Aylesbury No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Aylesbury

No Win No Fee Solicitors Aylesbury

Whether you live in Aylesbury or elsewhere in the country, our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Aylesbury could help you to claim compensation. They are able to handle many different types of compensation claims, from those for an accident in the workplace to claims for mis-sold pensions.

In this guide, we look at how a no win no fee solicitor could help you. Whilst we have not included a personal injury claims calculator on this page, our other guides do include information on how much you may be able to claim.

Find out more about claiming compensation below or contact us today to start your claim.

Conditional Fee Agreements

Solicitors covering accident and compensation claims in Aylesbury may do so through what are called conditional fee agreements. This is a type of agreement between a claimant and their legal representative. It states their expenses and fees will only be paid by the claimant under certain conditions, such as winning the case.

If the case is won a percentage of the compensation will be used to pay the solicitors fees for their time and service, if the case is not successful the claimant will not have to pay for their solicitors service.

Before you decide whether to make a claim with a solicitor, they should set out the details of how your no win no fee agreement will work. They should clearly discuss how their services will be provided to you as well as what services are included. They will make sure you understand how much (expressed as a percentage of your settlement) you will have to pay to them as part of their success fee. Whilst the amount may differ from claim to claim the deduction can not be more than 25% of your settlement.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Service Or Accident Claim

Aylesbury Traffic Accident And Car Crash Compensation Claims

Accidents on the road could involve bus accidents, cyclist accidents and of course car accidents in Aylesbury. If you have been injured because another road user acted in a negligent way you could claim compensation for any injuries sustained, such as for whiplash. If involved in a car accident in Aylesbury you should collect as much evidence as you can. Evidence could include the details of anyone who witnessed your accident, photographic evidence of the accident scene and your injuries, medical reports – such as those from Aylesbury Accident and Emergency department, and things such as footage from a dashcam.

Common injuries which may be caused by a road accident could include,

  • Head, neck and back injuries.
  • Breaks and fractures.
  • Soft tissue injuries.

After your accident, make sure that you visit a doctor or hospital as necessary.

No Win No Fee Claims For Medical Misdiagnosis In Aylesbury

The definition of medical negligence could be summed up as a medical professional (doctor, nurse, etc) failing to meet the duty of care which they owe to a patient. This failure may then result in the patient coming to otherwise avoidable harm through injury or illness. New injuries or illnesses may be caused, or existing ones may become worse. This harm could be caused by a mistake being made, an illness or disease being misdiagnosed or mis-treatment of an injury which leads to it worsening.

Medical malpractice may include; misdiagnosis or mistreatment, the wrong medication being prescribed or administered or surgical errors.

Any of these circumstances could cause you harm. Due to the weight of evidence which may be needed, such claims may be more complicated to make. Please contact our team today to be connected to a personal injury lawyer or solicitor handling clinical negligence claims from our panel who are not based in Aylesbury but can cover the area with ease.

Injury At Work Claims With No Win No Fee Solicitors

If you were injured in a workplace accident which happened because your employer was negligent you could have the right to claim. As part of their duty of care to you as an employee, your employer should make sure your workplace is safe, that you are properly trained and equipped and that any machinery you use is correctly maintained and serviced. Failing to do so could leave them open to claims of negligence if you were injured.

Making a claim against your employer (or their insurance provider) could seem daunting. However, you should keep in mind that you can not be dismissed or discriminated against by an employer simply for claiming compensation.

If you were injured because you were not properly trained, were provided with faulty equipment, were not provided with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or otherwise injured due to your employer’s negligence please talk to our team. We could be able to help you claim compensation through our panel of personal injury solicitors covering claims in Aylesbury.

Claim Compensation After An Accident On Holiday

Whether travelling or on holiday in the UK or abroad, if you are injured or if your flight is delayed, you could be eligible to claim compensation. Claiming compensation after an accident on holiday may not be able to restore your lost enjoyment but it could compensate you for harm caused to you as well as financial losses because of negligence.

If you were travelling on a holiday booked with a package holiday company in the UK they may be liable for accidents which happened at your hotel, on a pre-booked transfer or on inclusive activities. If you were injured in a hotel, on a flight which was booked independently, or at an airport, you could be able to claim compensation from the individual provider.

If you have been injured abroad your claim may need to be made in that country. This means you would need a solicitor familiar with local laws and able to practice law in this country. It may also mean that different time limits and compensation amounts could apply to your claim. We work with a panel of no win no fee solicitors who are well versed in International law and may be able to assist you with your claim.

We do recommend starting this type of claim as soon as you can. To claim compensation after an accident on holiday, please contact our team today.

Abuse Or Criminal Injury Claims

If you have been the victim of a violent crime such as an assault or have been victim to abuse/sexual abuse, a personal injury solicitor covering Aylesbury could help you claim compensation. Such claims are made through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

What is a CICA claim? These are claims made by victims of criminal injuries through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. They could be made where the victim suffered a psychological or physical injury. Claims through the CICA differ from other types of personal injury claims. They have shorter time limits – just two years in which to make your claim. In cases of historic sexual abuse, this time limit may be different.

If you would like to use our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Aylesbury to assist you in making a claim for criminal injury compensation, contact one of our advisors today using our details at the bottom of this guide.

