Lambeth No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Lambeth

No Win No Fee Solicitors Lambeth

Depending on the exact circumstances, you may be eligible to receive compensation if another person or business has caused you to suffer physical or mental harm or has damaged your finances through unlawful or negligent behaviour. These circumstances can leave you with all sorts of expenses, such as travel costs, childcare, medical costs, therapy costs, lost earnings and the cost of repairing or fixing damaged belongings. That, plus physical and emotional pain and suffering could all be claimed if you have suffered through no fault of your own.

It is inadvisable to try and make a compensation claim without the services of a professional solicitor. Solicitors are experienced expert professionals in handling compensation claims. This guide will attempt to give you the key information you need about what kinds of situations entitle you to compensation and how the process of claiming with our panel of solicitors works.  Adding to this, here at No Win No Fee Expert, we have a team of advisors on call who you can reach 24/7 for free advice, to answer any questions that aren’t answered for you here as well as to discuss beginning a claim.

Eligibility To Make A No Win No Fee Claim

All the claimants who are looking to seek compensation with our panel of solicitors can claim on a no win no fee basis. No win no fee agreements are also known as Conditional Fee Agreements, because the solicitor receiving their fees from the client is conditional on them winning the case. You are not obliged to pay the costs of making a claim if you have made a valid claim but haven’t been awarded compensation. If your claim is successful you will have to pay your solicitor, but the payment will be made using your compensation. There is a cap of 25% on how much your solicitor can receive from your compensation as payment. Our advisors will be happy to give you more information on how conditional fee agreements work if you call us on 0800 073 8802. Alternatively, you can read here for a more extensive look at how a no win no fee agreement can benefit you.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Service Or Accident Claim

  1. Lambeth Car Accident Compensation Claims
  2. If You Suffered Medical Negligence, Here Is How To Claim
  3. No Win No Fee Accident At Work Claims Process
  4. No Win No Fee Holiday Sickness Claims
  5. How To Claim Compensation After An Assault Or Criminal Injury
  6. More Injury And Accident Claims
  7. Mis Sold Pension Compensation Claims
  8. Lambeth Tenancy Deposit Dispute Claims Help
  9. Lambeth Housing Disrepair Cases
  10. How To Claim Compensation
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Lambeth Car Accident Compensation Claims

Road traffic accidents are gradually becoming less and less common, though government statistics still show that 160,597 casualties of all severities were reported on British roads in 2018. As a result, compensation claims for traffic accident injuries are commonplace. This means our panel of solicitors are well experienced in claiming compensation for people who are hurt in road traffic accidents that weren’t their fault. If you’ve been through a Lambeth car accident that you did not cause then you could claim compensation for injuries like whiplash, road rash, broken bones, and psychological harm, as well as expenses such as vehicle repairs and loss of earnings.

The local council or Highways England could be liable to pay you compensation if their neglect of the condition of the road caused you to have an accident. If another road user was responsible then the compensation will be drawn from their vehicle insurance. If the driver cannot be identified or if they were uninsured then the Motor Insurance Bureau will ensure that you still receive compensation.

If You Suffered Medical Negligence, Here Is How To Claim

You may be able to seek compensation for medical negligence with the assistance of a solicitor if it can be proven that the negligence of a hospital or any doctors or staff treating you caused preventable and unnecessary harm to your health. Either by exacerbating the condition you were being treated for or by inflicting further injuries or illnesses. There are a number of ways that this can happen.

  • In hospitals – poor hygiene maintenance can lead to infections and “superbug” outbreaks
  • By a GP -prescribing the wrong medication, misdiagnosing an illness, failing to refer you to the appropriate tests or specialists.
  • In a Care home – neglect of the well being of residents can lead to medications not being taken, patients suffering from bedsores and from malnutrition or dehydration.
  • By a dentist – mistakes in dental procedures can lead to damaged teeth, injured gums and infections.

Every year the NHS pays out millions of pounds in compensation for medical negligence through its litigation body NHS resolution. If the medical negligence which harmed you took place in the NHS then this is the body the claim would go through. As making a claim for the medical negligence that you have suffered may be daunting,  we could connect you to our panel of no win no fee solicitors who are not based in Lambeth but could assist you in making a claim.

No Win No Fee Accident At Work Claims Process

Employers are bound by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to take all the steps necessary to prevent avoidable risks to their employees’ health and safety. If your health has been affected because your employer did not fulfill this obligation you could have the right to bring a compensation claim against them.

The first step in the accident at work claims process will be to gather evidence. If you can, take photos of the place where the accident happened and the piece of equipment or machinery (if any) that caused it before your employer can clear up the scene of the accident. Take copies of any correspondence between you and your employer in which you or a colleague has raised health and safety issues relevant to the accident. Try and get those who were present to agree to testify in support of your claim and get their contact details. Be sure to fill out the accident book that is held within your workplace.

In addition to accidents, you can also claim compensation for long term illnesses such as Vibration White Finger or COPD caused by long term exposure to health hazards without adequate safety equipment. Work-related depression or stress can also be the basis of a compensation claim if you have been subject to bullying or heavy workloads.

Get in touch with our team to discuss your circumstances.

No Win No Fee Holiday Sickness Claims

As well as claiming compensation against businesses and organisations in the UK, our panel of solicitors can also help you seek out compensation from businesses and parties whose negligence caused you harm while you were abroad. Hotels, resorts, theme parks, attractions, restaurants and so on can all still be held responsible for compensation even if they are in other countries. So, even f you have suffered food poisoning after eating in a restaurant abroad one of the solicitors from our panel could seek compensation for you, though the claim would have to be made through the laws of that country rather than under British law.  British law would only apply if the restaurant which gave you food poisoning was arranged by your travel agents.

