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No Win No Fee Solicitors Eastleigh

No Win No Fee Solicitors Eastleigh

Every year thousands of people suffer injuries in accidents due to negligent practices of certain road users, landlords, employers or healthcare professionals to name a few. What many people may not know is that in such cases the circumstances of the incident could entitle them to financial compensation to make up for medical expenses, lost earnings and emotional, pain and trauma that they may have suffered as a result.

At No Win No Fee Expert, we provide people with a solicitor from our panel to enable them to claim for the compensation they deserve. This article will explain to you some of the details of how our panel of solicitors covering Eastleigh can help you claim for compensation.

After you have read this article, if you decide that you want to make a claim or if you have more questions about no win no fee claims, you can talk to our team on the phone. Request a phone call from our team here or ring 0800 073 8802. Our phone line operates 24/7 so we are available and happy to discuss whenever the need arises.

Guidance On Conditional Fee Agreements

A conditional fee agreement, also known as a ‘no win no fee agreement’, is a financial arrangement between the client and solicitor in which the lawyer handling the case receives their payment by taking a portion of the client’s compensation fee if the case is successful. There are no upfront fees while the case is being pursued and if the case is successful the solicitor will retain a pre determined percentage of no more than 25% of the damages awarded.

For more information about how no win no fee agreements operate, read our extensive guide by clicking here.

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Eastleigh Road Accident Compensation Claims

Every year thousands of people are affected by road traffic accidents while driving, cycling and walking. If you have been in an accident that has caused you an injury or affected your mental wellbeing and it was not your fault then you don’t have to shrug it off as bad luck, you could make a claim for compensation.

If another road user has caused you to suffer a car accident then their insurance could be liable for your compensation. Negligence such as speeding, driving under the influence and breaking the Highway Code in a number of different ways could make a person legally liable for your compensation. One very common injury that arises from road traffic accidents is whiplash. For more information, our website has a page dedicated to whiplash claims.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss making a road accident compensation claim with our panel of solicitors or read more information about it here.

Eastleigh Clinical Negligence Claims

You could claim compensation if you have been let down by the quality of treatment you have received by the NHS or a private hospital which has caused you to suffer unnecessarily.

In the event of being harmed by mistakes or by a lack of appropriate procedure by health care practitioners, it is known as ‘medical negligence’, or ‘clinical negligence’. Clinical negligence can occur in any part of the healthcare sector. It can also arise in surgery, in residential nursing homes, during dental procedures or at any stage of childbirth.

You could also make a clinical negligence claim against a private hospital or an NHS Foundation Trust if the quality of care you received fell short of expected standards and impacted on your health. For example, if a doctor and or a nurse did not properly observe your vital signs or if your medication has not been properly provided or monitored, and your health deteriorates you could potentially be entitled to make a claim.

While staying in hospital you may have found it difficult to move around on your own or you may have been bedridden and required nurses help for moving around and for basic tasks like washing and changing. Being left unassisted in a situation like this can be both unhygienic and distressing. While recovering from an illness or recuperating from surgery you may also be more vulnerable than usual to infections, hospitals and their staff are required to follow strict hygiene protocols to limit the threat of outbreaks. If this has not been done properly and it has caused you to contract an avoidable infection, then you may have grounds for making a clinical negligence claim.

Eastleigh Accident At Work Claims

If you have had an accident at work which left you with an injury or if you have recently been diagnosed with a long term illness or health problem which may be related to your occupation, you should take a moment to consider whether anything could have been done by your employer to protect you more. Our panel of solicitors covering Eastleigh could provide you with free legal advice regarding your circumstances.

A work related health issue or injury which could have been prevented, had an employer followed the correct health and safety rules or acted upon health and safety complaints made by staff, could be grounds for an accident at work claim. In addition to this, inadequate training can also lead to accidents or staff not knowing what to do in the event of accidents. A lack of inadequate protection could cause a range of physical injuries, such as burns or lacerations. There is also the potential for long term health issues like hearing damage to be caused by a lack or ear protection, or respiratory issues caused by exposure to harmful particulates such as wood dust, silicas and flour.

In addition to accidents, your employer could also be liable if you have been injured by a violent assault which might have been prevented by having certain security measures in your workplace as employers are responsible for the safety of their staff. If you have suffered stress related to work brought on by unreasonable workloads or bullying in the workplace, then you maybe just as entitled to make a workplace injury claim.

Injured On Holiday No Win No Fee Compensation

Our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Eastleigh can help you win compensation for injuries and illnesses that you suffered as a result of negligence while on holiday in or outside of the UK.

If you were on a package holiday booked through a UK tour operator and the accident took place during an aspect of your holiday in which your travel company was responsible for, such as your flight or your hotel, then your travel company could be held liable if they breached their duty of care and you suffered an injury/illness as a consequence.

