Rugby No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Rugby

No Win No Fee Solicitors Rugby

Were you injured in an accident in Rugby that was not your fault and someone else was to blame? Did you suffer some kind of financial loss because a financial product was mis sold to you or has your landlord kept your tenancy deposit when they should not have done? Did you suffer medical negligence or injuries due to housing disrepair? If so, you might wish to look for a solicitor to help you make a compensation claim. But what kind of solicitor should you be looking for?

Here at No Win No Fee Expert, we’ll take you through the reasons a no win no fee solicitor could be a good choice for a wide variety of claims. We also give you an insight into our service, which offers legal assistance from our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Rugby. Read on to discover more about making claims of this type. If you’re at all unsure as to whether you could have a claim, we could provide you with free advice on this. Just call our team on 0800 073 8802 for more information.

Conditional Fee Agreement Claims Explained

Firstly, let us take a look at what a no win no fee solicitor is and how they work. Essentially, when you decide you wish to make a personal injury claim or other compensation claims, you might prefer to look for a solicitor to help you; unless you have experience in the law. Whether you connect with a housing disrepair solicitor or a medical negligence solicitor covering Rugby, Warwickshire depends entirely on the type of claim you’re looking to make. We would advise you to check if they have the relevant experience to take on your claim, however, as this could mean they’d bring experience in the specific area of the law that covers your claim. The relevant experience to your type of claim could be used to build a good argument for you to be compensated. We would also advise you to consider using a no win no fee solicitor that works under a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA).

When you engage the services of such a solicitor, you would sign an agreement with them which means you could begin a claim without having to pay their fees in advance or while they are building your case. Instead, you would be expected to pay them out of your compensation settlement and this is what the no win no fee agreement sets out.

The fees you’ll pay your lawyer would usually be set out in the agreement as a percentage amount. This is capped at no more than 25% of your settlement. Once your settlement is made, the lawyer’s fees would be paid out to you and the rest would go to benefit you.

The advantages of working with no win no fee solicitors covering Rugby could include:

  • No fees to the lawyer need to be paid in advance
  • Less financial risk of your own funds
  • Your lawyer’s fees would be impacted by your compensation amount
  • A lawyer would not be likely to take on a claim if they felt it wouldn’t pay out, therefore your time and theirs would not be wasted

If you’re interested in learning more about the types of claims a no win no fee solicitor could assist with, then the sections below could help.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Service Or Accident Claim

No Win No Fee Rugby Road Accident Compensation Cases

When looking at statistics for accidents on the road in 2018, you could be surprised to see that a total of 160,597 casualties of all severities were reported for that year. If you were injured on the roads in Rugby, then our panel could assist victims with a no win no fee car crash claim. They could also help with other road accident compensation claims, such as those involving cyclists, pedestrians, or other road users.

Various claims of this type generally have a personal injury claims time limit of 3 years from the accident date. However, there are some exceptions to these rules. For example, if you did not have the capacity to claim, i.e. you were physically or mentally unable to claim because of your injuries, you could perhaps have an extended time to claim. Another example could be if you had an accident as a child and no one brought a case forward on your behalf. In these cases, you could make a claim from when you turn 18 to your 21st birthday.

But what types of injury claims could be made for road accidents? Here, we reveal a few examples:

  • You were injured as a passenger, suffering whiplash in a taxi because of the driver’s negligence/irresponsible actions on the road
  • You were knocked off your motorcycle by a speeding driver
  • You were struck at a pedestrian crossing by a driver that ran the lights
  • You were sideswiped by an uninsured driver that was dangerously overtaking
  • You had a head-on collision or rear-end shunt that was another driver’s fault
  • And more…

If someone else caused an accident on the road that you were injured in, you could look for a no win no fee solicitor to help you make a claim for compensation. Click here to read more about car accident claims.

Clinical Malpractice No Win No Fee Claims

When you seek medical treatment, you could expect that the treatment or advice you get would help you get better. However, what happens when treatment or advice given by a healthcare professional causes you harm? If you are in this unfortunate situation, you could seek compensation for clinical malpractice and you could do so with the assistance of a personal injury lawyer covering claims in Rugby. No Win No Fee Expert could provide you with such a personal injury solicitor from our panel.

Solicitors with experience in this area of the law could assist with:

  • Dental negligence claims
  • Surgical negligence claims
  • GP negligence claims
  • Care home negligence claims
  • Hospital negligence claims
  • And more…

The reason we feel that it could be of benefit for a claimant to seek the assistance of a no win no fee solicitor for this type of case is because medical negligence claims could be tricky to prove in some cases. An experienced, knowledgeable solicitor could have previous experience to draw from when presenting arguments of this type which could improve the outcome of your case.

Injury At Work Claims

If you’ve suffered an injury or a work-related condition and you believe if your employer had acted responsibly, that this would not have happened, then you could have cause to launch an injury at work claim.

This is because your employer should be taking care of your health and safety while you are working for them. They have a legal duty to do so and could comply with this by taking steps such as:

  • Ensuring the workplace is as free of hazards as is reasonable
  • Ensuring you have the relevant training to do your job safely
  • Ensuring you have the relevant equipment to do your job safely
  • Checking and maintaining such equipment
  • Ensuring machinery is serviced regularly and any issues fixed
  • And more…

If they have failed to take steps to protect your health and safety and you suffer an accident at work as a result, then you could consider claiming compensation with the help of a no win no fee solicitor for not just the physical or mental injuries that you have experienced but for financial implications too. This could be for as loss of income, travel expenses, medical expenses and more.

