Widnes No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Widnes

No Win No Fee Solicitors Widnes

Within this guide, we will explain how to claim for an injury or illness that was caused by the actions of a third party. We cover some of the most frequently seen kinds of claims that No Win No Fee solicitors covering Widnes might help claimants with. We also try to show how you, yourself, could be eligible to make a similar claim if you have suffered as a result of the third party acts or omissions.

If you want to arrange for a No Win No Fee solicitor to process your claim for you, our claims team can help with this, as we work with a panel of solicitors who are not based in Widness but can cover the area with ease. Just give one of our advisers a call on 0800 073 8802 to proceed. They will also be able to provide answers to any questions that you have related to the claims process in general.

What Can I Use A Conditional Fee Agreement For?

The correct term for No Win No Fee, is a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA).  A CFA  minimises the financial risks involved in making a claim. When you choose to use a No Win No Fee solicitor, the following will apply:

  • There will not be any fee levied for the solicitor to take your claim on, or whilst the solicitor is helping you to prepare your claim.
  • Your solicitor won’t ask you to pay any legal fees while they are processing the claim on your behalf. In some cases, it can take quite some time to process a claim, especially a complex one.
  • Once your claim has been processed, if a successful resolution was not reached, and you do not receive a compensation settlement, your solicitor will not expect to be paid a fee.
  • Before starting work on the claim, your solicitor will agree on a fixed percentage of the overall compensation received, that they will take as their success fee. When the solicitor successfully secures a compensation payment for you, they will take this percentage out of your settlement figure.

We have published a more detailed guide to this kind of fee agreement, which you can read here. We can arrange for one of our panel of No Win No Fee solicitors covering Widnes to process a claim using a CFA for you. Please call our claims team on the telephone number  this guide to proceed.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Service Or Accident Claim

Widnes Road Accident And Traffic Incident Compensation Claims

The Department of Transport published a report in 2018, that showed that 25,511 serious injuries were reported to the police that year, as having been caused by a Road Traffic Accident (RTA). This was slightly higher than in 2017. Any road user, and this includes passengers of a vehicle, and also pedestrians using public roads, could be able to make a compensation claim if they are injured in a road accident, that was caused by a third party. The third-party could be:

  • Another road user (drivers, cyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians, passengers, etc.)
  • A government body such as the local council, highways authority or police force.
  • An organisation that was responsible for a road hazard, such as a construction firm that has left machinery in a place causing a road hazard.

Injuries suffered as a result of a third parties negligence in an RTA can result in a severe case of whiplash, fractured bones, head injuries and in the worst case, a fatality.

If you have been injured in a traffic incident in Widnes that was not your fault, call our claims team to find out whether you have a valid claim for compensation.

Cases Of Clinical Negligence In Widnes

It is a legal obligation for all healthcare facilities, both privately operated and state-run, to make sure patients are provided with safe treatment. Every medical professional caring for a patient must fulfil their duty of care, never to cause unnecessary harm. Of course, mistakes can and do happen, harming a patient in a way that could have been avoided. For example:

  • A dentist chips an undamaged tooth, while they are extracting a root.
  • A cosmetic surgeon performs a botched facelift, resulting in facial disfigurement to the patient.
  • A GP mistakes a serious illness for a minor one. The patient goes without critical treatment, and their health becomes worse.

Any time a medical professional fails in their duty of care towards a patient, in cases similar to these examples and a patient has suffered unnecessarily as a result negligence may have taken place. The basic test for negligence, is that each of these statements is true:

  • The medical professional had a duty of care towards the patient.
  • A failure in this duty of care resulted in harm to the patient.
  • The medical professional could have avoided breaching the duty of care.

If you believe that you have been harmed due to clinical negligence, we could be able to arrange for a personal injury lawyer from our panel, to process a personal injury claim for you. Please speak to our claims team to find out more.

Work Injury Compensation Claims

When we go to work, we expect to be safe while we are working. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is a government-run organisation that is responsible for ensuring that every employer in the UK provides its workforce with a safe working environment that reduces the risks of accidents, illness or injuries where ever possible. When a company fails to comply with the directives of the HSE, it can place employees at risk of injury or illness. For example:

  • An accident in a chemical processing plant exposes an employee to toxic fumes, and this results in damage to the employee’s lungs.
  • An office worker is forced to use an old, broken chair that causes them to sit at an awkward angle whilst using a keyboard. The repeated back strain results in a spinal injury.

Here we can see how accidents, and poorly maintained equipment can become health and safety hazards that cause illness or injury to an employee. If you have been injured at work, and it can be proven that your employer was the root cause, we could be able to help you to make a work injury compensation claim by organising a personal injury solicitor from our panel of no win no fee solicitors to process the claim for you.

Holiday Compensation For Accidents, Illnesses And Delayed Flights

In some cases, it could be possible for holidaymakers to claim holiday compensation for injuries or illnesses that occurred overseas. Furthermore, there could also be a route to compensation for victims of a delayed or cancelled flight.

