Reading No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

A Guide To No Win No Fee Solicitors Covering Reading

No Win No Fee Solicitors Reading

No Win No Fee Solicitors Reading

This article is a guide for anyone who is thinking of looking for a Reading no win no fee solicitor or no win no fee solicitors covering Reading. It seeks to answer some of the questions that you might have if you were thinking of pursuing a no win no fee compensation claim in Reading.  From car accidents to medical negligence our no win no fee solicitors can cover a wide range of compensation claim cases. Read the article below to find out more and feel free to contact us on 0800 073 8802 or with our website contact form for more advice.

What Is A No Win No Fee Claim?

No win no fee solicitors are ideal for anyone who wishes to make a personal injury claim while minimizing their financial risk. A no win no fee solicitor will deduct their payment from your compensation award if you receive one. You will have the opportunity to discuss with them before beginning your claim how you wish to split your compensation with them, your solicitor will not request more than 25%. If your accident claim is not successful your solicitor will not ask you for payment.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Claim

  1. No Win No Fee Road Accident Solicitors
  2. No Win No Fee Medical And Clinical Neglect Claims In Reading
  3. No Win No Fee Accident At Work Solicitors Covering Reading
  4. No Win No Fee Holiday Accident Solicitors
  5. No Win No Fee Solicitors For Violent Crime Claims
  6. Other Examples Of No Win No Fee Injury Claims
  7. No Win No Fee Financial Product Or Service Mis-Selling Claims
  8. No Win No Fee Solicitors For Reading Tenancy Deposit Claims
  9. Reading Housing Disrepair Claim With No Win No Fee Solicitors
  10. Begin Your No Win No Fee Claim
  11. Reading Area Resources

No Win No Fee Road Accident Solicitors

People who have suffered an injury from being in a road traffic accident that was caused by another road user could be entitled to accident compensation. This would be a road accident in which another road user was at fault due to their negligence, so for example

  • If you or the person driving the vehicle you were in was forced to swerve out of the way to avoid an oncoming vehicle or a pedestrian who had ran into your path causing you to crash.
  • If you were riding or driving a vehicle which was struck by another vehicle which was speeding, failed to maintain a safe distance, failed to indicate, failed to perform a maneuver correctly or in any other fashion was failing to follow the Highway Code.
  • If you were walking and you were struck by a car when you had right of way.


You can find more information about car accident injuries on this page of our website, and for more information about whiplash injury compensation, read this page of our website. Our panel of no win no fee solicitors include road accident solicitors who can cover road accident claims in Reading.


No Win No Fee Medical And Clinical Neglect Claims In Reading

Anyone who goes to hospital, or is seen by their GP or by their dentist or goes to live in a nursing home is entitled to have doctors, nurses and other staff look after them to the absolute best of their abilities. The vast majority of the millions of people who receive healthcare from either the NHS or private providers in the UK every year will receive just that. However if you or a family member gets sicker or suffers some form of injury or health problem after they have been seen by a doctor or received hospital treatment then it could have been caused by medical negligence. This term refers to any instance in which proper medical procedure has not been carried out correctly or health professionals have made mistakes that they should reasonably be expected not to make. If you believe that with the help of a solicitor you could prove that medical negligence took place, then you should get in touch with us and talk to our team about whether you could make a no win no fee medical negligence claim for compensation through our panel of personal injury solicitors.

To give some examples of how you might be affected by medical negligence;

  • Childbirth negligence: mothers and babies suffering injuries with potentially life changing consequences for both as a result of failure to carry out a caesarean section on a baby in distress.
  • Misdiagnosis of illnesses: Patients suffering from avoidable symptoms of an illness as a result of their GP or other doctors failing to diagnose their condition properly where they could reasonably be expected to have done so I proper procedure had been followed.
  • Surgical negligence: There is often the risk of complications arising from surgery; however it is not acceptable for a patient’s health to be harmed as a result of mistakes or negligence by the doctors performing the surgery. Especially in extreme cases known as “never events” in which a patient could have the wrong procedure performed or have surgical instruments left behind inside their bodies when the surgery is complete.

No Win No Fee Accident At Work Solicitors Covering Reading

You are not obliged to your employer to work in an unsafe environment without provision of safety procedures or equipment. If you have been injured in an accident at work in Reading or have developed work related health problems then you have the right to seek out an accident at work solicitor to begin a no win no fee work accident compensation claim. It is important to remember that, as any no win no fee employment solicitors in Reading can tell you, that if you have suffered a workplace injury your employer cannot sack you for making a compensation claim.

Some examples of workplace injuries that could be grounds for a compensation claim include:

  • If you have developed lung illnesses such as asthma, asbestosis or COPD and so on as a result of working in a workplace where you are exposed to hazardous particulates or fumes without being provided with breathing masks and adequate ventilation.
  • If you have suffered an injury as a result of not being provided with proper safety equipment such as hard hats, protective gloves or hi visibility clothing.
  • If you have been assaulted at work as a result of a lack of proper security in the workplace.
  • If you have suffered from the effects of workplace stress.

No Win No Fee Holiday Accident Solicitors

You may be unsure about how to go about claiming compensation if you wish to seek compensation for an accident injury you suffered while on holiday abroad. If you were travelling on a package holiday and you were injured while at the airport, or while travelling to your destination, at your hotel or other accommodation or while on excursions then the company you booked the package holiday with can be liable for your compensation.  If not then your compensation claim will have to be processed according to the laws of the country where the injury took place. In these cases we can arrange for a no win no fee solicitor experienced in that country’s law to handle your case.

