Shropshire No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Shropshire

No Win No Fee Solicitors Shropshire

We have written this guide to help those in the Shropshire area who have suffered injuries because of an accident that wasn’t their fault, have been harmed by a criminal assault or have lost money because of the financial misconduct of a third party. If you have been affected by any of these issues then you could potentially receive compensation for the physical and emotional harm that the incident has caused, as well as financial expenses and losses you have had to deal with as a result.

This guide will go over some of the many different situations in which a third parties negligence might cause you harm. We also want to inform you of how a no win no fee solicitor covering Shropshire can help you win compensation. No Win No Fee Expert works with a panel of no win no fee solicitors who have experience in dealing with all the different types of compensation claims you will read about in this article and more.

If you want to know something which isn’t covered in this article or if you have decided that you wish to begin a claim, fill out this online enquiry form or call us at any time on 0800 073 8802.

How No Win No Fee Claims Work

If you are considering making a claim the first thing you need to know, is to not be deterred by the prospect of expensive legal fees. You can avoid them by making a claim on a no win no fee basis. A no win no fee claim is an agreement between you and your solicitor on how your solicitor’s fees will be paid. It essentially means that you will use some of the money from your compensation (a maximum of 25%) to pay your solicitors fees. Of course, you will only receive compensation if your claim is successful. So by signing a no win no fee agreement, your solicitor is accepting a potential financial loss in the event of not being able to win your case. It is an arrangement that is favourable to you, the claimant, in that your solicitor is taking on most of the risk. Read this page here for more information on how no win no fee claims work.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Service Or Accident Claim

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  2. No Win No Fee Claims For Negligence In Medical Care
  3. No Win No Fee Work Accident Compensation Claims
  4. No Win No Fee Claims For Accidents And Injuries On Holiday
  5. Shropshire Criminal Injury Compensation Examples
  6. Other Shropshire Accident Or Injury Claims
  7. Compensation For Mis Sold Finance And Pensions
  8. No Win No Fee Tenancy Deposit Protection Claims
  9. Claims For Housing Disrepair Against Landlords In Shropshire
  10. How You Could Claim Compensation
  11. Shropshire Area Resources

No Win No Fee Claims For Car Accidents In Shropshire

25,511 serious injuries were reported as a result of car accidents in 2018 according to the annual report of Road Traffic Accidents (RTA) by the Department for Transport. In road traffic accidents the party who was the victim and not at fault for the accident can claim compensation from the responsible party. If you were the victim in your RTA, you should get in touch with us today to discuss your eligibility to make a compensation claim. Examples of RTA claims which our panel of solicitors can deal with include:

  • Car accident’s
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Cycling accidents
  • Accidents involving buses
  • Pedestrians being hit by cars

No Win No Fee Claims For Negligence In Medical Care

You could seek a no win no fee claim against the NHS or a private provider if you have been the victim of medical negligence. All providers of medical treatment and the personnel who work for them are legally required to provide their patients with the highest and safest quality of care they can. These providers can face liability for compensation if their negligence or the negligence of their staff has caused harm to any of their patients. Examples of medical professionals making themselves or their employers liable for medical negligence compensation might include:

  • Pharmacists dispensing the wrong medication, leading to a failure to treat the illness and possible side effects of the drug.
  • Dentists inflicting unnecessary injuries to a patient’s teeth and gums or causing an infection through a poorly performed procedure.
  • Nurses failing to regularly check a patients vital signs and medication intake, resulting in worsening symptoms being undetected and untreated.


