Shrewsbury No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Shrewsbury

No Win No Fee Solicitors Shrewsbury

If you are looking for information on making compensation claims and information about personal injury solicitors covering Shrewsbury, then we could be of help. No Win No Fee Expert works with a panel of no win no fee solicitors, including solicitors covering Shrewsbury.

This article is a guide to the various different types of no win no fee personal injury claim and compensation claim services we provide and how these services operate. You can contact us for advice on 0800 073 8802 or with this contact form.

What Is A Conditional Fee Agreement Case?

We offer all our claims Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs), which are also known as no win no fee claims. Finding a solicitor who offers no win no fee claims could be an important step in making your compensation case, as a no win no fee solicitor won’t charge for their fees in the event of an unsuccessful claim. In addition to not expecting payment for unsuccessful claims, no win no fee solicitors will only request payment for successful claims under a ‘success fee’; this is a pre-negotiated portion of your compensation amount as their payment. This amount will not exceed 25% so you are guaranteed to receive the majority of your compensation without having to spend your own money on making a claim.

For more information about no win no fee agreements, click here.

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No Win No Fee Shrewsbury Road And Car Accident Compensation Claims

Thousands of road traffic accidents occur each year and can cause incredibly serious injuries. Unfortunately, many people who drive responsibly can still be involved in road traffic accidents caused by people who don’t. If you have suffered an injury, such as whiplash for example, which was caused by the negligent driving of another road user, then you have grounds to make a no win no fee claim for compensation. Examples of how negligent driving can cause accidents include, using a phone while driving, driving over the speed limit and driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

For more general information on road traffic accident injury claims, read here. 

No Win No Fee Shrewsbury Clinical Negligence Claims

If you have recently been in hospital or have been receiving treatment for an accident injury/illness and you health problems are worsened by negligence, this may be considered medical malpractice and therefore be eligible to make a clinical negligence claim. Clinical negligence (also known as medical negligence) is any situation in which doctors, nurses, dentists, nursing home staff or anyone else with a duty of care over patients causes harm by failing to uphold the standards and procedures expected of them. Clinical negligence can include surgical mistakes, wrongly prescribed medications, incorrect diagnosis and neglect of residents in nursing homes.

Medical negligence can also happen to patients staying in hospital. An injury claim could be made as a result of hospital superbugs or administration of substandard care. Examples of this could include:

  • Failure to properly monitoring the patients medication intake (e.g. Food and drink intake, vital signs, etc.).
  • Not providing the patient with appropriate meals, washing, changing or going to the toilet.
  • Not correctly interpreting test results.
  • Not ensuring hygiene to prevent infection outbreaks.

No Win No Fee Work Injury Compensation Claims

Work injury compensation can be awarded in cases of employees being injured or coming down with long term illnesses due to the negligence towards health and safety on the part of their employers.

Examples of how your employer might fail to provide you with adequate health and safety protections could include failing to provide equipment (such as protective gloves to prevent burns or vibration white finger) or failing to provide breathing equipment to prevent long term breathing issues due to hazardous materials in the air. Other examples might include failing to provide adequate training (such as correct lifting and carrying techniques), failing to provide proper security features in order to ensure staff safety from violent crimes, or failing to prevent workplace bullying.

Claim No Win No Fee Compensation For A Holiday Accident

You could be entitled to compensation if you have a trip or a holiday disrupted by a flight delay at the airport, which has resulted in an injury or financial loss. In addition to this, our panel of solicitors covering Shrewsbury can also cover compensation claims for accidents that happen abroad.

We can put you in touch with solicitors who are qualified in the legal systems of various different countries if you wished to make a claim against a foreign business (i.e. a hotel or a restaurant). However if you were on a holiday that you had booked as a package holiday then liability wold lie with the travel company you booked the holiday through, providing the incident occurred on an entity provided by the tour operator. Claims such as these can be handled under UK legislation if the tour operator is based in Britain.

Compensation For Criminal Injuries Or Sexual Abuse In Shrewsbury

Victims of violent crime are entitled to compensation awarded by the government for the pain and anguish they have suffered as a result of their injuries and/or psychological trauma. The government provides compensation fees via CICA, the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority, which handles criminal injury compensation cases. Our panel of solicitors can assist you in making a CICA claim application in Shrewsbury.

CICA also provides compensation for victims of historical sexual abuse and rape. Although criminal injury claims have a time limit of two years, unlike the general accident claims time limit that is applied to all personal injury claims, in cases of historic sexual assault claims this can be revoked. This is in order to take into account victims of historic sexual offences who have not felt able to come forward about crimes that took place many years ago.

