Kensington And Chelsea No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Kensington And Chelsea

No Win No Fee Solicitors Kensington And Chelsea

If you have been injured and the accident you were involved in was not your fault, you might wish to seek out a no win no fee solicitor to help you with your claim. But personal injury claims are not the only type of case that no win no fee solicitors covering Kensington and Chelsea could help you with. At No Win No Fee Expert, we believe that you should not have to pay upfront for making compensation claims ranging from financial mis selling claims to medical negligence claims and more. We could provide you with a no win no fee solicitor from our panel for your claim, no matter whether it relates to housing disrepair or personal injury. If you’d like to know more about this type of claim, or our service, why not read on, or call 0800 073 8802 for immediate assistance.

How A No Win No Fee Solicitor Could Help You

If you were to go ahead with a claim for compensation on your own, without legal assistance, you are well within your rights to do so. But there could be certain benefits from working with a no win no fee solicitor. An experienced solicitor could not only advise you on who to make your claim against, but they could also use their experience to help build a strong case that could be hard for the liable party to argue against. They will also advise you on whether any settlement offer you are presented with would be appropriate. And, with no fees required upfront for no win no fee claims, you could benefit from all this legal assistance without having to find the money upfront to retain a no win no fee lawyer’s services.

This is because claims of this type are made under a document known as a Conditional Fee Agreement. The lawyer’s ‘success fee’ (a percentage of any compensation payout) would be detailed in this agreement, but if you had a valid claim, and your claim was not successful, they wouldn’t be able to ask you for this success fee. This is where the term no win no fee comes from. If you would like to know more about how this works, then our advisors would be happy to go through this with you in more detail.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Service Or Accident Claim

Claiming For Kensington And Chelsea Road Accidents

Did you suffer whiplash in a Kensington road accident or serious injuries in a Kensington car crash? If so, you would not be the only person to be injured on the roads of the UK. According to statistics released by the UK government, 160,597 casualties occurred on UK roads in 2018. If you suffered injuries in a UK road accident that was not your fault, you could use one of our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Kensington and Chelsea to help you claim compensation, even if the road user that caused the accident was not able to be traced or did not have the relevant insurance for the vehicle they were operating. Claims such as these could be made to the MIB.

A no win no fee solicitor could help you with claims including:

  • Motorbike accident claims
  • Cyclist accident claims
  • Passenger accident claims
  • Untraced driver claims
  • Driver accident claims
  • Pedestrian accident claims

If you’d like free, no-obligation advice with regards to your road traffic accident claims, then our advisors could assist. We could also provide you, if appropriate, with a no win no fee solicitor from our panel to help build your case.

Kensington And Chelsea Medical Negligence Compensation Claims

Have you experienced negligence at Kensington and Chelsea accident and emergency department? Or were you given negligent dental advice by a Chelsea dentist? If medical or clinical negligence has led you to suffer harm to your health, then no win no fee solicitors covering Kensington and Chelsea could help you make a claim for compensation.

You could claim as a victim of;

  • Gp negligence
  • Midwife negligence
  • Surgical negligence
  • Care home negligence
  • Hospital negligence
  • Dental negligence

To discuss your circumstances in greater detail, please do not hesitate to contact one of our helpful advisors today.

Claim Compensation For Accidents In The Workplace

Accidents in the workplace that cause injuries could happen for any number of reasons, but if they happen because your employer has been negligent in taking care of your health and safety, then a no win no fee solicitor could help you make a claim for compensation. This compensation may not only cover the pain and suffering that you have endured because of your injuries, but it could also cover any financial costs that have arisen as a direct result of the accident too.

This is because an employer has a duty of care towards their staff to provide a safe working environment. If they fail in this duty and you are injured as a result, then you could be eligible to make a claim.

Depending on where you work, and the tasks you perform as part of your job, there are a lot of different things you employer could or should do to protect you. Some examples of these could include:

  • Ensuring your workstation is set up according to the DSE regulations.
  • Ensuring that you are given regular breaks where necessary.
  • Ensuring that you are provided with protective equipment where necessary.
  • Ensuring hazard warning signs are appropriately placed in the workplace.
  • Ensuring relevant safety training is provided where necessary.

If you have experienced injuries in the workplace due to your employer’s negligence, then our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Kensington and Chelsea could help you claim workplace accident compensation.

It is not just accidents in the workplace that might lead to claims, however. Long-term conditions could also be claimed for if there were foreseeable risks of developing the condition and your employer did nothing about reducing these risks. Claims such as these could be made for:

  • Tendonitis
  • Mesothelioma
  • Asbestosis
  • Industrial deafness
  • White finger vibration
  • Repetitive Strain Injury
  • Stress

If you are concerned about making a claim against an employer, it might be prudent for us to mention that your employer would likely be using their employer’s liability insurance to pay for your claim, and we should also mention that you should not lose your job because you’re making a claim. In fact, there is legislation in place to protect you from being treated differently because of any claim. If you’d like to discuss this in further detail, our advisors would be glad to advise you.

Holiday Claims Solicitors Covering Kensington And Chelsea

If you’re considering making a claim for holiday illness or accident compensation, you may assume you would need to use a holiday claim solicitor based in the country you were visiting. However, this is not the case. In some circumstances, even if an accident happens abroad, you could be claiming under UK law. This could be true of holidays that were booked as a package through UK tour operators, as you could be claiming under the Package Travel Regulations of 2018. In certain cases, you may be making a claim under international laws. If you have suffered while on your flight then the Montreal Convention may come into play. However, even if you are claiming under foreign laws, a no win no fee solicitor could still help you. But, what types of holiday claim could you make? Here are just a few examples:

  • Flight delay compensation claims
  • Holiday food poisoning claims
  • Hotel swimming pool injury claims
  • Hotel balcony accident claims
  • Aeroplane accident claims
  • Airport accident claims
  • Transfer accident claims

In simple terms, if you were injured or fell ill on holiday and a third party was to blame you could make a valid claim for compensation. Why not call our advisors to see if you could claim?

