Brentwood No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Brentwood

No Win No Fee Solicitors Brentwood

Suffering from an accident which wasn’t your fault can leave you feeling angry, frightened and let down. To say nothing of the effects of the injuries on your physical and mental health.  In situations like that you have every right to want more than just an apology; you should look at your options in regard to making a compensation claim. No Win No Fee Expert works with a panel of no win no fee solicitors who help many people every year to win compensation. If you have suffered from an accident for which you wish to make a personal injury claim for in Brentwood, then we can put you in touch with no win no fee solicitors covering Brentwood. If you would like to speak to us about working with a no win no fee solicitor who can handle a Brentwood personal injury claim then our number is 0800 073 8802, you can call our team at any time any day of the week. Bear in mind that there is a personal injury claims time limit, you should speak to our team for advice if you are concerned that your claim may be affected.

Conditional Fee Agreements Explained

No win no fee agreements are also referred to as Conditional Fee Agreements. Don’t be put off by the legal terminology, they are quite simple. A no win no fee agreement offers you the chance to make a compensation claim without having to worry about the costs of legal fees. A no win no fee solicitor will not charge you for a valid claim that does not succeed in winning compensation. If the claim does receive compensation your solicitors payment will be collected out of the compensation fee, solicitors fees will be no more than a maximum of 25% of the compensation sum.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Service Or Accident Claim

  1. Brentwood Road Accident And Injury Claims
  2. Medical Malpractice Or Negligence Claims
  3. Brentwood Accident And Injury At Work Claims
  4. Holiday Injury Claims
  5. Claim As The Victim Of A Criminal Attack In Brentwood
  6. Other No Win No Fee Accident And Injury Claims
  7. Mis Sold Pension, Annuity And Financial Service Claims
  8. No Win No Fee Solicitors Handling Tenancy Deposit Claims
  9. What Is Housing Disrepair And When Could I Claim?
  10. How To Start A Claim
  11. Brentwood Area Services

Brentwood Road Accident And Injury Claims

According to government figures, 1,784 people were killed in fatal accidents and 25,511 received serious injuries in car accidents in the UK in 2018. If you have been injured in a car accident or any other kind of traffic accident in Essex and it wasn’t your fault then you should talk to us about making a no win no fee car accident claim. In road traffic accident claims you are not only able to claims for injuries you have suffered, whiplash for instance, but also for distress you have suffered and for the costs of the damage to your vehicle.  Your compensation will either come from the responsible parties insurance, or from the Motor Insurance Bureau if the driver responsible was uninsured or untraceable. Car accidents can also be frequently caused by disrepair to the roads, such as potholes, debris, flooding and ice. In such cases either the local council authority or Highways England may be liable.

Medical Malpractice Or Negligence Claims

If you are looking for a no win no fee solicitor for a medical malpractice claim, you don’t have to google search for “medical negligence solicitors near me.” A solicitor from our panel can handle a medical negligence claim. A medical negligence compensation claim can be made when you have been harmed or suffered worsening health as a result of negligent medical treatment. Negligent medical treatment can manifest in a number of ways. It could range from honest mistakes, albeit ones that are not acceptable for medical professionals to make, such as being provided with the wrong dose of medication or the results of a test being misinterpreted, to serious unacceptable misconduct such as surgical patients having instruments left behind in their bodies.

Claims for medical negligence can be made against hospitals and nursing homes if patients needs have not been seen to by nurses. Hospital patients, elderly people and people dealing with serious health problems can be susceptible to infections, especially if they are left bedridden for prolonged periods of time. They could suffer from pressure sores which can easily become infected, an issue which can be exacerbated by being left in unchanged or soiled bed sheets. Outbreaks of infections can be very serious in hospitals, where antibiotic resistant germs such as MRSA can prove fatal.

Brentwood Accident And Injury At Work Claims

Your employer could be liable if you have suffered an injury in an accident at work or developed long term physical and mental health issues relating to your job. If you have been working around faulty machinery, or working with faulty protective gear you could be seriously harmed. Your employer could be liable if they were made aware of the issues but did not act upon them, or if they were unaware because risk assessments and checks were not carried out. Similarly, if you have suffered an injury because you were not provided with the correct training, such as the operation of certain machinery or lifting and carrying, then you could receive compensation.

