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No Win No Fee Solicitors Horsham

No Win No Fee Solicitors Horsham

We have created this guide for those who have suffered losses, whether physically, mentally or financially as a result of the acts or omissions of a third party. We aim to provide you with useful information regarding the different types of compensation claims that could be made and how No Win No Fee solicitors covering Horsham could assist you in making a claim.

You could have questions that are not fully answered by this guide. If this is true, then all you need to do is give our claims team a call on 0800 073 8802. They will answer your questions, provide additional information, and explain to you how we can connect you to one of our panel of No Win No Fee solicitors who are not based in Horsham but can cover the area and assist you in making a claim.

Conditional Fee Agreement Funding

Before you go ahead and let us arrange for a No Win No Fee solicitor to process your claim for you, you may like to know exactly what No Win No Fee means. The real name for this kind of arrangement is a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). Under a Conditional Fee Agreement, the payment of your solicitor’s fees is deferred until the claim has been resolved successfully. This means that you won’t pay a fee to start a claim, or while the claim is processed. You also don’t pay a fee if the outcome of your claim is unsuccessful.

The fee itself is only taken when your claim comes to an end. Before working on your claim, your solicitor will have pre-agreed with you the percentage of the amount that they will take as their fee. This is capped by law to at 25%.  Once a claim has succeeded, the solicitor takes this percentage automatically from your settlement figure. To get more details about how a CFA works, you can either speak to one of our claims team or click this link.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Service Or Accident Claim

Horsham Car And Road Traffic Accident Claims

In 2018, there were 25,511 serious injuries caused by Road Traffic Accidents (RTA) in the UK. This data was taken from the Department of Transport 2018 annual report. In each of these cases, if a third party was responsible for causing these injuries, the victim may have had a valid reason to claim for the harm they suffered. Examples of such could be:

  • A pedestrian crossing the road is hit by a speeding car and suffers a fractured pelvis.
  • A cyclist breaks their arm in a bike accident, due to be run off the road by a driver who was distracted.
  • An accident involving a car and a van causes injuries to both drivers, including a traumatic head injury and a case of whiplash to the car driver. The van driver caused the accident, as they were driving under the influence, meaning that the driver of the car would be eligible to make a claim for compensation.

In each of these crash examples, another road user has caused harm to the victim, due their negligent actions. If you have been injured in an RTA and it was not your fault, call our claims team to find out if you can claim.

Claim For Medical Negligence With A No Win No Fee Solicitor

If it can be proven that a medical professional has harmed a patient due to negligence, then it could be possible for the victim to make a compensation claim for medical negligence. In order to do so, the victim must be able to prove that:

  1. The medical professional had a duty of care towards them.
  2. This duty of care was not met, and this caused harm to the patient.
  3. The medical professional could have taken alternative action, avoiding harming the patient.

If you have been avoidably harmed by the actions of a medical professional, you may be able to make a claim for the harm that you have suffered. If you call our claims team, they will evaluate your circumstances for you and tell you how best to proceed.

Accident Claims For In Work Injuries

In the UK, employers are legally obliged to ensure that the workplace is kept safe at all times. There is a process in place that employers must follow, a basic definition of this process is that:

  1. The employer must proactively and iteratively evaluate safety in the workplace.
  2. If any health or accident risks are uncovered, the employer must take steps to mitigate it.
  3. If the employer fails to mitigate the risk, and an employee is injured due to this, then the employer could be in breach of their health and safety obligations.

Accidents can range in severity from a simple slip, trip or falls, to some form of a fatal accident such as a fire. No matter how you have been harmed, or what caused your injuries, we may be able to help you to make an accident claim in work. Speak to our claims team to move your claim forward.

No Win No Fee Holiday Accident Claims

In some cases, when a holidaymaker is injured or becomes ill while overseas, it could be possible for them to make holiday accident claims when they return home to the UK. Examples of holiday accidents, injuries or illnesses could include:

  • You are scalded by a faulty kettle in your hotel room.
  • A bag drops out of an overhead luggage bin on a flight, resulting in you receiving a head injury.
  • You slip on some food that has been dropped on the floor of the buffet car and sprain your wrist.

In each of these examples, a specific travel provider was responsible for causing an accident that resulted in avoidable injuries. If you had booked these travel services yourself, then your solicitor would make a claim against the travel provider. However, if they had been included as part of a package holiday in a single price, then it would be the UK based travel vendor that sold you the holiday that you would pursue for damages.

A further scenario can apply in some cases. Consider for a moment that a plane spends much of its time, especially on long haul flights, flying in international airspace outside of any legal jurisdiction. In theory, there is no legal framework in place when this is the case. Because of this, the Montreal Convention was set up in 1999. The Montreal Convention provides passengers with specific rights when no other legal jurisdiction applies. In this case, if you are injured on a flight and the Montreal Convention is in play, your solicitor can claim against the airline.