No Win No Fee Work Accident Compensation Claims

Your employer is legally obliged to take steps to reduce the risk of workplace accidents and work-related illnesses as much as reasonably possible. Some occupations will always entail a degree of risk, but if there are steps which your employer could have taken to keep you safe, but didn’t, then they may be liable for compensating you for the harm you have suffered as a result.  Here are some examples of situations where an employer could be held responsible for harm suffered by their employees:

  • A back injury sustained in a work accident because the employer did not provide training on lifting and carrying.
  • Developing long term illnesses such as Asbestosis or COPD caused by long term exposure to hazards such as paint fumes or asbestos without adequate protection.
  • Mental health issues such as stress or anxiety brought on by overwork or workplace bullying.
  • Injuries sustained in accidents caused by machinery or equipment which had not been inspected or serviced recently.


No Win No Fee Claims For Accidents And Injuries On Holiday

The solicitors which we can put you in touch with aren’t limited to claims in Shropshire; they can also deal with cases over accidents and injuries abroad. They can also deal with claims for delays to plane and cruise journeys.

The way they deal with a holiday injury claim will depend on how the holiday was booked. If you booked your trip and all the related activities independently then only the specific business responsible for your accident would be liable. In this case the claim would have to be made according to the laws of the country that business is based in. This could impact on the personal injury time limit within which you need to start the claim and how much compensation you would be entitled to receive.

However, if a travel agency was responsible for arranging the trip, as in a package holiday, then the law states that they are responsible if any businesses whose services they arranged for you harm you through negligence. That means that making a claim against them for an accident which occurred abroad would not differ from making a claim against any other UK company under British law.

Some examples of holiday claims you could make include:

  • Accidents involving rented cars
  • Accidents while visiting tourist sites caused by the negligence of the site operator
  • Accidents while engaging in activities, i.e. water skiing or rock climbing
  • Accidents in your hotel or accommodation
  • Accidents or food poisoning in restaurants.

Shropshire Criminal Injury Compensation Examples

When claiming for criminal injury compensation, you will effectively be seeking compensation from the government, specifically the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (CICA). But criminal injuries compensation can still be claimed with no win no fee agreements like other types of claims. So long as you can prove that you have suffered physical or psychological harm due to a crime you may receive compensation, even in cases where the guilt of the offender cannot be proven.  Some crime compensation claim examples are:

  • Being the victim of a mugging or an armed robbery
  • Being the victim of an assault
  • Being struck by a stolen vehicle
  • Being the victim of domestic violence
  • Witnessing a traumatic violent crime i.e. a murder
  • Sexual assault or sexual abuse

Claims can potentially be made for historical sexual assault or sexual abuse as well as those that have taken place within the two year time period. Call us if you wish to discuss the details of whether you are eligible to do so.

Other Shropshire Accident Or Injury Claims

In any situation in which you were harmed by the negligence of a third party, or were owed a duty of care which was not met you could potentially receive compensation for the harm their failure caused you. The examples in this article so far have only been some of the most common, there are a number of different examples we could provide, including:

  • Claiming on behalf of someone else. If you have a child who is not old enough to make a claim of their own then as their guardian you could claim on their behalf if they suffer physically or psychologically as a result in  an accident due to the negligence of a third party
  • Sports injury claims. If you have been hurt while playing a sport, due to poor training, faulty equipment provided to you or by an illegal tackle.
  • Product liability claims. If you have been harmed by a faulty product, such as an electrical appliance for example.

Compensation For Mis Sold Finance And Pensions

Banks and financial advisors are legally bound to abide by regulations set by the Financial Conduct Authority. There are rules when it comes to the sale of financial services such as pensions or mortgages. These rules are designed to protect you, the consumer, from losing money because a financial product that you bought was inappropriate. These rules include:

  • Discussing in full the terms and conditions of the service, and providing these details in writing.
  • Allowing the customer to make a decision without feeling pressured into buying a certain product.
  • Discussing any risks involved in using a certain product, such as investing your money into a turbulent market sector, and not attempting to offer a risky service if you have asked to avoid risks.
  • Discussing your health history and any health risks associated with your present lifestyle.

If you are worried that a financial service has harmed your financial situation and you suspect that the company you purchased it from may have violated any of these rules, please get in touch so that we can discuss your eligibility today.

