Edinburgh No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

Edinburgh No Win No Fee Solicitors

Edinburgh No Win No Fee Solicitors

Whether you’re looking for a no win no fee lawyer covering Edinburgh because your landlord has not secured your deposit, or because you’ve had an accident in Edinburgh airport that was not your fault, we would like to offer you the opportunity to pursue a claim for compensation with our panel of solicitors. At No Win No Fee Expert, we aim to provide claimants with a service that means they could make no win no fee accident at work claims, no win no fee road traffic accident claims, any type of personal injury claim through a no win no fee agreement. Whatever type of no win no fee claim you’re looking to make, why not call us on  0800 073 8802 .We also offer free advice to those who are not sure whether they could make a claim or not. The below guide discusses how our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Edinburgh, could help you. Read on to find out more.

What Is A No Win No Fee Compensation Claim

Making a claim for compensation, whether because of a holiday accident or disrepair that has caused damage to your belongings, could be easier with a lawyer on your side. It could increase your chances of success, and it could also increase your chances of getting as much compensation as is deserved. But, what do you do if you have no funds right now to retain the services of a solicitor? Especially if you have a personal injury claim, where you need to claim within the personal injury claims time limit?

What you could do is retain the services of no win no fee solicitors covering Edinburgh, without money needing to change hands to begin your claim. But, how could this possibly work?

The personal injury solicitor would ask for you to sign an agreement with them. A no win no fee solicitor usually works through a document called a CFA, or Conditional Fee Agreement. This sets out how much compensation, in a percentage, that they would take out of your final settlement for compensation. This is capped at a rate the government feels should be the maximum a personal injury lawyer should take at 25%. Below, we take a good look at some of the types of no win no fee personal injury claims, and other claims you could make with the assistance of a no win no fee solicitor.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Accident Claim

No Win No Fee Whiplash And Road Traffic Accident Claims

Road accident injuries could range from anything from whiplash to severe injuries that have a life-changing effect. Whether you have been hit head-on by a speeding driver, or you’ve been knocked off a motorbike by someone who was not paying due care and attention to the road, if someone else caused your injuries on the road, then you may be eligible to claim. You might not already be aware of this, but even if your accident was caused by a driver that was untraceable or uninsured, you could still claim compensation through the MIB, a government and insurance company co-operative that aims to compensate victims of road accidents involving such drivers.

Whatever type of road accident you have suffered, whether it was via dangerous overtaking on a dual carriageway, or because someone ran a red light, you could claim for not only the physical injury/ies you’ve had to deal with, but any financial costs associated with the accidents as well as any mental trauma – all with the help of a no win no fee lawyer covering Edinburgh.

No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Solicitors Covering Edinburgh

Medical negligence could range from being misdiagnosed by a GP or having a healthy tooth removed in error by a dentist. Because there are so many different ways in which it could happen, it stands to reason that you might want to find no win no fee medical negligence solicitors covering Edinburgh to assist you with a medical negligence claim. Some examples of medical negligence could potentially include:

  • Your dentist failing to spot signs of cancer (oral).
  • Your surgeon not taking care to remove instruments from the surgical field, leaving them inside you.
  • A midwife failing to monitor you properly during labour, and therefore not spotting that you or your baby were in distress, resulting in avoidable injuries.
  • A GP prescribing you the wrong medication for a medical condition causing adverse effects.
  • A care home worker failing to give you your medication, leading to a medical condition getting worse.

These are just a few examples. Healthcare and medical staff have a clear duty to take care of your medical and care needs, and if they are negligent in their duty and you suffer unnecessarily then you could consider making medical negligence claims.

No Win No Fee Claims For Accidents At Work In Edinburgh

If you’re looking at this page because you’ve typed in no win no fee employment lawyers covering Edinburgh to a search engine, then this could be for a number of reasons. You may wish to retain the services of a no win no fee employment lawyer covering Edinburgh because your employer is discriminating against you, or you might wish to attempt to make an accident claim for an avoidable injury you’ve developed while at work. Either way, you’re in the right place for advice.

If you’re searching for no win no fee employment solicitors covering Edinburgh for a work-related accident, your claim could be similar to many other personal injury claims in that you could likely have 3 years from the date of the accident to claim. This could happen because a forklift truck has run into you in a warehouse, or because you’ve fallen from unsafe scaffolding, for example. These are likely to be one-off incidents and the nature of the injury is usually apparent right away, which is why you could have three years from the date of the accident.

For workplace illnesses and conditions that have begun to show over time, you may have longer to claim. In fact, your three-year time limit may begin on the date that it is diagnosed that your work caused your condition, which could be some time afterwards. Our panel of no win no fee solicitors could help you with either type of claim, as well as claims relating to ill-treatment by your employer should you receive it. Employers are not allowed to begin to treat you any differently because you’ve begun a claim against them. If they do, you could potentially take action against them.