No Win No Fee Solicitors For Violent Crime Claims

Victims who have suffered injuries in violent crimes are entitled to criminal injury compensation from CICA, the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority. This includes both victims who have suffered an injury from being assaulted or by being injured as a by-product of a violent offense or people who have suffered emotional trauma as a result of witnessing a violent crime. You could seek out criminal injury solicitors in Reading, Berkshire or you could work with our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Reading compensation claim.

Sexual assault or abuse compensation claims

Rape, sexual abuse and sexual assault are counted under violent crimes for which a victim could claim criminal injury compensation. Rape or sexual abuse cases can be particularly distressing for victims to give evidence for when making a compensation claim and many victims may be unsure about making claims if the attack took place a long time ago, especially in cases of childhood sexual abuse. Rest assured that the person responsible for hurting you does not need to have been convicted of the offense for compensation to be awarded to the victim. The criminal injury compensation claim time limit that applies to most compensation claims can be voided in cases of historical sexual abuse cases to enable childhood sexual abuse victims who are now adults to come forward to claim compensation.

Other Examples Of No Win No Fee Injury Claims

You could make a no win no fee personal injury claim through our panel of solicitors covering Reading for a wide range of common accidents that you could suffer in public. Any third party which operates a public space is responsible for ensuring that it is as safe as reasonably possible for any members of the public making use of that space and could be held liable if they have failed to do so. Examples could include:

  • If you have injured yourself on faulty or broken playground equipment
  • If you have injured yourself on faulty or broken exercise equipment such as treadmills or climbing walls.
  • If you have been injured in a shop due to shelves or displays falling down,
  • If you have been injured by broken glass from spilled drinks that have not been cleared up in pubs or nightclubs.
  • Slips, trips and falls caused by poor maintenance of pavements, for example if you slipped and fell over on ice that should have been removed with salt, or if you tripped and fell over on loose or uneven cobblestones or paving slabs.

You can read more about no win no fee public injury claims and slip, trip and fall personal injury compensation claims on our website.

No Win No Fee Financial Product Or Service Mis-Selling Claims

Banks and Independent Financial Advisors (IFA’s) are not allowed by law to mis-sell financial products, such as pension schemes, to their customers and can be made to pay large fines for doing so. In addition they can also be held liable to pay compensation to the affected customer(s). Mis-selling a financial product is unethical just like mis-selling any other product and can also put the customer at risk of losing a significant amount of money. Mis-selling financial products can come in a number of different forms

  • If your bank or IFA has not presented you with all of the relevant options
  • If your bank or IFA has tried to influence you or pressure you into buying a certain product before you felt sure about it
  • If your bank or IFA did not make sure to take on all relevant information about your past and current financial and medical situation.
  • If you bank or IFA sold you a potentially risky investment product (such as a pension investment plan) without informing you of all the potential risks.

No Win No Fee Solicitors For Reading Tenancy Deposit Claims

If your landlord has broken tenancy deposit laws while you were living in Reading then you could have grounds for making a no win no fee tenancy deposit claim. Tenancy deposit rules state that a landlord must place their tenants deposit in a government backed tenancy deposit scheme (TDP) within thirty days and within that same thirty day period provide you with written notice of the details of said tenancy deposit scheme. Tenancy deposit rules also require that your landlord keeps your deposit safe for the duration of your tenancy ready to be paid back in full in the event of the end of your tenancy. The law states that your landlord cannot serve you a section 21 eviction notice without returning your deposit in full. You can read more about tenancy protection rules on the government’s website here, and you can learn more about your rights as a tenant on the Shelter website here.

Reading Housing Disrepair Claim With No Win No Fee Solicitors

When you rent a property from a landlord, a housing association or a council you are entitled to have them ensure that your home is well maintained and not in a state of disrepair. You are at risk of suffering serious injury or health problems in your own home if it in a condition of disrepair. If such an injury or health problem arises then you could have grounds to make a compensation claim, our panel of solicitors can cover housing disrepair claims no win no fee in Reading.  These are just a few examples of health hazards presented by housing disrepair:

  • Damp and mould caused by condensation, leaks or bad ventilation can causing breathing problems such as lung infections or asthma.
  • Faulty electrics could pose a fire hazard or an electrocution hazard
  • A lack of hot water, central heating or broken windows can pose a health hazard, particularly to elderly people, in winter months.

You can read more about housing disrepair claims legislation on the government’s website here.

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When you call our team of legal expert advisors they can discuss your circumstances and advise about whether or not you have legitimate grounds for a claim. It is possible that if it has been more than three years since the incident took place or since you became aware of its effects on your physical or mental health than the personal injury claims time limit may have expired rendering your claim invalid.

Manage your claim and stay up-to-date

Our panel of no win no fee solicitors cover Reading, but it is likely that the solicitor you work with is not based in Reading, if so you can still manage your claim, discuss the details of the claim and stay updated on the personal injury claims process by phone or by email.

Reading Area Resources

Doctors In Our Reading Area Panel

We work with a panel of doctors covering Reading and Berkshire to ensure that all of the claimants we work with are able to receive medical examinations before their claims process can begin some of them are listed below.

NameStreet addressTownPostcode
Ayubar Rahmanpremier inn, Lescombe StreetReadingRG1 2HN
Nadeem ShakirDavidson House,Forbury SquareReadingRG1 3EU

Royal Berkshire Hospital

Royal Berkshire Hospital is the primary hospital serving reading as well as western and central regions of Berkshire, it has a total of over 1000 beds.

London Rd,



Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust

The Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust is the NHS foundation trust responsible for numerous services in the country of Berkshire, including the Royal Berkshire Hospital, the Prince Charles Eye Unit and the Windsor dialysis unit.

Royal Berkshire Hospital,

London Road,




Reading Borough Council

Civic Offices,

Bridge Street,



Thames Valley police

169 Oxford Rd,



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