Enfield No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Enfield

No Win No Fee Solicitors Enfield

Whenever you are caused to suffer and this can be either physical or financial, if a third party was responsible, you could have a valid basis for a claim for compensation. This guide aims to demonstrate how various kinds of incidents can leave the victim eligible to make a claim. Our panel of solicitors cover many of the most common kinds of claims including medical negligence, road traffic accidents, workplace accidents, financial mis selling etc.

If you would like to know a little more about the legal process of using a personal injury lawyer to have your claim processed, please speak to our claims team today on 0800 073 8802. They can provide additional information and also answer any questions you have. They can also organise for one of our panel of No Win No Fee solicitors covering Enfield to process your claim for you.

No Win No Fee Claims Explained

You may already know that you could be able to claim compensation if you are injured in an accident that was not your fault, but do you know how to go about starting your claim? Many people choose to use the services of a No Win No Fee solicitor to have their claim processed, as this removes some of the risks of making a claim. The proper term for a No Win No Fee arrangement is a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). When you engage a solicitor to work on your claim under a CFA, the following would be true:

  1. When the solicitor picks up the claim and starts working on it, there will be no form of new claims fee levied.
  2. During the time that your solicitor is processing the claim for you, they will not expect to be paid any ongoing legal fees for the work they are doing, even if this stage of the claim takes months.
  3. If at the end of the claim, the solicitor has not been able to secure you a compensation settlement, there won’t be any fee to pay at all.
  4. The solicitor will agree on a percentage that they can take as their fee from any compensation received, prior to starting to work on the claim. When the solicitor receives a compensation payment for you, they will automatically take this pre-agreed fee from the money they have received.

You may need additional information about the CFA claims process, and if this is the case one of our claim advisors will be happy to go over things with you. You can also spend some time reading our full guide to CFA claims by clicking here.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Service Or Accident Claim

Claims For Road Traffic Accidents In Enfield

In the period 2017/18, the number of injuries caused by traffic accidents in the UK dropped by 6% according to a Department of Transport report. Despite this, traffic accidents are still quite common. If you are involved in an Enfield Road Traffic Accident (RTA) that was not your fault, you may be able to claim for the harm you suffered. This could be an Enfield bus accident, an Enfield car accident, or any kind of RTA whatsoever, involving all kinds of road users including pedestrians and passengers. For example:

  1. A pedestrian is walking along a rural road at night. A lorry coming up behind them fails to see the pedestrian because one of the headlights on the lorry is broken. The lorry hits the pedestrian, resulting in an Enfield fatal accident.
  2. A taxi is stopped at a road junction and a van rams into it from behind as the driver of the van had been speeding. A passenger in the back seat of the taxi suffers a minor case of whiplash.
  3. A cyclist is knocked off of their bicycle by a driver that was texting on their phone and did not leave enough space when they overtook the cyclist. The cyclist suffers a fractured collarbone.

Here, in these examples, we can see how the actions of one road user can result in harm to another. In each of these cases, it could have been possible for the injured party to make a compensation claim. If you need help making your own RTA claim, speak to one of our claim advisors to learn how to move your claim forward.

No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Solicitors Handling Enfield Claims

Every National Health Service (NHS) Trust, have funds set aside to pay compensation in the case of medical negligence claims. Private healthcare companies are required to have a comprehensive public liability insurance policy to do the same thing. Medical negligence is still quite common in the UK, it can cause harm to patients such as:

  • Chemotherapy or radiotherapy is delayed for a cancer patient due to their medical condition being misdiagnosed initially. This caused the patient’s health to deteriorate further.
  • After giving a patient an eye test, an optician fills in the prescription for lenses incorrectly. The patient has new glasses made using this prescription, and suffer side effects such as dizziness, nausea, headaches and eye strain due to using the wrong strength lenses.
  • A patient undergoes an X-Ray in an X-Ray machine that has been poorly maintained. The machine malfunctions and irradiates the patient with a harmful dose of radiation.

Here, we can see how a mistake made by a medical professional, or negligence on the part of a healthcare provider can cause harm to a patient in a way that could have been avoided. The patient will need to prove that negligence took place in order to be able to make a claim successful. We can arrange for one of our panel of medical negligence solicitors covering Enfield to help you with this.

Enfield Accident At Work Claims

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is responsible for producing legislation that is aimed at ensuring employers provide their workforce with a safe working environment at all times. Compliance is obligatory, and the health and safety performance of every company is monitored closely. The HSE will take punitive action if it believes that a company has been lax in its heath and safety regulations. When compliance fails, it can result in workplace accidents and injuries such as:

  • An office worker is forced to work long hours at their workstation using an old and broken chair with ineffective back support. The worker develops lower back problems.
  • A warehouse worker that does not have their full forklift licence, is asked to unload a truck as no other drivers are available. The forklift driver runs over another member of staff, fracturing their pelvis.
  • An apprentice working for an interior decorator becomes ill due to inhaling paint fumes, as the protective mask they had been provided was damaged.

Here, we can see how negligence on the part of an employer, and this includes oversight and omission, can lead to an employee being injured in a way that could result in a claim. If you need advice about making an accident at work claim, please speak to a member of our claims team today.

