Blackpool No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Blackpool

No Win No Fee Solicitors Blackpool

Whether you have been in an accident that happened at work, fallen ill on holiday, or are looking at making claims for housing disrepair, we believe there is no reason you should have to pay out legal fees before your case is settled. Here at No Win No Fee Expert, our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Blackpool could help with all those claims mentioned above, and more. On this page, you’ll discover more about how no win no fee solicitors covering claims in Blackpool work, and how they could assist with personal injury claims and other financial compensation claims. Call 0800 073 8802 could connect you with one of our friendly advisors to talk over the possibility of making a no win no fee claim, but why not read on, as the information you need could be contained in the guide below.

What Is No Win No Fee Solicitor Covering Blackpool?

If you’re wondering how no win no fee solicitors covering Blackpool work, then let’s look at the process in more detail. In essence, a no win no fee solicitor would not require any payment to retain their services. Instead, a no win no fee agreement would be signed by you and the solicitor, which would detail the percentage amount that is deducted from your compensation at the end of your claim. The cap is set at 25 percent of your settlement but could be lower in some cases. Fees could differ between solicitors, so do discuss this with your no win no fee solicitor before signing. You might also be asked to take on some insurance should your claim not be successful.  Below, we look into what types of claims could be handled by no win no fee solicitors covering Blackpool.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Service Or Accident Claim

No Win No Fee Claims With Road Traffic Accident Solicitors Covering Blackpool

Accidents on the road happen right across the UK, and Blackpool is no exception. With  170,993 casualties on UK roads in 2016/17, whether you have been injured on the roads due to the fault of another road user as a passenger, driver, cyclist, motorcyclist, pedestrian or other road user, you could use our nationwide service, which provides road traffic accident solicitors covering Blackpool to help with your personal injury claim. The benefit of using our services could be that you don’t have to spend lots of time searching for a personal injury solicitor, as we work with a panel of no win no fee solicitors with the experience necessary to take on your case. But what kind of road traffic accidents could such a solicitor assist with?

In short, any accident that happens on the road could be covered by our panel of no win no fee personal injury solicitors covering Blackpool claims. Whether you were hit by a speeding driver on a pedestrian crossing, were side-swiped by a lorry that was dangerously overtaking your motorcycle, or were hit head-on by a van while you were a passenger in a taxi, you could claim compensation from injuries that range from whiplash to paralysis, and you could even make a claim for a loved one that has passed away in a fatal accident on the road that was not their fault.

If you’d like to learn more about the types of claims you could make, or you’re unsure as to whether you could claim for a loved one, do call us, and we will be happy to advise.

Making A Medical Negligence Claim With A No Win No Fee Solicitor Covering Blackpool

Medical negligence in Blackpool could have a profound effect on your health, and whether you’ve been left with a worsening health condition or a need for treatment that you would not have required if the negligence had not happened, you could make claims with the help of  our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Blackpool.

It could be wise to seek support and guidance from a no win no fee solicitor for this type of claim as, without experience in fighting these kinds of cases, you might find it difficult to prove negligence occurred when making a medical negligence claim. An experienced medical negligence lawyer would be able to bring their experience to your case, allowing you to concentrate on your recovery while they fight your claim for you. You could look at claiming medical negligence for a wide variety of different circumstances. Claims could be made for

  • Surgical Negligence/Malpractice
  • Care Home Negligence
  • Misdiagnosis/Late Diagnosis
  • Hospital Negligence
  • Birth Negligence
  • Dental Negligence

If you have suffered negligence in any kind of medical negligence, whether NHS negligence or private hospital negligence, no win no fee solicitors covering Blackpool could put together a strong argument for compensation for you.

Blackpool Accident At Work Claims For Compensation

Did you suffer a workplace accident in Blackpool? Have you developed an industrial disease or work-related condition? Either way, if the risks of you becoming ill/injured were foreseeable and your employer did not act to protect you, you could consider making an accident at work claim for compensation, and our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Blackpool could assist.

There are usually 2 different types of workplace illness/injury claims.

