Free Apple IPAD With No Win No Fee Accident Compensation Claims

We are first choice when it comes to personal injury compensation claims as we have an outstanding reputation not just among our clients that we have represented but also among other law firm companies that work within the market. We deal with clients all over the UK as we can offer medical experts and rehabilitation programmes within a person’s desired area. We are here to cater for the needs of our clients and to ensure that the claiming process is as pleasant as possible. We are offering any potential clients a free IPAD as a gesture of gratitude that they have entrusted us to represent their case for compensation whether it be a road traffic accident (RTA) OR an accident at work compensation claim case OR an accident in a public place compensation claim.

Free New Apple IPADIt is true that accidents happen all the time and people are injured in different ways some more severely than others and more often than not accidents are not the fault of others. However there are times when people are injured through the negligence of others and if they had been more cautious then such accidents would not have happened and for these incidents people are allowed to claim compensation for not only for the pain and suffering but also for any financials loses that have incurred.

Free IPAD for Road Traffic Accidents Compensation Claims

Unfortunately accidents do happen on the road quite often and people driving should always be cautions and take care and attention as road accidents can have severe consequences not only to other drivers but also to pedestrians and other road users. Roads if not appreciated can be dangerous places as many are hurt each year through road traffic collisions and pedestrians being knocked over that is why it is immensely important to always use roads safely and correctly. However even if you follow the safety guidelines of roads to the letter others may not and this is where accidents may happen. If you have been involved in a road traffic accident that was not your fault you may not only be able to claim compensation for the injuries sustained you may also be able to receive a free IPAD if the claim is appointed to us to represent and liability is accepted as the other party at fault.

Free IPAD for Accidents at Work Compensation Claims

Accidents at work are a common place and may be due to employers not providing the right information regarding health and safety and moreover not providing the correct equipment to carry out the job safely. There are many reasons for why accidents can happen at work some may be the fault of no one but others may be due to the negligence of the employer. Each employer has the duty to protect those that are working for them in the sense of providing a safe work place and advising the employee about safety issues that may affect them when doing a particular job. It is against the law for an employer not to report certain incidents or accidents especially if an employee has been injured and it is up to the employer to pay the injured employee statutory sick pay and allow them time of if needed. Those that have been injured In the work place through no fault of their own due to the employer not following health and safety protocol may be entitled to claim compensation for their injuries suffered and also a free IPAD if the claim is appointed to us.

Free IPAD for Accidents in a Public Place

The owners or occupiers of public places and buildings including any outdoor spaces have a responsibility to ensure that such premises are safe for the public and do not pose any danger where by accidents can lead to injuries regardless of whether they have been invited there. There should always be a protocol for assessing risks to others and identifying risks at the earliest possible moments. It is essential that any risks discovered are acted up on immediately to prevent hazardous incidents and it is their responsibility to always protect visitors and public users. If such risks are not adverted and a member of the public is injured as a direct result of the potential hazard that was not minimalized then they may be able to make a claim for accident in a public place compensation and also free IPAD if the claim is represented by us. More info on Free IPAD accident claims here. Terms and conditions apply.

Please note this deal is only valid before April2013 due to changes in the law. Please contact us to see what new offers we have.