Suffolk No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

Suffolk No Win No Fee Solicitors

When making a personal injury claim, or any other type of compensation claim, you could benefit from utilising the services of a legal professional, as they could bring their knowledge and experience to your case. No win no fee solicitors covering Suffolk could assist you without you having to find the funds upfront for their services. Here at No Win No Fee Expert, we could connect you with a solicitor from our panel who has the capabilities to handle many different kinds of claims, from personal injury claims to medical negligence claims and from mis selling claims to claims for disrepair in social housing, and so on.

If you’re ready to get started or wish to get advice tailored to your specific circumstances, please call us on 0800 073 8802. Otherwise, why not browse the sections below for answers to frequently asked questions as well as an indication of the kinds of claims that you could make.

A Guide To No Win No Fee Claims

If you do not already have experience with compensation claims, you might not know what a no win no fee claim is and how it works. Simply put, when it comes to a no win no fee claim, you would be required to sign an agreement that sets out the conditions under which you would pay your no win no fee solicitor. This could be referred to as a CFA or Conditional Fee Agreement, or you might hear it being called a no win no fee agreement, The principle remains the same. Your lawyer would be paid a success fee of a percentage of your compensation payout if they managed to secure you an awarded settlement. This percentage – as per the government’s cap -can not be more than 25%. If your solicitor does not secure you any compensation, but you had a valid claim, then they would not be able to lay claim to this success fee, so you would not be required to pay it.

Some people may consider this a real benefit when looking to make a claim, as they may feel that gaining experience from a legal professional without risking their own funds would be beneficial.

Now we’ve explained some more about how this kind of claim proceeds, let us go through some common claims that a no win no fee solicitor could assist with.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Service Or Accident Claim

No Win No Fee Claims Traffic And Car Accidents In Suffolk

Whether you suffered whiplash in a Suffolk bus accident when a driver failed to maintain a safe stopping distance, or you suffered some sort of injury in a motorbike accident, cyclist accident, pedestrian accident or a Suffolk car accident, today could be the day you take action to claim compensation – if someone else caused your injuries, that is.

There are certain criteria that should be met for a claim to be valid. Someone else would have had to have been at fault for the road accident in Suffolk, you must have suffered injuries because of that accident, and you must make your claim within the personal injury claims time limit. You could, in some cases, be claiming on behalf of someone else; for example, if you have lost a loved one in a Suffolk fatal accident on the road, or if you are claiming on behalf of a child that has been injured in a road accident in Suffolk.

What If I Was In Some Part To Blame?

Proving liability is the job of your personal injury solicitor, and while you may think that if you were partly to blame, a personal injury lawyer couldn’t help you at all, they could still help you claim in some cases where you were partially at fault. However, the compensation for this type of accident would likely be lower than if you were totally blameless, in order to reflect your involvement.

How Common Are UK Road Accidents?

Government statistics for 2018 revealed that while the number had dropped for casualties that occurred on UK roads, in 2018, 160,597 people were still injured because of incidents on roads in the UK. 1784 of these were, sadly, fatal. If you lost a loved one in a fatal accident that was not their fault, you could claim compensation not only for their suffering but also for any detrimental financial impact their death could have on your household if you were dependent on them.

Claim For A Medical Negligence Case

Claiming for medical negligence with one of our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Suffolk could make the process easier than going it alone. But what kinds of claims could a no win no fee solicitor help with? Essentially, if you have suffered some kind of harm directly caused by medical negligence, such as a poorer prognosis, a worsening of symptoms, the need for more invasive treatment or a new injury or illness, you could make a claim for compensation with a no win no fee solicitor from our panel. Claims could include:

  • Blood test negligence cases
  • Midwife negligence cases
  • Surgical negligence cases
  • GP negligence cases
  • Hospital negligence cases
  • Cancer negligence cases
  • Care home negligence cases
  • Dentist’s negligence cases
  • And more….

If you feel you may have been harmed by medical negligence and would like to know if you are eligible to make a claim for compensation, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Suffolk Work Injury Compensation Claims

No win no fee solicitors covering Suffolk could also assist with work injury compensation claims. These kinds of claims could come about because an employer has been negligent in protecting your health and safety in a reasonable manner while you are at work. They are required by law to do so. If they do not abide by this, and you suffer injuries in an accident that would not have happened had they not been negligent, you could not only put in a claim for compensation for the suffering of the injuries but also for any lost wages, travel or medical costs arising because of the accident.

If you are wondering what sort of action your employer should be taking towards your health and safety, it would be difficult to generalise this, because workplaces could differ vastly between industries, so the risks present in one would not necessarily be present in another. However, some actions that could be taken in some circumstances might be:

  • Allowing you to take regular breaks from repetitive/highly stressful work
  • Ensuring that you have manual handling training if this is part of your job role
  • Making sure PPE is provided (gloves etc) if you are handling dangerous materials
  • Ensuring that your workstation is set up according to the DSE regulations if necessary
  • And more…

Another type of workplace claim could relate to a condition that came on overtime if it was linked to your work. Conditions such as tendonitis, repetitive strain injuries, COPD etc could lead to claims if your employer did not do enough to protect you from contracting such conditions.

No Win No Fee Holiday Injury Claims

Were you aware that you could use the services of no win no fee solicitors covering Suffolk for circumstances where you were injured on holiday – even if it was in another country? If you are making a claim under UK law (For example, the Package Travel Regulations), or international law (The Montreal Convention, for example) you could be eligible to make a claim as long as you can prove that you your injuries were the fault of a third parties actions or omissions.

Claims could be made for:

  • Airport accidents
  • Flight accidents
  • Holiday illness (food poisoning etc)
  • Coach accidents
  • Waterslide accidents

If you would like to talk about your specific circumstances to see if you could be eligible to make a claim with a no win no fee solicitor from our panel, then you could get in touch with an expert advisor by calling us.

