Hastings No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Hastings

No Win No Fee Solicitors Hastings

Whether you were mis sold an annuity, suffered a long delay to your flight, were injured in a road accident, or suffered medical negligence, you might be looking to claim compensation. If so, then no win no fee solicitors covering Hastings could help you. A personal injury solicitor could provide benefit when it comes to making a claim.

In this guide, we explain why that is and through some of the claims a legal expert could help you with. Whatever the reason why you’re looking to claim compensation, No Win No Fee Expert is ready to help. Not only do we offer free advice, but we could also provide no win no fee solicitors covering Hastings to assist with a lot of different types of claim. We work with a panel legal representatives, and if you call 0800 073 8802, we could match you with an appropriate solicitor for your claim. Why not read on to find out more.

Explaining No Win No Fee Solicitors

Although you might have heard of no win no fee claims before, you might not be aware of how the process works. It usually begins with an agreement between a lawyer and a claimant. This agreement details the amount of money that would be taken from a settlement in legal fees once a claim was settled. The document in question is often referred to as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). There are various benefits that you could see with claiming in this way. These could include:

  • No upfront legal fees
  • A reduction in financial risk
  • You could begin your claim straight away
  • And more…

If you want to know what sorts of claims could be handled on a no win no fee basis, then simply click the section relevant to you below.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Service Or Accident Claim

Hastings Road Accident, Bus And Bike Accident Claims

If you’ve been injured in a Hastings bus accident, or a Hastings bike accident, you may not be alone, as many people are injured each year on UK roads. A total of 160,597 casualties of all severities in reported road traffic accidents were reported on UK roads in 2018.

If you have been the victim of a Hastings road accident that was not your fault, no win no fee solicitors covering Hastings could help you with making a claim.

You could claim as a passenger in a car, van, taxi, bus or another vehicle, or as a driver of such a vehicle, or you could claim as a pedestrian, cyclist or motorcyclist too. No matter what vehicle you were in – or even if you were not in a vehicle – if someone causes a road accident and it was not you, then an expert from our panel could take the pain out of making a claim for compensation, whether it’s back injuries, broken bones or whiplash you’ve suffered.

You may not be aware of this, but you could even make claims for accidents caused by untraceable or uninsured people. The Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) was set up for just such situations.

No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Solicitors Handling Claims In Hastings

Were you looking for medical negligence solicitors covering Hastings because you suffered from a form of clinical malpractice? If so, you might be interested to know that we could provide a solicitor from our panel for such cases.

Medical negligence could take a variety of forms. You might have suffered medical negligence because:

  • Your GP misdiagnosed you, leading to incorrect treatment or your condition becoming worse
  • Your midwife did not monitor you correctly, leading to harm to you or your baby
  • Your hospital did not follow robust infection control measures and you contracted a hospital infection
  • You were given the wrong prescription leading to side effects you should not have suffered if you hadn’t taken that medication
  • Your surgeon makes a mistake in your operation
  • Your dentist broke a healthy tooth while removing another
  • Your Hastings accident and emergency doctor failed to X-ray your broken bone
  • And more…

Medical negligence claims could be somewhat difficult to prove if you are acting alone. We believe it could be valuable for those pursuing medical negligence claims to have a legal representative with experience in this field as they would be able to bring years of training to your claim, allowing them to put together a strong argument for you.

Claims For Accidents At Work In Hastings Due To Negligence

Health and safety at work could be considered very important. Your employer’s duty of care towards you is based in law and if they fail to protect your safety and health while at work, and you have an accident at work due to negligence by your employer, then you could consider contacting our panel to handle a claim for compensation on your behalf.

But what should your employer do to make sure that your health and safety at work is protected? Largely, it depends on your place of work and the job that you do. Your employer should perform risk assessments of the workplace and the tasks that are part of your job, look at those risks and put in place measures to reduce risk where reasonable. This could include things like:

  • Making sure you are trained in manual handling
  • PPE
  • Ensuring that you are supervised if necessary
  • Removing trip hazards from walkways
  • Making sure machinery is regularly serviced
  • Repairing or replacing broken items
  • Ensuring health and safety training is carried out
  • And more…

If they fail to reduce risks in a reasonable manner and you are injured in an accident at work, then you could hold them liable.

However, these are not the only reasons in which you could take action against an employer. You may have developed a work-related condition, which could also be valid grounds for a personal injury claim. Dermatitis, industrial deafness, COPD, Mesothelioma and more could be claimed for if you suffered them and this could have been avoided if your employer had reduced your risks of developing such conditions.

You may feel uncomfortable about conducting a claim as you may think it would affect your job. However, you might not be aware that there is legislation that has been put in place to protect those in that kind of position. On top of this, your employer should have purchased an insurance policy to pay out in these cases, and you could also be doing the right thing by your colleagues by highlighting any health and safety failings at your workplace, as this could mean more robust health and safety practices are put in place.

Package Holiday Accident And Flight Delay Claims

Have you been injured while on holiday? Did you suffer a package holiday accident or were you injured in a privately booked hotel abroad? Have you suffered flight delays, or injuries inflight, or while you were at an airport? If so, we could provide you with a no win no fee personal injury solicitor to help with making a claim if it was someone else’s fault.

