Batley No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Batley

No Win No Fee Solicitors Batley

There are a number of different situations in which you could be entitled to claim compensation. If you have had an accident at work, a car accident, if you have suffered from medical negligence or if you have lost money due to your landlord or your bank. We hope that this guide will give you the information you need about making a no win no fee claim, if there is still more information you want then you can call us on 0800 073 8802 or put in a request for our team to call you. We work with a panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Batley who can help you make claim for all of the situations listed below and more.

What Is A No Win No Fee Agreement?

You may be thinking of making a compensation claim, but are hesitant to begin because of the cost and the threat of spending a large amount of money on legal fees only to have your claim fail and receive no compensation. Under a no win no fee agreement, also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), you will not have to cover the costs of your solicitor with your own money and your solicitor will ask nothing from you if your claim does not succeed. If you are awarded a settlement at the end of your claim, your solicitor will deduct their success fee, which is capped at 25%. For more information regarding how you may benefit from making a no win no fee claim, contact one of our legal advisors using the contact details within this guide.

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  8. Tenancy Deposit Protection Claims
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No Win No Fee Batley Car Accident Compensation Claims

If another road users negligence has caused you to suffer an injury in a car accident, whether it was a driver, a pedestrian or a cyclist, then you could be entitled to compensation. Speeding, using their phone, or simply not being observant of traffic are all ways in which another road user could cause you to suffer an accident. Potholes, faulty traffic lights or mechanical problems with your car are also examples of causes of car accidents. You can read more information regarding car accident compensation examples on our website here. Be sure to also read through our page specifically dedicated to whiplash injuries as well if you have suffered a whiplash injury.

Batley Medical Negligence Cases

If you are being treated by a medical professional, whether in the NHS or a private practice, if you are having a dentist perform a root canal procedure or you are undergoing surgery it is crucial that those treating you follow correct procedure, do not make mistakes and uphold their duty of care to you. If they don’t it could have a significant impact on your health. If a doctor, a dentist, a nurse or any other practitioner of medicine provides their patient with substandard care, a claim for compensation could be made. The effects of medical negligence can be life threatening or life changing, for example; a botched surgical procedure, the wrong prescription or missed symptoms of a potentially deadly form of cancer.

Medical negligence can also come in the form of failures in looking after patients in hospitals. People staying in hospital are often especially frail and vulnerable to the impact of medical negligence as they recuperate from an illness or from surgery. If staff are not careful in regards to hygiene potentially deadly infections like MRSA can break out. If vital signs are not observed then serious complications can be missed. If patients are not helped to move around, to get dressed and go to the toilet they can find themselves suffering from bedsores and unhygienic living conditions.

Batley Workplace Accident Compensation Claims

Every year thousands of people suffer injuries in accidents while working. Thousands more develop long term illnesses caused by the nature of their work. Many of these accidents could be avoided if their employers had taken more of the necessary steps to ensure workplace health and safety. Even simple and easy measures such as providing basic training on lifting and carrying and the proper handling of goods can reduce the risk of staff suffering injuries. Basic equipment such as safety goggles, ear protection, breathing masks, and reinforced gloves and boots can also drastically increase safety. Risk assessments can also help employers and staff identify dangers before they become a problem. Ensuring that the workplace is well lit and ventilated can make the working environment much safer. Employers should not put undue pressure or workloads on staff or allow bullying to take place.

If any of these measures or others crucial to workers’ safety were not met at your workplace and you believe that these failures were linked to your injuries or your health problems then you could have grounds for compensation.

No Win No Fee Holiday Accident And Injury Abroad Claims

Our panel of solicitors covering Batley could also help you if your accident took place outside of the UK and you wish to make an injured abroad claim. Your travel company is liable for accidents that take place on your flight or your hotel if you book your holiday through a package deal. In which case the claim against them would operate in the same fashion as any other claim against a British company. If you did not travel on a package holiday and arranged your own transport and accommodation then the liability will lie with the business responsible for the premises where the accident took place. Since the accident happened abroad British law will not apply, instead you will need a solicitor qualified to make personal injury claims in that countries legal system, we could arrange that for you.

CICA Criminal Injury Compensation Claims

The law says that most victims of violent crimes are entitled to make a claim for compensation. The government body that handles claims for compensation and awards compensation is CICA, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. CICA and the criminal court system are two separate bodies, you can claim for compensation before the person who harmed you is brought to trial or even if there has not been a trial. Proof that an actual crime did take place and that you were the victim is all that is needed for you to be entitled to criminal injury compensation.

When making a claim for criminal injury compensation there is normally a time limit of two years. However, this can differ in cases of historical sexual abuse. Please contact one of our advisors to discuss your circumstances.