You could be entitled to compensation if you have been the victim of workplace bullying or if you have been diagnosed with anxiety, stress or depression that can be linked to issues with your work, such as unreasonable workloads and deadlines. Your employer could also be liable if you have been the victim of a criminal assault while at work. If incidents of violence have occurred before and your employer was aware of them, but took no additional steps to prevent future incidents, then they could be liable. For instance if you reported abusive behavior from one of your colleagues but it was not acted upon and you were later harmed by continued violent or aggressive behavior then you could be eligible to claim compensation. If you are taking on a role which makes you a potential target of criminal attacks and your employer does not provide you with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), or leaves you working on your own and thus more vulnerable they could be liable for your compensation.

Holiday Injury Claims

Being injured while on holiday abroad would be an absolute nightmare. An injury or an illness is stressful and disruptive at the best of times, having to deal with the extra complications of being in a foreign country at the time would make it much worse, especially when you were supposed to be enjoying yourself. Don’t be put off by the prospect of claiming for compensation against a hotel or a resort in another country with a different legal system. We could be able to provide you with a no win no fee solicitor from our panel who is qualified in the law of the country in question. This step may not be necessary if you booked your trip as a package holiday. If your accident or illness happened in a part of your holiday which your travel company arranged, such as in your hotel, then the travel company could be liable. In which case compensation can be pursued under British law. There are also cases in which compensation could be claimed for a delayed flight, see this Citizens Advice Bureau page for more details or call us if you have questions.  An accident that you suffer in an airport on either your outbound or return flight could also be grounds for compensation as with any other accident caused by the negligence of a third party.

Claim As The Victim Of A Criminal Attack In Brentwood

Claims for compensation for criminal assault or other violent crimes go through the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (CICA). CICA claims can be made for injuries and the costs of healthcare as well as psychological trauma that you may have incurred as a result of suffering or witnessing a criminal attack. CICA claims are not necessarily linked to the outcome of a criminal trial, you can still claim even if those responsible have not been apprehended. There is a criminal injuries claim time limit, however it does not necessarily apply to all CICA claims, see the section on sexual assault claims below.

Claiming for sexual assault

Claims for rape, sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse go through the CICA as well. Although there is a time limit on most CICA claims, this time limit can be suspended in cases of sexual assault to allow for victims of historical rape and sexual assault cases to come forward. Proving physical injury in such cases may not be possible, but compensation can be awarded in cases of lasting psychological trauma stemming from sexual assault and abuse. Claims for sexual harassment in the workplace go through CICA as well.

Other No Win No Fee Accident And Injury Claims

Lots of different types of accidents could entitle you to make a personal injury claim if they have been caused by the negligence of a third party. Tripping and falling over while out shopping, for example, could make the shop liable if their staff have left stock, packaging, cables or other tripping hazards out on the floor. Tripping on a pothole or broken paving slab could make the local council (or the owner of the property if the pavement was on private land) liable for failing to maintain paths and streets. This page has further details on tripping injuries.

You could claim compensation if you have suffered an allergic reaction due to the negligence of a business. For example, if you ate a meal at a restaurant in which allergens in the ingredients were not listed in the menu or pointed out to you by staff, and you subsequently suffered from an allergic reaction. You might also be able to claim compensation if a hair dressers in a salon used products on you without first checking that there wasn’t a risk of an allergic reaction.

You could claim for an injury you suffered while playing sport, for example if you were playing on a pitch which had not been maintained to an adequate standard by the party responsible and suffered a bad trip or fall as a result. Accidents while doing other kinds of exercise and activities could also entitle you to compensation, say if you were to fall while using an indoor rock climbing wall because the wall was damaged or poorly assembled.

Mis Sold Pension, Annuity And Financial Service Claims

Being mis-sold a financial service such as a pension, an annuity, or stock market investments could cost you a lot of money. Although the rules laid out by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) state that businesses selling financial services should act in their customers best interests, financial mis selling can still occur. Companies must ensure that they fully inform their customers, that they give them the option of the financial service best suited to them which will provide them with the best outcomes. They need to disclose all costs and fees related to the product. They should not provide you with a product with significant risks attached, for example investing your pension scheme into a risky market sector such as carbon credits or car parking schemes.