The first would usually have a 3-year personal injury claims time limit, which would begin the day of a workplace accident that caused you to suffer injury. Examples of ways in which these types of accidents could occur could include:

  • Inadequate training for lifting techniques that have caused a worker to obtain a back injury lifting a load that was too heavy.
  • PPE not provided to an employee working with chemicals could cause chemical burns.
  • Unsafe stairs at work could collapse, causing a worker to fall and become injured.

These are all quite obvious examples, but there may be some claims that could be hard to prove. Getting a no win no fee solicitor with experience in these claims could make a real difference to the success of your case.

When it comes to conditions that develop over time, or work-related illnesses/diseases, the time limit could be taken from the date the illness/condition was connected to your work – this could be referred to as the date of discovery. Illnesses of this type could include:

  • Industrial deafness due to PPE (Ear defenders) not being issues
  • Tendonitis due to having to work on repetitive tasks in a fixed position or without regular breaks

If it could be proven by a personal injury lawyer that there were foreseeable risks to workers developing these conditions, and an employer did not act to reduce these risks, they could be held liable for your illness/condition, which means you could work with a no win no fee solicitor to claim compensation.

It might be prudent for us to mention here that your employer should not treat you differently in any way because of a claim you are making against them. There is legislation to protect employees from this. If they acted unfairly against you because of a claim, then you could claim further compensation, such as the likes of unfair dismissal compensation. A no win no fee solicitor from our panel could assist with this also.

No Win No Fee Accident Or Injury On Holiday Claims

Have you been injured or fallen ill while on holiday or on a business trip abroad? Was the accident or illness someone else’s fault. You could be under the misconception that making a claim for something that happened abroad would be difficult but with the right holiday claims solicitors on your side, it need not cause you too much hassle. There are a lot of reasons why you might fall ill or be injured on holiday, beginning at the airport of departure and ending when you arrive home. Incidents that could lead to claims could include:

  • Suffering a slip or fall on a spillage that hasn’t been cleared up in an airport restaurant.
  • Injuring yourself on the airport walkway by tripping on unsecured flooring.
  • Becoming injured due to faulty steps while embarking the aircraft.
  • Being injured by a hot drink being tipped on you while being served on the aircraft.
  • Being hit by luggage falling on you because overhead lockers were not secured before takeoff.
  • Suffering an allergic reaction due to improperly labelled pre-packaged food served in flight.
  • Being injured in your transfer to your hotel.
  • Being injured in the hotel, for example, due to broken balconies, loose tiles in swimming pool, uneven walkways without safety rails, or falling ill because of bad hygiene practices in food preparation or storage.

These are just a few examples. There could be many ways in which you could be injured on holiday. Our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Blackpool could assist with these types of claims. However, there is something you may need to keep in mind when considering a holiday accident claim, and that is the personal injury claims time limit. In cases where you have been on a package holiday, and booked 2 or more parts of your holiday through the same tour operator, you could be covered under UK law, as part of the Package Travel Regulations. However, if your claim falls under foreign law, the personal injury claims time limit could vary, so it might be worth choosing your personal injury lawyer sooner rather than later. If you’re unsure about how long you have to claim, call our team; as our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Blackpool are able to handle claims for accidents that happened abroad.

No Win No Fee Compensation Claims After An Assault Or Other Criminal Injury In Blackpool

Sadly, of the crimes reported to have happened in Blackpool Centre between September of 2018 and August of 2019, 636 involved violence and sexual assault. You may be under the misapprehension that you could not make claims for compensation for injuries suffered as a result of this type of crime, but in actual fact, you could. Claims to CICA could be made with the assistance of personal injury solicitors handling claims in Blackpool, and these could include claims for compensation after assault you could make as a victim of crime, as a bystander who suffered trauma witnessing such an event, or as someone injured trying to stop this type of event.

Historical crimes/sexual abuse

If you have suffered sexual abuse in the past, you might be wondering if you could claim compensation. With our panel of personal injury solicitors covering Blackpool, you could, even if the abuse happened some time ago. If you have only just begun to speak about what has happened to you and would like to claim the compensation you deserve, please do not hesitate to get in touch to see if you could claim.

