Watford No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Watford

No Win No Fee Solicitors Watford

This is an online guide for if you need to use the services of No Win No Fee solicitors covering Watford to make a compensation claim. On this page, we are going to go over some of the more common kinds of claims. We are also going to try and help you to understand how a solicitor can assist you with your own claim.

Each claim tends to have its own unique aspects. Therefore, despite the fact we have tried to provide as much information as possible in this guide, you may have questions that are unanswered. If you do, don’t worry. All that you have to do is call 0800 073 8802. You will get through to a member of our claims team, who will be able to answer any questions you have. They will also connect you to our panel of no win no fee solicitors who are not based in Watford but can cover the area with ease.

No Win No Fee Claims Explained

In this section, we are going to explain what it means to use No Win No Fee solicitors covering claims in Watford, and how this fee structure works. The actual name of this kind of legal fee structure, is a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) and it is broken down below;

  1. You will not be asked to pay any kind of fee for your solicitor to start working on your claim, or whilst the solicitor is advising you on how to start your claim.
  2. If your claim is not successful, and you do not receive any compensation at all, then your legal team will not expect to be paid anything at all.
  3. If your claim is successful, at this stage the legal firm is going to take their fee directly from the settlement figure.

We have published a written about the benefits of the no win no fee agreement here. Alternatively, you can speak to a member of our claims team on the telephone number down near the bottom of this guide, who can discuss this in more detail.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Service Or Accident Claim

No Win No Fee Car Accident And Road Injury Claims

A report published by the Department of Transport shows that road traffic accidents are, arguably one of the most common types of accidents in the UK. RTA’s can affect all road users, not only the driver of a vehicle, for example:

  • A pedestrian crossing the road.
  • A person riding a horse.
  • People riding motorcycles.
  • Cyclists using public roads.
  • Car, van, and lorry drivers.
  • Passengers in a car, or riding on a bus, coach or minibus.

Road users can be injured in a very wide range of potential roads traffic accidents, ranging in severity from minor, involving a single vehicle, to major multi-vehicle pileups. For example:

  • A person riding on a bus that runs into a lamppost while stopping suffers whiplash.
  • A cyclist is run off the road by a car driver that did not see them, breaking the cyclist’s arm.
  • A pedestrian is hit by a moving vehicle on a pelican crossing, because the driver failed to see the red light, causing the pedestrian a severe concussion.

If you are injured by the actions of another road user, in an accident that was not your fault, then you could be able to make a No Win No Fee car accident injury claim. As mentioned previously, we can connect you one of our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Watford to assist you in making a claim.

No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Claims In Watford

Despite the best efforts of medical professionals and both NHS and private healthcare facilities, clinical negligence can and does happen. Patients who should have been able to rely on a medical professional’s duty of care, to ensure that they suffer no unnecessary harm, are actually injured by the very people who are responsible for caring for them. For example:

  • A cancer patient goes without critical treatment due to a late or misdiagnosis.
  • A person with a psychological illness does not receive adequate care, leading to them harming themselves or committing suicide.
  • Faulty equipment harms a patient, such as a poorly calibrated X-Ray machine exposing a patient to unsafe levels of radiation.

No matter how you come to harm whilst under medical care, if you can prove that negligence was the cause, and you were avoidably injured as a result then you could be able to medical negligence claim.

Watford Work Injury Claims With No Win No Fee Solicitors

The Health and Safety Executive is responsible for maintaining the regulations that relate to workplace safety in the UK. The HSE also proactively monitors and evaluates the safety performance of every employer in the UK. This is to ensure that every member of the workforce is kept safe at work, through the iterative process of exposing and then mitigating workplace hazards.

When a failure to follow HSE regulations occurs and an employee is injured due to a workplace hazard their employer should have dealt with before it caused an accident then a claim for compensation could be made. If you believe you have a valid basis for a workplace injury claim, talk to one of our claims team today. They will explain how a No Win No Fee lawyer from our panel is able to help you with your personal injury claim.

Holiday Accident Claim Solicitors

Did you know that you can use holiday accident claims solicitors to make a claim for an injury or illness that you suffered while overseas on holiday? There are two potential situations here, and these are:

  1. You were on a trip that you booked yourself. Separate flights, accommodation, etc. In this case, your solicitor would have to claim against the service provider responsible for the harm you have suffered. For example, if you are scalded by a faulty shower unit in your hotel bathroom, it would be the hotel operator that your solicitor would claim against.
  2. You booked a package holiday that included flights, accommodation, food, excursions, etc. in a single price, from a UK based travel company. In this case, the UK travel firm is responsible for providing a minimum level of quality and safety. If you are injured due to this minimum level not being met, your solicitor would claim against the package holiday vendor in the UK.

If you are unsure who you would need to make a claim against for your holiday accident claim, our claim advisors would be able to tell you. Speak to them today on the number below.

