Lincolnshire No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Lincolnshire

No Win No Fee Solicitors Lincolnshire

If you think you might be entitled to compensation because you have had your health or your finances impacted by a third parties negligence, then you’ll find the information in this guide useful. We will go through some of the most common causes of compensation claims and which circumstances would make you eligible to receive compensation. If you are looking for no win no fee solicitors covering Lincolnshire, then we can put you in touch with a no win no fee solicitor from our panel. This guide will also point you towards other useful sources of information about seeking compensation for negligence.

If there was information you were looking for and you didn’t see it in this article, feel free to call us on 0800 073 8802 to discuss your situation with our advisors. If you wish to discuss making a claim you can enquire about it here.

No Win No Fee Compensation Claims In The UK

If you are worried about how you are going to afford the legal fees needed to hire a solicitor, you should be relieved to hear that our panel of solicitors could help you make a claim under a no win no fee agreement. In a no win no fee claim the solicitor’s fees are taken out of the compensation received at the end of the claims. How much of the compensation this will use may depend on what you discuss with your solicitor prior to the beginning of your claim but it won’t be more than 25%. What this also means is that your solicitor won’t receive any payment if they have failed to secure compensation for a valid claim. No win no fee claims are a show of good faith and confidence by your solicitor which can ultimately reduce the financial risks involved with making a claim. To learn more click here.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Service Or Accident Claim

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  2. No Win No Fee Lincolnshire Medical Negligence Claims
  3. No Win No Fee Work Accident Injury Claims
  4. No Win No Fee Flight Delay And Holiday Injury Claims
  5. No Win No Fee Criminal Damage Compensation Claims
  6. Other Lincolnshire Accident Claims
  7. Claim With Mis Sold Pension And Finance Solicitors
  8. No Win No Fee Tenants Deposit Protection Claims
  9. Lincolnshire Housing Disrepair Compensation Claims
  10. How Do I Begin My No Win No Fee Claim?
  11. Lincolnshire Area Resources

No Win No Fee Claims For Road Accidents In Lincolnshire

Road Traffic Accident (RTA) victims can seek compensation if a third party can be proven to be responsible for the collision. Negligent drivers can be liable for paying the compensation out of their insurance policies for injuries other people have suffered as a result of their actions. Compensation claims in crashes caused by uninsured or untraceable drivers are handled by the Motor Insurance Bureau. Authorities responsible for maintaining the condition of the roads, either the local authority or Highways England can be liable if the accident was caused by the condition of the roads.

Get in touch with us if you have suffered a car accident or a cycling accident and you believe that the crash was caused by a driver using their phone or not paying attention to other road users, or if you believe that the road was unsafe due to neglect by the authorities.

No Win No Fee Lincolnshire Medical Negligence Claims

The duty of care owed by medical practitioners to their patients means that it is never acceptable for them to let their patients suffer avoidable harm, even if it was accidental rather than deliberate. Incidents in which the standard of care provided to patient’s falls below what is expected of a practitioner is known as medical negligence. Every year millions of pounds are paid out in compensation to people who have been hurt or made sick as a result of negligent medical care. The NHS has a dedicated organisation to dealing with negligence claims, NHS resolution.

Examples of cases of medical negligence include:

  • Improper application of anaesthetic resulting in pain during a procedure
  • Misdiagnosis of cancer
  • Avoidable injuries during childbirth
  • Infections caused by a lack of hygiene such as MRSA, sepsis, and pneumonia

If you believe you may have grounds to make a no win no fee claim against the NHS or a private clinic or hospital, get in touch with us today to discuss the situation.

No Win No Fee Work Accident Injury Claims

Employers have a duty of care to their employees to provide them with a safe working environment and the training and equipment they need to be safe at work. These responsibilities are outlined in the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and enforced by the Health and Safety Executive.  Some of these specific responsibilities include:

  • Performing risk assessments
  • Ensuring that machinery used in the workplace is in safe working order
  • Ensuring that workers are provided with safety equipment which is fully functional and ensuring they are trained in its use.
  • Preventing workers from experiencing overwork and bullying.

If you have been hurt in the workplace, or developed an illness or mental health issue related to your occupation and you wish to inquire about work accident injury claims, get in touch with us.

No Win No Fee Flight Delay And Holiday Injury Claims

A Solicitor can help you seek compensation for the financial losses or injuries you have suffered through no fault of your own while abroad. Financial losses can be caused by a delay or cancellation of your flight, causing you to have to re-book tickets or to be unable to enjoy the full length of your holiday. The Montreal Convention holds airlines responsible for delays or cancellations caused by their negligence. Compensation can also be claimed for the costs of damage to or loss of your belongings caused by negligent handling of your luggage.

If you have been injured as a result of the negligence of a business operator or service provider while on your holiday then there are two ways the claim could be handled. One would be to claim compensation straight from the business responsible, though this would entail claiming under the laws of the business country. The other way, if a UK travel agent was responsible for arranging the services in which you were injured, then they would be liable for your compensation.

No Win No Fee Criminal Damage Compensation Claims

Being the victim of a violent crime, either through being physically assaulted yourself or by losing a loved one as a result of a violent crime could entitle you to criminal damages compensation. Claims for criminal injury compensation are made through a government funded scheme called the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (CICA). CICA will award compensation in cases where there is sufficient proof that the crime occurred, even if the police do not take any further action or there is no guilty verdict in a court case.