Additional Types Of Accident Claims Which Can Be Made

When it comes to making claims in Blackpool there could be other types of accidents that aren’t quite covered by the headings above. This does not mean you cannot make claims for such accidents. If third-party liability exists, then you could make claims for compensation for things like slips and trips, accidents in public places, faulty product accidents and more. No win no fee solicitors covering Blackpool could assist with such claims, and we would be happy to provide you with a no win no fee solicitor to help with making claims against such liable parties.

No Win No Fee Compensation For The Mis-Selling Of A Financial Product

If you’ve been a victim of financial mis selling, you could be feeling cheated. If you’ve lost money because a financial advisor did not advise you of the risks of a certain investment, or you’ve been misinformed about the pension plan you took on, or even if you weren’t given other options to compare the product with, you could consider making claims for financial losses suffered as a result of this mis selling. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has very stringent guidelines in place for the selling of financial products, and if your financial advisor has fallen foul of these, a no win no fee solicitor could well help you make a claim for compensation.

No Win No Fee Rental And Tenancy Deposit Claims

When it comes to tenancy deposit compensation, you could benefit from the assistance of no win no fee solicitors covering Blackpool. Whether your landlord failed to protect your deposit at all, or they failed to let you know where it was being held, you could launch a deposit claim with the assistance of one of our panel of no win no fee solicitors.

There are three deposit protection schemes approved by the UK government, which are:

  • Tenancy Deposit Scheme
  • Deposit Protection Service
  • MyDeposits

If your landlord has not deposited the funds in these schemes and failed to protect your deposit in the correct manner, then you could claim somewhere between one and three times the deposit paid initially. Why not get in touch with us to see if we could help provide you with a no win no fee solicitor from our panel to handle your tenancy deposit claim. We could also advise you on the tenancy deposit dispute time limit, and more.

No Win No Fee Housing Disrepair Compensation Solicitors Covering Blackpool

There are many rental properties across the UK, and it is your landlord’s responsibility to keep any rental properties in their portfolio in a good state of repair. If they do not do so, and this costs you financially in some way, you could look into whether no win no fee housing disrepair solicitors covering Blackpool could assist with a no win no fee housing disrepair claim.

Housing disrepair is when a house is not in a good state of repair. This could mean that the boiler does not work, there are leaks in the pipes, there is a fault with the heating or water supply, there is damp, unsafe floorings, broken doors and windows and more. If you have advised your landlord that your rental property is in disrepair, and they have failed to take action, if this leads to you suffering personal injury, damage to belongings, destruction of belongings or higher heating/energy bills than you would normally have been expected to pay, you could claim financial compensation for this with the assistance of no win no fee solicitors covering Blackpool.

Claim With A No Win No fee Solicitor Covering Blackpool

It could not be more simple to begin a claim with a no win no fee solicitor from our panel.

●      Get In Touch With Us

All you need to do is call 0800 073 8802, complete the form on the website, or speak to us via Live Chat.

●      Discuss Your Situation

We will talk to you about what’s happened, your chances of claiming and we’ll offer to provide you with a no win no fee solicitor from our panel to help with your case if we feel you have a valid claim.

●  Manage Your Claim And Stay Up- To -Date

If you choose to work with our panel of no win no fee solicitors who are not based in Blackpool but can cover the area they will make sure that you are updated regularly with the progress of your claim, whether that be through email, via the telephone or through the post.

Services In Blackpool

Below are some useful resources for those making claims in the Blackpool area.

Doctors Conducting Examinations Of Blackpool Claimants

If you were to make a personal injury claim, you would be required to see a professional, independent, doctor for the corroboration of your illness/injury. We work with a panel of doctors in the Blackpool area such as,

Vikesh KashyapUnicorn House, 141 Mowbray Drive, Blackpool, FY3 7UN
Ayaz Abbasi259 Whitegate Drive, Blackpool, FY3 9LI

Blackpool Victoria Hospital

The biggest hospital in the area is Blackpool Victoria; with 767 beds.

Blackpool Victoria Hospital

Whinney Heys Rd,





Blackpool Council

Blackpool Council

Municipal Buildings
Corporation Street

Lancashire Constabulary – West Division

Lancashire Constabulary HQ

Saunders’ Ln,



PR4 5SB.

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