What Other Accidents Could I Claim For?

If you have an accident in a public place there is a strong chance that the premises or space where it happened is in some way the responsibility of some private or public entity. With this in mind, the said entity could be held liable for their negligence in failing to keep their property safe for public use. For example, if you have an accident on public transport, the body responsible for public transport could be liable. If you suffer an accident in a restaurant, such as slipping on a spilled drink or coming down with food poisoning, then the restaurant could be held liable.

One of the most common ways that a business or local authority could find themselves liable for compensation is if they allow tripping and slipping hazards that cause people to fall and hurt themselves. If they have allowed the floors of their property to become cluttered with tripping hazards, such as wiring or discarded packaging, or if they allow the floor to be wet and slippery without a warning sign, then a valid claim could be made. Local authorities can also be liable for injuries people suffer due to tripping and falling on pavements if pavements have been allowed to fall into disrepair, with missing or uneven paving slabs and potholes present. However, some council’s require the defective pavement to fit a certain criteria before making a claim. Find more details on fall injury claims here.

Financial Mis-Selling Compensation Claims

You could have grounds to claim for financial compensation if you have lost money on a financial product that you believe was mis-sold to you. You may have been the victim of financial mis-selling if you have bought a financial product without being warned of potential financial risks, without being informed of alternative options, by being pressured into buying a particular product or if you were not asked to provide certain financial details.

Call our team today if you have purchased a pension scheme, PPI or stock investments that you believe may have been mis-sold to you or which has caused you to lose money.

Rental Deposit Claims Against Landlords In Shrewsbury

You could claim compensation from your landlord or letting agency if you find yourself in dispute with them over your tenancy deposit. If your tenancy is coming to an end your landlord is obligated to return to you the full value of the tenancy deposit that you paid to them at the beginning of your tenancy, providing you met your contractual obligations.

If your landlord wrongly withholds your tenancy deposit then you could claim for compensation. If the claim is successful, you could be entitled not only to the value of your deposit, but also a compensation sum of up to three times the value of your original deposit. Due to the threat of landlords refusing to return or losing their tenants deposits the law requires that landlords:

  • Place the deposit into a tenant deposit scheme within a month of receiving the deposit.
  • Write to the tenant within a month of receiving the deposit confirming the details of the TDS.

If your landlord has not met these obligations, it would also be grounds for a compensation claim. The website of Shelter, the housing charity is a useful resource for information on your rights as a tenant.

Compensation Claims For A Rental Property In Disrepair

Another situation in which you would potentially have grounds to seek compensation from your landlord would be in the event of a rental property in disrepair. When living in rented accommodation, the owner of the property whom you are renting from is required to ensure that it is maintained and repaired to an acceptable standard. Living in a property which exhibits disrepair can pose a threat to your health and if you suffer as a result of this after informing the landlord, it could be grounds for claiming compensation.

Inadequate heating resulting from non-functional boilers, radiators or central heating and/or broken window frames or missing roof tiles can lead to cold-related health problems in winter for elderly frail people. Issues with windows and roofing, as well as with guttering, can lead to water ingress, which combined with poor ventilation can lead to harmful damp and mould. Issues with plumbing can be highly unsanitary and can prevent you from having access to running water. Infestation of insects or vermin also poses a hygiene threat.   If you want information about the legal process of rental property disrepair claims you can read through this text on the site.  

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Our panel of no win no fee solicitors cover Shrewsbury, but are not based there. Working with a solicitor outside your area is not an impediment to making a claim. You can keep in touch with your solicitor and share any important information with them via phone calls, emails and video chats.

Resources And Services In Shrewsbury

Our Panel Of Doctors Covering Shrewsbury

In order to make a compensation claim for personal injury or a health problem, you will need to be examined by a doctor. The medical report produced by this doctor will be a part of the evidence to support your claim as well as enabling your solicitor to calculate how much your claim will be requesting in compensation. Below is a table listing some of the doctors whom we work with who cover medical exams in Shrewsbury.

Mohammed SafdarButcher row, Shrewsbury,
Laura Sanchez PallarezLancaster road,

Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

Royal Shrewsbury hospital, along with Princess Royal Hospital in Telford, provides general and critical services to both Shropshire in England and Powys in Wales. It has 492 beds.

Mytton Oak Road,




Shrewsbury And Telford NHS Trust

Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust operates the The Princess Royal Hospital Telford and the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital as well as other services in both Shropshire and mid Wales.

Royal Shrewsbury Hospital,

Mytton Oak Road,





Shropshire Council

The Shirehall,

Abbey Foregate,




West Mercia Police

Hindlip Hall





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