A two year time limit applies to criminal injury compensation claims, so the incident would have had to have taken place within the past two years in order for you to claim compensation. However, if the crime was a sexual offence, such as rape or sexual abuse, exceptions can be made. For example, if you were able to provide some measure of evidence to prove that you were sexually abused as a child.

Other Lincolnshire Accident Claims

Claims for illnesses associated with exposure to asbestos, such as asbestosis, are common. Compensation can be awarded if you were exposed to asbestos at work if you can prove your employer was aware of the exposure risk and did not take steps to protect you. You could also claim if you have been exposed to asbestos fibers via a family member who works around asbestos or claim on behalf of a family member who died of an asbestos related illness.

Claims for slips, trips and falls are another common form of personal injury claim. This type of claim could be made if you were in a public place and/or visiting a business and you fell over and hurt yourself on something which the owner of the premises should have ensured was cleared away.  For example a puddle of a spilled drink, or torn carpets or floor tiles.

As mentioned above in the information on asbestos claims, you can make a compensation claim on someone else’s behalf. For example, if your child was injured in a play area because the equipment was not maintained to a safe standard. Or if your child was hurt at school due to the negligence of staff. As well as children, claims can be made on behalf of vulnerable adults such as the elderly or people with learning disabilities.

Claim With Mis Sold Pension And Finance Solicitors

Financial regulations put limits on what a bank or a financial advice company can say to you or offer you when you are buying a financial service from them like a pension, a mortgage, stock investments or annuities. These regulations are intended to protect you from companies knowingly attempting to sell you a product which is inappropriate for you and puts you in financial risk.

Some of the things which companies selling financial services are forbidden to do include:

  • Investing your money into unstable or risky markets without consulting you about the dangers.
  • Push you towards buying a certain product, or rush you into making a decision.
  • Fail to offer a full range of potential options.

Some things which a company must do include:

  • Inform you of which product they know to be the most suitable.
  • Ensure that you are fully aware of all terms, conditions, fees and charges of the product you are about to buy.
  • Ask you about all relevant information about your health history and any factors which might impact your health in the future, i.e. your weights, your drinking habits and whether or not you smoke.

If you have suffered a financial loss on a financial service or product and you think that any of these rules or other regulations may have been breached, get in touch with us to discuss your situation.

No Win No Fee Tenants Deposit Protection Claims

A tenancy deposit protection claim can be made if your landlord has failed to protect your deposit, thus putting you at risk of losing the deposit.  The procedure for protecting your deposit requires your landlord to put the deposit in one of three authorised Tenancy Deposit Schemes and to ensure it remains there for the duration of your tenancy. If you are unsure about whether or not your deposit is in one of these schemes, you can read this guide written by Shelter about how to enquire about your deposit. For further details about the legal requirements of deposit protection you can read this tenants guide to deposit protection.

If you are leaving your rented accommodation and your landlord is refusing to return the deposit or its full amount, you should contact us to discuss your situation and receive advice.

Lincolnshire Housing Disrepair Compensation Claims

There is legislation which requires landlords and social housing authorities to maintain properties that they rent out to a liveable standard. Meaning it is essentially illegal for them to allow their tenants to live in a property not fit for human habitation. A solicitor from our panel could help you claim compensation from a landlord or a social housing authority which has caused you harm by neglecting the property that you have been living in. Some instances in which you could receive compensation from the owner of your house might include

  • If you have tripped and fallen down the stairs because the steps or banisters of the staircase were rickety or rotten.
  • If you have developed a skin or respiratory condition due to prolonged exposure to black mould or damp in your household.
  • Water damage to your belongings caused by burst or leaking pipes.
  • Exposure to carbon monoxide due to faulty heating or boilers.
  • Any injuries you suffer as a result of a failure to maintain communal areas of a flat, i.e. stairwells and hallways.

The Citizens Advice Bureau can provide you with further details and guidance in regards to housing disrepair issues.

How Do I Begin My No Win No Fee Claim?

Get In Touch

To start your claim, or to receive advice, you can either make a free phone call to us on 0800 073 8802 or request a call back on this page.

Discuss Your Situation

Our advisors will go over the circumstances you wish to discuss with you. They will advise you on whether you have grounds to make a claim and what kind of compensation you can request. They will offer to put you in touch with our panel of solicitors where appropriate.

Manage Your Claim And Stay Up To Date

The process of arranging, managing and staying update with your claim does not necessarily involve appointments with your solicitor or meeting them in person. Instead, you will have all the necessary discussions over the phone, through emails of via the post.

Lincolnshire Area Resources

Our Panel Of Doctors Covering Lincolnshire

During the beginning stages of your claim, it will be arranged for you to be assessed by one of our panel of doctors. This report will contribute towards the evidence that your solicitor needs to make an accurate calculation of how much compensation you are entitled to as well as confirming the extent of your injury or illness.  Some doctors from our panel local to you in Lincolnshire include;

Mohammed Safdar76 Ballgate,
Rajeev T JahagirderLincoln clinic,
The Terrace,
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Khaled El-Namasay2 Greetwell place,
2 Lime Kiln way,

Lincoln County Hospital

Lincoln County Hospital is a district general hospital which serves the city of Lincoln and the wider North Lincolnshire area.

Greetwell Road,




United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust

ULH NHS Trust operates three main hospitals and 90 other locations throughout the county of Lincolnshire. Employing 7,800 staff and treating 650,000 patients every year it is one of the largest NHS trusts in the UK.

Lincoln County Hospital,

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Lincolnshire County Council

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