The way that you booked your holiday has a direct effect on the way your claim will be made. If you booked a package holiday inclusive of flights, accommodation, food, etc. then if your injury or illness was caused by the provider of one of the included features of your holiday, your solicitor will use the Package Travel Regulations 2018, to claim directly against the UK travel firm that sold you the holiday.

If you booked your holiday yourself, combining offers from multiple travel vendors, then it would be the individual travel provider that your solicitor would process a claim against. For example, if you come down with a food-related illness after eating breakfast at your hotel, then it would be the hotel owner or operator that the claim is made against.

Finally, a note on the Montreal Convention. This is a special legal framework that applies to aircraft that are flying in international airspace, outside of any legal jurisdiction. The Montreal Convention provides anyone injured on a flight, the ability to make a compensation claim if they are harmed while travelling outside of national boundaries.

You may not be sure which situation applies in your own case, and our claims team can help with this. Give them a call, explain your situation, and they will be able to advise you how best to proceed with your holiday claim.

How Does Crime Victim Compensation Work?

In this section, we are going to answer the question, How does crime victim’s compensation work? Violent crimes include purely physical attacks such as assault, mugging, aggravated robbery and even murder. They also include sexually driven attacks such as sexual assault or rape, as well as historical sexual abuse.

In these types of circumstances a claim for criminal injury compensation could be made, the victim will make a claim through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). CICA fills the role of the defendant, providing a route to compensation when no other exists.

We can provide you with a no win no fee solicitor from our panel who are not based in Widnes but could cover the area with ease, and who are experienced in the process of making a CICA claim for criminal injury on behalf of claimants. Please speak to one of our claim advisers to learn more about this.

Further Types Of Accident Claims

There are many reasons why people make personal injury claims. We have only brushed on some of the most common so far in this guide. However, this simple truth is that any time a person is injured through the actions of a third party, a valid claim may well exist. For example:

  • You slip on food that has been dropped on the floor of a fast-food outlet, that should have been cleaned up or designated as a hazard using a proper hazard sign. You fracture your wrist  while attempting to break your fall.
  • Your neighbour keeps an aggressive pet dog, which escapes its leash and bites you, causing lacerations to your shins and a subsequent infection.

In each example, actual physical harm has been caused due to the fault of a third party. In each case, it could have been possible for a claim to be made. If you speak to one of our claim advisers and explained how your injuries were caused, they will tell you whether you could have due cause to make a claim.

Mis-Sold Financial Service And Product Claims

It could be possible to claim for mis-sold financial services and products, when the claimant has suffered some kind of financial loss as a result. In order for a claim to be valid, it must be proven that the financial adviser that sold the financial product to the claimant, failed to comply with all regulations pertaining to the ethical sale of financial products and services, as laid down by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

If you have been mis sold a pension annuity, a pension product such as a Self-Invested Pension Plan (SIPP), or some kinds of insurance such as Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), then you may be able to claim for financial loss. Our claims team will be able to give you further information.

Tenancy Deposit Dispute Compensation

Your landlord is expected to protect your deposit financially, for the entire time you are a tenant, starting within 30 days of you giving them your deposit. They must also return your deposit to you when your tenancy ends. You could be eligible to make a tenancy deposit dispute claim if;

  • Your landlord mo longer has your deposit, nor do they have the funds to return it to you.
  • Your landlord has refused to return your deposit to you, with no legal reason for doing so.
  • Your landlord keeps part of your deposit, even though you have not broken the terms of your tenancy.

If you believe that you have the right to make a tenancy deposit dispute claim please get in touch with one of our advisers to discuss your circumstances further.

Rental Property Disrepair Claims Against Landlords In Widnes

Your landlord must fix housing disrepair within an acceptable timescale, once you have followed the proper complaints procedure. If this doesn’t happen, then you could have a basis for making disrepair claims. Claims will fall into one of two categories:

  1. For physical harm, such as an injury or a health condition that has been caused by the disrepair.
  2. For financial loss, such as items of property that have been damaged by the disrepair.

We can help with both kinds of claims. Talk over your claim with our advisers  today, to learn how best to proceed.

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Information For Claimants In This Area

Claimants in the Widnes area may find these additional sections below contain useful, further information that may be relevant to their claim.

Our Panel Of Doctors Covering Widnes

Regardless of whether you have already used a personal injury claims calculator to get an estimate of the value of your claim, your solicitor will need you to undergo a medical examination, to value your claim fully. Our panel of solicitors work with a panel of doctors local to Widnes, some of whom you can see below:

Carl Byrne85 Albert Road
Envy Hair Salon -
Please report to Envy reception as Clinic is upstairs

Halton General Hospital

Hospital Way



Website: www.whh.nhs.uk

Warrington And Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Lovely Lane



Halton Borough Council

Town Hall

Heath Road



Website: www3.halton.gov.uk

Cheshire Constabulary

Clemonds Hey

Oakmere Road



Website: www.cheshire.police.uk/

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