Worcester No Win No Fee Solicitors – Compensation Claims Compare And Review Guide

No Win No Fee Solicitors Worcester

No Win No Fee Solicitors Worcester

If you are looking for no win no fee solicitors covering Worcester, then you could find the information here very useful. In the guide below, we cover what a no win no fee solicitor is, what sorts of claims they could work on and why you might be better off with a solicitor of this type on your side.

Here at No Win No Fee Expert, we don’t believe you should have to put up money upfront to retain a solicitor’s services for claims for financial compensation for personal injury, tenancy deposit disputes, housing disrepair and more. This is why we work with a panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Worcester that could help you make claims without having fund a claim upfront. If you find anything in the guide below unclear, or would like to use our services, then we’d be delighted to hear from you on 0800 073 8802 and help you begin your claim.

What Is A No Win No Fee Claim?

Whether you’re searching for a legal expert to help you with a financial mis selling claim, going the no win no fee route could be beneficial. Initially, you might feel the benefits of making a motorbike accident claim or mis sold pension claim straight away, as your lawyer would not require funds being paid to them before they begin your claim. Instead, you would pay them at the end with a “success fee” that will be deducted from your compensation payout.

There are certain benefits from claiming in this way. Initially, you could benefit from not having to put money upfront to fund your claim. As well as this, you could have peace of mind that a solicitor working in this manner would not be likely to take on your claim if they felt that it would not end in a settlement, as this could be a waste of your time and theirs. As well as this, the percentage of your settlement that would be used to settle your solicitor’s fees is capped at 25%.

Now you know more about no win no fee claims, we will now take a look at the type of claims that could be handled by no win no fee solicitors covering Worcester.

Choose Your No Win No Fee Service Or Accident Claim

No Win No Fee Car, Motorbike And Road Accident Claims

There are many ways in which you could be injured in a road traffic accident in Worcester. If you have been in a car accident, bike accident, as a passenger in a taxi, a pedestrian or a cyclist, you could make a claim for compensation if the accident was not your fault and someone else was liable.

According to published statistics, a total of 1,784 reported road deaths were recorded in 2018. These statistics cover all types of injuries, from mild whiplash to fatal injuries. It does not matter how severe the injuries were, if it was someone else’s fault that you were injured, a claim could be made for compensation. If you have lost someone that you depended on financially in a car accident that was not their fault, then you could claim for costs associated with this, such as funeral costs etc. You could also claim on someone else’s behalf if the accident left them in no fit state to make a claim for themselves.

But what happens if you wish to claim no win no fee for a car accident where the driver absconded from the scene? Or if they didn’t have insurance? You might be rather surprised that you could make a claim for these circumstances too, through the MIB.

No Win No Fee Worcester Clinical Negligence Claims

If you experienced medical negligence in Worcester, then using a no win no fee solicitor to help you make a claim could be beneficial. Proving clinical negligence could be tricky, and having a personal injury lawyer on your side with experience in this type of claim could make the process less stressful.

Whether you had a pre-existing medical condition that worsened because of negligence or you required new treatment that would not have been necessary if negligence had not happened, then your personal injury solicitor could help you put together the necessary proof for your no win no fee claim.

Types of no win no fee clinical negligence claims that a no win no fee solicitor could work on could include:

Midwife negligence – If your midwife failed to spot signs of distress in your baby or you during labour, or failed to notice signs of a condition during pregnancy, and you or your baby were harmed, then a personal injury claim could follow.

Surgeon negligence – If your surgeon were negligent, e.g operating on the wrong part of the body, or not completing an operation properly, then you could make a claim for compensation if you were harmed.

Misdiagnoses – If you were misdiagnosed by a doctor, whether at a hospital or at the GP’s surgery, and it causes you to suffer more than you would have otherwise, then you could make a claim.

Hospital infection – If you contracted an infection while in hospital that could have been avoided if proper infection control protocol had been followed, then you could make a claim for compensation.

Other reasons you might be able to make a claim could include care home negligence, hospital negligence, dental negligence and more. If you feel that you could have a medical negligence claim, then why not call our team to see if our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Worcester could assist you.

No Win No Fee Claims For Accidents At Work In Worcester

If you’re injured in an accident at work because your employer has been negligent in looking after your health and safety at work, then you could look into claiming compensation for your injuries. Your employer has a duty of care towards you while you are at work, and if they fail to take the appropriate steps to protect you from foreseeable risks, then you could make a claim for compensation if you are injured as a result of this negligence.

A no win no fee workplace accident claim could happen because:

  • Your employer did not provide you with relevant PPE
  • Your employer did not train you in safety procedures
  • Your employer failed to fit safety guards to machinery
  • Your employer did not maintain equipment properly
  • And more…

These are just a few examples of what could lead to a no win no fee accident at work claim. However, there is another type of claim you could make, and this involves workplace conditions that appear over time.

Conditions such as tendonitis, hand-arm vibration syndrome, industrial deafness, and more could be claimed for if there were foreseeable risks of contracting the condition and your employer didn’t do anything to reduce such risks. The personal injury claims time limit for cases such as this could be three years from the date of diagnosis of the condition, instead of the standard 3 years from an accident date. There could be exceptions to these time limits though, so it might be wise to contact no win no fee solicitors handling Worcestershire claims earlier rather than later to make sure you were within your limitation period for claiming.

No Win No Fee Claims For A Holiday Accident

Whether you were injured by a hot drink on an aeroplane, or you suffered holiday sickness because of questionable hygiene standards at your hotel, there are many reasons you could look into making a no win no fee holiday accident or holiday illness claim. No win no fee solicitors covering Worcester claims could help whether you were in Spain, Germany or anywhere else in the world.

