Clacton On Sea No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Clacton On Sea

No Win No Fee Solicitors Clacton On Sea

Have you suffered a financial loss or an injury in Clacton within the last three years that wasn’t your fault? Are you looking for free legal advice or a personal injury lawyer to help you with your situation? No Win No Fee Expert is here to help. We work with a panel of solicitors who are specialised in making compensation claims for all sorts of different circumstances. This includes no win no fee solicitors covering Clacton-on-Sea. You could be entitled to compensation for an accident while on holiday, for tripping and falling over or for being let down by your doctor. This guide will show you how a no win no fee solicitor can help you to achieve the compensation that you could be entitled to. If you want to discuss anything you read here in more detail please feel free to call us on 0800 073 8802.

What Is The Meaning Of A Conditional Fee Agreement?

You may be asking what exactly making a no win no fee claim with our panel of solicitors covering Clacton-on-Sea means. It isn’t very complicated. A no win no fee agreement, otherwise known as a Conditional Fee Agreement is a signed contract between you and your solicitor. By signing a no win no fee agreement you will avoid having to pay upfront costs to your solicitor and you will also not be liable for their costs if you make a valid claim that receives no compensation. Your solicitor will be paid only if your claim is successful, in which case they will be paid with a “success fee” that is (deducted from your final settlement figure) capped at 25%. If you want to discuss whether or not a no win no fee agreement is best for you, please call our advisors or click here.

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  3. Clacton-On-Sea Work Accident Claims
  4. No Win No Fee Holiday Personal Injury Claims
  5. No Win No Fee Criminal Injury Claims
  6. Other Clacton-On-Sea Accident Claims
  7. Mis Sold Pension Annuity, Or Other Financial Mis Selling Claims
  8. No Win No Fee Tenancy Deposit Claims
  9. Claim With Housing Disrepair Solicitors Covering Clacton
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Claims For Road Accidents In Clacton- On-Sea

A car accident in Clacton-on-Sea that you have suffered within the last three years could give you the right to make a compensation claim for any injuries that you have suffered, ranging from whiplash to very serious injuries, as well as psychological trauma. You would have the right to claim if you can prove that it was not your own fault and was caused by the negligence of a third party. The driver you collided with could be at fault if they caused the accident through their negligent or reckless driving. Drivers could cause accidents on the road by looking at their phones while driving, driving while intoxicated, by driving erratically or by paying insufficient attention to the road.

If you’ve had a crash in Clacton-on-Sea it may not have been caused by another driver. The condition of the road can cause car accidents as fixing severe potholes, clearing debris and (depending on the road) gritting for ice and snow, are the responsibilities of the local authorities. Motorways are the responsibility of Highways England. If your car accident can be linked to the failure of these organizations to keep roads in a safe condition to drive on then they can be liable to pay compensation to you for the undue injuries that you have suffered. This Department of Transport report contains more details on the causes of road traffic accidents in the UK.

Claims For Medical And Clinical Negligence

If the level of care that you’ve received from your doctors or a hospital does not meet an acceptable standard and you’ve subsequently suffered avoidable harm to your health, either in the form of illness, injury or the worsening of a pre-existing illness, then you could be entitled to claim for medical negligence compensation.

Medical negligence cases can vary in severity as some cases of negligence in dental care can be painful and can cause cosmetic issues, but are not life-threatening and can be rectified. For example, if a crown or a bridge is replaced incorrectly. Others, such as serious mistakes in surgery, can cause life threatening or life changing injuries, such as inflicting damage on organs, nerves, and arteries. In other cases, a patient can endue the preventable suffering and death due to misdiagnosis or incorrectly prescribed treatment. An example of such could be the failure to diagnose the symptoms of cancer.

You can claim on behalf of someone else who has suffered from medical negligence if they are not mentally competent to claim for themselves. If you have a child who has, for example, suffered from injuries during childbirth, such as bone fractures or nerve damage caused by the negligence of midwives, then you have until they are eighteen years old to start a claim for compensation. If you have a loved one who suffers from dementia or other condition which impairs their mental capacity, you could claim on their behalf.

Clacton-On-Sea Work Accident Claims

If you were to have an accident at work and suffer an injury, the first thing you should do once you are out of harm’s way and if your injury does not require immediate emergency treatment is to begin securing evidence of what happened or making sure someone does it for you if you can’t. This is because you could find yourself with cause to claim for compensation. Your employer could be liable if it is found that they were responsible for the accident through their negligence towards the health and safety of you and your colleagues.

A work accident claim could be made if you have suffered an illness or injury because you were not given the right PPE (personal protection equipment). For example, if you suffered an eye injury from not being given protective goggles. Or if you were harmed by not being trained to use your safety equipment properly, for example, if you weren’t shown how to properly put on and take off a mask or overalls and were subsequently exposed to hazardous materials. If you can prove that you or a colleague had flagged up an issue to your employer such as a flaw in a piece of machinery or a gap in the required training, and they did not react to it and an accident or an illness subsequently took place linked to the issue you raised your employer could be liable for an accident claim.

