Halifax No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Halifax

No Win No Fee Solicitors Halifax

When you’re caused to suffer because of somebody else’s negligence, it’s sometimes possible to claim compensation using a no win no fee solicitor. The claim could be against a business, a healthcare provider, your employer, a road user or the local authority. This guide is going to explain when no win no fee solicitors covering Halifax could help you make a claim and provide examples of the types of claims they could handle.

No Win No Fee Expert are a nationwide company with a panel of no win no fee solicitors who can handle Halifax cases on a no win no fee basis. If you already know that you’d like to discuss your claim, call us on 0800 073 8802 today.

Alternatively, carry on reading to find out how a no win no fee solicitor could help you make a claim.

Explaining No Win No Fee Claims

Before looking at how no win no fee works, it’s important to point out that claims have to be made within specified time limits. The personal injury claims time limit is 3-years in most cases. Other types of claims (criminal injury claims, children’s claims, some holiday claims and financial claims) have different time limits so it’s worth checking with us by speaking with an advisor.

No win no fee solicitors use what is known as a conditional fee agreement (CFA), and this can help reduce the financial risk involved with a claim.

The CFA (also known as a no win no fee agreement) will explain that the client doesn’t need to pay any upfront fees, won’t pay the solicitor if they lose and will pay a success fee if the solicitor wins compensation for them.

Success fees are deducted from compensation awards and are limited to 25%. The good thing about this method is that the client won’t need to find the funds to pay the solicitor themselves.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Service Or Accident Claim

No Win No Fee Claims For Car Accidents In Halifax

An injury sustained in a Road Traffic Accident (RTA) could mean you’re entitled to compensation for your injuries. Any type of accident could lead to a claim from a bicycle accident to a Halifax car accident, so long as another road user caused the accident to happen.

It’s really important to act quickly following an RTA because it can be tricky to prove what’s happened when the scene of the accident has been cleared up. In cases of minor injuries, following RTA’s, we’d recommend:

  • Photographing or videoing the scene of the accident ASAP.
  • Visiting your GP or Halifax accident and emergency department for treatment.
  • Asking witnesses for their details.
  • Getting the other driver’s details.
  • Seeing if you can obtain any dashcam footage of the accident.

Claims could be possible for many types of injury including whiplash, bone fractures, soft tissue damage, and head injuries.

No Win No Fee Clinical Negligence Claims

When you suffer an injury, become ill or an existing condition is made worse because of medical negligence, you might be able to claim compensation from the health care provider responsible.

It’s possible to claim for negligence in cosmetic, medical and dental treatment against either the NHS or private healthcare provider. Using a no win no fee solicitor is advisable as clinical negligence claim costs could escalate quickly when you consider the specialist evidence required to support a claim.

You could seek compensation for the avoidable injuries you received as a result of negligence made by the following:

  • Surgical mistakes.
  • Medication errors.
  • Anaesthetic mistakes.
  • Poor hygiene standards.
  • A late or misdiagnosis.

In some circumstances, you could also make a claim even if you were asked to sign a waiver prior to treatment so please don’t hesitate to call us if you believe you’ve suffered due to medical negligence of any type.

No Win No Fee Halifax Workplace Accident Or Injury Claims

Our panel of no win no fee employment solicitors covering Halifax might be able to help you seek compensation if you’ve been injured at work due to your employer’s negligence. Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, they’re obliged to try and keep staff as safe as possible while they’re at work.

In real terms, this means they should risk assess the workplace regularly and make changes to reduce any risks they identify. Failure to do so could lead to an accident and therefore a compensation claim.

If you suffer an injury at work, you could claim if it was caused by:

  • Insufficient training.
  • A lack of protective equipment which would’ve prevented your injuries.
  • A generally unsafe working environment (cables trailing, damaged flooring etc).
  • Damaged machinery or equipment.

To discuss your circumstances in more detail, speak with one of our advisors using the contact details in this guide.

No Win No Fee Holiday Injury Claims

While you’re on holiday, an accident or illness can really ruin your trip and could cause problems after you return to the UK too. If the accident was caused by the negligence of your holiday provider, then you could seek compensation from them.

Depending on how your holiday was booked will determine which legislation is used to claim. This is important because it can affect the time limits involved with a claim. The claim could be made using package holiday regulations or legislation used in the country your accident happened in.

Our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Halifax could help in either scenario so please get in touch to discuss your options.

We could help with holiday claims where you have been injured through no fault of your own as a result of the following;

  • Hire car accidents.
  • Hotel accidents.
  • Airport or plane-based accidents.
  • Cruise accidents.
  • Food poisoning.
  • Activity or excursion accidents.

No Win No Fee Criminal Injury Solicitors

Criminal injury solicitors covering Halifax could help you claim compensation if you’ve been injured during a criminal act against you. It’s not likely the claim will be against the criminal but it could be made using the Government’s Criminal Injury Compensation Authorty(CICA ) scheme.

A number of different physical and psychological injuries can be claimed for as well as financial losses linked to the injuries. To discuss whether you could claim for criminal injuries, call our team today.

More Accident Claims You Could Make

As well as personal injury claims, we’re going to cover other types of claims you could make using a no win no fee service. Before doing so, here are few more claims a personal injury solicitor could help with.

