Free IPAD for Accident Claims

Bringing any type of accident claim can mean that a free IPAD can be issued to you. We pride ourselves as providing a tailored made service for any client who entrusts us with an accident claim to represent. We are by far a leading law firm when it comes to compensation accidents claims, our reputation not just among our piers but among the clients we have and still are representing. It is our duty to ensure that the claim process for you is hassle free so that you can sit back and recuperate. As a thank you for our clients who have chosen us to act on their behalf with offer a free Apple IPAD for any successful accident injury claim.

Free New IPADWe do not under estimate the effects an accident can have on a person and their families especially if the accident was of the fault of another person. Being injured as a result of another’s negligence can seem in the very least unfair. Accidents can vary from minor accidents, where the victim will make a full recovery in very little time with hardly any financial affects t very serious accidents when a person is severely injured and in turn this has massive consequences not only to them but the people around them and regardless of the severity of the accidents it vital that the victim is compensated accordingly. We greatly understand that accidents can affect people in completely different ways and we are here to make the whole process more straight forward and help with any rehabilitation.

Offering a free IPAD for injury compensation claims shows you that we have confidence in your claim and that we are appreciative of you being our client. The IPAD is there to make the whole claim process a more uplifting experience rather than it just being about the legal process and procedures.

Free Apple IPAD for the Following Types of Compensation Injury Claims

  • Free IPAD for whiplash compensation claims
  • Free IPAD for RTA’s
  • Free IPAD for accidents at work compensation claims
  • Free IPAD for personal injury compensation claims
  • Free IPAD for slip and trip compensation claims

Free IPAD for No Win No Fee Accident Claims

As we take on the majority of accident claims through our No Win No Fee Policy we are still offering free IPAD’s to all successful accident compensation claims whether they are through a No Win No Fee Agreement or not. No Win No Fee means exactly what is says if you bring a valid case of personal injury for us to represent on your behalf you do not have to pay us a penny if the case is lost. The law changed slightly regarding personal injury claims in April 2013, No Win No Fee agreements meant before the change in law that the client paid nothing at all if they lost the case and even if they won the case, however since the new legislation was brought in it means that those who are successful pursing a medical negligence compensation case must pay their legal teams success fee which can be up to 25% of the compensation awarded by the court.

How to Make a Compensation Claim?

Actually deciding to go ahead and make a personal injury claim is probably the hardest part because often people are confused whether they want to make a claim or not and it is very often due to the fact that they do not know where to begin. Once the decision has been made its important to appoint the correct legal team for you and your case of personal injury. It is not compulsory to have a legal team represent your case but it is strongly advised, as solicitors within this field are highly trained and will be able to get you the maximum results. We are a leading team of experts within this field of law and deal with many cases of personal injury on a daily basis and we are grateful to have potentially some of the best solicitors as part of our team.

A long with the free IPAD the service we can offer you is next to none as we pride ourselves on the service we can provide you. You can contact by calling us on the following number 0800 073 8802 where a solicitor is more than happy to take your call or you can apply on line by filling out a contact form and leaving key contact details. All initial consultations are free of charge so you lose nothing from enquiring as you are under no obligation. Terms and conditions apply.


Please note this deal is only valid before April 2013 due to changes in the law. Please contact us to see what new offers we have.