Manchester No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Manchester

No Win No Fee Solicitors Manchester

No matter where you are based in Greater Manchester (or elsewhere in the UK) if you have need to make a compensation claim and are trying to find the most suitable no win no fee solicitors covering Manchester, our panel of solicitors could help you. Whilst we may not be based in the city itself or in Greater Manchester, our panel of solicitors are able to handle a wide variety of different compensation claims across this area.

In this guide we look at what no win no fee solicitors are, examine some of the types of claims you could make as well as including information on helpful services in and serving Greater Manchester.

What Is A No Win No fee Solicitor?

No win no fee solicitors and no win no fee lawyers covering Manchester are solicitors who are able to handle claims for accidents, injuries, tenancy disputes and housing disrepair (as well as other types of claims) using a no win no fee agreement.

Making a claim under this type of agreement means that if you are not able to claim compensation successfully, you will not need to make a payment to the solicitor for their services. This helps to lessen the risk of making a personal injury claim or other types of claims.

If your solicitor does secure you compensation they will be paid a percentage of your final settlement. The amount charged is limited by law and will be discussed with you before you agree to make a claim with them. This information will also be included in your no win no fee agreement. There are no upfront costs to be paid to make this type of claim.

In this guide you will see just some of the more common circumstances in which you could make a no win no fee claim.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Claim

No Win No Fee Solicitors For Road Accidents And Whiplash Claims

No win no fee solicitors for road accident claims could help you receive compensation if you have been injured in an accident on the road which was not your fault. You may claim if injured in a road traffic accident as a driver of a vehicle, as a passenger in a private vehicle or in public transport, or as a pedestrian. Our panel of personal injury lawyers covering road traffic accident claims in Manchester could help you to gain compensation for injuries such as whiplash or for more serious injuries which have a lasting impact on your health and well-being.

Road traffic accident claims may involve vehicles such as cars, motorbikes and cycles, public transport or even pedestrians. If your accident was caused by another person’s negligence and you are injured as a result see if you could claim with no win no fee solicitors by contacting us.

No Win No Fee Manchester Medical Negligence Claims

Medical negligence, neglect or malpractice could affect people in many different ways. No medical professional sets out to cause unnecessary harm but with over stretched staff and medical staff working double shifts it maybe hard to maintain this minimum level of service that is required. You could claim compensation if you or a loved one has been harmed by negligent medical care.

Medical negligence could take the form of misdiagnosis, a failure to be diagnosed with a condition or delays to getting diagnosed. It may also take the form of ill treatment or negligent care at a hospital or mistakes which could have been avoided having been made in surgery. It may also present as negligent care by your local dentist or general practice doctor.

Whilst there is no amount of compensation which could make up for how your health has been affected, a personal injury lawyer could help you secure funds to help take the financial pressure off you. You may recover lost income or money spent on healthcare treatment.

Speak to our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Manchester today to see if you could claim compensation.

No Win No Fee Accident At Work And Employment Claims In Manchester

No win no fee employment lawyers covering Manchester could help you if you have been injured in an accident at work that was because your employer had breached health and safety procedures which had caused you an avoidable injury.

The first thing to note is that your employer owes you a duty of care to make sure you are safe to go about your work. They should follow relevant legislation on areas such as working at a height, lifting heavy items and working with dangerous chemicals. If you were injured in the workplace or contracted an industrial disease which was not your fault, you could discuss what has happened with one of our advisers.

Accidents in the workplace may lead to physical injury, illness or psychological trauma. Examples may include falling over or slipping, being struck by falling objects or suffering a back injury trying to lift or carry something. Our panel of accident at work claims solicitors could help you to claim compensation if harmed in the workplace due to the negligence of your employer.

Accidents On Holiday And Abroad

Our panel of no win no fee personal injury solicitors covering Manchester are not limited to claims for accidents which have happened in the UK, they could also help you to claim for accidents and injuries which have taken place while on holiday abroad.

Wherever you are travelling to, if you were injured during your journey, at a hotel or whilst participating in a pre-booked activity, you may be able to claim compensation. Holidaymakers and travellers in and from the UK are protected by very strong legislation (see package travel regulations here). There are protections when travelling on a flight from a UK airport, when taking long-distance or international trains (including Eurostar), on coach journeys and on package holidays.

You could make a no win no fee compensation claim with our panel of solicitors for any of these circumstances, please remember that third party negligence must take place in order to claim;

  • An accident at an airport or on a flight. This may include a slip or trip at the airport or seat injury on a flight.
  • Injuries on a train such as trips caused by damaged flooring or injuries caused by your seat.
  • Injuries in an accident at a hotel caused by a lack of repair or other avoidable circumstances.
  • Injuries on a pre-booked activity on a package holiday.

There are additional circumstances related to holidays for which you could be compensated. If you were leased a faulty hire car which caused you an injury, you may be compensated for this. Find out if you could claim by contacting our panel of no win no fee  solicitors.

No Win No Fee Criminal Injuries & Sexual Abuse Claims In Manchester

Anyone who has suffered physical or mental injuries as a result of a criminal act which has been carried out against them could possibly make a no win no fee criminal injuries claim. A criminal injury may be considered one which has been sustained as a result of a physical assault, a sexual assault, abuse or other form of attack. They are often considered under a different criteria as other types of accident and injury claim, such as an accident on holiday.

