Basildon No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Basildon

No Win No Fee Solicitors Basildon

Have you been injured in Basildon because of someone else’s reckless or negligent behaviour? Have you lost money on your rental deposit, through financial mis selling or through housing disrepair? Whatever position you’re in, it may be worth speaking to solicitors covering Basildon from our panel to see if you could make a claim for compensation on a no win no fee basis.

But what exactly is no win no fee? How could it benefit you? And what kind of claims can be assisted by a lawyer that works to this payment structure? In the guide below, we will talk about personal injury claims and other financial compensation claims you could make with a no win no fee solicitor, as well as introducing how we could help you. If anything in the below sections is unclear, don’t hesitate to call 0800 073 8802 for guidance and support.

Conditional Fee Agreements Explained

Making a no win no fee claim with a personal injury lawyer or financial compensation lawyer could be financial beneficial for those looking to make a compensation claim without paying any upfront costs. Instead of paying money upfront to your allocated lawyer, you would wait until the claim had paid out and use a pre-agreed percentage of these for your legal fees. The percentage is capped at 25% but could be even lower depending on your legal representative.

All the minor details of this agreement will be detailed within the no win no fee agreement. Also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), this is a document that will be signed between you and your lawyer which lays out the terms of your agreement as to what would happen if your case reached a settlement and what would happen if it didn’t. Your lawyer might advise you to take out an insurance policy in case of an unexpected loss, but this could vary between cases.

Are you interested in what kind of claims could be handled by solicitors covering Basildon? Click below to navigate to the claim you’re interested in.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Service Or Accident Claim

No Win No Fee Road Traffic Accident In Basildon Claims

An accident claim could be make for harm suffered on the road. Whether you were injured while riding a motorbike, a pushbike, or you were in a car, van, bus, coach, taxi, or even an articulated lorry, if another road user caused an accident and you were injured, you could claim compensation. This is even true if the person that caused the accident did not have the required insurance or they fled from the scene of the accident, as a solicitor could help you claim with the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB).

But, how often do accidents happen on UK roads that cause injury? Let us look at the statistics published by the government.

According to a report by the Department for Transport, there were 160,597 casualties of all severities reported for UK road traffic accidents in 2018. However, you do not have to suffer a severe casualty to make a claim for compensation. A solicitor from our panel simply needs to show that you suffered an injury (e.g. Whiplash), that it was due to an accident that was someone else’s fault, and that the person in question failed to follow the Highway Code.

If you think you could have a claim, why not call our team? We’ll offer support and guidance for your road traffic accident in Basildon claim.

No Win No Fee Basildon Medical Neglect And Malpractice Claims

If you’ve been injured, a medical condition has become worse, or you’ve developed a new condition because of medical negligence, then you have the right to make a compensation claim. Late cancer diagnosis, misdiagnoses, surgical negligence, GP negligence and midwife negligence are all some examples of negligence types that could lead to a successful settlement claim. Others examples include:

  • Dental negligence
  • Care home negligence
  • Basildon hospital medical negligence (both NHS or a private clinic)

Whatever type of medical negligence you’ve suffered, if it has caused your health to suffer in some way and this could have been avoided, our expert panel could help you make a case for compensation.

No Win No Fee Work Injury Damages Claims

If you have suffered some kind of injury at work and you believe your employer was at fault for either acting recklessly or dangerously with regards to your health and safety, then you could consider making a work injury damages claim with the assistance of a no win no fee solicitor.

Injuries at work could be caused by incidents including the following:

  • Insufficient training leading to unsafe operation of machinery, causing an accident
  • Poorly maintained machinery causing accidents
  • Unsafe workplace containing hazards that caused an accident (e.g. unsafe scaffolding, trip hazards etc)
  • And more…

If it can be proved that by no win no fee solicitors covering Basildon that your employer was negligent in their duty to protect your health and safety at work, and you suffered injuries, then you could end up with a compensation settlement.

Another way in which work-related personal injury claim could occur is if you developed a condition that was caused by your work. If there were risks of you contracting an illness or injury, and these were foreseeable, yet your employer did not take action to reduce those risks, then you could make a claim for compensation if you developed this type of condition. Conditions could include:

  • RSI
  • Hand-arm vibration syndrome
  • COPD
  • Industrial dermatitis
  • And more…

While some people may feel a little awkward about claiming against an employer, there is legislation in place to protect employees that do so, in the unlikely event that an employer treats you differently because of your claim. A no win no fee solicitor could explain your rights to you, and in extreme cases, could even help you with a claim for constructive or unfair dismissal. However, the likelihood of your employer treating you badly because of your claim could be considered to be low.

Claim For An Accident On Holiday With A No Win No Fee Solicitor

Whether you’ve headed off to China on business or Spain for a holiday, if you’ve been injured abroad, or fallen ill, and someone else was to blame, then you could make an accident on holiday no win no fee claim.

Whether you booked a package holiday, and are covered by the Package Travel Regulations, or you booked separately and were injured on a flight covered by IATA, or you’re covered by UK or foreign law, our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Basildon claims could assist, wherever in the world your accident occurred. Time limits for claiming could differ vastly between cases, however, so it might be a good idea to find out how long you have to claim quite quickly, in case you have a short time period in which to lodge your claim. We could help you with this. If you call our team and tell us what has happened, we won’t just offer to provide you a no win no fee solicitor to handle your holiday claim, we’ll also tell you how long you could have to claim.

