Cheshunt No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Cheshunt

No Win No Fee Solicitors Cheshunt

This guide has been put together to assist those who may be looking for no win no fee solicitors covering Cheshunt. It contains useful advice and information for anyone who is considering making a personal injury claim or a claim for compensation as a result of housing disrepair, mis selling of financial products and more. The guide will explain what a no win no fee solicitor is and how the payment structure that they offer may be of benefit to claimants. We will also look at some of the most common types of claims that this type of solicitor could handle on your behalf. As well as this, we’ll connect you to our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Cheshunt who could assist you with your compensation claim. We recommend reading through the information provided as you could find it useful. However, if you would prefer to speak to us directly then please call us on 0800 073 8802.

Conditional Fee Agreement Information?

One advantage of a conditional fee agreement is that a claimant could begin their claim immediately without needing to find the necessary monies upfront in order to use the services of a solicitor. It is our belief that this type of arrangement offers a reduced financial risk to claimants. A conditional fee agreement is a document that is signed by you, the claimant, and your no win no fee solicitor at the start of the claims process. It contains details of the fee that your solicitor will receive in the event of a successful compensation claim. Usually, this is a percentage of the amount of the settlement. These fees are subtracted from the settlement figure when the claim is concluded. A further benefit from using a no win no fee agreement is that if your claim is not successful, you will not need to pay your solicitors fees.  For a more in-depth look at no win no fee solicitors please read here. We will now give you some information about some of the claims that a no win no fee solicitor may be able to assist you with.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Service Or Accident Claim

Cheshunt Traffic And Car Accident Compensation Claims

Whilst it may appear that there are fewer accidents occurring on our roads than previous years, government statistics for 2018 indicate that in 2018 over 160,000 casualties of all severities occurred as a result of road traffic accidents in the UK. Whilst they do point out that this figure is the lowest recorded, it does indicate that it is not uncommon for someone to be injured in a road traffic accident as a result of third party negligence.

A no win no fee solicitor covering Cheshunt may be able to help you if you have been involved in a car crash or another type of Cheshunt road accident that was not your fault and resulted in you suffering from unnecessary injuries. The types of accidents may include:

  • A motorbike accident that caused back injury.
  • An accident where you were a pedestrian which caused you to have broken bones.
  • A  car accident that resulted in whiplash.
  • A fatal accident caused by a head-on collision.

If your Cheshunt road accident was caused by another person and you were injured as a result of the accident, then you may be able to claim compensation for your injuries. You may also be able to claim for any financial costs that are linked to your accident such as medical expenses, a loss of income and more.

You may be concerned about what happens in a situation where the person responsible was not insured. However, if an uninsured driver caused the accident that injured you, or they failed to stop at the scene, then a no win no fee solicitor could assist you in making a claim via the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB).

Claim With Medical Negligence Solicitors Covering Cheshunt

If you have been treated negligently by a member of the medical profession, and as a result of this your health has become worse, then you could seek assistance from one of our panel of medical negligence solicitors covering Cheshunt who could assist you in pursuing a claim for medical negligence. Your claim could be against a private practice or the NHS. Compensation payments for medical negligence claims could be made for claims where it . could be proved that had the negligence not have occurred then your health would not have suffered as it has. This could be for one of the following reasons:

  • Surgical negligence – Perhaps a surgeon has made an error whilst carrying out your surgery?  You might need further surgery to correct it or you could have a poorer prognosis than previously.
  • Care home negligence – Staff may have neglected to give medication or mismanaged bedsores, causing problems with your health.
  • Hospital negligence – Did a hospital misdiagnose you? Did you have treatment that you did not require? Did your original condition worsen? Did poor sanitation cause you to contract an infection?
  • Dentist negligence – Was one of your healthy teeth damaged by a dentist whilst treating you? Was the wrong tooth removed?
  • GP negligence – Did your GP prescribe the wrong medication? Did this result in adverse side effects? Was your diagnosis delayed meaning that you suffered longer than necessary?
  • Childbirth negligence – Were signs of a medical condition missed by your midwife during your pregnancy? Did this cause harm to you or your baby? Was your labour not monitored properly causing harm to either you or your baby?

These are just some examples of cases that could lead to a payout for medical negligence compensation. Contact us to see if one of our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Cheshunt could help you.

Cheshunt Accident At Work Claims

It doesn’t matter what type of industry you are employed in, your employer has a duty of care, by way of the law, to take care of your health and safety. There are a number of ways that they could work to do this including:

  • Completing regular risk assessments and acting on any findings.
  • Ensuring that you have the correct safety equipment to do your job properly and safely.
  • Ensuring that maintenance is carried out on any provided equipment and things are replaced when necessary.
  • Ensuring that they reduce foreseeable risk in the workplace by whatever means they can.

The actions that your employer should take will depend on the type of environment you work in and also the job that you do. For example, the risks associated with working on a construction site are very different from those encountered in an office environment.

You may be able to make a claim for an accident at work that was a one-off incident that caused you injury. This might be something such as falling off an unstable platform or trapped by falling stock that was improperly stacked. The other form this type of personal injury claim might take could be related to conditions in the workplace that have occurred over a period of time. This could include conditions such as tendonitis, asbestosis, COPD or dermatitis – conditions that could be linked to the type of work you do.

One of our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Cheshunt could help you whichever type of claim you have.

