Bootle No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Bootle

No Win No Fee Solicitors Bootle

In many  cases, people affected by injuries, ill health or lost money due to someone else’s actions could be entitled to make a claim for compensation. If you have recently been affected by any of the kinds of incidents that you will read about in this article, then we could provide you with a no win no fee solicitor covering the Bootle area.

Our panel of no win no fee solicitors handle claims for a wide variety of different circumstances all over the country and they are experts in winning compensation for their clients. Whether you need a personal injury solicitor or a solicitor who handles financial issues, our panel can provide the expertise that you need.

Please continue reading for more information. If you wish to speak to us directly about the details of making a claim then our phone number is 0800 073 8802 .

How Do No Win No Fee Claims Work?

No win no fee claims are fairly simple. They are a means by which a claimant can make their compensation claim without having to worry as much about how they will be able to afford their solicitors legal fees.

When you have a no win no fee agreement, rather than requesting payment up front, your solicitor will be paid out of the compensation fee you receive if the claim is successful. Their payment will be capped at 25% of your compensation. If you don’t win compensation for your claim, even though it was valid, you will not be expected to pay your solicitors legal fees. By reducing the financial risk to the claimant, no win no fee claims make compensation claims more accessible.

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  4. No Win No Fee Injury On Holiday Claims
  5. Compensation If Criminally Abused Or Assaulted In Bootle
  6. More Types Of No Win No Fee Accident Claim
  7. Mis Selling Of Financial Pensions, Annuities And Other Financial Services
  8. Tenancy Deposit Dispute Claims
  9. Bootle Rented Housing Disrepair Claims
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No Win No Fee Claims For Traffic Accidents In Bootle

Figures released by the Department of Transport in their report on road casualties show that in 2018 there were 160,597 casualties of all severities in reported road accidents. If you have been injured in a road accident in Bootle over the past few years and you believe that it was caused by another driver’s negligence, then you could be able to make a claim for compensation. Whether it was something fairly minor, like being rear ended and suffering  whiplash as a result, or having your car written off and suffering life changing injuries you could win compensation if another road user was responsible.

A person could be liable for a car accident if they were driving negligently, for example if they were using their phone while driving, driving in the wrong lane, if they turned without indicating or if they were breaking the speed limit. If the other party is liable then the compensation will be paid out of their insurance. If they are not insured then your compensation will be arranged by the Motor Insurance Bureau. For further details on car accident claims, click here.

Compensation For Instances Of Medical Negligence In Bootle

Cases in which the quality of care provided to patients falls below acceptable levels are referred to as instances of medical negligence. If negligent care leads to a form of harm that was unnecessary, preventable or caused the patients’ symptoms to worsen, it could be grounds for a medical negligence claim. This can occur at any stage in any part of the healthcare sector.

For example, it could occur while being treated by a dentist if they are negligent while performing a root canal or another procedure. As a result, you could suffer damaged or infected teeth. A more serious example could be if doctors and/or midwives perform the wrong procedure during childbirth, for instance by trying to use forceps to deliver a baby rather than performing a caesarean section or if they failed to recognise signs of foetal distress. Avoidable injuries in childbirth or maternity care could lead to lasting harm to the baby, such as cerebral palsy.

A hospital could be liable for a compensation claim if you have contracted a preventable infection while staying in hospital due to reasonably expected standards of hygiene and cleaning not being upheld. You could also have grounds for making a compensation claim if you underwent surgery without being informed of the risks of certain complications and subsequently suffered from those complications.

If you have suffered from any form of medical negligence in Bootle and you wish to make a medical negligence compensation claim, or to make a claim on behalf of your child, then you should get in touch with us today.

I Was Injured At Work – Could I Make A No Win No Fee Claim?

If you have been affected by a preventable workplace accident in Bootle or a preventable work related illness then you could have grounds to make a compensation claim against your employer. Your employer could be liable if it is proven that they failed to take the necessary steps to ensure your safety. This could be either by failing to follow existing safety procedures or by failing to act upon health and safety complaints that had been raised prior to the incident.

For example, if you had raised complaints that certain PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) wasn’t up to standard and subsequently you suffered a health problem linked to your work (i.e. hearing loss) you could be eligible for compensation. If you suffered an injury or a health problem because PPE wasn’t provided in the first place or you were not properly trained in its use, then your employer could be liable.

Mental health is a workplace safety issue. If you spoke to your employer about suffering from stress related to your workload or other workplace issues, they have failed to act upon it and your mental health declined, then you may have grounds for a claim. Having medical proof that you have been suffering from stress can help when making a claim for work related stress. It is important to remember that you cannot be sacked for making a work injury claim. If you think that you may have grounds for a workplace injury or ill-health claim, call our advisors for more advice.

No Win No Fee Injury On Holiday Claims

If you suffered an accident or an illness while travelling abroad then you could still use our panel of solicitors to make a compensation claim. If the incident happened abroad, for example in the resort you stayed at or an attraction you visited, then the compensation claim would have to adhere to compensation laws of that country. Our panel could provide you with a solicitor who can handle overseas claims.

There may not be any need to make a claim against an overseas business; the travel company you booked your trip through may be liable if your holiday was booked as a package holiday. If you suffered an injury or an illness in a hotel they provided for you or during a visit to an attraction they arranged, then they could be liable. You should contact our advisors if you wish to find out more information about whether or not you could be eligible to make an injury on holiday claim.

