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No Win No Fee Solicitors Lancaster

No Win No Fee Solicitors Lancaster

In this online guide to making an accident, illness or personal injury claim, we aim to provide plenty of free legal advice and information that should help you to understand firstly, why you may have a valid claim, and secondly, how to proceed with it. We will look at some of the more frequent kinds of claims that are made, and try to show how you could be eligible to claim.

Our claims team is just a phone call away on 0800 073 8802 to answer any questions that you have. Our team will also help you to work out which personal injury claims time limit will apply, and whether your claim is valid. If it is, they can move on to arrange for one of our panel of No Win No Fee solicitors covering Lancaster to process your claim for you.

Conditional Fee Agreement Cases

Were you aware that if you are injured, or become ill due to the actions of a third party, then you may be able to use a No Win No Fee solicitor to help you make a claim for the harm you suffered? The proper name for this kind of arrangement is a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). In Conditional Fee Agreement cases, the financial risk of making a claim is minimised, as the solicitor has agreed to defer their fee until a successful claim has been made.

When you instruct your solicitor, you will sign an agreement with them that sets out the percentage of your final settlement figure that they will take as their fee if the claim results in your receiving a compensation settlement. The solicitor won’t ask you to pay any kind of new claims fee or ask you to pay a fee to process the claim. If the claim is unsuccessful and you don’t win any compensation, you will not need to pay your solicitor for their services.

Our claims team can provide clarification about this kind of fee arrangement if you call them on the telephone number at the bottom of this guide. You can also read our full guide relating to the benefits of a CFA by clicking here.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Service Or Accident Claim

Lancaster Car And Road Traffic Accident Claims

In 2018, there were a total of 160,597 injuries reported as being caused by Road Traffic Accidents in the UK. However, this figure is probably on the low side, as the Department of Transport, in its 2018 annual report, notes that minor or slight injuries often go unreported. If you are injured in a road traffic accident in Lancaster, as a driver, a pedestrian, or even as a passenger in a Lancaster bus accident, if the accident wasn’t your fault, you may be able to claim for your injuries. For example:

  • A motorcyclist crashes into the side of a car that has pulled out onto the main road without paying due attention. The motorcyclists fracture their spine.
  • A pedestrian is walking along the edge of a rural road, and there is no pavement. A car driver fails to see the pedestrian in time because they were speeding, and run the pedestrian over. The pedestrian suffers multiple fractured ribs and a severe head injury.
  • A passenger in a taxi suffers a severe case a whiplash, when the taxi is rammed from behind by a lorry due to the lorry driver being distracted, texting on their phone.

Here we can see how one road user can be harmed by the actions of another. This also holds true for static road hazards such as construction machinery, hazards signs and road signs that cause an accident. In this case, it would be the organisation responsible for the hazard that caused an accident that is pursued for damages.

If you have been injured in an RTA that was not your fault, we may be able to help you claim for the injuries you suffered. Speak to one of our claim advisors to proceed with a claim today.

Claiming For Medical Negligence With No Win No Fee Solicitors

Each local National Health Service (NHS) Trust in the UK, operates its own clinical negligence liability scheme to meet the costs of negligence claims made against the trust. Private healthcare providers are required to maintain medical negligence liability insurance to provide patients with a way to claim damages. So, this then allows for victims of both NHS and private clinical negligence, to make a claim for compensation if they are injured due to situations such as:

  • While a patient is undergoing a surgical procedure, an anaesthetist administers too much general anaesthetic. After the operation the patient suffers side effects such as nausea, vomiting, respiratory distress of seizures.
  • A patient that is bedridden and immobile on a hospital ward, is not given sufficient care. They are not washed, cleaned or moved regularly, and they develop bedsores.
  • A GP misdiagnoses meningitis in a young child, mistaking it for a minor illness. The child becomes critically ill and is left with permanent brain damage.

In each of these examples, a medical professional has failed in their duty of care to provide their patients with a standard of care that is expected of them. In cases such as these, it could be possible that claiming for medical negligence is an option for the injured party. Our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Lancaster could assist you in making a claim of this nature, call us to find out more information.

Lancaster Accident At Work Claims

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), in the 2018/19 period, there were 28.2 million working days lost due to workplace injuries and work-related illnesses. Every company in the UK that employs staff, must comply with all health and safety legislation that applies to their core business. For example, a restaurant must comply will all regulations that relate to the hospitality sector.

When compliance protocols fail, it can result in accidents and injuries such as:

  • A warehouse worker trips over a box that has been left in an inappropriate place, causing a hazard.
  • A former coal miner contracts a lung-related illness many years after they have worked in a mine, that has been proven to have been caused by the excessive inhalation of coal dust.
  • A member of a corporate sales team suffers from work-related stress, due to the pressure of meeting sales targets whilst working under an aggressive, demanding and bullying line manager.