There are various different laws and regulations you could claim under. The Montreal Convention could cover you for some international flights, while domestic flights could be covered under UK law. When it comes to package holidays, these could be covered by the Package Travel Regulations, while some other claims could be covered under the laws of the country they are based in. However, it should be noted that to make a package holiday compensation claim, the negligence must occur on an arrangement included within the package.

Our panel of solicitors covering Hastings could help with numerous types of holiday claim, including:

  • Flight delay claims
  • Airport accident claims
  • Airline accident claims
  • Transfer accident claims
  • Holiday illness claims
  • Excursion accident claims
  • Watersports accident claims
  • Hotel accident claims
  • And more…

You could claim compensation for both the injuries/illnesses themselves as well as the financial losses you experienced because of the accident that happened that was not your fault. This could include not just loss of earnings, but also care costs, travel costs, medical costs and more.

Claim For A Violent Crime Injury In Hastings

According to police statistics, in Castle (Hastings) between November 2018 and October 2019, there were 835 reports involving sexual offences and violence. You could make a claim for violent crime if you were injured as a result of crime in a number of ways, such as via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA), with the assistance of no win no fee solicitors covering Hastings. You could claim either as a victim of the crime, someone injured while trying to stop crime, or as a witness to a violent crime and were traumatised because of the events. The crime should have first been reported to the police and the personal injury claims time limit for most of these types of claims is 2 years from the date of the crime.

Sexual Abuse Exceptions

If you are someone who has suffered historic sexual abuse, these time limits could be extended. If you were unable to process what happened to you, and you did not report it to the police at the time, no win no fee solicitors covering Hastings could still help you make a claim for compensation. Please do contact us for assistance if you are in this situation as we would treat your claim with the care and sensitivity it deserves.

Other Types Of No Win No Fee Accident Claims

If you have suffered another type of accident that has caused you some kind of injury or illness, and you feel that someone else could be liable, then get in touch with us. Solicitors covering Hastings from our panel could help with personal injury claims including:

We are on hand to offer advice, support and guidance on your Hastings accident, so why not get in touch to see if we could provide you with a personal injury lawyer to handle your claim.

Pension, Annuity And Investment Mis-Selling Claims

Although the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has strict guidelines on the selling of financial products, there have been several occasions of mis selling scandals. If you feel that a pension, annuity, or other investment has been mis sold to you, then you could use a no win no fee solicitor to make a mis selling claim for compensation.

Indications that you might have been mis sold a financial product could be:

  • The product is not suitable for you
  • The product has fees/charges you weren’t made aware of
  • The product is risky and you weren’t informed of such risks
  • You were pressured into choosing the product
  • And more…

If you feel that you were mis sold an investment, pension or other financial product, please do not hesitate to contact us. We could provide you an appropriate legal advisor solicitor from our panel for your claim.

No Win No Fee Hastings Area Rental Deposit Dispute Claims

Do you have rental deposit disputes with your landlord, due to their improper protection of your deposit, or because they refuse to release your deposit? If so, then this is another reason you might wish to make a claim for compensation. If the landlord in question failed to deposit your tenancy deposit into a DPS (Deposit Protection Scheme) approved by the Government, or has not notified you that they have done so, then claims could bring you between one and three times your deposit amount.

Claims Against Landlords For Harmful Disrepair In Rented Housing

If your landlord has left your home in a state of disrepair despite you putting forward a report of disrepair to them, then you could put forward a housing disrepair letter of claim for harm you’ve suffered as a result of the disrepair. This could be harm experienced in one of a few different ways.

  1. Personal injury related claims – If damp or mould has caused you to suffer illness, or if you’ve suffered an injury because of disrepair, a no win no fee solicitor could help you to make a claim against your landlord.
  2. Higher bills – If disrepair has led to higher energy bills, there could be a chance you could claim compensation for this if your landlord has not made repairs.
  3. Damage to your property – Damage or destruction of your belongings because of disrepair could also lead to claims.

Why not speak to the team here at No Win No Fee Expert to see if you could make a personal injury claim or financial compensation claim such as those listed above.

Make A No Win No Fee Claim

If you’re ready to claim or wish to get more situation-specific advice, then simply:

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●      Manage Your Claim And Stay Up-To-Date

Once we’ve connected you with a solicitor, we are still available to talk to you about your claim. We’ll update you when necessary, and you could call us for advice at any point.

Helpful Hastings Area Resources

Useful resources for Hasting area claimants could be found in the sections below.

Our Panel Of Doctors Covering Hastings

Pursuing personal injury claims with a no win no fee solicitor would require your attendance at a medical appointment with an independent expert. You could see one in the local area, such as:

Name of MedicMedic’s Address
Laura Sanchez Pallares455 Old London Road, Hastings, TN35 5BH
Mirella Radici7-11 Carlisle Parade, Hastings, TN34 1JG

Conquest Hospital

Conquest Hospital has an emergency department as well as offering diagnostic, surgical and medical services.

Conquest Hospital
The Ridge,

St Leonards-on-Sea,

East Sussex,

TN37 7RD

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

This trust provides community and hospital services right across the East Sussex area.

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

Kings Drive,


East Sussex,

BN21 2UD

Website: https://www.esht.nhs.uk

Hastings Borough Council

Hastings Borough Council

Hastings Town Hall,

Queens Rd,


TN34 1QR


Sussex Police

Sussex Police Headquarters

Church Ln,



Website: www.sussex.police.uk/ro/report/ocr/af/how-to-report-a-crime/

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