The Criminal Injury Compensation Authority is a Government lead organisation that looks to compensate those who are victims of criminal injuries and assault.

In order for you to make a no win no fee compensation claim you will need to have reported the attack and your injury to the police. Details of Greater Manchester Police are included at the bottom of this guide. If you have not reported your attack, it may be harder or not possible to make a claim. Even if the perpetrator of the attack is not caught or is not charged / convicted you could still claim compensation for your injuries.

Different Types Of No Win No Fee Accident Claims

Above we have looked at some of the different circumstances which could lead to people having an accident. There are many other ways in which people could be harmed due to an accident which was not their fault. Accidents could happen almost anytime and anywhere. As long as the injury you sustained was the fault of another person who owed you a duty of care there may be a reason to make a personal injury claim.

Our panel of no win no fee solicitors could handle claims for accidents which have happened to those who are unable to claim for themselves, such as for children or those with diminished capacity. You could claim for an accident which took place at a school or in a residential care home.

A personal injury solicitor may also be able to help you claim compensation if you tripped over, were injured in a park, in a restaurant or shop as a customer. Workplace accidents are looked at above. If you were hurt whilst visiting a leisure centre, gym or swimming pool because of a lack of maintenance or other avoidable accident, you could claim compensation.

Mis-Sold Financial Products

In addition to the accidents and injuries looked at above, no win no fee claims in Manchester could also be made if you have been mis-sold a financial product. If a financial services provider (such as a financial advisor) provided advice which led to you being sold a product or service which was not suitable for you, it may be considered as a mis-sell of financial product(s). You may be able to complain to the Ombudsman or claim compensation with no win no fee solicitors covering Manchester if you have suffered financially as a consequence.

You may have been mis-sold a service or a product if you were provided with unsuitable advice. You may not have been warned about potential risks or you may not have been given the right information for your needs. If you were not warned about a risk you could claim compensation if have lost money. Anyone dispensing advice must recommend services or products which are suitable for you and fully explain the benefits and downsides of the product.

No Win No Fee Tenancy Deposit Claims In Manchester

Landlords have a legal obligation to place any deposit which you have paid to them into a Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDP) which is backed by the government. There are three specific schemes in England and Wales with additional schemes for Scotland and Northern Ireland. Assuming that you have complied with the terms of your tenancy, have not caused damage to the property and have paid any financial obligations such as bills or rent, the scheme will ensure your deposit is returned.

If your landlord either did not protect your deposit, did not protect it for the duration of your tenancy (with a 30 day period to open the deposit from when paid) or did not give you information on where and how the deposit is protected, you could claim compensation through our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Manchester.

Learn more about tenancy deposit protection at this UK Government resource and contact a no win no fee solicitor here.

No Win No Fee Housing Disrepair Solicitors

Whether you rent from a social housing provider or a private landlord, your landlord is legally required to ensure that your home is kept in a good state of repair. If they have failed to carry out repairs which are necessary to meet these standards, a no win no fee solicitor covering Greater Manchester could help you claim compensation. Claims may be made citing the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985. This act covers those renting on short-term and ‘secure’ tenancy basis. It also applies to housing associations, local councils and private landlords.

As someone affected by housing disrepair, you could claim compensation through our panel of no win no fee property solicitors covering Manchester. They could help you to claim compensation for physical injury or illness, inconvenience (not being able to fully or properly use your home) and for damage to your property. If repairs have not been carried out at the time of your claim, projected costs may also be claimed for – if you know a specific cost or bill will result from the continued disrepair.

Your personal injury solicitor will work hard to make sure they secure the best possible outcome from your claim. Before making a claim you may need to follow pre action protocols.

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Resources For Claimants In Greater Manchester

If you have been affected by any of the circumstances we have discussed in this article you may require help or assistance from the services below.

Doctors We Work With In Greater Manchester

Part of the process of making a personal injury claim is to visit a doctor and have your injuries assessed. In order to achieve this, our panel of solicitors works with a panel of doctors across the country. The closest doctors to Manchester may include those below.

Abid SamiFallowfield Medical Centre,
75 Ladybarn Lane,
M14 6YL
Vikesh KashyapCalderbank Medical Chambers,
87 Palatine Road,
West Didsbury,
M20 3JQ
Huma AfzalRemedy Lounge,
Milton Hall,
244 Deansgate,
M3 4BQ

North Manchester General Hospital

North Manchester General Hospital is the largest hospital operated by the Pennine Acute Hospitals Trust, providing services in this area.

Delaunays Road,
M8 5RB

The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

This NHS Trust operates four hospitals across Greater Manchester and the Pennine area. These are Fairfield General Hospital, North Manchester General Hospital, The Royal Oldham Hospital and Rochdale Infirmary. They may be contacted at:

The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust
Trust Headquarters
North Manchester General Hospital
Delaunays Road
M8 5RB

Greater Manchester Combined Authority

Was your accident caused by a damaged public space or in a local authority managed property? If so, your personal injury claim may be made against the Greater Manchester Combined Authority. Find their details below.

Greater Manchester Combined Authority
Churchgate House,
56 Oxford Street,
M1 6EU
Get in touch with the authority:

Greater Manchester Police

If you have been injured in a violent crime or been the victim of sexual assault in Greater Manchester contact Greater Manchester Police Force. Reporting the incident is an important part of your personal injury claim.

Greater Manchester Police Headquarters
Northampton Road,
M40 5BP

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