As we can see from these examples, it isn’t just accidents that can result in harm to an employee. Workplace illnesses and psychological health issues can also be caused. In each case, an external factor that the employer was responsible for caused harm to the victim. If you think you have a valid reason to make an accident at work claim for compensation, speak to one of our claim advisors for further information.

Personal Injury Claims For Package Holiday Injuries And Other Accidents Abroad

If you come to some form of harm (physical injury or illness) while you are on holiday, a solicitor may be able to help you to make a holiday claim. The situation here is not clear cut, as the claim process differs based on the circumstances of your holiday. To extrapolate on this:

  • For a personal injury claim on a package holiday (a holiday that was purchased inclusive of flights, accommodation, activities, excursions, food, etc.), then a solicitor would leverage the Package Travel Regulations 2018 to claim against the UK travel firm that sold you the holiday.
  • For a personal injury claim on a self-booked holiday (each part of the holiday was booked separately), then a solicitor would make a claim against the specific travel provider that caused harm to the victim.
  • For a personal injury claim made under the Montreal Convention, the solicitor would claim directly against the airline. The Montreal Convention is a legal framework that allows passengers certain rights even when the plane is flying outside of any national legal jurisdiction.

If you need to find out which of these three scenarios applies in your own case, please talk to one of our claim advisors. They will be able to provide you with advice once they know a little about your circumstances.

Claim Compensation For A Criminal Injury Or Abuse

The UK Government has provided a vehicle for victims of violent crimes to claim compensation, when there is no other way for them to make a claim. The victim can instruct a solicitor to apply to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) for compensation. CICA exists because for the victims of violent crimes, and this includes physical attacks and abuse, assault, violent theft or robberies such as mugging, and also sex crimes such as rape, sexual assault or molestation, there is not always a clear route to obtaining compensation. As the perpetrator may never be apprehended.

If you need to make a claim for a criminal injury, you can talk over your situation with our claims team. Our advisors understand that you may not want to talk about such a traumatic experience, and will handle your enquiry in a sensitive manner. We can then arrange for an experienced solicitor to process a CICA claim for you.

Examples Of Other Lancaster Accident Claims

We have covered some of the more commonly seen kinds of claims so far in this guide, but this really only scratches the surface of the vast number of different reasons why people make personal injury claims. Further examples could include:

  • Falling down an elevator in a shopping centre that stopped suddenly due to a fault, which resulted in them fracturing an arm.
  • Slipping on coffee that has been spilt on the floor of a local coffee shop, that should have been cleaned up or designated as a hazard using warning signs, and spraining an ankle.

These examples show that a  myriad of potential combinations of cause and effect, that through error, oversight or omission, could cause harm to a member of the public. No matter how you have been harmed, or what injuries you have suffered, if the incident that caused you harm was the responsibility of a third party, we could be able to help you to make a claim. Call our claims team today to learn how.

What Is A Mis Sold Mortgage Or Other Financial Service?

In this section, we address the question, what is a mis sold mortgage? As well as covering other kinds of financial products that could be mis sold. A mis sold mortgage, pension, annuity or insurance premium, would be one that was not sold to the client ethically, following the rules and regulations that govern the way that such products are sold.

When you are talking over these kinds of products with a financial advisor, you must be informed of:

  • The rang of similar products that exist.
  • All financial risks involved.
  • That the products on offer match your lifestyle and habits.
  • That the products on offer match your prior health history.

If you are not informed of all of these facts when buying a financial product, and you subsequently lose out financially because of this, you could have a valid basis to make a claim. Speak to one of our claim advisors to learn how to proceed with a financial mis selling claim.

When And How To Claim A Tenancy Deposit Back

As a tenant, you have rights with regards your deposit. The landlord cannot spend or use the deposit as if it is their own, and the money must be protected financially at all times, keeping the money segregated from normal operating capital.

If you need to know how to claim a tenancy deposit back if your landlord cannot or will not return it to you, please speak to a member of our team, they can explain how to proceed with a claim.

When And How To Claim For Housing Disrepair

In this section, we look at how you could make a claim for housing disrepair if you have been affected by such. You must follow the proper complaints procedure to report the disrepair to your landlord. If the landlord then fails to fix the disrepair within an acceptable time frame, you could be able to claim if:

  • You suffer financial loss due to damage to your property. For example, water or fire damage.
  • You suffer physical harm, either by way of an injury or illness.

If you think you have a valid reason to claim for housing disrepair, speak to our claims team who will explain how we can be of help.

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