There are various ways in which you could be covered when making a claim. If you booked a package holiday, then you could be covered by the Package Holiday Regulations for personal injury claims. Should you have been injured on a domestic flight, then you could be covered by UK law. For international flights, you could be covered under the Montreal convention.

But, it isn’t just flights you could be injured on. Whether you have been injured at your hotel, in transfer, at the airport or more, if it were someone else’s fault, a no win no fee solicitor could help you claim compensation for your injuries.

Assault Sexual Abuse And Violent Crime Compensation Claims

Sadly, crime occurs in many places across the UK, and Worcester is no exception to this. During the period between September 2018 and August 2019, there were 1289 Worcester Cathedral area reports of violence and sexual offences. If you were assaulted, injured while attempting to stop a crime, or even suffered trauma as a witness to such an event, you could claim for criminal injury, meaning you could be compensated for injuries that were both physical and mental.

Sexual abuse time limits for compensation claims

While the limit for making CICA claims could be 2 years from an incident date, there could be exceptions for cases of historical abuse. No win no fee solicitors covering Worcester could take your claim on years later in some cases, as the argument could be that victims may not have come to terms with the abuse until much later, so they may have lacked the capacity to make a claim before then.

What Other Accidents May I Claim Compensation For?

There are other personal injury claims that could be made with the assistance of no win no fee solicitors handling Worcester claims aside from those mentioned above. A no win no fee solicitor could help with claims including:

Slips, trips and falls – These could happen almost anywhere. If someone was at fault and was liable for your slip, trip or fall accident, then you could make a claim against them.

Public place accident claims – Were you injured in a supermarket, in a gym, or in a public park? Then if someone was liable, you could make a claim.

Faulty product claims – If you were injured by a faulty product, you could also consider making a claim against the manufacturer with the assistance of a no win no fee solicitor.

These are just a few examples. Whatever accident you’ve been in, if it was not your fault and you feel someone was to blame, then call our team and we’ll be able to work out whether you could have a claim.

Mis Sold Pension And Financial Service Compensation Claims

Were you mis sold a financial product? If you were, and you lost out financially because of this, no win no fee solicitors covering Worcester could help you make a claim for compensation, as mis selling is against FCA stipulations.

Some clues that you might have been mis sold a financial product could include:

  • Your product is unsuitable for you
  • You were not informed of all the risks
  • There are fees you didn’t know about
  • You were not asked about your medical/mental health history

Whether you feel you have been mis sold a pension, investment or other financial product, you could benefit from advice from a no win no fee solicitor, and if you have a claim, they could help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

No Win No Fee Tenancy Deposit Protection Dispute Claims

If you have a tenancy deposit protection dispute, you could also benefit from the assistance of no win no fee solicitors covering Worcester to help you claim up to three times the deposit you paid. If your landlord has:

  • Failed to notify you (in writing) of the scheme your deposit was protected in
  • Failed to protect your deposit
  • Failed to return your deposit

You could potentially have a valid claim for compensation.

Housing Disrepair Damages Claims Against Worcester Landlords

If you have rented a house or apartment in Worcester, and it has fallen into disrepair, this could cause you problems both physically and financially. If you have notified your landlord of disrepair and they have failed to fix issues such as damp, mould, water leakages, heating issues and boiler problems, then if you suffer financially or physically, a no win no fee solicitor could help you make a claim.

No win no fee solicitors could help with physical claims that come from illnesses that can be linked to the disrepair, or if your belongings were damaged by disrepair. They could also help you if you had to pay over the odds for energy bills because of the disrepair. When calculating housing disrepair damages, all these issues could be taken into account, and you may find you could claim for more than you may have thought.

Begin A No Win No Fee Compensation Claim

If you would like to start your claim with a no win no fee solicitor from our panel, then all you need to do is…..

·       Get in touch with us

Call us on 0800 073 8802, or alternatively use the Live Chat or the Contact Form on the site.

·       Discuss your situation

We’re happy to discuss your case with you, whether you’re unsure as to whether you could claim or you’re ready to claim and wish us to provide you with one of our panel of no win no fee solicitors covering Worcester claims.

·       Manage your claim and stay up-to-date

Once you’ve started a claim, we won’t just forget you. We’ll be sure to keep in touch and let you know what’s going on. And you’re always free to call us if you’d like to query anything.

Resources And Services In Worcester

Below, you could find vital resources for claimants in Worcester.

Our Panel Of Doctors Covering Worcester

Going for a medical assessment is part and parcel of making a personal injury claim. This is because medical evidence needs to be presented by a medical expert that is deemed to be independent. You could see one in the Worcester area, such as:

Zahir AliWorcester Natural Therapy Centre, 36 The Tything, Worcester, WR1 1JL
Alba Sanchez MascunanoGresham Road, Worcester, WR2 5QS
David McCollum (MedCo GP)Worcester Rugby Club, Sixways, Stadium/Conference Centre, Warriors Way (off jct 6 of M5), Worcester, WR3 8ZE

Worcestershire Royal Hospital

This hospital offers stroke services, as well as cardiac stenting, along with a number of other services that include radiotherapy and surgery.

Worcestershire Royal Hospital

Charles Hastings Way,



Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

The trust above covers the Worcestershire Royal, Kidderminster Hospital and Treatment Ctr and Alexandra Hospital.

Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Charles Hastings Way,



Website: https://www.worcsacute.nhs.uk

Worcester City Council

Worcester City Council
The Guildhall
High Street


West Mercia Police

West Mercia Police HQ
Hindlip Hall
PO Box 55

Website: www.westmercia.police.uk/ro/report

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