If the accident occurred outside the UK, and the holiday was booked independently then the claim would have to be made against the relevant third party in accordance to the claims system of the country where that party is located. Fortunately, as our panel of solicitors contains experts well versed in the laws of various different countries, such a claim could be managed by them as well.

Violent Crime, Abuse And Other Criminal Injury Compensation Claims

If you have been the victim of a violent crime, depending on the severity of the injury it left you with, you could be facing significant lost earnings from being unable to work, medical costs and so on. More so, you may be dealing with the effects of psychological harm it has caused you. You don’t have to be left to cope on your own in situations like these. You could claim for compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. The CICA is the Government’s national authority which handles criminal injury compensation claims. You can read more information about it on their website here.

You may be wondering whether you could make a criminal compensation claim for a crime that happened several years ago or more. In most cases, you probably couldn’t as there is a personal injuries claim time limit which restricts the amount of time a victim can allow to pass before starting a claim. However, this does not apply to all cases. Victims of rape or sexual assault can, in certain circumstances, make claims for historical offences provided they have at some point reported them to the police.

Extra Types Of Personal Injury Claims

As well as the specific types of accidents listed above many other different types of accidents could be grounds for compensation. One of the most common types of accident that people experience are slips, trips and falls. You could claim against the organisation responsible for the space where you have fallen and hurt yourself if you can prove that it was their failure to keep the space free from tripping hazards, such as failing to secure cables to the floor, or if the local government has allowed potholes to form in roads and pavements. You can read more about fall injury claims here.

Any other accident that you suffer in a public place could be grounds for making a personal injury claim if it can be proven that it was caused by the negligence of the business or local authority that operated the space where it happened, in a park, on public transport, in a supermarket or a restaurant. Remember that you can claim on behalf of people who cannot claim themselves, i.e. if your child has been injured in an accident.

Financial Mis-Selling Compensation Claims

If you receive bad advice while purchasing a financial product it may cost you extra money which you may have not known about prior to opting in for the product. It is against the law for companies to mis-sell financial products to their customers. Their customers must be fully informed about what they are buying before making a decision.

If you received bad advice, were not fully informed of alternative or better options, or the potential risks were hidden from you when buying a pensions scheme, PPI or stock investments, then you could be entitled to claim for financial compensation if you have suffered financially. If you were pressured or rushed into buying a certain product by your bank or your financial advisor then you could also claim for compensation.

Tenant Deposit Dispute Compensation Claims

If your landlord is refusing to return your tenancy deposit at the end of your tenancy, if they have not placed it in a deposit protection scheme within a month of receiving it or if they have not provided you with information about that scheme within a month of receiving it, then you could have grounds to make a claim.

If your claim is successful then not only will you receive the value of your deposit but you could also receive a compensation sum worth up to three times as much as your deposit. This page on Shelter’s website can give you some more useful information on landlord tenant deposit disputes.

No Win No Fee Claims With Housing Disrepair Solicitors

Living in housing which is not up to standard can be a stressful experience; it is also potentially very bad for your health. Faulty plumbing can be highly unsanitary, problems that cause water ingress and cold ingress such as faulty windows or doors, missing or damaged brickwork and roof tiles can lead to damp, mould and cold related health problems. In addition to this, infestation issues are highly unhygienic and can lead to illnesses.

For these reasons, the law requires that letting agents, housing associations and other third parties renting out properties to ensure that their tenants housing is maintained to an acceptable standard. If your health has suffered as a result of living in substandard rented housing then you could have grounds to make a compensation claim through housing disrepair solicitors. You can read more about how this process works on the justice.gov website.

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Public Services In This Area

Our Panel Of Doctors Covering Eastleigh

If you want to make a full claim for compensation then you will need to be seen by a doctor for a medical exam to have proof of the effects of your injuries. We make medical exams available to our clients by working with a panel of many doctors who collectively can cover almost all parts of the country. The table below has some of the doctors we work with in your area.

Ayubur RahmanUnit 3c Mount Industries,
Chickenhall lane,
Barton Park,
SO50 6RR
Alba Sanchez Mascunano1 West Quay Road,
SO15 1RA

Winchester & Eastleigh Healthcare NHS Trust

Winchester & Eastleigh Healthcare NHS Trust is responsible for NHS hospitals and services in Eastleigh

Romsey Rd,


SO22 5DG


Eastleigh Borough Council

Eastleigh House,

Upper Market St,


SO50 9YN


Hampshire Constabulary

Police & Fire Headquarters,

Leigh Road,



SO50 9SJ

Report an incident-www.hampshire.police.uk/ro/report/ocr/af/how-to-report-a-crime/

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