The types of incident that could lead to a holiday claim for compensation could vary vastly. You could suffer an accident in the airport, while boarding or disembarking an aeroplane, on your transfer, in the foreign hotel or even on a pre-booked excursion. Whether you fall ill because of poor hygiene in food preparation, or break an ankle because you fell from an unsafe balcony, we could help connect you with an appropriate personal injury solicitor to take on your claim.

Criminal Injury And CICA No Win No Fee Claims

Have you suffered an assault, either sexual or physical in Basildon? You may consider instructing a no win no fee solicitor to act as a CICA claim guide for you in these cases. They could talk you through just what is needed to make a CICA claim, whether you suffered some kind of trauma from witnessing an assault or other violent incident, were injured trying to stop a crime, or were the victim of an assault. Sadly, in the Fryens area of Basildon between September of 2018 and August of 2019, 860 incidents of violence or sexual offences were reported to the police. If you were the victim of this kind of crime, then no win no fee solicitors covering Basildon could assist with a claim, although you may only have 2 years to claim from the incident date, so you may need to act quickly.

Longer deadlines relating to sexual abuse

If you’ve been the victim in a sexual abuse case, then you could have longer than the aforementioned 2 years to claim. This is because it might have taken you a long time to come to terms with the historic abuse, and you may not have reported it at the time. The personal injury claims time limit could be extended for such cases.

Other Accident Or Injury Claims Handled By Our Panel Of solicitors

It is not just the types of accident in Basildon that you could make a claim for compensation for. Any accident leading to injury, should a third party be liable, could result in a compensation claim.

This could include:

  • Slips and falls
  • Accidents in public places such as parks, gymnasiums, supermarkets and more
  • Product liability claims
  • And more….

Depending on the place you were injured and the reason for your injury, a variety of people/entities could be liable, and if they are, then your no win no fee solicitor could help you make a claim for compensation for financial losses suffered because of the accident, as well as the pain and suffering of the actual injuries.

Mis Sold Pension And Investment Claims

While the Financial Conduct Authority has strict stipulations for those selling financial products, mis sold pension investments and other financial products cases have occurred, leading to people claiming compensation for such incidences of mis selling.

Whether your financial advisor has not checked your suitability for a product before selling it to you, has not advised you of risks or extra charges, or has not given you all of the relevant information you need to make a decision on the product, you could have cause to instruct a no win no fee solicitor to act on your behalf to claim compensation.

Whether you feel you have been mis sold a pension, investment, or another financial product, do not hesitate – simply get in touch with the team at No Win No Fee Expert and we’ll tell you whether we think you could have a compensation claim.

No Win No Fee Tenants Rent Deposit Dispute Claims

Do you have a rent deposit dispute with your landlord because they didn’t protect your deposit or are refusing to return it. By law, landlords must put your deposit in an approved protection scheme if certain criteria are met. If your landlord hasn’t done this – or they haven’t told you where they’ve held it – then you could look into claiming compensation with a no win no fee solicitor handling Basildon claims. Why not get in contact with our team, who could provide you a lawyer from our panel of solicitors covering the area.

Claim For Housing Disrepair In Basildon

While many people could presume housing disrepair could only be claimed for if your belongings are destroyed or damaged, you may not be aware that you could also claim for higher energy bills that have been paid because of the disrepair, or you could make a personal injury claim for housing disrepair if you have fallen ill or become injured by disrepair. A no win no fee solicitor could help with this.

Whether it is a faulty boiler, a broken window or door, a leaking pipe, mould, damp or another form of disrepair, if you’ve reported it to the landlord and nothing has been done, pain, suffering and financial damages could be sought depending on the harm that has been done by the disrepair. However, the protocol for properly recording complaints and the relevant time limits for a landlord to fix disrepair could be complicated. A no win no fee solicitor covering Basildon cases of disrepair could take some of the stress of claiming from your shoulders, and take it on, on your behalf.

Begin Your No Win No Fee Claim

Do you need more information, or would you like to begin a claim? Either way, we could help.

●      Get in touch with us

You could call us at any time on 0800 073 8802. If you prefer, however, there is a live chat feature and a contact form that you could use to contact us instead.

●      Discuss your situation

If you tell us what has occurred and why you feel you might have a claim, we could help ascertain whether we think your claim could result in compensation. If we feel it could, then we would offer to provide you with appropriate legal representation in the form of a no win no fee solicitor from our panel.

●      Manage your claim and stay up-to-date

Once your claim has been taken on by one of our panel of no win no fee solicitors handling Basildon claims, we will continue to stay in touch, updating you when required on the progress of your case. We’ll also be on hand to offer jargon-free explanations of things you might not be clear on.

Services Helpful To Claimants In Basildon

Claimants looking to make personal injury claims or other financial compensation claims could find the below resources useful.

Our Panel Of Doctors Covering Basildon

You would need to have an appointment with an independent doctor as part of personal injury claims, to corroborate your account of your injuries. Doctors could be based close to you though, so you may not have to travel far. The panel of doctors we work with includes:

Salman BaigPark Inn Palace Hotel, First floor meeting rooms, Church Road, SS1 2AL
Asef ZafarAviation Way, Southend-on-sea SS2 6UN

Basildon University Hospital

Basildon University Hospital provides A&E services as well as outpatients services, blood testing and more.

Basildon University Hospital
SS16 5NL

Basildon And Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust provides healthcare services for around 405,000 South-West Essex residents.

Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Nether Mayne,


SS16 5NL

Basildon Council

Basildon Council

Basildon Centre, St.

Martins Square,


SS14 1DL


Essex Police

Essex Police HQ

Sandford Rd,



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