However, work accident claims are not restricted to one-off accidents. There are work-related conditions and injuries that could develop over time. These could include:

  • Tendonitis
  • COPD
  • Vibration white finger
  • Asbestosis
  • Industrial deafness

If you’ve developed one of these conditions or another work-related condition, and you believe that your employer could have done something to reduce the risks of you developing it, then you could get in touch with a no win no fee solicitor to help with your claim.

Claim For Injuries On Holiday

If you have been on holiday and suffered some kind of injury and you feel someone was at fault for the accident that caused your injury, then no win no fee solicitors covering Rugby could assist with a claim for injuries on holiday. There are a number of different regulations that claims could be made under, such as:

Because there are various regulations and laws governing this type of claim, it might be a wise idea to contact us sooner rather than later to ensure that you are within the time limit for claiming, as these can differ depending on the type of claim you’re making.

What Types Of Holiday Accident Claims Could I Make?

In terms of the types of claims you could make, anything that causes you injury or illness that is someone else’s fault could potentially lead to a claim if someone is liable. This could include:

  • Slips on wet floors at the airport
  • Falling from an unsafe balcony at the hotel
  • Tripping on uneven flooring leading to the aircraft
  • Being injured by luggage falling during take-off
  • Being served food with allergens in when staff were aware of your allergies, and suffering a reaction as a result
  • Being given food poisoning on holiday because hygiene standards were poor
  • Being injured on a broken chair in your hotel room
  • And more…

Whether you were in the airport, on the flight, in your hotel or on the way to your hotel, or even on a pre-booked excursion, you could consider speaking to no win no fee solicitors covering Rugby to see if you could claim for injuries on holiday.

Criminal Injury Victim Claims

Unfortunately, crime does occur in the UK and in Rugby specifically. The police website, reveals that between November 2018 and October 2019, Rugby Town Centre saw 283 violent and sexual offences reported. If you were a victim of a crime that caused you to suffer injuries, a no win no fee solicitor could help you make a claim for compensation.

The assault claim amount for compensation would be worked out based on injury and the suffering you’d experienced, as well as financial losses you’ve suffered as a result of the assault. But you might not have to have been physically assaulted in a direct attack to claim. You could also claim if you witnessed a violent crime and experienced emotional trauma, or if you suffered injuries while you attempted to stop a crime. Such claims are usually made through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

Historical Abuse

While a 2-year time limit exists in most cases for CICA claims, exceptions could be made for victims of historical abuse. If you have suffered years ago from sexual abuse, please do speak to us to see if you could make a claim, as it could be considered that you did not process the events that occurred at the time the abuse occurred, and therefore you might have lacked the capacity to claim before now. We would like to help you in any way we can.

Different Accident Types You Could Claim For

Have you experienced injuries from another type of accident that was not covered in the sections above? If so, we could still assist with a claim. Some examples of other claims you could make with no win no fee solicitors covering Rugby might include:

Financial Mis Selling Claims

It is not just personal injury claims that could be made on a no win no fee basis. A solicitor could also assist with financial mis selling claims. If you were sold an unsuitable product, felt under pressure to purchase a pension, were not informed of the risks of an annuity, or were not asked about your physical/mental health when the product was sold to you, then you could have been mis sold and a financial compensation solicitor could assist you in making a claim for financial losses you’ve experienced as a result.

Rental Deposit Protection Claims

When it comes to protecting your deposit, your landlord should:

  • Ensure that they are protecting your deposit in a government-approved scheme
  • Ensure that they write to you and tell you which scheme this is

Should they fail to take these steps within 30 days of you paying the deposit, you could claim compensation. We could help by providing you with a solicitor from our panel.

No Win No Fee Claims Handled By Housing Disrepair Solicitors

Housing disrepair protocol requires you to ensure disrepair is reported to your landlord so that they can get the disrepair fixed. If they don’t and you suffer financial or physical harm, then you could make claims for compensation. You could make a housing disrepair claim in instances that could include:

  • Illness due to mould/damp
  • Injury due to faulty boiler
  • High energy/utility bills due to broken windows, leaking pipes etc
  • Damage/destruction of your possessions because of mould/water etc

If you’re not sure whether you could claim, we could talk through your situation and let you know whether you could. All you need to do is call us.

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After a chat about what has happened that led to your call, we’ll make an assessment and provide actionable advice on what to do next. If it seems that you could have a valid claim, we’ll connect you to no win no fee solicitors covering Rugby to help you with your claim – but only if you want us to.

●      Manage Your Claim And Stay Up-To-Date

If you do go ahead and make a claim with one of our panel of no win no fee solicitors, they will keep you updated with the claim’s progress. We’re happy to talk to you about your claim at any point during the process.

Resources Helpful To Victims In Rugby

Below, you’ll find some useful addresses for claimants in Rugby.

Our Panel Of Doctors Covering Rugby

Personal injury claims usually require a medical appointment with an independent doctor. Those based in the local area could include:

Shams Tabraiz (MedCo GP)Holiday Inn Coventry, Hinckley Road, CV2 2HP
Hafiz RehmanPremier Hotel Coventry East, M6 Junction 2 Cross Point Business Park, CV2 2SZ

Hospital Of St Cross

The Hospital of St Cross has six surgical theatres and 110 beds. It offers services that include rehabilitation, blood testing and more.

Hospital of St Cross
Barby Road
CV22 5PX

University Hospitals Coventry And Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust

This trust covers two sites; The Hospital of St Cross and the University Hospital Coventry.

University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust

Clifford Bridge Rd,



Rugby Borough Council

Rugby Borough Council
Town Hall
Evreux Way
Rugby CV21 2RR


Warwickshire Police

Warwickshire police HQ

Leek Wootton


CV35 7QA

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