No Win No Fee Holiday Personal Injury Claims

Our panel of no win no fee solicitors could manage a compensation claim for an accident that has happened overseas. You may also be entitled to a claim if your journey was disrupted by a delay or an accident then in certain circumstances you could be entitled to compensation. If you were waiting for your flight and it was delayed by more than three hours then you could have the opportunity to receive compensation for it. See more details of flight delay compensation rules here.  You could also inquire about compensation if you are affected by some kind of accident while on a cruise ship, if your trip is cancelled due to a breakdown or a fire, if your possessions are stolen, if you develop food poisoning or in the unlikely event that the ship sinks.

Holiday personal injury claims can work in either one of two ways, through foreign law, in which case our panel of solicitors could provide you with a lawyer who is well versed in international law. Or through British law, if the accident took place on a package holiday, as the travel firm could be liable for any accidents that occurred within the confines of the package holiday. For example, if you contracted food poisoning from a meal you ate in your hotel or you suffered an undue injury on an excursion that was part of your package deal.

No Win No Fee Criminal Injury Claims

One aspect of the process of overcoming and seeking justice for being the victim of a violent crime is to make a criminal injury claim through the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (CICA). Criminal injury compensation can be awarded to victims who have been harmed by crimes such as assault, robbery or domestic violence. So long as there is proof that the crime happened, and you have reported the incident to the police and co-operated with their investigation you could receive compensation even when the investigation and trial are inconclusive. Each violent crime is different so it will be hard to say how much compensation you could be owed, so we advise that you contact us to discuss your circumstances in more detail.

You could also gain a measure of justice in the form of compensation if you were the victim of historical sexual abuse. Unlike standard criminal injury claims, claims for historical sexual assault can be made after more than two years. Even if the offense took place decades ago.

Other Clacton-On-Sea Accident Claims

There are many different circumstances in which you could suffer an accident in a public place. Organisations responsible for premises have a duty of care to ensure they do not cause preventable harm to customers or people visiting their property. For instance owners of stadiums need to ensure that there are adequate numbers of stewards during events. Seats must be regularly checked for signs of damage or disrepair. They could be liable if people are harmed as a result of failing to do this.

Claims can be made on behalf of dependents who cannot make claims of their own. You could make a claim against the local council or a business if your child has suffered a playground accident in Clacton-on-Sea. The council or private owner responsible for the playground could be liable if it’s found that they have neglected to properly maintain a piece of faulty playground equipment resulting in your child hurting themselves.

A personal injury claim could be made if you have fallen over. Property owners can be liable for damages if people have had a preventable accident on their property. If you have tripped on stock or wrappers that have been left in the aisle of a supermarket, for instance, you could claim against that company, similarly if you slipped on a spillage or linoleum that was recently mopped but had not wet floor sign the supermarket could be liable.

Mis Sold Pension Annuity, Or Other Financial Mis Selling Claims

Have you lost out on a financial product, or received less in returns from it than you were promised? You should consider the actions of your bank or your financial advisor. Was the advice they gave you clear and accurate, did you feel able to make an informed decision? Did they conceal any charges or fees from you? Did they fail to ask you questions about your circumstances that were relevant to the financial product in question, such as whether or not you had pre-existing health conditions? Where there any risks involved that only became apparent later that you weren’t warned of when buying the service? Where you put under pressure or made to feel obliged to buy a certain product?

If any of these apply to you then you could well have been mis sold your pension or your annuities, PPI or whichever financial product is in question. Financial mis-selling violates the regulations laid out by the Financial Conduct Authority. A company who has engaged in that sort of practice could face disciplinary action as well as being liable for paying you compensation for the money you have lost.

No Win No Fee Tenancy Deposit Claims

If you have lost your tenancy deposit because your landlord is keeping it from you, then our panel of solicitors covering Clacton-on-Sea could help you make a no win no fee tenancy deposit claim and you could even be entitled to compensation of up to three times the amount of the original deposit. Unless there are damages that you’ve caused to the property to be repaid your landlord must repay your full deposit when the time comes for you to leave the property. To ensure that your deposit will still be there when your tenancy finishes your landlord should secure your deposit with an accredited Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS). Failure to prove they have done this within thirty days of payment of the deposit is also grounds for a compensation claim.

Landlords cannot serve eviction notices without giving a reason unless they are able to provide the tenant with their tenancy deposit. If your landlord is attempting to evict you without giving back your deposit, or you aren’t sure if your deposit is safe, you should consult both Shelter, the housing charity, and our team of advisors for advice on what to do next.

Claim With Housing Disrepair Solicitors Covering Clacton

You are under no obligation to tolerate unsafe or unsanitary housing conditions when living in rented accommodation. The onus is on the landlord (or council or letting agency depending on who you are renting from) to carry out maintenance and repairs that the property requires, not you. If health problems arise or you suffer injuries as a consequence of disrepair in your house it is your landlord who can be liable for it if it’s proven that they were made aware of the issue before your health complaints arose.

To list some examples of how housing disrepair can cause harm; problems with flooring, such as missing floorboards or ripped carpets can cause you to trip and fall over. You could suffer an allergic reaction to infestations of bedbugs or wasps, or be exposed to E. coli or Salmonella by cockroaches. As well as personal injury claims, you could also claim for damage to your belongings. For instance, if you have had possessions lost to water damage caused by a blocked or leaking pipe in your home, or if a fire broke out due to faults in the electrics or in an appliance that came with the property.

Get in touch with us if you would like to know more about housing disrepair claims. This page will give you an idea of how the housing disrepair claims procedure works.

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