Wallasey No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Wallasey

No Win No Fee Solicitors Wallasey

If you’ve been injured or lost out financially because of somebody else’s negligence, then you might be entitled to claim compensation using a no win no fee solicitor. This guide is going to look at when you could use no win no fee solicitors covering Wallasey to help make compensation claims.

Amongst other types of claims, we’ll look at different types of personal injury claims, such as being injured on holiday, through medical negligence and even how to claim compensation for a criminal injury.

No Win No Fee Expert provides a nationwide service which means our panel of solicitors can handle claims in the Wallasey area. Our advisors can assess your claim for free and provide advice on how you could progress your claim with no obligation. If you’d like to begin a claim today, why not call us on 0800 073 8802.

If you’d like to find out more before making a no win no fee claim, please continue reading.

What Is A No Win No Fee Claim?

Using a no win no fee solicitor to make any form of compensation claim can really help reduce the amount of stress involved. It means that risk of losing out financially is reduced because you only have to pay the solicitors fees if they win compensation for you. When that happens, their success fee is limited to 25% of your total compensation amount.

Before making a claim on a no win no fee basis, you’ll need to demonstrate to a solicitor that you have a strong case. In many cases, you’ll need to show that:

  • Somebody who owed you a duty of care was negligent; and
  • Their negligence caused you to become ill, injured or suffer a financial loss; and
  • The claim is being made within the relevant time limit.

There is a personal injury claims time limit of 3-years from the date of an accident or from when injuries were diagnosed. For other claim types, the time limit can vary. We will explain this throughout the guide, but you can always speak to an advisor for clarification.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Service Or Accident Claim

No Win No Fee Compensation For Traffic Accidents In Wallasey

Any type of road traffic accident in Wallasey could lead to a compensation claim if you were injured as a result and the accident was caused by another road user. This can include, for example, cyclists, pedestrians, drivers, public transport vehicles and motorcyclists.

Common injuries sustained in a car accident could include head injuries, back injuries, whiplash, neck injuries, broken bones and soft tissue damage.

To help support your claim, we’d recommend trying to gather the following evidence:

  • Photographs of the accident scene before it’s cleared.
  • Witness statements.
  • Dashcam or CCTV footage.
  • Medical records following treatment by a doctor.
  • Photographs of any visible injuries.

No Win No Fee Clinical Negligence Claims

If you suffer an injury or become ill because of medical negligence by a professional practitioner, you could be entitled to compensation. This could be the case even if you signed a consent form or waiver as you did not consent to a form of injury or illness contributed to by negligence.

Types of medical negligence which might lead to a claim include:

  • Misdiagnosis which has caused extra suffering because of delayed treatment.
  • Anaesthetic errors leading to pain during treatment.
  • Avoidable injuries sustained during childbirth.
  • Avoidable injuries caused by dental, cosmetic or surgical negligence.
  • Suffering caused by medication errors.
  • Serious illnesses like pneumonia or sepsis caused by super bugs in hospitals.
  • Neglect in care homes resulting in injuries, such as bed sores.

The clinical negligence claim process can be complex, but claims are possible against both private healthcare companies and NHS services alike. Due to the complexity of such claims, we’d always advise using a solicitor with experience in medical or clinical negligence claims.

Wallasey Workplace Accident Compensation Claims

You could use a solicitor to help claim for a workplace accident if it was caused by your employer’s negligence in some way. Employers are duty bound to try and keep workers safe wherever possible. Under guidance provided by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), an employer can use risk assessments to identify any dangers and then make changes to reduce them. Failure to do so, which results in an accident, could mean they’re liable to pay compensation for any injuries suffered.

Under UK law, employers can’t discipline you, treat you any differently or sack you for making a claim. They’ll have insurance in place to cover any claim so you shouldn’t feel put off from making a claim for the compensation you might be entitled to.

Accident And Injury On Holiday Claims

Claims for holiday injuries are sometimes possible using no win no fee solicitors covering Wallasey if the accident which led to the injury was caused by negligence.

Using package holiday regulations, you could claim against your holiday provider if the accident happened while using a service you purchased from them. In such cases, if the tour operator is based in the UK then the case will be handled under UK legislation. In other cases, where you booked your holiday independently, you may be able to claim against the responsible party under local legislation.

In general, package holiday claims have a 3-year time limit but claims for injuries which happened independently booked holidays through negligence can vary from country to country. Please get in touch to discuss how we could help you claim.

Claim Compensation For A Criminal Injury

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) is a government run body which enable victims of violent crimes to be compensated. To claim compensation for a criminal injury, you’ll need to meet the CICA’s eligibility criteria. This includes ensuring the crime was reported to police. The general time limit here is shorter of just 2 years, there are of course exceptions please call our advisors for more information.