Claim Compensation For A Holiday Accident Or Injury

If you are considering making a claim for an accident or injury that happened on holiday then you may assume that you need to use a solicitor in the country where the accident took place. However, no win no fee solicitors covering Cheshunt could assist you in making a claim for a holiday accident abroad. The type of accident that you had and where it occurred will mean that you may be claiming under:

The types of accident that you may be able to claim for may include:

  • A hotel accident where you slipped on a wet floor that had not been correctly signposted and sustained an injury.
  • A Cheshunt station accident that caused you injury where you were trapped in the doors of the train when they malfunctioned.
  • An accident on a plane where an overhead locker opened during take-off and incorrectly stowed hand luggage fell on you, causing injury.
  • Food poisoning caused by food that has been improperly stored, prepared or cooked.
  • An injury resulting from a coach crash during a pre-booked excursion.

Whatever has happened during your holiday, if you have been injured and somebody else is liable then you may be able to make a compensation claim for a holiday accident with a no win no fee solicitor.

Criminal Injury Victim Compensation Claims

Sadly, from October 2018 to September 2019, 980 offences were reported to the police that were violent or sexual in Cheshunt East. There were also 572 offences of this type reported in Cheshunt West. If you have been a victim of such a crime, you could be entitled to make a claim for criminal injury compensation.

The Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (CICA) is a government scheme that has been set up in order for those who have suffered as a result of someone else violent actions. A no win no fee solicitor from our panel may be able to help you with this. However, you may need to act quickly because in some cases, a 2-year  time limit from the date the criminal incident took place exists. There are, however, exceptions to this, one of which we have discussed below.

Sexual Abuse Limitation Period

In the case of sexual abuse cases where the abuse took place years ago, exceptions to the CICA claim time limit could be made. This is because the victims of abuse may not report it when it occurs because they were unable to process the details of what has taken place until much later. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to find out if this might apply to your circumstances.

Are There Other Accident Claims Handled By Our Panel Of Solicitors Covering Cheshunt?

There are other personal injury claims that we have not already covered that no win no fee solicitors covering Cheshunt could handle. These include:

  • Injuries in public places
  • Slips, falls or trip injuries
  • Allergic reactions
  • Injuries caused by faulty products
  • Injuries sustained during beauty treatments

Whilst we have not covered these types of claims in detail, if you have been injured and it is possible to prove the liability of a third party then you may still be able to make a claim with a personal injury lawyer. If you would like to contact us to discuss the details of our case we could assess if a no win no fee solicitor from our panel would be able to assist you with your claim.

Mis Selling Of Financial Services In Cheshunt

According to the Financial Conduct Authority FCA, both financial institutions and advisors are required to practice fair selling techniques. This means that they should not sell you a product or a service that is not suitable for your needs, you should not be pressured into purchasing any product or service and that you should be advised of any risks, charges and fees that are associated with the product or service. If you believe that you have been mis sold a financial service or product, such as a pension or annuity then you could make a claim for compensation. One of our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Cheshunt could help you if you are thinking of claiming for a mis sold mortgage, pension or another financial product or service.

Claim For An Unreturned Or Non-Protected Tenancy Deposit

Did you know that your landlord is required to place your deposit in a recognised protection scheme and also advise you where it has been placed? If they have not done this, or not informed you of where it is held then you may be able to pursue a claim for compensation. Your landlord is also required to return your rental deposit within a 10-day period of you agreeing on the amount that is to be returned. A successful claim for a tenancy deposit could lead to you receiving an amount that is anywhere between the rental deposit you paid and triple that amount in compensation.

Housing Disrepair Claims Guidance

Unfortunately, when it comes to housing disrepair there are a number of things that could be causing you issues. These could include, but are not limited to:

  • A broken boiler
  • A faulty heating system
  • Water leakages

A housing disrepair claim refers to a claim that you may be able to make if this disrepair has caused you financial disadvantage, or have affected you physically, or mentally. You may believe that the conditions you have been living in have caused an injury or illness or at least have contributed to it. Or, as a result of the disrepair, particularly in the case of water leakages of faulty heating systems, your utility bills have been higher than normal. Your landlord, or housing association, is responsible for these repairs and if they have not had the repairs dealt with then you may be able to make a housing disrepair claim. It may benefit you to use the services of a no win no fee solicitor who has experience of working within the correct protocols relating to these claims. They could offer useful housing disrepair guidance too.

Claim Compensation Today

If you have any more questions regarding no win no fee claims or feel that you are in a good position to proceed with a claim then why not:

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●      Manage Your Claim And Stay Up-To-Date

If you choose to work with our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Cheshunt, as they are not based in the area, they will ensure that you are kept up to date regularly.

Cheshunt Area Resources

Useful information for claimants in Cheshunt is listed below.

Our Panel Of Doctors Covering Cheshunt

With any personal injury claim, it is necessary for a medical examination to take place. This will be an independent assessment of any injuries you have and your medical condition, and it could be used to calculate the amount of your claim. We work with a panel of doctors who could cover the Cheshunt area including:

Nicholas Dansie15a Codicote Road, Welwyn, Hertfordshire
Asef Zafar54 Clarendon Road, Watford , Herts
WD17 1DU

Cheshunt Minor Injuries Unit

This is a minor injuries unit offer treatment to patients over the age of 12 months for a variety of injuries including sprains, fractures and breaks, bites and burns.

Cheshunt Minor Injuries Unit,

Cheshunt Community Hospital,

King Arthur Court,




Hertfordshire Community NHS Foundation Trust

The trust supports health in the community with vaccination programs in schools, rehabilitation and palliative care

Hertfordshire Community NHS Foundation Trust

Head Office,

Unit 1a,

Howard Court,

14 Tewin Road,

Welwyn Garden City,



Borough Of Broxbourne Council

Borough of Broxbourne Council

Bishops’ College,





Hertfordshire Constabulary

Hertfordshire Constabulary Headquarters

Stanborough Road
Welwyn Garden City

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