Scarborough No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Scarborough

No Win No Fee Solicitors Scarborough

Whether you have been mis sold a financial product and lost money as a result, or you’ve had an accident that has resulted in an injury that was not your fault, you could have reason to launch a compensation claim. However, you might not wish to use your own funds up front to pay for a lawyer to help you claim. Thankfully, no win no fee solicitors covering Scarborough claims would not require a payment upfront to begin a claim, and you could retain the services of a no win no fee solicitor for a number of different compensation claims.

If you’re interested in making a claim, this page could provide some valuable information. We will go through the claims process, explaining how a legal expert would collect their fees, as well as explaining what kinds of compensation claims these lawyers could be able to undertake. If you’re interested in knowing more, then read on, but if anything isn’t clear, or you have a query, we can be reached on 0800 073 8802.

How Do No Win No Fee Claims Work?

If you’re wondering “How do no win no fee claims work?”, then this section should give you all the information you need to know. In simple terms, when you make a personal injury claim or a financial compensation claim for another reason, such as mis selling, you could benefit from having an experienced legal professional on your side. While you could consider taking a claim forward on your own, the assistance of a no win no fee solicitor could be valuable. They could bring their years of knowledge and experience to your case, allowing them to put forward a strong argument which could make a difference to how much compensation you could receive.

Claiming compensation on a no win no fee basis is done under an agreement between you and your solicitor called a CFA (Conditional Fee Agreement). It sets out the conditions that must be met for the solicitor to receive their funds, and the amount they would be looking to receive, as a percentage of your settlement amount. You might be relieved to know that it would not be possible for a lawyer to take more than a quarter of your compensation in fees, as this is the cap that has been set by the government to 25%.

Once your case was successfully settled, your lawyer would be paid out of the payout, and you’d have the benefit of the rest.

Claimants using the services of no win no fee solicitors covering Scarborough could benefit from not having to pay upfront fees to begin their claim, which could mean they could get started right away. So, let us see what kinds of claims these solicitors could assist with.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Service Or Accident Claim

Claims For Road Accidents In Scarborough

Unfortunately, accidents on the road can and do happen, and if you’re injured in an accident on the roads in Scarborough or a traffic accident near Scarborough, and the accident was not your fault, you could consider retaining the services of a personal injury lawyer to help you fight for compensation.

There are various different ways in which accidents could occur on the roads. According to 2018 statistics, in Great Britain, 1,784 reported road deaths in accidents on the road, with 25,511 serious injuries suffered.

Whether you’ve suffered a serious injury or one that could be classed as a minor injury, such as whiplash, then you could claim compensation for the injuries themselves as well as the financial costs that you have faced directly because of the accident. These could include care costs, wage losses, and even travel costs to medical appointments and prescription costs.

You could claim for a road accident in Scarborough that wasn’t your fault with the assistance of a personal injury solicitor for cases of:

  • Cyclist injury
  • Motorcyclist injury
  • Pedestrian injury
  • Driver injury
  • Passenger injury
  • And more…

If you’re worried about whether you could make a claim because a foreign/uninsured/untraceable driver caused the incident, then you may be able to make claims through the MIB.

Cases Of Medical Negligence In Scarborough

Whether you received negligent cancer care that led to you having to undergo more intensive treatment or you’ve had a healthy tooth removed in error by your dentist, this could be classed as clinical negligence, and you may be able to make compensation claims for medical negligence with solicitors that handle Scarborough claims.

Medical negligence could happen in a number of different settings including:

  • The GP’s office
  • A hospital ward
  • A hospital consulting room
  • Accident and Emergency departments
  • Dentist’s surgeries
  • Care homes
  • Birthing Suites
  • And more…

If you have experienced negligence in a clinical setting and it could be proven that the negligence caused you to suffer harm to your health that would not have occurred if the negligence hadn’t happened, then you could have a valid reason to claim compensation.

Compensation For Workplace Injuries

Have you been injured while at work? Was it your own fault, or could it be that you were injured because your employer was negligent with your health and safety? An employer is required, legally, to protect your health and safety at work. There are lots of different ways they could go about doing so, which could include:

  • Keeping the workplace safe from foreseeable hazards – This could include ensuring handrails are fixed to staircases, providing adequate lighting, ensuring trip hazards are cleared and more
  • Providing relevant training – Whether this is general health and safety training as to how to safely move around a site, or specific to your job; i.e. manual handling training
  • Providing safety equipment – Whether this is PPE, or fitting guards to machinery to reduce risks

And more…

If they do not take necessary steps to reduce the accident risks within the workplace and you suffer an injury from a workplace accident, you could call upon a no win no fee solicitor to help you make a compensation claim.

It is not just workplace injuries that could lead to a claim, however. Long-term conditions that may have developed over time could also lead to compensation claims if the employer was deemed to have not taken care of foreseeable risks of you developing such a condition.

RSI, COPD, Tendonitis, Mesothelioma, Industrial deafness and more could be claimed for if your employer was deemed to be negligent in reducing risks.

If you’re worried about how to claim compensation without losing your job, you might be relieved to learn that there is legislation in place to protect employees in this position. Your employer isn’t allowed to treat you differently in any way because of your compensation claim.

Claims If Injured In An Accident On Holiday

If you’ve been in the unfortunate situation of falling ill or becoming injured while on holiday, you may assume you could not make a claim for compensation if the incident happened in another country. However, there are various laws and regulations that govern making claims for an accident on holiday or holiday illnesses that were not your fault and these could include:

UK-based solicitors could help in many cases of holiday injury or illness, whether they have happened:

  • On the plane
  • At the airport
  • On your transfer to or from your hotel
  • At your hotel
  • In the swimming pool
  • On a pre-booked excursion
  • And more…

Whether you have fallen ill because of food poisoning from the hotel’s food or have injured yourself tripping on unsafe flooring at the airport, if the accident was not your fault, you could claim compensation for your injuries. If your holiday was affected by the incident, you may even be able to claim for loss of enjoyment.