No Win No Fee Holiday Injury Claim

It isn’t just accidents and injuries that occurred in the UK that our panel of solicitors could help with. We could also be able to assist you in making an overseas holiday injury claim. Making such a claim can be more complex, primarily due to the fact that the third party you will claim against will change depending on the circumstances of your accident or injury. These examples demonstrate this:

  • After eating from the breakfast buffet table at your hotel, you come down with a food-related illness. You booked the hotel as part of a package deal including flights, accommodation, food, etc. Your solicitor would leverage UK package holiday regulation to pursue the tour company for damages in the UK.
  • You are scalded by a faulty shower tap in your hotel room. You booked the hotel independent through a booking website. Your solicitor would claim against the overseas hotel operator.
  • A heavy item of luggage falls out of an overhead bin on a plane and lands on your head causing a concussion. The plane was flying outside of any judicial boundaries in international airspace. Your solicitor would claim against the airline under the Montreal Convention.

If you are not exactly sure who you would need to bring your holiday claim against, please give our claims team a quick call. Explain your situation to them, and they will tell you who you need to pursue for damages.

Violent Crime Victim Compensation Claims

This section deals with the process of making a claim for criminal injury compensation. The process is a little different from the previous examples we have given. Every victim of a violent crime such as a mugging or assault, as well as violent sex crimes such as rape and sexual assault, can still claim compensation even if their attacker is never caught.

There is a special UK Government-run organisation in the UK that can provide assault compensation to victims who have no other way to claim. This organisation is known as the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). If you have been injured either physically or psychologically as the victim of a violent crime, we can arrange for an experienced CICA claims solicitor from our panel to manage your claim for you.

Other Injuries In Enfield You Can Claim For

Any time a member of the public is injured in an accident in Enfield that was not their fault, a valid claim could exist. As long as it can be proven that a third party was at least partially to blame for the accident happening. For example:

  • You are visiting your local council-run leisure centre, and are injured by a piece of exercise equipment that had not been maintained to a safe standard and fracture your wrist.
  • While shopping in a clothing store, you trip over a warped wooden floorboard and sprain your ankle as well as cut your head open on a display rack.

You should be able to see now, that the reasons for making a claim are extremely diverse. The simple takeaway here is if you are injured due to no fault of your own, then a claim may well exist. Speak to our claims team and they will go over your claim with you and let you know whether it could be valid or not.

Claims For The Mis Selling Of Pensions And Investments

Since 2006, there have been new rules and regulations in place that are intended to protect members of the public from monetary loss due to financial mis selling. Unfortunately, mis selling does still take place from time to time. As examples of this:

  • You were offered a specific Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) policy by a financial advisor. However, they had not taken your current and prior health, or your lifestyle and habits into consideration before recommending the PPI product. Subsequently, you find you are not fully covered when you need to make a claim later on.
  • A financial advisor sells you a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) as a replacement for your current workplace pension. Years later, you realise that transferring your workplace pension into a SIPP means that you are receiving less income in your retirement.
  • You are sold an investment-based product such as an annuity, and you are not informed of the risk, or that the principal sum you invested could be lost.

If you have been the victim of a financial advisor who has mis-sold a product and you have lost out financially you can speak to our claims team to find out whether you may be eligible to make a claim.

No Win No Fee Claims For Disputed Rental Deposits And Refunds

In the UK, tenants have a whole host of rights related to the way a landlord must manage the tenancy deposit. This includes the fact that the deposit must be financially protected by placing it in a deposit protection scheme within a month of the landlord receiving it. It also needs to be kept secure for the entire term of the tenancy. Once the tenancy is over, the landlord has 10 working days to return the deposit in full to the former tenant.

If your landlord has withheld all or some of your deposit through no fault of your own our panel of no win no fee solicitors could help to claim for a rental deposit refund.

Claims For Disrepair In Private And Social Housing

If the place you are living is in disrepair, then there are some steps you can take to try and get the disrepair fixed. Firstly, you should follow the correct complaints procedure. Secondly, you should allow your landlord adequate time to fix the disrepair once the complaint is made.

If your landlord still doesn’t fix the disrepair you could be able to make a claim for any physical harm you have suffered, or for financial loss that you have endured due to damage to your property. Call our claims team today to learn how we can help with your housing disrepair claim.

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Enfield Area Resources

These sections below contain local information that might be useful to claimants in Enfield.

Our Panel Of Doctors Covering Enfield

Although a personal injury claims calculator can give you a rough idea of the value of your claim, you will need a solicitor to value it accurately before a claim can proceed. We work with a panel of local independent doctors who can perform the medical examination. Some of whom we have mentioned below;

Alba Sanchez MascunanoElectric Avenue
Hassan Mehdi (Medco)The Wenta Business Centre
Innova Park
Electric Avenue
Masroor AhmadOakwood Physiotherapy Clinic
93-95 Green Road, Oakwood
N14 4AP

Chase Farm Hospital

127 The Ridgeway



Website: www.royalfree.nhs.uk/chase-farm-hospital

Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

Royal Free Hospital

Pond Street



New Enfield Council

Silver Street



Website: www.new.enfield.gov.uk/contact-us/

Metropolitan Police

Cobalt Square



Website: www.met.police.uk/ro/report/rti/rti-a/report-a-road-traffic-incident/

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