  • Slips, Trips and Falls.
    These can happen almost anywhere and, if they were caused by somebody else’s negligence, could lead to a compensation claim if you are injured. To claim for a slip or fall, try to gather as much evidence as possible including photographs, witness statements and medical records.
  • Children’s Accidents.
    As a parent or responsible adult, you could help a child seek compensation until they turn 18. If you’ve not made a claim by then, once they are 18, they have three years to make a claim on their own behalf.
  • Accidents in Public Places.
    When you suffer an injury, caused by negligence, in a public place, you could make a claim against the local authority or business responsible. You should remember to photograph the cause of the accident, report it and seek medical treatment.

No Win No Fee Solicitors Handling Mis Sold Pension Claims

Did you know that if you’ve been mis-sold a pension, you might be able to use no win no fee solicitors covering Halifax to claim back any losses? That could be the case if the financial advisor who sold you your pension (or annuity or other investments) breached the Financial Conduct Authority’s guidelines.

An investor could be deemed negligent if they:

  • Didn’t tell you about the charges and fees associated with a product.
  • Pressured you into choosing a product.
  • Didn’t tell you about the terms and conditions.
  • Failed to consider your health and lifestyle before recommending a product.
  • Didn’t give you a choice of products to pick from.
  • Sold you a risky product without explaining the risks.

To discuss a mis-sold pension claim, call today. We’ll assess your claim for free and provide free legal advice.

No Win No Fee Solicitors Handling Tenancy Deposit Protection Claims

It’s possible to ask a no win no fee solicitor to help with claims if your landlord has failed to use a tenancy deposit scheme to protect your deposit properly. Tenancy deposit schemes are mandatory and are used to ensure tenants don’t lose some or all of their deposit unfairly.

Under regulations, the landlord needs to place your deposit into an approved scheme within 30 days and let you know, also within 30 days, which scheme they’ve used. They’re also not supposed to move the money from the scheme before your tenancy ends.

If you’d like help with tenancy deposit protection claims, contact our team today. The process has a relatively short dispute time so try to act as quickly as possible.

Compensation Claims For A Rented House In Disrepair

If your rented property falls into disrepair, you could seek compensation from your landlord if they’ve breached their duty of care towards you and you’ve suffered because of the breach. If you’re injured, made ill or suffer financial losses because of disrepair, you could start a claim against the landlord (private, council or housing association).

If you’ve reported a fault, damage or defect to the landlord and your landlord hasn’t fixed it, then you might be eligible to claim if you have suffered. The types of damage you could claim for include:

  • Electrical problems.
  • Heating or hot water malfunctions.
  • Leaks to the roof.
  • Damp and mould.
  • Structural problems.
  • Water leaks and blocked pipes.

Begin A No Win No Fee Claim

Here at No Win No Fee Expert, we will provide you with advice regarding personal injury claims, medical negligence claims, mis-sold pension claims and any other type of no win no fee claim you’d like to make.

To discuss your claim with a specialist advisor you can either call 0800 073 8802 or ask for a call back by filling in this online form.

Get In Touch With Us.

The first step is for you to get in touch.

Discuss Your Situation.

Then we’ll assess your claim for free. Should we think you’ve got a strong case, we could introduce you to one of our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Halifax.

Manage Your Claim And Stay Up To Date

As previously mentioned, our panel of solicitors are not based in Halifax, so they will make sure that you are updated regularly via email, through the post, and over the telephone.

Useful Resources Covering This Area

There are a number of different local agencies that you might need to contact during your claim. To make things a little bit easier for you, we’ve linked to some of them below.

Our Panel Of Doctors Covering Halifax

As part of your personal injury claim, you will need to undergo a medical assessment by an independent doctor. We try to arrange these as locally as possible, so we use a panel of doctors across the UK. In the Halifax area we could use:

Kashif WaseemWest Parade,
Halifax, HX1 2EQ.
Qamar LodhiSalterhebble Hill,
Huddersfield Road,
Halifax, HX3 0QT.

The doctor will provide your personal injury lawyer with a report which will show what injuries you sustained and how severe they were. The report will also cover how you were impacted by the injuries and if you might be affected in the longer term.

Your solicitor will use this report to work out how much compensation they believe you’ll be entitled to. It is, therefore, a vital piece of evidence in any claim.

Calderdale Royal Hospital

To visit or contact the main hospital in Halifax, use the details below.

Calderdale Royal Hospital
West Yorkshire, HX3 0PW.
Web: www.cht.nhs.uk/about-us/our-hospitals/calderdale-royal-hospital/

Calderdale And Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust

Here are the details for the local NHS foundation trust operating services in Halifax.

Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust
Trust Headquarters,
Huddersfield Infirmary,
Acre Street,
Huddersfield, HD3 3EA.

Calderdale Council

If you need to raise a query with the local authority, their details are below.

Calderdale Council
19 Horton Street,
Halifax, HX1 1QE.
Web: www.calderdale.gov.uk/

West Yorkshire Police

To contact the main police headquarter serving Halifax, use the details below.

West Yorkshire Police Headquarters
Havertop Lane,
West Yorkshire,  WF6 1FD.

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