Probate and Wills

The idea of Will and Probate are not always a welcomed subject as the names of them may even create feelings of anxiety not only because of what they mean but what should actually detail in them. The leaving and appointing of assets may not always be as straight forward as some may think as a person must think how they would like all the worldly assets to be shared. Designing a Will can actually be a sad time no matter the age of the person as they are thinking about a time when they are no longer here and have may be left loved ones behind, that is why we are here to help take away the strain, sadness and any anxiety one may feel making a Will and Probate.

Law Office image Will and ProbateWe have a department who deal solely with the making of Wills and Probate so that the service we provide is one of complete satisfactory. We are aware that when a time comes to make a Will that such a time can be very sensitive and maybe not just for yourself but for the loved ones around you if you have told them of your decision, however by allowing us to draw up your Will we will take all the necessary steps to ensure that such a time is made a lot more easier and straight forward so that you can concentrate on the good things in life.

Our reputation among our piers and clients is one of undeniable appreciation and satisfaction as we always aim to ensure that the service we provide meets every need of our client.

Writing a Will

Last Will and Testament image Probate and WillDeciding when to write a Will may not be an easy decision and there is no right or wrong answer for when doing it. Some people may put it off for many different reasons, Wills are not to be feared they can be one of the most important things you might do as it means you have secured a future for your loved ones. Writing a Will cannot only give you peace of mind but a feeling of release that it is actually done. Having a Will put in place means that you still have control over what happens to your assets even when you are no longer here and allows you to appoint a person or law firm that you trust in order to act as administrator of your estate. Writing a Will can mean that those who deserve to benefit from your assets do so and those that don’t will not receive anything. Outlining your own funeral arrangements can be done so in a Will so that you receive the send off you wish. Probate solicitors can help in many different ways.


Probate can be defined as a person who has been appointed or in charge of handling a person’s estate once they have passed away. The person who is the appointee of the Will and Probate will administrate the estate among those mentioned in the Will. Although this may seem quite straight forward in real terms it can be quite complex and time consuming to say the least not to mention the risk of being liable if handled incorrectly. This is why we urge people to appoint a repute law firm like ourselves when dealing with Probate as we can ensure that inheritance tax is paid on your behalf if needed be, prepare the estates accounts ensuring they are up to date and debtors along with creditors are finalised, clearance is applied for and statutory notices are published. We will deal with the Probate from start to finish ensuring that no stone is left unturned. We have one of the cheapest rates of just 3% and there are no hidden costs.
If the deceased’s estate is worth more that £5,000 then the Executor of the Will, the person who is appointed to look after the deceased person’s Will is required by law to gain a grant of representation. This is a document sealed and supplied by the court stating personal details of the deceased naming those who have been chosen to be executor or administrator. The grant of representation will also include the net value of the deceased’s estate.
There are three types of Grants;

1. Grant of Probate – this is the most simplest, when the executors named in the Will are also administrator of the estate

2. Grant of Letters of Administrator – annexed Will – this is needed when there is a Will present but no designated executor

3. Grant of Letters of Administration – if the deceased did not leave a Will and the estate is valued over £5,000 then the Probate Registry will supply such a grant so that the next in line i.e. spouse or child can act as administrator