No Win No Fee Accident On Holiday Compensation

Sadly, not all holidays go to plan and if you have suffered an avoidable injury or a preventable illness on your holiday then you could be looking to make no win no fee holiday compensation claims.

Our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Edinburgh could assist with claims where you have suffered avoidable injuries including:

  • Hotel accident claims.
  • Airport accident claims.
  • Aeroplane accident claims.
  • Train accident claims.
  • Accidents on holiday in another country.
  • Package holiday claims.

As there are so many things that could go wrong on holiday, ranging from sickness bugs from unhygienic food preparation or storage to swimming pool or hotel balcony accidents, we cannot list them all here. Just know that if you’ve had an accident on holiday that was not your fault, but the fault of a third party that had a duty of care to keep you safe and healthy you could call us, and we could advise if you could have a no win no fee holiday compensation claim. Our panel of no win no fee solicitors are well versed in both UK and international law and could be able to assist you with any such claim.

No Win No Fee Solicitors For Criminal Injury Compensation

Criminal injury claims could cover injuries you have sustained as a victim or bystander of a violent crime, or because you were trying to prevent such a crime from happening. Whether you have obtained injuries via a physical or sexual assault, mental trauma because you witnessed an attack, or other injuries you may have sustained while trying to stop an assault on another person for example, you could claim via the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (CICA). The typical time limit for criminal injuries is 2 years.

Longer Time Limits For Historic Sexual Abuse

If you have only just begun to come to terms with sexual abuse or assault that happened historically, then you could assume you would not be able to make a claim but this may not be the case. While most CICA claims require the events to be reported to police in a timely manner, an argument in your favour is that you were not able to speak out about the abuse until much later, as you may still have been processing what had happened to you. If this is the case, then our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering  Edinburgh could assist with making a CICA claim on your behalf.

Other Types Of Accidents You Could Make A No Win No Fee Claim For

There are so many other reasons that you may wish to make a no win no fee accident claim. You may have been injured in a slip trip or fall accident in Edinburgh city centre because of an unsafe pavement, or your child might have fallen off playing equipment in a local park because it was unsafe. You could have been injured when unsafely stacked items in a supermarket fell on you, or you might have been injured in a gym because of faulty equipment. Whatever the reason you might have suffered, mentally, financially or physically, if a third party is at fault, then you could consider making a claim.

No Win No Fee Compensation For A Mis-Sold Financial Product

Were you the victim of a pension mis selling? Were you not informed of all your options, and you lost out financially because of this? Was your mental and physical capacity not considered when you were asked to sign up for a financial product, or when financial advice was given. According to the  Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), there are a number of stipulations that must be met for you to be correctly sold a financial product, and if a financial advisor has not met these, then you could consider using a no win no fee solicitor from our panel to help you claim compensation for your losses.

Compensation For A Tenancy Deposit Dispute

Did your landlord or letting agency put your deposit into a protection scheme and notify you within a month of payment that they had done so? If not, they may have broken tenancy deposit rules.

Your claim for compensation could provide you with a settlement of between 1 and 3 times the amount of deposit you paid out. If you’re unsure as to whether you could claim for tenancy deposit dispute compensation, then one of our friendly advisors could talk you through your rights.

Housing Disrepair And Social Housing Accident Claims

While many people rent properties that are kept in good condition, sadly there could be some tenants that are left in properties that have fallen into disrepair. This could not only cause them to have to pay higher energy bills etc but could also damage their personal possessions. Housing disrepair claims could, however, be complex, and you might be wise to consider using a solicitor to help you claim. You could be looking at claiming not just the compensation for your belongings but also for the higher energy bills you’ve faced because of the disrepair.

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Resources For Claimants In Edinburgh

Whether you’ve decided to go ahead and use our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Edinburgh, or you’re still researching your options, some useful resources could be found below.

Edinburgh Covering Doctors We Work With

If you have a personal injury claim, you’d be required to undergo a medical assessment. This would be part of the claims process. Don’t worry that you’d have to go far to see one though – we work with a panel of doctors who cover Edinburgh, such as:

Mark Innes BurginEdinburgh Osteopathic Surgery
187 Dalkeith Road,
EH16 5DS
Mohammed AhmadWaterside House
19 Hawthornbank Lane

Royal Infirmary Of Edinburgh

The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh is classed as a teaching hospital. It has an Accident and Emergency department and provides services including surgical and acute medical services for patients across the region.

Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh
51 Little France Crescent
Old Dalkeith Road
EH16 4SA

Website: www.nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk/GoingToHospital/Locations/RIE/Pages/default.aspx

NHS Lothian

The NHS Lothian Trust provides acute medical services and community based medical services for the Lothian and Edinburgh regions. It employs over 26 thousand staff.

Lothian NHS Board
Waverley Gate
2-4 Waterloo Place

Website: www.nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk

The City Of Edinburgh Council

City Chambers
High Street

Website: www.edinburgh.gov.uk

Police Scotland – Edinburgh

Edinburgh Police

5 Fettes Ave,



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