What Are Other Types Of Accident Claims You Could Make?

Any party which owns or operates a premises or a space that is open to or can be used by the public is required by law to ensure that it is safe for the public. For example shops, bars, leisure centres public parks and so on. If you were to injure yourself in an accident in a place such as this then you could be able to prove that it was caused by negligence on the part of the organisation which owns the premises and could, therefore, be entitled to compensation.

You could claim against a restaurant if you have developed food poisoning from food served to you that was prepared without adequate hygiene standards or if you have suffered an allergic reaction to food that was mislabeled or prepared without adequate allergens safety standards. You could claim against the local council if you suffer an injury in a property or facility operated by the council. For example, if you were injured due to poorly maintained or guarded swimming facilities.

One of the ways that local governments or businesses are required to keep their properties safe is to ensure they are free of tripping or slipping hazards. For example, a business, if it is required to have cables running across the floor, should make sure they are not a tripping hazard by having staff tape them down. Public roads and pavements are the responsibility of the local council to maintain, so for example if you were to trip on a pothole or a missing paving slab then the local council could be liable for your claim. Read more information about claiming compensation from a trip, slip and fall injury here.

No Win No Fee Mis Sold Financial Services Claims

If your bank or your financial advisor does not allow you to make an informed decision when it comes to buying a financial product, such as a pension scheme or PPI, then you could be put at risk of losing a large amount of money. That is why financial mis-selling is illegal. A number of different dishonest practices could be classed as financial mis-selling; rushing the client into making a decision when they could and should have been allowed time to consider. Selling a product to a client without providing them with alternative options, or selling a product to them without informing them of potential financial risks or downsides. Selling a product to a customer without discussing with them certain personal factors which may impact on the outcome of the product such as the customers personal spending habits and whether or not they drink and smoke. Being mis-sold a financial product could entitle you to compensation.

Tenancy Deposit Protection Claims

Tenancy deposit protection rules state that a landlord must have their tenants rent deposit protected in a government-backed tenancy deposit scheme within thirty days of receiving it. They must also ensure that their tenant has been informed in writing about this tenancy deposit scheme. This is to ensure that tenants do not find themselves in a position of leaving their tenancy only to find that their landlord is either unable or unwilling to return their tenancy deposit. If the landlord does not have the tenant’s deposit to return to them then they lose certain powers of eviction over their tenant. Having your landlord unlawfully withhold your tenancy deposit entitles you to make a claim for compensation which you can make through our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Batley. You can read more about deposit claims here.


Damages And Compensation For Housing Disrepair

Living in accommodation that is in a state of disrepair and poor maintenance can have a significant impact on your mental and physical health and well being. If a person’s house is not well maintained and repairs are not carried out then living there can become dangerous. Damp and mould issues can cause worsening health, the old the very young and people with asthma and allergies are particularly vulnerable to this. Plumbing fixtures such as toilets and sinks being in disrepair can cause hygiene problems. Rotting floorboards can expose you to mould and also be unsafe to walk on. For these reasons landlords are required to ensure that their properties are maintained and repaired to a certain standard. If they have failed to do so then you are entitled to make a claim for compensation. You can read through the governments page on housing disrepair claims here, and read more information about your rights to make a claim on Shelter, the housing charities website here.

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You can go through the entire process of making a no win no fee compensation claim without ever having to meet your solicitor in person. Instead, you can keep in touch and share information over the phone, via email or through the post. While our panel of no win no fee solicitors are not located in Batley, they are able to cover the area with ease.

Local Public Services

Our Panel Of Doctors Covering Batley

When making a personal injury claim for compensation, you must undergo an examination with an independent doctor. This exam will clarify exactly what injuries you have and the doctors report can be used by your personal injury solicitor both as evidence to support your case and as a way to calculate how much compensation you will request. We work with a panel of doctors around the UK to ensure that every time we work with a client they have access to a doctor in their local area who can provide them with a medical exam rather than having to travel far to be seen. Below, we have listed some of our panel of doctors in your area.

Rakesh DuggalCitibase,
1 City Square,
Rehana RehmanOxford chambers,

Dewsbury Hospital

Dewsbury hospital has 245 beds and specialises in a number of rehabilitation and surgery services.

Halifax Road,


West Yorkshire,

WF13 4HS

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust is responsible for hospitals and services in Dewsbury, Wakefield and all of west Yorkshire.

Trust HQ and Education Centre,

Aberford Road,


West Yorkshire,



Kirklees Council

Civic Centre,

3 High St,




West Yorkshire Police

Laburnum Road

Po Box 9 Po Box


West Yorkshire


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