When there are certain financial risks involved they should fully outline all of those risks to you. They should take into account all factors in your circumstances which may be relevant to the financial service, such as your health histor. They must allow you to make a well-considered decision and not make you feel pressured to buy a certain product or service.

If you think that any of these guidelines were not followed by your bank or by your financial advisor then you may have been mis-sold your financial product. You should contact a financial ombudsman about mis sold pension schemes, annuities or mortgages if you believe you have been affected by it. You can also call our team any time you like for free legal advice.

No Win No Fee Solicitors Handling Tenancy Deposit Claims

We can provide assistance to tenants claiming compensation for a withheld tenancy deposit with our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Brentwood. Withholding your deposit without good cause (such as damage to the property or missed rent payments) is grounds for a compensation claim. Your claim could be worth as much as three times the amount of the original deposit, in addition to getting the value of the original deposit back. You should also be aware that your landlord cannot serve you a Section 21 eviction notice while withholding your tenancy deposit. Here is a good resource of information on the Shelters website about what your landlord can and cannot do with your deposit.

You should also be aware that your landlord is required to have your deposit placed in a Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) to ensure that it is protected for the duration of your tenancy. They should have provided you with notice within thirty days of receiving the deposit that this had been done. If it has been more than thirty days and you have not received this notice, contact us and our team will advise you on what to do next, as you may have grounds for a compensation claim.

What Is Housing Disrepair And When Could I Claim?

Housing disrepair becomes an issue when it poses a risk of injury or ill health. If you are renting from a landlord or living in council housing then it is the responsibility of the landlord or the council to have the issue rectified once they have been made aware of it otherwise they could be liable for damages related to the housing disrepair. Your landlord could be liable for not fixing or replacing white goods (Ovens, washing machines fridges and other large appliances) that they provided if they have caused injury or harm.

They could be liable for health problems stemming from pests or an infestation in the home which they have failed to deal with. Infestations of mice, cockroaches, fleas and other pests can spread infections such as E Coli and Salmonella. They could be liable for injury or health problems caused by plumbing issues, such as blocked or leaking pipes or faults with the boiler, which they were made aware of but had not acted upon. Issues caused by drain damage could include sewage seeping into sinks and baths as well as general issues associated with water seepage, such as damp, mould and rot and all the associated health problems. See here for some of the details of how a housing disrepair compensation claim procedure works.

How To Start A Claim

Get In Touch With Us

Our team of advisors will be your first point of contact when starting a claim and are also on hand 24/7 to answer any questions. There are two ways to get in touch, requesting a phone call with this form or by calling us directly on 0800 073 8802.

Discuss Your Situation

Talk to us about the circumstances of your accident. Our team is there to advise you on whether your claim has a good chance of succeeding. They will speak to you about the next best course of action and put you in touch with one of the no win no fee solicitors from our panel.

Manage Your Claim And Stay Up-To-Date

You can do all the discussions you need to have about your claim with your no win no fee solicitor from home over phone or email. This is because our panel is not based in Brentwood Essex. They will be in touch regularly to keep you up to date on the status of your claim.

Brentwood Area Services

Our Panel Of Doctors Covering Brentwood, Essex

Here is a list doctors from our panel who cover Brentwood, Essex. Their purpose is to provide medical examinations for people who wish to start personal injury claims in Brentwood. Medical exams are crucial to provide evidence to back up your personal injury claim and to calculate how much compensation you are eligible to claim for.

Zvi Morris
Tile House Surgery,
33 Shenfield Road,
CM15 8AQ

Nosheen Waheed
Regus Jubilee House,
3 The Drive, Great Warley,
CM13 3FR

Brentwood Community Hospital

Brentwood community hospital provides inpatient care as well as outpatient care for patients recently discharged from other hospitals and specialises in end of life care.

Crescent Drive, Shenfield



CM15 8DR

Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Prittlewell Chase,




Brentwood Borough Council

Town Hall,

Ingrave Rd,


CM15 8AY

Essex Police

Sandford Rd,



Report an incident

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