring the office is free of trailing wires that could present a trip hazard and more.

These are just a few examples. If a foreseeable risk exists and your employer does not do anything, they may be held liable for their negligence if you are injured because of that risk.

However, accident at work claims are not the only types of claim that could be made against your employer. You could also consider making claims for compensation for illnesses or long-term conditions that have come about as a result of your workplace, and your employer’s negligence in protecting you from them. This could include:

  • Tendonitis claims
  • Dermatitis claims
  • Industrial deafness claims
  • RSI claims
  • COPD claims
  • Mesothelioma claims
  • And more…

A personal injury lawyer from our panel could help with such claims. Call our team for assistance or guidance on whether you could have a claim?

Compensation For An Accident On Holiday

Are you looking into claiming compensation for an accident on holiday? Did you fall ill because of poor hygiene standards of a hotel and wish to claim compensation for your illness? Our panel of solicitors covering Inverness could help with this even if the illness or accident happened in another country. If your illness or injury came about because of the fault of someone else, you could claim for accidents or illnesses that occur:

  • In the airport (both an accident in Inverness airport or another international airport abroad)
  • In the hotel
  • On transfer to your hotel
  • While on a pre-booked excursion
  • On the plane/train

Depending on where you were when you had your accident or contracted your illness, you could be claiming under various pieces of legislation, including the Montreal Convention and the Package Travel 2018 Regulations. Our panel of solicitors covering Inverness, Scotland claims could let you know who they are bringing your claim against, as in some cases it could be a tour operator, while in others it could be the airline or someone else.

No Win No Fee Abuse And Violent Crime Compensation Claims

Whether you have been hurt as the result of an attack (ABH, GBH, Common or Sexual Assault, for example), or you have suffered some sort of emotional or mental trauma as a result of witnessing violent crime, you could claim compensation through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority; providing the crime was reported to the police and you played no part in the criminal activity. This is a Government-lead authority that was set up with the aim to compensate victims of crime for their injuries. You could also make a claim if you were trying to stop criminal activities and were injured as a result. The usual time limit for criminal injury claims is two years from the incident date, although some exceptions could apply.

Exceptions For Historical Abuse Claimants

One such exception could be for historical sexual abuse cases. A solicitor could help you fight for compensation for abuse that happened some years ago, even if it wasn’t reported to the police at the time. This could be because victims of abuse may not fully process or be able to voice what has happened for some time after the event. Please do call us if you have suffered abuse but not made a claim for compensation. A member from our panel of solicitors covering Inverness could assist you.

Claiming Compensation For Other Personal Injuries

Other types of personal injury claims that could be handled by a personal injury solicitor from our panel could include:

  • Beauty treatment injury claims
  • Public place injury claims
  • Slip, trip and fall injury claims
  • Food allergy claims
  • Inverness fatal accident claims (you could claim for the loss of a loved one)
  • And more…

If you have had an accident in Inverness, and someone else was to blame, our advisors could look into the specifics of your case to see if you could have a valid claim. We could then provide you with one of our panel of solicitors covering Inverness to launch a claim against the liable party.

Mis Sold Financial Advice Solicitors Covering Inverness

Could you have been mis sold financial products or services in Inverness? Here are some indications that might show that you have:

  • You felt the financial advisor applied pressure on you to decide on a certain product
  • You felt that the charges and fees pertaining to the product weren’t explained
  • You did not receive a copy of the terms and conditions
  • The advisor didn’t offer any alternative products
  • Your product is unsuitable for you, and would have been unsuitable at the time of selling
  • The high risks were not explained

If you have been disadvantaged financially by mis selling, our panel of solicitors covering Inverness could assist with putting together a claim for compensation. Why not get in touch to discuss your claim.

No Win No Fee Claims For Inverness Tenancy Deposits

When you take out a tenancy agreement, you are usually asked to pay a deposit to your landlord, and your landlord should take steps to ensure that your deposit is correctly protected. There are three Scottish deposit protection schemes in which your landlord could place your deposit. They must then let you know where it is, including any relevant reference numbers to identify it. This should all be done within 30 days of you having paid the deposit. If they fail in doing this, then you could take steps to claim compensation, with the help of an expert solicitor. Claims could result in you receiving up to 3 times the deposit amount in settlement.

No Win No Fee Claims For Inverness Housing Disrepair

Damp, mould, broken boilers, faulty heating systems, broken windows and unsafe flooring could all be considered disrepair. If you have informed your landlord of such disrepair and they haven’t fixed it, then it could be inconvenient.

You could contract illnesses from mould or damp, or worse, if your gas heating system is defective, you could even suffer carbon monoxide poisoning. Or, you might be injured because of broken windows, overheating water systems, or faulty flooring. In these cases, as long as your allocated solicitor could prove that your injuries or illness came about as a direct result of the disrepair, you could be eligible for compensation. There is protocol for claiming in these cases and your solicitor could ensure that the correct protocol is followed for your claim.

Financial compensation claims could also come about because of disrepair. Whether you’ve had to pay out for soaring energy/utility bills because of water leaks, faulty heating systems or broken windows or doors, or your property has been damaged/destroyed due to disrepair, you could also claim compensation, get in touch with the team at No Win No Fee Expert, and let us help you begin a claim?

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Helpful Local Area Resources

Local resources for Inverness claimants could be seen in the sections below.

Our Panel Of Doctors Covering Inverness

When launching a personal injury claim, as part of the process, you would need to undergo an independent medical assessment for your medical condition to be evidenced and for your claim to be valued. Doctors you may see could include:

Mark Innes BurginThe Aberdeen Clinic, Regus House,1 Berry Street, AB25 1HF

Raigmore Hospital

Raigmore hospital is the sole hospital in the Highlands that provides acute medical and surgical services. It has approximately 452 beds.

Raigmore Hospital

Old Perth Road





NHS Highland

NHS Highland covers a huge area (around 32500 km2) and is considered the largest health board within Scotland.

NHS Highland,

Assynt House,

Beechwood Park,



The Highland Council

The Highland Council Headquarters
Glenurquhart Road


Police Scotland

Police Scotland Headquarters

PO Box 2460


G40 9BA

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