Claim Compensation After An Assault Or Abuse In Watford With No Win No Fee Solicitors

It isn’t just accidents that personal injury lawyers covering Watford can help you to make a claim for. A legal firm can also help you to claim for compensation after assault or some other kind of violent crime, that has lead to either physical or psychological harm such as:

  • Assault (or the threat of assault).
  • Being mugged.
  • Being attacked by a burglar.
  • Becoming the victim of rape.
  • Sexual assault or being sexually molested.

In these kinds of claims, it will not generally be the criminal that your solicitor will seek damages from. It will likely be the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (CICA). This is a special organisation that compensates people for the physical harm they have suffered due to a violent crime, or psychological damage due to the incident. Our claims team can explain the process of making a CICA claim to you if you contact them on the number below.

Additional Forms Of Accident Claims

Although the examples in the previous sections are some of the more common reasons for people to make a No Win No Fee accident claim, there are many more kinds of claims a solicitor can help you with, for example:

  • Workplace illness claims that need to be made against a previous employer.
  • Claiming against the local council for accidents in a public place.
  • Making a claim for being bitten by a dog or some other kind of animal.
  • If you have been the victim of workplace bullying.

Put simply, any time you are injured due to the actions of a third party, you could have just cause to make a No Win No Fee injury claim. Speak to our claims team and explain the way you have been harmed, and how the harm came about, and they will tell you if you have a valid claim or not.

No Win No Fee Mis-Sold Financial Service Claims

Whenever you are being sold a financial product such as Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), a Self-Invested Pension Plan (SIPP), or an annuity, your financial advisor has to follow very strict rules. They must offer you the best advice possible, divulge all risks, and asks needs and requirements before selling you a product.

If you are sold a financial product in a way that doesn’t conform to the rules and regulations for the way your IFA must deal with you, and you end up suffering some form of financial loss because of it, then it could be possible for a No Win No Fee solicitor to help you claim for this loss.

Compensation Claims For Disputed Tenancy Deposits

When you move into a rental property, you may have had to pay a deposit. If you do pay a deposit, the landlord is obligated to protect the money you have given them from loss. This ensures that no matter what happens, your deposit money will be available to pay back to you at the end of your tenancy. Furthermore, there are rules and regulations related to when a landlord has the right to withhold a deposit either in full or partially.

If you lose your deposit because the landlord has failed to protect the money, or they have refused to refund it to you for reasons that are not within the letter of the law, then a No Win No Fee lawyer could be able to help you to get your deposit back.

No Win No Fee Housing Disrepair Solicitors For Illness Or Injury Claims

There is a legal process in place for people who have had to suffer living in a rented property that is in disrepair. As long as you follow this process, your landlord is legally obligated to ensure that the disrepair is dealt with, and that this is done within an appropriate timescale.

If you suffer health issues (due to rising damp, mould growing in the bathroom, lack of heating, etc) or your suffer financial loss (for instance, a burst pipe ruins your bedding), then a team of No Win No Fee disrepair solicitors could be able to help you to make a claim against your landlord.

Start A No Win No Fee Claim With A Solicitor Covering Watford

If you believe you have a valid claim, then all you need to do to get started with it is follow the three simple steps below.

Get In Touch With Us

Give our claims team a call on 0800 073 8802. Explain your situation too them, and they will evaluate your claim and let you know whether it is valid and whether you have a chance of receiving compensation.

Discuss Your Situation

Our team will go over the specifics of your claim with you, and inform you of your legal options. They will also give you some free legal advice on how best to proceed with your claim. At this time, you will also be given certain specific information about the claims process, such as the personal injury claims time limit that will apply in your own case.

Manage Your Claim And Stay Up-To-Date

If your claim is valid, our team can arrange for our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Watford to assist you in making a claim. The solicitor will be available to keep you updated on the status of the claim. They will also be happy to explain what they have been doing on your behalf to achieve a successful resolution to your claim.

Watford Claimant Resources

In the sections below, we have provided additional information that could be related to your claim, and be of use to you.

Doctors Handling Watford Area Medical Assessments

A solicitor will need you to go for an impartial medical examination, to discern the nature of your injuries, how severe they are, and whether there will be any long-term or permanent effects on your life due to you not recovering fully. We work with a panel of doctors based in Watford. Some of whom he have listed below;

Salman BaigRegus Watford
54 Clarendon Road
WD17 1DU
Hassan MehdiHoliday Inn Express
Watford Junction
19 Bridle Path
WD17 1UE
Pankaj TannaBridgewater House Surgeries
7 Printers Avenue
WD18 7QR

Watford General Hospital

Vicarage Rd


WD18 0HB

Website: www.westhertshospitals.nhs.uk/about/Watford_wards_departments.asp

Watford Borough Council

Town Hall

Hempstead Road


WD17 3EX

Website: www.watford.gov.uk/

Hertfordshire Constabulary

Stanborough Rd

Welwyn Garden City


Website: www.herts.police.uk

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