To discuss your circumstances in more detail, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims

Nobody wants to think about the possibility of becoming the victim of a violent crime or sexual abuse. The aftermath of the event itself an any subsequent legal process can be a traumatic experience that can add to the psychological effects of becoming a victim of rape, physical assault, a mugging, sexual assault, etc.

In the UK, victims of these kinds of crimes can still claim compensation if the criminal goes uncaught, or lacks the funds to pay any compensation. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) was set up by the UK Government, to provide compensation for victims of violent crimes.

We can provide you with a solicitor from our panel, who will be experienced in the CICA claims process. Speak to a member of our claims team if you would like us to organise this for you.

Additional Horsham Accident Or Injury Claims

If you have had an accident in Horsham that doesn’t fit within any of the examples we have given so far, this doesn’t mean you can’t make a compensation claim. We have only gone into detail about some of the common types of claims. The takeaway from this guide should be that no matter what kind of harm you have suffered, or how it was caused if a third party was somehow responsible you could have a valid claim. For example:

  • You visit a local restaurant and ask the serving staff whether a specific dish contains any nut content, as you have a nut allergy. You are told that it does not, and you order the dish. You subsequently suffer an allergic reaction as you have been given incorrect information.
  • The gas company is performing maintenance on gas pipes outside your house. There is an explosion and you suffer some level of permanent hearing loss.

We could provide thousands of examples in this section, due to the many kinds of hazards that can result in an accident injuring a member of the public. If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault, we might be able to help you. Speak to our claims team to learn how.

Claims For The Mis Selling Of Financial Services

There are rules and regulations in the UK, laid out in that are aimed at ensuring that all financial products are sold in an ethical, transparent fashion. Some of these rules include:

  • You must be asked about your lifestyle habits and your health, and offer products that fit your needs.
  • All financial risks must be divulged at the point of sale.
  • The financial advisor must inform you of the fact that there may be better products available from other sources.
  • The financial advisor should never advise you to move a current workplace pension into a private pensions scheme that would perform worse.

These rules apply to financial products such as Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), pension annuities, mortgages, and Self-Invested Pensions Plans (SIPP). If you have lost out financially due to financial misselling, we could be able to help you claim for this loss. Please speak to one of our claim advisors to learn more.

Tenancy Deposit Compensation Claims

When it comes to making a tenancy deposit compensation claim, you need to understand the rules related to the way your deposit is handled by your landlord. Some of the key rules include:

  • Your landlord cannot withhold your deposit when you move out of your rental property, unless they have some valid legal reason to do so. For example, you failed to meet all the terms of your tenancy contract.
  • Within 30 days of receiving the deposit, the landlord must financially protect your deposit in some way. This can be done by using a special deposit scheme or placing it in a fenced account separate from other operating funds.
  • Your landlord must continue to protect your deposit financially for the entire time that you are a tenant, until you move out.

If you are facing a problem in getting your landlord to return your deposit, our panel of solicitors covering Horsham could help.

Housing Disrepair Claims

For some tenants, housing disrepair can become an ongoing problem that they are forced to live with. There is an official complaints procedure to report housing disrepair, and once you have made a complaint the landlord is legally obliged to deal with it. If your landlord does not address the problem and this causes you physical harm or financial loss, you could be able to claim for some kinds of disrepair, such as:

  • Damage to the structure of the property (bricks and mortar this used to be called).
  • A faulty utility supply (gas, electricity, water, solar, etc.)
  • Faulty, dangerous electrical wiring and electrical fittings.
  • A faulty hot water boiler or central heating.
  • Health hazards such as damp or mould.
  • A damaged or leaking roof.
  • Burst or leaking water pipes.

We can help with housing disrepair claims. If you call our claims team and explain your situation, they will tell you whether you have valid grounds to claim, and how to proceed with one if you do.

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Helpful Information For Claimants In Horsham

If you live in Horsham, the local contact details below could be useful to you and relate to your claim in some way.

Our Panel Of Doctors Covering Horsham

In order to make a claim for personal injury, your solicitor will need you to have a medical examination so that they can value your claim accurately. We work with a panel of independent doctors close to you, such as;

Tariq AyyoubAfon Office Building
Worthing Road
RH12 1TL
Salman BaigRegus Horsham
2nd Floor
Afon House
Worthing Road
RH12 1TL

Horsham Hospital

Hurston Road


RH12 2DR

Website: www.sussexcommunity.nhs.uk/services/locations/horsham-hospital.htm

Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust

Brighton General Hospital

Elm Grove


BN2 3E

Horsham District Council

Parkside Mews

Chart Way


RH12 1RL

Website: www.horsham.gov.uk/contact

Sussex Police

Report your RTA here,

Church Lane



Website: www.sussex.police.uk/ro/report/rti/rti-a/report-a-road-traffic-incident/

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