You may also be entitled to claim compensation if you’ve had a flight delayed. Your eligibility for a compensation claim is affected by various factors, such as whether or not your flight was from one EU state to another, how long the delay was, etc. Generally speaking, you have grounds to make a claim if the flight has been delayed for over three hours due to the negligence of the airline. This Citizens Advice Bureau page has information on when you can claim for compensation for a delayed flight. If you want further clarification you can call our team of advisors.

Compensation If Criminally Abused Or Assaulted In Bootle

The government’s Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (CICA) offers victims of violent crime the opportunity to claim for compensation.

If you have been assaulted, have suffered an injury or psychological harm, then our panel of solicitors covering Bootle can help you make a CICA claim. Most (but not all) CICA claims have a two year time limit. The outcome of your compensation claim won’t necessarily be affected by whether or not a person has been found guilty of the attack, but it is required that you report the incident as soon as possible to the police and cooperate with their investigations.

Some criminal injury claims are not always affected by the two year claim time limit. Many victims of rape and childhood sexual abuse do not tell anyone about what happened until some years later. It is possible to claim for childhood sexual abuse or rape that happened years after the time limit has expired. Finding evidence for your claim recounting the events as testimony may be difficult, but it is possible for victims to receive compensation, even in cases where the abuser was never found guilty. If you have any questions about making a CICA claim for either an assault or for sexual abuse, please call our advisors.

More Types Of No Win No Fee Accident Claim

If you have had any kind of accident within the past few years, you should consider whether or not it was your fault. If you believe that there was a third party whose negligence was at fault then there’s a chance that our panel of solicitors could help you obtain compensation.

If you suffered an allergic reaction to something you ate in a restaurant because it wasn’t listed on the menu and staff didn’t warn you about it, or if cross contamination of allergens wasn’t prevented by kitchen staff, then the restaurant could be liable. The restaurant would also be liable if you suffered food poisoning. If you suffered an injury while exercising or playing sport due to another parties negligence you could claim for compensation, for instance if you were using equipment or facilities that had not been properly maintained by the responsible party.

If you have fallen over and injured yourself as a result of someone else’s negligence it could be grounds for compensation.  If you have tripped and fallen on public transport then the operator could be liable for not ensuring that their stations and vehicles are safe from tripping hazards such as wet floors or ripped carpets. A company could be liable if you have fallen over in their property due to inadequate lighting. More information on slip, trip and fall claims can be found here. As always get in touch with our advisors if you have any questions.

Mis Selling Of Financial Pensions, Annuities And Other Financial Services

You could lose money if you aren’t able to make an informed decision when it comes to buying a financial service, such as pension schemes and annuities. That’s why the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) requires that companies selling financial products offer the service best suited to your situation and refrain from selling risky financial investments or attempting to pressure you into buying a certain product. Companies selling a financial product must explain all fees and charges attached to the product to you; take into account your health situation, and make financial risks associated with the product clear to you.

You could claim for compensation if any of these guidelines have been violated and you’ve lost money or received less than you were told you would receive. Companies engaging in financial mis-selling could face disciplinary action by regulators as well as liability for compensation for your financial losses.

Tenancy Deposit Dispute Claims

Your landlord cannot refuse to return your deposit at the end of your tenancy in their property unless they are withholding the costs of repairs, missing furniture or missed rent installments. Without returning your deposit, they lose the right to serve you a Section 21 eviction notice. Your landlord is also required to keep it safe in a Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) and provide you with proof in writing that they have done so within thirty days receiving your deposit.

If your landlord hasn’t followed these conditions then they could be liable for compensation. This page goes into further detail on how to claim for tenancy deposit compensation. If you are considering making a claim against your landlord, call our advisors and make sure you have as much evidence as possible: letters and emails between you and your landlord, evidence that you paid your deposit in and a copy of your tenancy contract.

Bootle Rented Housing Disrepair Claims

Responsibility for keeping a house or flat maintained to a safe standard when you are renting a property is with the third party you are renting it from. This may be your landlord, your local council or a housing association. Your health could be harmed by housing disrepair. Serious health problems could ensue from an infestation of rats or cockroaches spreading germs, from sanitation issues caused by blocked drains and pipes and from mould and damp caused by water leaks and a lack of ventilation. There is also the risk of injury from broken floorboards or ripped carpets as well as exposed or faulty electrical wires.

If there is proof that you made your landlord aware of the disrepair issue before your injury or health problem happened and that they didn’t take adequate measures to deal with the issue then they could be liable for your compensation.

Click here for the site on housing disrepair claims.

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Bootle Area Service Providers

Our Panel Of Doctors Covering Bootle

One of the most important pieces of evidence you will need to support your case will be a report from a medical examination performed by a doctor. To facilitate this and to make accessing a doctor for this examination easier we work with a panel of doctors who can cover the local areas of our clients. Here are some of the doctors who cover medical exams for Bootle accident claims.

Jayne Holland91 South Road,
L22 0LR
Warwick BrindleyCore Clinic,
134 College Road,
L23 3DP
Ahktar Ali AhktarHorton House,
Exchange Flags,
L2 3PF

Bootle Health Centre

Bootle Health Centre is a community health service centre that provides home visits for families with children in Sefton as well as handling blood tests for the Sefton area.

Park Street,


L20 3RF

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

Mersey care NHS Foundation Trust provides mental health services, addiction support services, acute brain injury services and services for people with learning disabilities in both Merseyside and other parts of England and Wales.

V7 Building,

Kings Business Park,



L34 1PJ

Sefton Council

324 Stanley Rd,


L20 3ET

Merseyside Police

Canning Pl,


L1 8JX

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