Are There Other Injury Claims I Could Make?

So far we have looked at some of the most common reasons for which people may contact personal injury solicitors and claim compensation. However, this list is not exhaustive and there are numerous other reasons for which someone may have the grounds to make a claim.

Other forms of negligent accidents in which you could have been injured and be able to make a claim could include;

  • Slips and falls in public places or on private property due to damage flooring  see our comprehensive guide here.
  • Child accident claims for injuries caused be damaged park equipment.
  • Beauty salon or beauty treatment claims for chemical burns.
  • Public transport traffic accident claims.

If you have been injured and believe that another person was at fault, please contact our team to discuss whether you may be eligible for a potential claim for compensation.

I Think I Was Mis Sold A Financial Service, Could I Claim?

In addition to the types of claims discussed above our panel of no win no fee solicitors could also help you to claim compensation in other circumstances, such as if you think you have been the victim of financial mis selling and you have suffered financially as a result.

Financial mis-selling is one such instance where you could claim compensation. It could occur if a bank, financial advisor or other sales person providing a financial service or selling you a product such as a pension or annuity has done so in a way that mis-leads you. This advice or service may have caused you to lose money or experience another financial loss.

You may have been mis-sold to if you felt the advisor pressured you into buying a specific product which was not right for you. You could also feel that you were rushed into making a choice which again, was not right for your needs.

Mis-selling could also include circumstances in which you were not provided with full and frank information before making a choice or if you were not asked questions to determine if the product was suitable for you.

If you have been affected in any of the ways outlined above and you have importantly suffered financial loss, you could claim compensation with a no win no fee solicitor.

Compensation For Unprotected Rental Deposits

If you rent your home it is likely that you will have had to pay a deposit to the landlord. In general, this deposit should be placed in an authorised tenancy deposit scheme. If you have complied with the terms of your lease, have paid your rent on time, and not caused any damage, you are entitled to receive your deposit in full at the end of your tenancy.

Landlords must have a legitimate reason for withholding a deposit, such as to make repairs if you damaged the property or if you did not pay rent. If they withhold your deposit, do not place it in a protective scheme, did not protect it within 30 days of you paying it to them, did not inform you of which scheme it was protected with or say they can not access the deposit, you could claim compensation.

This guide from Shelter provides more information on when you could claim compensation for a tenancy deposit.

Could I Claim For Housing Disrepair?

What is a housing disrepair claim? It is a compensation claim for damages caused by a landlord’s lack of maintenance on a property.

If you rent your home either from a private landlord, a local council or a housing association they (or a letting agent) are responsible for maintaining the property and carrying out repairs. If your landlord or their agent has not carried out maintenance or repairs, your health and even the ability to live in the property could be affected.

Disrepair in housing could affect your health or cause damage to your belongings. Disrepair may include;

  • Rising damp or mould. Exposure to which can cause negative affects to your health – see this NHS guide.
  • Infestations of pests and/ or rodents.
  • Exposed wiring or faulty electrical fixtures, fittings or appliances.
  • No hot water or heating due to broken or damaged central heating/boiler.

There are of course other ways in which disrepair could manifest. For instance, a broken floor could cause people to trip over and be injured or flooding due to a lack of maintenance that could damage or destroy personal property.

Learn more about pre-action protocols related to housing disrepair claims here.

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Helpful Public Services

If you have been affected by any of the circumstances discussed in this guide you may require help or assistance from the following public services which cover Aylesbury. In some instances (such as claims for accidents in public places or instances of medical misdiagnosis) your claim may be made against such public services.

Our Panel Of Doctors Covering Aylesbury

As part of your personal injury claim, your solicitor will ask you to undergo a medical assessment. This assessment will be to better establish what injury (or illness) you have and how it has, is and will affect you. This assessment could be carried out by one of the panel of doctors we work with.

Those conducting examinations in this area include;

Dr. Afolake OyinloyeAylesbury Physio Assured,
Unit 14 Duck Farm Court,
Station Way West,
HP20 2SQ
Dr. Raj KrishnaAylesbury Chiropractic Clinic
Milton House
Gatehouse Road
HP19 8EL
Dr. Richard FotiadisBarclays House
Gatehouse Way,
HP19 8DB

Stoke Mandeville Hospital

You may require treatment at this hospital if injured in an incident, such as a traffic accident.

Stoke Mandeville Hospital
Mandeville Road,
HP21 8AL
Website: www.buckshealthcare.nhs.uk/For%20patients%20and%20visitors/stoke-mandeville-hospital.htm

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

This is the NHS healthcare trust responsible for the dispensing of medical care at hospitals in this area.

Amersham Hospital
Whielden Street

Aylesbury Vale District Council

This is the local district council who may be responsible for the maintenance of public places such as pavements or local parks.

The Gateway
Gatehouse Road
HP19 8FF
Website contact www.aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk/section/ways-contact-us

Thames Valley Police

Whether involved in a traffic accident or the victim of a violent crime, you should report what has happened to you to the Thames Valley Police.

Thames Valley Police Headquarters
Oxford Road,

Report it online – www.thamesvalley.police.uk/ro/report/ocr/af/how-to-report-a-crime

Written by RL.

Edited by CE.