Suffolk Violent Crime Victim Compensation Claims

The police website states that in Ipswich, Suffolk, between November 2018 and October 2019, there were 1950 violent or sexual offences committed. Whether you were a direct target of a violent assault, you obtained injuries while attempting to halt a crime, or you have suffered some sort of mental trauma, such as PTSD because you were a witness to violent criminal acts, you could use the services of a no win no fee solicitor from our panel to help put a claim through the CICA. The usual time limit for criminal injury claims could be 2 years from the date of the offence, but in some cases, exceptions could be made.

Exceptions For Abuse Victims

One such exception could be that of historical abuse cases. Because a victim of such abuse could have struggled to mentally or emotionally process the abuse, they might not have had the capacity to claim before now. No win no fee solicitors covering Suffolk from our panel may be able to help in such circumstances.

Additional Suffolk Injury Or Accident Claims

Aside from those mentioned above, there could be many different situations that could also lead to a personal injury claim. If the accident or injury happened in Suffolk, then our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Suffolk could help if someone else is liable for your injuries. Examples could include:

  • A Suffolk farm accident
  • A Suffolk train accident
  • An accident in a public place (such as a slip or fall)
  • A beauty treatment gone wrong
  • And more…

If someone else were to blame for the accident that caused you to suffer harm, a no win no fee solicitor could help fight for compensation on your behalf.

Financial Service And Pension Mis Selling Claims

You may have already seen in the news that some people who have purchased pensions or other financial products have claimed compensation for being mis sold. But you might not have assessed your own situation to see if you have been affected by financial mis selling. This may be because you may not know what could constitute mis selling. Here, we give you a few of the clues that could indicate that a financial product was mis sold to you.

  • The product you were sold isn’t suitable
  • The product you were sold has fees you were not made aware of
  • The product you were sold has risks you were not made aware of
  • You chose the product because you were pressured into doing so
  • And more…

No win no fee solicitors covering Suffolk from our panel could help you claim compensation for financial mis selling. Why not call the No Win No Fee Expert team to see if you could have a case.

No Win No Fee Suffolk Tenancy Deposit Compensation Claims

Landlords have been required by law to hold your deposit in a government-approved TDS, or tenancy deposit scheme since April 2007.

In order to abide by the rules pertaining to deposit protection, they should:

  1. Ensure that an approved scheme is selected
  2. Ensure that you are given the details of the scheme used, the deposit amount and the conditions for return.

They should take this action within 30 days of you paying the deposit to them.

If they have failed to protect your deposit, then you might be entitled to claim compensation with one of our panel of no win no fee solicitors for this.

You might also wish to look into making claims against your landlord if they have not returned your deposit within the required time period of 10 working days from the agreement of the amount to be returned. If you have a tenancy deposit dispute, then why not speak to our team, as we could provide you with a no win no fee solicitor from our panel that has experience in tenancy deposit compensation claims.

No Win No Fee Claims For Disrepair In Private Or Social Housing

You may find disrepair an inconvenience, particularly if you have reported damp, mould, broken heating systems, loose floorboards or more to your landlord and they have failed to fix them. But what if this disrepair causes you to suffer unnecessary harm in some manner?

Whether you have suffered illness relating to damp and/or mould in your property, have been injured because of a faulty heaty system, or have had to repair or replace your belongings due to the damage disrepair has caused to them, you could claim compensation if disrepair has caused you harm, and you could use a no win no fee solicitor from our panel to do so. For an assessment of your situation and free no-obligation advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our advisors.

How To Begin A Compensation Claim

Starting a compensation claim is easy when you know how to.

●      Get In Touch With Us

You could ring our helpline on 0800 073 8802, or alternatively, you could choose to use the Live Chat on our site. There’s also a contact form you could use.

●      Discuss Your Situation

Talk to us about what has been happening to you, and we will offer our honest opinion on whether we feel you could be eligible to claim compensation. If we think your claim warrants it, we could offer to provide you with one of the no win no fee solicitors covering Suffolk from our panel. You don’t have to take this up, however. All the advice we give is free and comes with no obligation to use our services.

●      Manage Your Claim And Stay Up-To-Date

As your claim progresses, our panel of solicitors will stay in touch to talk to you about any update and answer any queries you may have. They will ensure that you are fully informed of how your claims are progressing.

Suffolk Area Services

Suffolk-based claimants could find the below resources of use.

Our Panel Of Doctors Covering Suffolk

Seeing an independent medical expert is part and parcel of the claims process if you’re claiming for personal injury. You would need to have an appointment where your medical history is taken and an assessment made on your current condition. This would be used to create a medical report, which could help to value the claim you are making. Local doctors might include:

Asef Zafar44 Felaw Street, Ipswich, IP2 8SJ
Rajeev T JahagirdarIpswich Clinic, Aqua Pharmacy, 52 Duke Street, Ipswich, IP30AQ

West Suffolk Hospital

West Suffolk Hospital offers a variety of services including blood tests, opthamology, radiology and maternity services to name but a few.

West Suffolk Hospital,

Hardwick Lane,

Bury St Edmunds,


IP33 2QZ


West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

The West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust manages the West Suffolk Hospital and also works with specialist centres in the locality. Community outpatient operations are conducted around the area in Newmarket, Haverhill, Sudbury and more.

West Suffolk Hospital,

Hardwick Lane,

Bury St Edmunds,


IP33 2QZ.

Suffolk County Council

Suffolk County Council

Endeavour House,

8 Russell Road,



Suffolk Constabulary

Suffolk Constabulary
Police Headquarters
Martlesham Heath


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