The amounts of compensation vary from a standard personal injury claim, but compensation can made for physical and psychological injuries and sometimes financial losses linked to the injuries.

Other Types Of No Win No Fee Accident Claims

We’ve already covered many claims that a personal injury lawyer could help you with. Before we move on to other types of claims that are possible, here are a few more personal injury claims that you might need to make.

  1. Injuries caused by trips, slips or falls. These are common and can happen almost anywhere, including at work. If they’re caused by somebody else’s error or negligence, you might be able to receive compensation for any injuries.
  2. Children’s accident claims are also possible, but the child will need an adult to represent them as they’re not allowed to claim before they turn 18. If a claim hasn’t been made, when the child becomes an adult, they have 3 years to claim themselves up until their 21st birthday.
  3. Finally, claims for accidents which happen in public places are also possible. You’ll need to identify who was responsible for the area where the accident happened and provide evidence to show how they caused the accident.

Compensation For The Mis-Selling Of Financial Services

There are rules in place to protect consumers from financial mis-selling. These are governed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and cover financial advisors selling products like annuities, investments, mortgages and pensions.

If you lose out financially because of advice which didn’t follow the FCA rules, you might be entitled to claim compensation.

You might be able to claim if:

  • Your advisor pressured you into choosing a particular product.
  • They didn’t explain the fees, charges or terms associated with the product recommended.
  • You were advised to take money out of a workplace pension.
  • They didn’t discuss your lifestyle or health history with you.
  • You were only given one or two products to choose from which meant you couldn’t make an informed decision.

Disputed Tenancy And Rental Deposit Compensation Claims

There are times when you might need to make a claim against your landlord because they’ve not used Tenancy Deposit Schemes (TDS) properly. A TDS is required, by law, as it helps ensure tenants deposits aren’t unfairly retained by a landlord when a tenancy comes to an end.

You might be able to use no win no fee solicitors covering Wallasey if:

  • Your deposit wasn’t paid into a TDS within 30 days of you paying it.
  • The landlord didn’t write to you and tell you which scheme they’d used.
  • Or where the landlord withdrew the money from the TDS before your tenancy had ended.

Claim Against A Landlord In Wallasey For Disrepair

Did you know you could claim against a landlord for housing disrepair? If you’ve informed a private landlord, a council or a housing association of problems at your property which they’re obliged to repair, and you suffer an injury because they failed to repair the damage, you could be entitled to compensation from them. The same could be true if they’ve identified the problem themselves during an inspection of the property.

The types of problem that could lead to a claim include:

  • Heating or hot water issues.
  • Electrical faults or hazards.
  • Structural defects.
  • Mould or damp.
  • Leaking pipes or roofs.
  • Blocked pipes.

To be eligible to claim, you’ll need to show that the defect has caused you to become ill, injured, damaged your personal property or meant you’ve lost out financially because you had to pay to repair it yourself.

Begin A Compensation Claim Today

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Wallasey Area Resources

During any compensation claim, there are a number of different local services you might need to contact. To assist you and to save some time, we’ve provided some details for the more common services below.

Our Panel Of Doctors Covering Wallasey

As part of any personal injury claim, you’ll need to have an independent medical assessment. When your solicitor comes to arrange this, they will look to make it relatively local with a practitioner from a panel of doctors across the UK. Here are a sample of those we could use close to Wallasey.

Mark MiddlemanWhetstone Lane,
CH41 0DD.
Jayne Holland161 Park Road North,
Birkenhead, CH41 0DD.
Gill DabekHolyake Road,
Wirral, CH46 6DF.

The doctor will assess you and ask a few questions about your injuries. They’ll then provide a report for your personal injury solicitor which will be used to work out how much compensation they will ask for. The report will show:

  • What injuries you sustained and their severity.
  • The impact they had on you.
  • Any future impact they’re likely to cause.

Arrowe Park Hospital

Here are the details for the main hospital serving Wallasey in case you need to request information from them:

Arrowe Park Hospital
Arrow Park Road,
Wirral, CH49 5PE.
Web: www.wuth.nhs.uk/

Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

We’ve included the details for the NHS trust providing services in Wallasey in case you need to contact them.

Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Trust Headquarters,
Arrowe Park Road,
Wirral, CH49 5PE.

Wirral Council

In the event that you need to contact the local authority during your claim, you can use these details:

Wirral Council
PO Box 290,
CH27 9FQ.
Web: https://wirral.gov.uk

Merseyside Police

During your claim, if you need to contact the local police because you need to make a report or request information, please use the details below.

Merseyside Police Headquarters
Canning Place,
Merseyside, L1 8JX.

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