Holiday sickness claims aren’t the only form of compensation you could claim through our panel if your holiday has gone badly wrong. You could win compensation if you have lost luggage or had luggage damaged by an airline during your flight, or if your flight has been significantly delayed and the airline was at fault. The Montreal Convention enables those who are affected by the negligence of airline companies to seek compensation.

How To Claim Compensation After An Assault Or Criminal Injury

If you wish to claim after suffering an assault or other form of violent crime within the last two years you can call our team for advice and to be put in touch with our panel of solicitors. You could work with a solicitor to make a claim to the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (CICA) the government agency responsible for compensation awarded to victims of violent crime. Claiming compensation only requires proof that the incident took place, not a conviction of the person responsible. However you will be required to have reported the incident to the police and co-operated with any investigations they have carried out into the incident.

If you were the victim of a rape or sexual assault many years ago or as a child you may still be able to claim compensation from CICA despite the usual time limit being two years for criminal injury claims. Make a report to the police if you have not done so already, consider who you know who could provide testimony to support your claim and call our team for advice on what to do in such a situation.

More Injury And Accident Claims

The situations listed above are not the only circumstances in which you could make a claim for compensation. Any situation in which you have incurred an injury in an accident in Lambeth due to a third party’s negligence could result in a successful compensation claim. Personal injury claims can be made for;

  • Being injured by a faulty product.
  • For suffering food poisoning or an allergic reaction from poorly prepared food you have been served in a restaurant or by a takeaway.
  • Services that have been poorly performed by the business providing them can also cause an injury, for example a barber or hairdresser could leave their customers with cuts or burns. Tattooists who do not follow proper hygiene practices can leave their customers with tattoo’s that become infected.  A Body Piercing shop that performs a piercing poorly or without correct hygiene practices can leave the customer with an infection.

A solicitor can help you seek compensation if you are hurt while using facilities in a public place because they were faulty, ill-maintained or you weren’t given correct instructions on how to use them. This could happen in a gym, in an ice skating rink, in a wall-climbing center, swimming baths and so on. To find out if you are eligible to make a claim, call us today using our details that are listed within this guide.

Mis Sold Pension Compensation Claims

If you need to seek mis sold pension compensation you can do so through our panel of solicitors. Compensation for mis-sold pensions is not for physical injuries, but for harm caused to your financial situation by a financial product that was not appropriate for you. Mis-selling financial products can cause you to suffer financial losses in a number of ways. You may find yourself having to pay additional fees or charges that you weren’t informed of when you bought the product. You may lose money if the market sector you bought stocks in or which your pension was invested into is prone to sudden downturns and you weren’t warned beforehand.

Failing to warn you of risks or of charges that result in you losing out financially could make a business liable for paying you compensation. As can putting pressure on you to make a decision, trying to sell you a product they know to not be suitable for you and failing to inform you of the product best suited to your needs. The Financial Conduct Authority may also take action against a business for mis-selling pensions.

Lambeth Tenancy Deposit Dispute Claims Help

If you have a landlord who is refusing to give your tenancy deposit back while trying to evict you then they may be giving you a reason to take legal action against them for compensation. They actually cannot evict you without giving a good reason (by issuing you with a Section 21 notice) without returning your deposit.  If you take legal action with the help of a solicitor your landlord could be forced to return your deposit providing that they have no legal grounds to withhold part or all of it in order to cover repair costs that you caused or to cover the cost of missed rent payments. As well as general information about your rights as a tenant, the website, Shelter has a useful summary of how and when you can make a tenancy deposit dispute claim.

As well as receiving back your tenancy deposit you may also receive compensation if it is found that the reason your landlord was unwilling or unable to pay it back was because they had failed to protect it. To prevent the loss of your deposit landlords must put the deposit in an authorised tenancy deposit protection scheme and provide you with a letter confirming the details of the scheme within thirty days of taking the deposit money from you. The deposit must be kept protected this way for the duration of your tenancy.  If you need tenancy deposit dispute help from our advisors or our panel of solicitors, get in touch today.

Lambeth Housing Disrepair Cases

Working with a solicitor you could bring a housing disrepair case against your landlord or local council if you have come to harm as a result of living in a rented property in a state of disrepair. Compensation could be awarded both for injuries or health problems caused by the disrepair and for the costs of belongings you have lost or had damaged as a result of defects in the property. The landlord or council would be liable on the basis that, as the property’s owner, they were responsible for carrying out repairs and maintenance. Circumstances which could result in housing disrepair compensation cases may include:

  • Preventable fires caused by faulty wiring or faulty smoke alarms. Claims can be made for both injuries and loss of possessions.
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a faulty gas heater.
  • Damp or Mould. Claims can be made for both the ensuing health problems and damage to possessions.
  • Flooding or water leakage caused by faulty plumbing or guttering.

You may wish to familiarise yourself with the protocol for making a housing disrepair claim before going ahead with your claim.

How To Claim Compensation

Get In Touch With Us

The main point of contact for our team is our phone number0800 073 8802, alternatively, our team will call you if you make a request here.

Discuss Your Situation

If you want advice or want to start making a claim you can talk to our team of advisors. They will know whether you have valid grounds for a claim and what to do next. It is through them that you will be put in touch with our panel of solicitors.

Manage Your Claim And Stay Up-To-Date

When you claim compensation through our panel of solicitors they will make sure that you are updated on a regular basis, whether that be through phone conversations, texts, or emails.

Helpful Resources

Our Panel Of Doctors Covering Lambeth

Certain compensation claims will require you to undergo a medical exam to provide proof if you are claiming compensation for an illness or an injury. We work with a panel of doctors who can cover exams in Lambeth, see their names and addresses below.

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