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We are specialists when it comes to Probate and Wills working with clients from different parts of the UK. Expert and specialists Probate solicitors are hard to come by but we feel that such an important event as writing a Will should not be underestimated, time and patience are needed to ensure that the clients is completely happy with such an important documents and what it contains. Getting a Will right is quite crucial as people are leaving what they have achieved in life behind for others to have and it should be handled in the right way. We are fully aware and appreciate that this can be some-what-of-a anxious and may be even trying time but we guarantee that we can make such a process as simple as straight forward as possible to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the whole process.

Law Pic Probate SolicitorsWe deal with many aspects of the law but have a specific designated department that is solely dedicated to Wills and Probate as we feel that care and attention is needed when dealing with delicate matters. We pride ourselves in the service we provide all our clients has we offer a tailored made service so that we meet each and every need that you may have, always treating each client as an individual. For our service and effort we put in to each case we are awarded not only with a exceeding reputation but a loyal and respectful clientele. We offer a very low price probate service although our probate solicitors service is cheap it is still one of the highest quality and customer service you will find.

What Is Probate? Probate Defined

Probate is the legal term given to administrating a person’s estate once they have passed away. Stated in the Probate will be the person or persons who are appointed to be Executor and there can be up to four people who are there to ensure that the actions stated in the Will are carried out and the estate is divided accordingly. Being responsible for such a task is no easy job although it may seem quite straight forward in reality it is quite complex and in many aspects difficult especially when it comes to sorting through debtors and creditors. Executors are put in charge of ensuring that the estate is administrated exactly the way it is stated in the Will if one has been written, if the handling of the estate if done incorrectly then the Executor can be held responsible and face liability. The named executors will need to apply to the Probate Registry in order to receive a Grant of Representation which is a legal document that proves those that are acting as Executor are so legally and have the right to administrate the deceased estate.

Probate and Law image (Probate Solicitors)We are proud to work alongside some leading Probate solicitors in Liverpool and across the country having gained a reputable reputation and feel that when it come to Probate and Wills appointing a law firm who specialise in such an area is highly recommended due to complexities that handling a person’s estate may have.

A huge number of people do not have Wills so in some cases there is no stated person to act as Executor of the deceased person’s Will, even in some cases even though a Will has been made it may not actually state a person to act as Executor, for such cases the Probate Registry will provide Letters of Administration which will provide a person with the legal right to administrate a person’s estate. The Letters of Administration allow a person to settle a deceased person’s estate according to the countries laws. However if there is a living spouse such a document may not be needed as the estate will be assigned to them.

Executor or Administrator

Some people when dealing with Probate are often confused by the amount of legal terms used and two of the most confusing are Executor and Administrator, both terms are used quite often and in different phases which can be quite confusing. It is important to remember that an Executor of a deceased person’s estate is the person who is named in the Will, as mentioned previously there can be up to four people named to take on the task of dividing or administration the deceased persons estate. Even if a person is named in the Will as the Executor they still may need to apply for a legal document in order to carry out the responsibility called the Probate. An administrator of the estate is assigned in certain circumstances especially if there is no Will present, the Will does not appoint anyone to act as Executor or the Executors named in the Will do not want to accept such a responsibility. When an administrator is chosen they must first apply to the court for Letters of Administration as they do not have no legal right to administrate the estate before this is issued.

How Long Does Probate Take?

After you have applied for a grant Probate will usually take around 6 weeks. However it could take longer many things can depend on the estate, each case is different. Our experts will advise you on how long they think your case will take.


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