No Win No Fee Tenancy Deposit Protection Claims

Even if you don’t currently have an ongoing dispute with your landlord you could actually start a tenancy deposit protection claim against them today if you have reason to believe that they have failed to abide by the rules of protecting your deposit. It is mandatory for your landlord to secure your deposit in an official Tenancy Deposit Scheme. Your landlord may be violating those rules without you realising it. If they have:

  • Failed to secure your deposit in a TDS within a thirty day time limit
  • Failed to give you notice that your deposit is protected and details of which TDS was used within the thirty day time limit
  • Removed the deposit from the TDS before your tenancy was up

Then they could have given you a reason to claim compensation from them on the basis of not having protected your deposit. Many people living in rented accommodation may not be fully aware of their rights and of their landlords obligations. Shelter is one organisation which aims to help people better understand the law in regards to their housing rights.

Claims For Housing Disrepair Against Landlords In Shropshire

Living in a property which is in a state of disrepair or is unsanitary is not just miserable, it is hazardous to your health and in certain circumstances can be grounds for compensation. Specifically, it could be grounds for compensation when you are living in social housing or privately rented housing. Some tenancy contracts may outline more stringent obligations for landlords than others, but they all entail a certain minimum amount of responsibility for the upkeep of the property to a safe standard. Maintenance of the;

  • Structure of the house, i.e. walls, foundations, stairs and the roof
  • Floorboards
  • Central heating, gas, plumbing and electricity
  • Exterior doors, windows and guttering

Are all crucial to keeping the house in a liveable condition and are the responsibility of the landlord. Landlords are also responsible for;

  • The condition of furniture they have supplied with the property (but not furniture which you brought with you)
  • Repairing damage or disrepair which you have reported to them (but not damage which you have caused)
  • Dealing with infestations of mice or rats.

So, if your landlord has failed to maintain your property to an acceptable standard and you have been harmed either physically or financially as a result then you may be entitled to claim compensation. If you would like to discuss your circumstances in more detail, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Be aware that landlords cannot charge you for repairs to damage which you haven’t caused. However you may be responsible for minor repairs or replacements if it is stipulated in your contract. Again Shelter is a good source of useful information on this subject.

How You Could Claim Compensation

Get In Touch With Us

To get in touch with us you can either fill out this enquiry form and we will get back to you with a phone call when it is convenient for you or you could simply call us on 0800 073 8802.

Discuss Your Situation

The team of advisors on our phone line can talk to you about the situation which you are considering making a claim for. If you want they can simply give you advice, but if you have grounds for a valid claim they can also put you through to a solicitor.

Manage Your Claim And Stay Up-To-Date

When making a claim with our panel of solicitors there is no requirement to schedule appointments to see them in person. Your compensation claim can be set up and managed over the phone or through emails. If you wish to receive updates, simply call your solicitor any time.

Shropshire Area Resources

Our panel of doctors covering Shropshire

Having a medical examination is key to providing proof of the physical harm done to you and key to calculating the compensation you are entitled to. In the table below are some of the doctors from our nationwide panel who cover medical exams in Shropshire.

Mohammed SafdarButcher row,
Laura Sanches PallaresLancaster road,
Stephen Grant Charlesworth-JonesBuilding Two Charlesworth Court
Hotspur Park, Off Knights Way,
Battlefield Enterprise Park,

The Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

The Royal Shrewsbury Hospital provides acute general care services. Along with The Princess Royal Hospital in Telford it is one of the two main hospitals in the SaTH NHS Trust.

Mytton Oak Road




The Shrewsbury And Telford Hospital NHS Trust

The Shrewsbury And Telford Hospital NHS Trust is the primary medical services provider for Shropshire as well as parts of the wider Midlands and parts of Wales.

Royal Shrewsbury Hospital,

Mytton Oak Road,




Shropshire Council

The Shirehall,

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West Mercia Police

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