No Win No Fee Criminal Injury Victim Compensation

Sadly, in Scarborough Town Centre from November 2018 to Otober 2019 there were 2,661 reported offences were violent or sexual. Some of these cases could lead to victim compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA), but how would you know whether your experience of criminal injury could lead to a claim?

Who Is Eligible For Victim Compensation?

Essentially, if you were a target of an assault, whether this was planned or random, and you suffered injuries because of the assault, you could make a claim to the CICA. Likewise, if you were injured trying to stop a crime. Another reason you might be able to claim is if you witnessed a criminal act and it has left you traumatised.

Making Claims For Sexual Abuse That Happened In The Past

While many CICA claims have a 2-year limitation period from the incident date, exceptions could be made to the time limit for victims of sexual abuse that happened in the past. This could be because you did not properly process what had happened to you until much later. This could be used as an argument to lengthen the time you have to claim and might lead you to be able to make a claim years after the abuse you suffered.

Other Scarborough Accident Or Injury Claims

Claims that are not listed above that could still be claimed for with the help of no win no fee solicitors covering Scarborough could include:

In simple terms, if you have been injured because of someone else’s fault, whether a manufacturer, local authority, private business or another entity, and they could be held liable, then you could make a claim for compensation.

Compensation For The Mis-Selling Of Financial Services

The mis-selling of financial services has been reported in the media over the last few years, with the PPI scandal and the pension mis selling scandal being major headlines. But, did you know that if a financial product has been mis sold to you, you could make a claim for compensation for financial losses suffered as a result?

If you have been pressured into signing for a particular product, or if you were not advised of charges associated with the product you’ve been sold, then these could be clues that you have been a victim of mis selling. Likewise, if you have been sold an unsuitable product, or one that had risks you weren’t aware of, you could also have been mis sold your financial product. If this is the case, a no win no fee solicitor could help you make a claim for compensation.

Withheld Tenancy Deposit Compensation Claims

Did your landlord fail to properly protect your rental deposit, or are you financially worse off because your landlord withheld deposit monies unfairly? If so, you could potentially have a claim for compensation.

A Landlord should:

  • Ensure that they are protecting your deposit in a government-approved scheme
  • Ensure that they write to you in 30 days and tell you which scheme this is
  • Return the deposit in full within 10 days of the tenancy ending, unless legitimate reason otherwise

Your landlord should protect your rental deposit in one of the approved government schemes (of which there are three). If they haven’t, or they haven’t let you know how and where it was held, then you could potentially claim between one and three times your initial rental deposit in compensation. Our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Scarborough could help you claim such compensation.

Scarborough Housing Disrepair Claims

Have you been the victim of housing disrepair that has caused you financial or physical harm? If so, you could consider making housing disrepair claims for compensation. But what is considered disrepair? And what sort of claims could be made?

What Is Disrepair?

Disrepair could be considered anything that is broken in a properly that requires repair. It could include:

  • Faulty boilers
  • Mould
  • Damp
  • Leaking pipes
  • An infestation of vermin or insects
  • Broken sanitation equipment (such as toilets or sinks)
  • And more.

What Could I Claim For?

A compensation claim could be made for:

Injuries that occur due to disrepair – this could include cuts from broken windows, injuries because of broken sanitation facilities, etc

Illnesses that occur due to disrepair – this could include illnesses relating to damp or mould, carbon monoxide poisoning and more…

Financial losses due to disrepair – this could include replacements to destroyed/damaged personal property, where the damage occurred because of the disrepair, or where you have faced higher energy bills than you should have done because of the disrepair.

If you’d like to know whether you could have a claim for housing disrepair, and the process that is involved with claiming, why not call our team and we could help to clarify your position.

Start A Compensation Claim With A No Win No Fee Solicitor

Are you looking to find a no win no fee solicitor to see if you have a claim? If so, then…

●      Get In Touch With Us

Dial 0800 073 8802 and you will quickly be put through to a No Win No Fee Expert team member. Alternatively, you could use the contact form or live chat on this site.

●      Discuss Your Situation

Having a conversation with one of our expert staff is the first step you’ll take to making a compensation claim. Once we’ve assessed the situation and advised whether you could potentially have a claim for compensation, we could offer to provide you with a no win no fee solicitor from the panel we work with.

●      Manage Your Claim And Stay Up-To-Date

Once your claim begins, you could continue to talk to us about your claim. We would keep you updated on developments with your case.

Scarborough Information Or Resources

Claimants looking for local resources could find the below information of use.

Our Panel Of Doctors Covering Scarborough

Personal injury claims require claimants to undergo a medical assessment with an independent party. If you’re worried you may have to travel a long way to see such an independent doctor, you may be reassured to see some examples of doctors in your area:

Sumeet VohraBody and Sole Health Care, 101 Victoria Road, Scarborough, YO11 1SP
Douglas Moederle-Lumb98 Tennyson Avenue, Scarborough, YO12 7RE

Scarborough General Hospital

Scarborough General Hospital provides maternity services, as well as acute medical and surgical services.

Scarborough General Hospital

Woodlands Drive
North Yorkshire
YO12 6QL

York Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The York Teaching Hospitals Trust covers Easingwold, Malton, Selby, Whitby, Scarborough, York and Bridlington.

Trust Headquarters

York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
The York Hospital
Wigginton Road
YO31 8HE

Scarborough Borough Council

Scarborough Borough Council

Town Hall,

St Nicholas Street,


North Yorkshire.

YO11 2HG


North Yorkshire Police

North Yorkshire Police

Alverton Court,

Crosby Rd,



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