What Is Violent Crime Victim Compensation?

If you were a victim of a violent or sexual crime and suffered injuries, you could make a claim for victim compensation. But what is victim compensation, and who do you claim through?

Victim compensation is an amount of money that could be paid out to those who have been injured as a result of violent crime. Claimants could include:

  • Direct victims of attacks/assaults
  • People injured when trying to stop violent crimes
  • People mentally scarred while witnessing violent crimes

Claims of this type could be made with a no win no fee solicitor from our panel, through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). This is an authority that has been set up to compensate such victims. There is only a 2-year time limit for claims through CICA in most cases though, so you might wish to seek assistance from no win no fee solicitors covering Kensington and Chelsea rather quickly if you have suffered as a result.

Exceptions for Sexual Abuse Victims

If you wish to know whether you could make a claim for historic abuse, then a no win no fee solicitor from our panel could still help you, even if some years have passed since the abuse. It could be said that you were unable to properly process the abuse you have suffered until years after the event, and therefore an exception to the time limit for claiming could be made. If you would like to know more about this, then do contact our advisors for guidance.

More Accident And Injury Claims Our Panel Of Solicitors Conduct

Other types of accident in Kensington that could lead to you making personal injury claims with a no win no fee personal injury lawyer could include:

  • Claims for injuries caused by trips, falls or slips
  • Claims for injuries caused by botched beauty treatments
  • Claims for injuries caused in public places
  • Claims for injuries caused by faulty products

If your injuries were caused by an accident that was not your fault, and someone else could be held liable, then a personal injury solicitor could help you with claiming compensation. It might be wise to note that most of these types of accident claim would need to be made within the personal injury claims time limit of 3 years from the incident date. However, in some cases, there could be exceptions.

Claims For Mis Sold Pensions And Other Financial Services

You may have already seen in the mainstream media some mention of mis-sold pensions. But how would you know if you were a victim of mis selling, whether for a pension or another financial product? Some indications could include:

  • If you were sold an unsuitable product or services.
  • If you were placed under some pressure to pick a particular product or service.
  • If you were not offered other options that might have been better for your needs.
  • If you were not informed of charges, fees, or risks pertaining to the service or product.

If you have been mis sold a financial product or service that has resulted in you losing out financially you could have the basis to make a claim.

Can A Landlord Withhold A Deposit And When Could I Claim Compensation?

If you’re wondering can a landlord withhold a deposit if you have met the conditions of the tenancy agreement then the answer is no.  A no win no fee solicitor could assist you in a claim for compensation in circumstances such as these. In addition to this, they could help you take action against a landlord that has not protected your rental deposit properly.

Deposits paid after April of 2007 are subject to certain rules for deposit protection and the return of your deposit. If your landlord falls foul of these rules, then compensation could reach as much as triple the initial tenancy deposit paid.

Claim Compensation For Harmful Housing Disrepair And Damp

If you’ve experienced housing disrepair and damp has caused damage to your belongings, or you’ve been made ill by carbon monoxide poisoning from a faulty boiler, there could be a chance for you to claim compensation with the help of one of our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Kensington and Chelsea. If you informed your landlord of the disrepair within your property, which could include mould, damp, broken windows, faulty heating systems, broken sanitaryware and more, and you were injured, made ill, or financially disadvantaged by the disrepair, you could have the grounds to make a housing disrepair claim.

In order to make sure that you are eligible to make such a claim, you must ensure that you followed the correct protocol, which could be considered quite complex, and help make claiming less stressful for you than if you chose to go it alone.

How To Make A Claim

If you’re wondering how to make a claim, or you’d like further advice…

●      Get In Touch With Us

There are a few ways to get in contact with us. You could fill in the contact form, use the live chat, or call 0800 073 8802. Either way, we’d be glad to talk to you.

●      Discuss Your Situation

After an initial discussion about your situation, our advisors will assess your case to let you know if we feel it could result in compensation for you. If we think you have a valid claim, we could offer a no win no fee solicitor from our panel to help you go forward with a claim.

●      Manage Your Claim And Stay Up-To-Date

While your claim is ongoing, our panel of no win no fee solicitors make sure you’re updated with important developments. If anything is unclear during this time, and you’d like to, they are always happy to assist you.

Services Covering Kensington And Chelsea

If you’re searching for local resources for Chelsea and Kensington, the below could be of some use.

Our Panel Of Doctors Covering Kensington And Chelsea

Claimants that are pursuing a personal injury claim are required to undergo a medical assessment in order for their claim to be valued. Local doctors that could perform these assessments could include the below:

Philip Coleridge SmithThe Lister Hospital, Chelsea Bridge Rd, London, SW1W 8RH
Ali Al-bahrani239 Kensington High Street, London, W14 8NU

Chelsea And Westminster Hospital

This hospital is a teaching hospital and has approximately 430 beds. It has an emergency department that is open 24 hours.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

369 Fulham Road,


SW10 9NH


Chelsea And Westminster NHS Foundation Trust

This NHS trust provides most of its services at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital but does operate sexual health and HIV services at other sites including West London Centre of Sexual Health at Charing Cross Hospital too.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

369 Fulham Road,


SW10 9NH.

Royal Borough Of Kensington And Chelsea Council

Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council

Town Hall,

Hornton Street,

W8 7NX

Metropolitan Police

Metropolitan Police

Victoria Embankment,




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